Where To Learn Kundalini Yoga

While anyone can practice Kundalini yoga (unless they have a pre-existing medical condition), this style of yoga is especially beneficial for those who want to combine a spiritual practice with a physical workout.

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Although Kundalini yoga is a demanding practice, its physical and mental benefits make it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned yogis. There's a reason the discipline has exploded in popularity, attracting everyone from yoga aficionados to celebrities.

Where can I study Kundalini?

Each of these courses includes everything you'll need to learn and practice kundalini yoga. Because these classes are online, you will need a laptop or computer as well as access to the internet. They offer some of the world's top yoga teacher training. Each course has a distinct primary focus and skill level, so make sure you pick one that is a good fit for you.

Can I learn Kundalini Yoga Online?

Without the experience of a sacred inner presence of deep divinity inside, human existence is insubstantial. This spiritual energy is the vital life force resting asleep at the base of your spine, visualized as a coiled-up serpent. This secret powerhouse of the human body is known as ‘Kundalini Shakti'.

From the convenience of your own home, our 200-hour Kundalini Online Yoga Teacher Training course provides you with a golden key to open this secret inner divinity.

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The utmost potential of awakened Kundalini is to discharge enormous energy, igniting all seven chakras and the entire body with an unthinkable super-power. Yogis and sages have used Kundalini awakening to connect with Supreme Consciousness via persistent sadhana since ancient times.

To experience a complete, gorgeous trance triggered by this holy event, enroll in our 200-hour online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program. Our Kundalini yoga master is now available to Yogis who are unable to leave their homes due to injuries or illness.

Can I teach Kundalini Yoga?

Everyone is welcome to participate in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Even if you don't want to teach, it's a great way to expand your Kundalini Yoga experience. The KRI Level One Aquarian Teacher Training Program is a 220-hour Kundalini Yoga professional certification program taught by Yogi Bhajan.

What is the hardest type of yoga?

Even the most seasoned yogis will find Ashtanga challenging. It's Vinyasa yoga in its purest form, with some of the longest and most arduous yoga practices you'll ever encounter.

It will, however, make you as strong as hell if you are prepared. Anyone who makes it through the primary series, in my opinion, is a superhuman.

Is it suitable for you? Ashtanga yoga may be appropriate for you if you're a seasoned yogi wishing to challenge yourself and truly embrace a strong yoga lifestyle.

Who is the best Kundalini teacher?

A tinge of remorse came into Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa's voice as she concluded teaching a women-only session at her Los Angeles studio one April morning. “I have to leave next Wednesday,” she explained, “for too long and too far.” Classes and workshops in London, England, Antwerp, Belgium, Zurich, Switzerland, Stockholm, Sweden, Reykjavik, Iceland, and Berlin and Munich, Germany are on the schedule. “It may seem romantic,” the experienced Kundalini Yoga instructor admitted, “but I truly want to be at home.” “I believe I performed my job out there.”

Gurmukh (who, like Madonna, one of the numerous celebrities she has taught, is widely known by her first name) is adamant about not leaving LA. It was the last place she wanted to reside for years.

Gurmukh, who was born Mary Mae Gibson in a small town in Illinois, has spent most of her life on the move. After leaving home at the age of 19, the self-described “wanderer of the 1960s” lived in San Francisco, hitchhiked through Mexico, slept on a beach on the Hawaiian island of Maui for two years, and spent a year meditating seven hours a day at a Zen Buddhist temple before being delivered to a Kundalini Yoga ashram in 1970 by a friend. Along the way, she'd married, lost a seven-month-old son to a congenital heart condition, and divorced. “I used to write home to my mother and say, ‘I have to rediscover my tribe,'” Gurmukh, 68, recounts. “She didn't understand what I was talking about.” “I've come home,” I murmured as I walked inside the ashram in Arizona.

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Yogi Bhajan, an Indian-born Sikh who encouraged legions of American hippies to give up hallucinogens, free love, and carefree ways in exchange for Kundalini Yoga, family life, and a strong work ethic, was there when she met him. He gave her the name Gurmukh, which she claims means “one who assists thousands across the globe ocean,” as well as a directive: help people. “If you're depressed, locate someone who's more depressed,” he instructed. Find someone who is sicker than you if you are unwell. “That's the way out,” Gurmukh says, referring to her late spiritual instructor in talks and classes.

