Where Is The Kundalini Of Earth Now

According to spiritual beliefs, the Earth's Kundalini is always tied to a single point on the Earth's surface and remains there for around 26,000 years. Then it travels on to a new location for the next 26,000 years, a phenomenon known as the Equinox Precession.

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The Precession of the Equinoxes is the visible phenomenon of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle that lasts (roughly) 25,920 years and during which time the constellations appear to rotate slowly around the earth, taking turns rising behind the rising sun on the spring equinox.

The Earth's Kundalini was once located in the Far East, notably Tibet, Nepal, and India, until 2012. We can see that many of the world's great spiritual movements and religions originated in this portion of the planet. According to Mayan spiritual traditions, the year 2012 marked the end of an era. The Precession of the Equinoxes coincides with this energy change. The Earth's energies began to shift and change around this period. Many people believe that the Earth's Kundalini began to change.

In April 2015, Nepal was struck by a massive and devastating earthquake. The Gorkha Earthquake caused widespread devastation, including the demolition of countless temples and historic monuments. The Calbuco Volcano in Chile erupted this month, just days after the earthquake in Nepal – the first eruption in almost 50 years. Within a week, there were two further eruptions. The sky was lit up by volcanic lightning and lava. This was regarded as a rare and significant eruption.

An earthquake is a symbol of destruction, upheaval, and great change for people who study symbolism. Volcanoes are thought to symbolize creativity, feminine power, birth, and revolution. We may see the prospect of the end of an era and the emergence of something new in these two great occurrences.

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Many mystics, wisdom keepers, and spiritual gurus all throughout the world believe the Earth's Kundalini has migrated from its resting place in the Far East to South America. Some think that the Kundalini energy, which causes spiritual awakening and a shift in awareness, is currently dwelling in Chile and Peru's Andean mountains. Others believe it will continue to grow until it reaches Mexico and the Western United States.

Although many modern Westerners are still fascinated by Eastern teachings, there has been a growing interest in the spiritual teachings of indigenous cultures in the Americas in recent years, particularly the traditions and wisdom teachings of numerous South American tribal societies. The rise of spiritual tourism and eco-tourism in South America, as well as growing interest in traditional indigenous healing practices, ayahuasca ceremonies, and other power plants used for healing in these cultures, as well as journeys to power spots such as Peru's Sacred Valley and Nazca Lines, Mexico's pyramids, Bolivia's Lake Titicaca, and expeditions to the Amazon rainforest, demonstrate this.

Is it possible that a spiritual revolution is underway? Will native nations' ancient teachings and customs in the Americas bring us to a new level of humankind consciousness?

For the past 14 years, I've been immersed in learning and participating in many of the Americas' indigenous traditions, particularly those from South America. Traditions of healing from what has been dubbed the “Red Road” has become a permanent fixture in my life. Ayahuasca, yagé, wachuma, kambo, peyote, temazcal, and other indigenous medicines have helped me heal and strengthen my body, as well as improve my spiritual enlightenment. I've seen a lot of people seeking greater meaning, connection to the Earth, spiritual awakening, and healing in their lives as a result of these encounters. Each year, it appears that more searchers arrive, indicating that something substantial is developing from Central and South America.

Personally, I believe that a consciousness shift is taking place, and that the traditions of the Americas' First Nations are ushering us into a new period of healing, unity, and responsible stewardship of our precious planet, Pacha Mama.

Several prophesies have their origins in the Americas' indigenous traditions. The Eagle and the Condor prophecy, which originated in the Amazon and is shared by many indigenous groups, is one such example. Human societies will split into two pathways, according to this prophecy: the Eagle's road and the Condor's path. The Condor's route is the way of the heart, intuition, and femininity. The Eagle's way is the way of the mind, the industry, and the masculine. North America is thought to be represented by the eagle. South America is thought to be represented by the Condor. According to this prophecy, there will come a time when the Eagle and the Condor meet, and peace will be restored and a new era will begin.

