How To Attract Money With Salt – 5 Easy Ways!

Everybody knows – The universe is made from energy…

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But here’s a secret not many people know about:

There’s a weird little thing that can help you channel this energy for financial blessings.

What’s the secret ingredient?

It’s salt!

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Believe it or not, this simple kitchen ingredient can help bring fortune and wealth into your life.

This might sound crazy, but here’s how it works:

Salt is one of the most natural elements of the earth.

Think about it:

Salt is found everywhere – From the deepest oceans to the soil below our feet.

It’s also the only rock that we eat. For thousands of years, people have used it as a medicine, a food preservative, and even a cleaner.

And it’s such a special rock, the Roman Emperors treated it as gold, and used it as money.

But here’s the most special thing about it:

Salt is an extremely powerful earth element, and each salt crystal can absorb and emit vibrational waves.

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The trick is to use salt in special ways, to absorb and remove bad energy, and to retain and keep positive high-vibration energy in your life.

By doing this, you will begin to attract and manifest money and abundance into your life.

It’s just the law of attraction!

Attract Money With Salt With These 5 Easy Methods

Today, we are going to show you 5 special ways to attract money with salt.

These are ancient Feng Shui techniques that were invented thousands of years ago. And they work by enhancing the flow of chi energy around your body.

Just start doing these 5 simple steps, and you’ll start seeing money flow into your life in a river of abundance!

1. Sprinkle Salt Near Your Front Door To Attract Wealth

Have you ever heard of the saying “Home is where the heart is”?

The truth is, your house is a symbol for your body.

It’s where you start every day, and where you return to rest at night.

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That’s why it’s important to maintain a good energy flow and balance into your home.

Here’s how to do it:

Simply sprinkle a bit of salt near the front door of your house, along the sides of the doorframe.

In many ancient Asian traditions, salt is considered a symbol of purity.

By doing this, you will purify the energy that flows from the outside into your home.

And because you are filtering out the negative energy, you will only receive high-vibration, positive wavelengths through the front door and into your life.

This positive energy will help you grow and succeed, and over time, you will start attracting money and wealth.

In fact, every time you pass through your door, the salt will absorb all the negativity from the outside world, and cleanse and purify your spirit!

2. Keep Salt In Your Wallet To Attract Money

One of the best ways to attract money and luck is to keep salt in your pocket wherever you go.

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Here’s why:

We’ve already discussed how salt can purify the energy around it.

Now imagine carrying salt with you every single day…

Your body will very quickly fill up with positive energy, and your spirit will become very pure and powerful.

Because you are moving around on such a high-vibration wavelength, you will start attracting wealth into your life.

Wherever you go, people will start noticing you. Opportunities will present themselves to you.

Many people report getting a raise, or even winning the lottery after a few weeks.

So here’s what you do:

Wrap a pinch of sea salt in tissue paper, and put it in your wallet. Tuck it deep in the compartment where you keep your cash.

Be sure to throw it away at the end of each day and replace it with fresh salt. By doing this, you will remove the bad energy absorbed in the salt throughout the day.

Now, every time you open your wallet, the universe will bring wealth closer and closer to you!

3. Put Salt In The Corners Of Your Bedroom To Manifest Wealth

If you think about it, your bedroom is a very spiritual place.

Here’s why:

Not only is it the place you return to at the end of every single day, to rest your body and mind.

It is also the place where you connect your spirit to the universe through dreams.

Now, we’ve all heard of the law of attraction, and how you can ask the universe for anything you want.

When you place salt in your bedroom, you will begin to attract wealth in your sleep.

It purifies your dreams, so your requests to the universe will be clearer and stronger.

And before long, you will witness money and fortune flowing into your life!

So here’s what you do:

Put a small pile of salt in every corner of your bedroom.

After this, repeat this affirmation 10 times every night before you sleep:

“As I sleep, I trust the universe to bring wealth and fortune into my life. As I dream, I trust the universe to bring money and abundance into my life.”

Be sure to replace the piles with fresh salt every week. This will ensure the energy in your bedroom is kept pure all the time.

4. Attract Money With Salt And Rosemary

Rosemary is a very special, sacred herb.

It is believed to have deep, powerful spiritual properties. For thousands of years, people have used rosemary to cleanse and purify the energy around them.

Rosemary offers you two main things: Prosperity and protection.

This means it can dispel and cleanse away negative vibrations, while drawing wealth and fortune towards you, all at the same time!

And it only becomes more powerful when you combine it with salt.

Think about it:

Salt represents the earth, and rosemary represents a plant.

So when you use both together, you create a closed loop of universal and natural harmony.

The positive vibrations around you will compound and become even more powerful, while the negative ones are rejected completely.

Here’s what you do:

Fill a mason jar half way with sea salt. Then, sprinkle a good amount of rosemary leaves on top of this salt bed.

After this, put a small candle inside the jar. Place this jar in the center of your home.

The rest is simple:

Light this candle every day when you get home. Every time you light it, visualize the flame as a spark of money and fortune, entering your life.

Then, when you go to bed, simply close the mason jar and the flame will go out, trapping the smoke inside the jar. Do NOT blow out the candle with your mouth.

Over time, this magical jar will attract huge opportunities and financial abundance into your life. Make sure you’re prepared to receive them!

5. Build A Circle Of Salt To Manifest Money

If you’re looking for ways to draw money into your life quickly, a salt circle is a great option.

It forms a shield, rejecting bad luck and negative vibrations, while keeping positive ones inside so they grow and compound.

But what exactly is it? It’s simple:

A salt circle is simply a circle of salt spread on a surface, with something put in the middle.

In this case, put your wallet in the middle every time you go to bed.

This will do a number of things:

First, it will cleanse any bad energy left in your wallet that has been collected throughout the day.

It will also keep the positive vibrations in and grow them overnight.

The result? You will wake up with a wallet full of high-vibration energy, ready to attract money throughout the day!

Here’s how it works:

We all know success attracts success.

So every time you take out your wallet and open it up, money and fortune will be drawn towards it, because of the powerful positive energy inside your wallet.

Try it yourself, and see how these opportunities start popping up in front of your eyes!

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