Gurmukh ended up in Los Angeles in 1977 as a result of her teaching. The intention was for her to stay for 40 days at his headquarters, conducting seva (service), before returning to the New Mexico ashram where she had made her home. “He gave me something else to do and something else to do after forty days.” Between nibbles of a salad in the airy offices of Golden Bridge, her studio in the center of Hollywood, she says, “I wanted to get out of here for ten years.” The renowned Hollywood sign may be seen from the panoramic windows. “We used to think that all the hippies in LA were fakes when I lived in The Haight and on Maui. They didn't sew their bell-bottoms themselves. They had no intention of changing. We had an adverse reaction to this location.”

But LA had a lot in store for its hesitant newcomer. Gurmukh met Gurushabd Singh, her nearly 30-year-old husband, here. Wahe Guru Kaur, their daughter, was born in 1984 at the age of 43 and now owns the Golden Bridge café, a post-yoga pit stop selling vegan reuben sandwiches, tempeh wraps, and dal, as well as a variety of delectable sweets. What else did she discover in the City of Angels? A plethora of people in need of assistance. “There are so many lost individuals here,” she says. “They've abandoned their families,” says the narrator. For whatever reason, they've broken their ties. They aspire to be actors, actresses, producers, and screenwriters. Because they are the product, they must be concerned with how they appear and market themselves. Golden Bridge is a safe sanctuary where people are not required to look in any specific direction. They just show up and connect with their souls.”

Gurmukh is most recognized for assisting expectant mothers, having taught yoga out of her home before founding her first studio in 1985. They began swarming to her quickly after her daughter was born—at home, and only two and a half hours after giving birth. Madonna, Reese Witherspoon, Rosanna Arquette, and Cindy Crawford, who penned the introduction to Gurmukh's 2003 book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful, are among his fans. It's jam-packed with brief exercises and meditations for long-term comfort, just like her earlier book, The Eight Human Talents. Gurmukh feels that Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga is infallible. “It's a science,” she says. It's not just a case of “I hope this works.” Science actually works. You will stop smoking if you meditate to stop.”

Gurmukh recently ceased teaching prenatal yoga. For a time, Kundalini Yoga's most recognizable name pondered stepping away from the spotlight entirely. “I felt like there were a lot of books out there, and a lot of people out there.” “Do I really need to go out there?” She reflected on her years of wandering and soul-searching. “I'd go looking for anyone who knew Yogananda.” ‘Did you know him?' I'd inquire, carrying his photograph. ‘How did he come across?' I've recognized that I'm now one of those folks. I'm a descendant of a master who has passed away. I've got to keep the voice alive. It is both a responsibility and a destiny. But how to achieve it without getting on and off planes every other minute?”

She believes that the solution is to embark on a new adventure, to venture into the strange world of the Internet.

She believes that the solution is to embark on a new adventure, to venture into the strange world of the Internet. “I've sort of fought the world's progressive changes,” she admits. “Modern technology, on the other hand, has the ability to bring us closer together. I just realized I'd be a good fit for that program.”

So catch her while she's on the road. Then hunt for her in the two places she never imagined herself: sunny Los Angeles and somewhere online.

What is KRI Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Research Institute teaches Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini yoga sessions teach you the skill of relaxation, wellbeing, and elevation through a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music, and meditation.

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Do you have to be certified to teach Kundalini Yoga?

Yes, of course! You must meet the requirements in order to receive your certificate, but you may choose to forego or postpone it at this point. These invaluable teachings lead to certification as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

How long is Kundalini teacher training?

You will obtain a thorough understanding of Kundalini Yoga science during the Level One Aquarian Teacher training. You'll learn how to teach Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to others. In a practicum setting, you will practice teaching Kundalini Yoga, participate in an early morning sadhana (spiritual practice), and be exposed to the strong transformational energy of White Tantric Yoga.

This is a 220-hour course with 180 hours of classroom teaching in a structured curriculum.

The Aquarian Teacher program is a path to becoming a Kundalini Yoga instructor. There are three certification levels:

Can you make a living as a yoga instructor?

Most full-time yoga teachers understand the hardship of trying to make a living while practicing what they love—not it's all rainbows and palm trees on a tropical island. Studio rentals are costly, profits are falling, and the business is very competitive, despite its growth (it's a $16 billion industry, after all).

However, a select few instructors have achieved celebrity status, living the dream and raking in the dough. In fact, Ava Taylor, the founder of YAMA Talent, the first yoga talent agency, claims to have clients that earn almost $400,000 per year. (That isn't a mistake.)

“When you're a yoga instructor, take-home pay peaks and drops, and $400,000 is obviously a peak, but it occurs.”

“When you're a yoga instructor, take-home pay peaks and drops, and $400,000 is obviously a peak, but it occurs,” she adds. “Everything needs to be going your way; all the cylinders have to be firing.” In other words, it's not a consistent paycheck by any means, and it's far from the norm.