The Prophecy of the Seventh Fire, according to another prophecy: “A New People would emerge during the period of the Seventh Fire. They'd journey back in time to find the wisdom that had been left by the side of the trail. Their trek would lead them to the elders, whom they would invite to accompany them on their adventure. The sacred drum will resound its voice if the New People remain steadfast in their search. The people will be reawakened, and the sacred fire will be rekindled. The light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads at this time. One path is one of greed and technology, with little regard for wisdom or life. This road depicts a hasty descent into disaster. Spirituality, on the other hand, is a gradual route that incorporates respect for all living things. If we chose the spiritual road, we can kindle a new fire, the Eighth Fire, and begin a long period of peace and growth” (Grandfather William Commanda, Circle of All Nations Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe).

Perhaps the forefathers of these old indigenous cultures foresaw the dawn of a new era in which humanity would awaken to the ways of peace, healing, and love for the Earth. I suppose it is taking place. I feel that Westerners' rising interest in learning about and participating in indigenous traditions is a sign that this shift is taking place.

The Earth's inhabitants are reawakening. This may be seen in the emergence of revolutions across Central and South America, as well as the rise of spiritual pilgrimages to those regions. More and more people are looking for meaning and healing in their lives, and it appears that the long-shrouded wisdom and ancient traditions of native tribal cultures, which are now emerging and being integrated into our modern world, are providing wisdom to help us navigate into a new way of life on Earth. Sustainability, humanitarianism, health, consciousness, and reverence for all life are the foundations of this new way of life.

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This gives me a lot of optimism. Despite the chaos and agony reported in the tabloids and news channels, I have faith that something beautiful will emerge. I believe in the kindness of people. I've decided to believe that these predictions are coming true. Many people who have been seeking out the traditional traditions of the indigenous cultures of the Americas have experienced great healing and powerful transformations. If you haven't visited the places where these customs originated, I strongly advise you to do so. Those who seek with open hearts and a genuine desire for change will find enormous wisdom, healing, and even enlightenment.

I am grateful for the wisdom keepers of the First Nations, since they hold the keys to the future, to humanity's survival on this holy planet we name Earth. I ask that each of us think about all of our choices – every day and with every dollar we spend – and make decisions that assist to maintain the safety and survival of these ancient traditions and the countries from whence they emerged.

Where is the current Kundalini?

The Kundalini energy is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. The position can be described in a variety of ways, ranging from the rectum to the navel. Kundalini is thought to be housed in three and a half coils in the triangular sacrum bone.

Can you feel Kundalini rising?

Kundalini awakening is characterized by the following characteristics. Sensations of ‘energy' moving or imprisoned in specific regions of the body, most commonly the chakra points. This process may become ‘visible' to the experiencer in some way. The energy is too strong or uncomfortable to tolerate, and it is frequently accompanied by shaking, jerking, or spasms.

What is the Kundalini rising?

Kundalini energy sits like a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, according to Tantra. Kundalini awakening occurs when dormant energy flows freely upward via the seven chakras (energy centers) and leads to an expanded level of consciousness.

A kundalini awakening is a profound spiritual event for which yogis and practitioners prepare for years. The experience can occur deliberately through activities like as meditation, pranayama, yoga, and prayer, or it might occur unexpectedly. In the spiritual world, this form of awakening is very common, although in Western civilization, kundalini awakenings are regarded uncommon.

What happens after Kundalini awakening?

Kundalini awakening is the movement of powerful emotional and mental patterns in the subtle body, rather than a physical force that may be started and stopped as needed. As a result, awakening is impossible without taking the proper steps to purify the subtle body's pathways. Beware! Unpreparation could have disastrous consequences, such as a nervous breakdown during Kundalini awakening.

No human being can deny the reality of the Divine Mother Kundalini. It's simply a matter of reawakening the Holy Spirit and allowing the power to spread throughout the body. As she ascends to the crown, passing through various nadis and chakras, the divine power purifies both the body and the spirit. She ascends from Muladhar chakra by spreading her rings and passing every chakra in her way to the sahasrara, or crown chakra. She will begin by regenerating the chakras and repairing any harm produced by your poor lifestyle. She will use this to awaken the deities, bringing you closer to the stage of spiritual awareness.

