29 Daily Affirmations For Women – Manifest Positivity And Confidence

Have you ever felt insecure or unconfident as a woman?

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Do you ever feel your low-self esteem is holding you back from fulfilling your true potential?

Here’s the truth:

Most women are subject to a lot of negativity every single day, whether it is from social media, or people at work.

But only a few women are brave enough to fight back and do something about it.

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If you are reading this article, then you are one of them.

Every day, you are attacked and shamed with negative messages.

They put pressure on you to look a certain way, giving you a negative body image and damaging your self-esteem.

We’ve all been there:

Sometimes, you try very hard to do a good job, but you just fall short of your goals.

Other times, selfish people make negative comments and discourage you, putting you down.

Sometimes, you just get treated differently for being a woman…

This negative energy makes you feel stressed, unworthy and helpless…

But you must NOT listen to these voices.

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In fact, you can deflect this negativity, even though it is everywhere.


With the power of affirmations.

Believe it or not, many successful women have built their positive mindsets and beliefs with affirmations.

From Jennifer Lopez and Oprah Winfrey, to Lady Gaga and Lindsey Vonn… All these women used affirmations to build their successful careers.

Want to know more?

Here’s how they work:

Affirmations REMIND you that you were born to be beautiful, strong, and confident.

They DESTROY negative beliefs and energy that the world puts in you.

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They EMPOWER you to go for what you want, and live the life you dream of.

They REMIND you that you DESERVE love, respect and happiness.

In fact, it’s all proven by science – They rewire your brain for positive thoughts and action.

The best part? Affirmations are EASY.

All you have to do is say them loud every day.

In just a matter of weeks, you WILL feel a difference.

Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say these affirmations to yourself.

In a short time, any insecurity that you had as a woman will disappear.

You will start to wake up with a powerful feminine confidence and energy.

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With this energy, you will manifest all the goals you set your mind on.

You will finally start to live the life you truly deserve.

Below you’ll find a collection of 29 powerful affirmations that will make you feel positive and confident as a woman.

Tips for using these positive affirmations:

  • Consistency is key: Repeat them to yourself every morning. The more you say them, the stronger the positive beliefs will become.
  • Relax: Clear your mind, get comfortable, and take deep breaths between the affirmations,
  • Say the affirmations out loud with confidence, like you mean it!
  • If you want the affirmations to work faster, consider using the 15 minute manifestation system: click here!

29 Powerful Affirmations For Women For Self-Esteem and Success

  1. I am an amazing woman, just the way I am.
  2. I am a strong and confident woman. Every day, I will grow even stronger and even more confident.
  3. I love my body just the way it is. My body is a beautiful gift, and it can do amazing things.
  4. I am beautiful just the way I am. I don’t have to change anything.
  5. I will not let anyone tell me no. I am a woman with incredible potential.
  6. I am a powerful female, and nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams and goals.
  7. I am grateful for all of my blessings, and I happily share them with my friends and family.
  8. I love my own body, and I treat it with care and respect.
  9. I will not let anyone disrespect me. I deserve love and kindness in my life.
  10. I treat myself with patience and kindness. I embrace the woman I am, no matter what.
  11. I am full of positive feminine energy. I shine with it as I walk through the world.
  12. I will not tolerate disrespect. I will not spend my time on negative people.
  13. I trust myself with my decisions. I am smart, and I know what is best for me.
  14. I deserve love and respect from my true friends, my true family and my true lover.
  15. I will not change myself for other people. I am a queen, and I am perfect just the way I am.
  16. I am full of love and confidence. I shine with abundance as I walk through the world.
  17. Every day I wake up and smile from the heart, because I am a beautiful woman with so much potential.
  18. I will not allow anyone to break my self-esteem. I am precious, and I treat myself well.
  19. I might not be perfect, but I am unique. I am an amazing woman full of talent.
  20. I deserve to smile, and I deserve to be happy.
  21. Today, I will open my heart to universal love and abundance.
  22. Wherever I go, I am at home with my true self.
  23. Whatever challenge I come across, I am bigger than that.
  24. I am me. There is only one me.
  25. Whatever I set my mind on, I will achieve. I am a woman worthy of love and success.
  26. I honor the life and body I have been born with. I will treat myself with positivity and kindness.
  27. I am courageous, and I will stand up for myself, because I choose to be me.
  28. I am born for success, and I will do whatever it takes to succeed in life.
  29. My dreams will become my reality. I am an amazing woman, and I am proud of it!


As a woman, you will face many challenges in life. You will probably have experienced people putting you down and shaming you, just because you are a woman.

But you should not apologize for who you are. Your feminine energy is a gift, and you are a beautiful soul with a lot of potential.

Use affirmations to remind you of this. You will start to stand up taller, walk with confidence, and be happier throughout the day.

Before long, you will begin to manifest your dreams into reality. Success, wealth and love are all achievable, once you align your beliefs with them.

Remember this:

Abundance is like a skill. You have to practice it regularly to master it.

So make sure to say these affirmations to yourself every morning, and believe in yourself.

From now on, you will start to live your TRUE life.

You are an AMAZING woman, and you will do great things with your life.

Don’t wait any longer. Make the change TODAY.

Speak it, believe it, and receive it!