What is the difference between spiritual awakening and Kundalini awakening?

Spiritual awakening (also known as “spiritual ascension”) is usually an emotional and psychological experience. Kundalini awakening, on the other hand, is an energetic surge that can be mild and progressive or rapid and strong.

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While kundalini awakening normally occurs after a spiritual awakening, it is not always the case. Kundalini can erupt quickly in response to psychedelic drug experiences, sexual encounters, or even tragic ones, as previously indicated.

Another difference is that kundalini energy is felt extremely physically, whereas spiritual awakening is typically more focused on the mind and emotions. While powerful vibrations and heat may be felt in the body during kundalini rising, there is a soulful element of deep questioning, understanding, and transfiguration during spiritual awakening (some refer to this as spiritual alchemy).

Is it possible to have both spiritual and kundalini awakenings at the same time? Without a doubt. And it's for this reason that both can lead to the Dark Night of the Soul (or the inevitable after-effect of feeling as if you've lost touch with the Divine). In the end, they're just two sides of the same coin.

Can Kundalini awaken naturally?

To be honest, there isn't a single answer to this question. After years of establishing a spiritual practice, practising Kundalini yoga, meditating, and so on, some people experience a Kundalini awakening. But it can also happen on its own, without any prior training.

“The Kundalini rising is an automatic process that happens—and it can happen under any form of spiritual discipline, any style of yoga,” says Krishna Kaur, a Kundalini yoga teacher.

You may eventually become so neutral and balanced “that you know you've reached a place of total awakened-ness” through the practice of enriching your spirituality and inner world, Kaur notes, adding that she does not teach people to raise their Kundalini energy with an awakening as the goal—and does not believe people should attempt it.

What are the stages of Kundalini awakening?

An old style of life will no longer work during a Kundalini Awakening. Personal crises, changes of attitude, tastes, likes, and dislikes can all occur in people.

This had already happened to me in the United States. For me, the life I was living there was insufficient. My feet were itchy, and my relationship began to come apart as I yearned for a new life. It wasn't enough that I lived in a beautiful little town with foxes, chipmunks, Aspen trees, and snow-capped mountains. I flew home on my own in the end. Life as I had left it didn't fit when I returned home. Things that used to make me happy were no longer making me happy. My gaze was drawn to a new horizon.

I became really ill, waking up one night with a fever and severe chills that rendered me unable to move or walk. I was transported to the hospital because I couldn't stand up on my own. With excruciating body aches (especially in my hips), fever, and physical weakness, I stayed there for two nights. I was eventually well enough to leave the hospital without a diagnosis after IV antibiotics, X-rays, and observation. I have no idea what was wrong with me to this day, but I believe it was one of the Kundalini Awakening Stages.

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Is Kundalini awakening rare?

You've found the correct spot if you've had a Kundalini Awakening, are wondering about the Kundalini Awakening process, think you could have some of the symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening, or are looking for Kundalini Awakening support.

I've spent the last decade researching Kundalini Awakenings from all angles, including hearing from people who have experienced spontaneous awakenings and gone on to live healthy and productive lives. I've also totally integrated my Kundalini Awakening experience, and I now work with a number of students to help them integrate their awakenings, as well as teaching this (cheap) online Integrate Your Kundalin Awakening course.

Although a spontaneous waking can be frightening, Kundalini Awakening is our collective developmental destiny.

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

A complete Kundalini Awakening is an energetic event in which all of the psyche's knots and difficulties are healed. It's extremely uncommon and leads to enlightenment. The vast majority of people who have an energetic experience — 99.999999 percent – are only experiencing the beginnings of Kundalini movement in the body, not a full awakening.

This is nothing out of the ordinary, and the bells, lights, and whistles that might accompany any wakeup can become a source of distraction and impediment.

People can experience an energy shift that wakes layers of perception and temporarily activates the chakras. They have the ability to engage in certain unusual behaviors. A surge of energy rising from Muladhara, up the back of the spine, over the top of the head, and terminating in the forehead is the true Kundalini Awakening experience. The entire system has sprung to life.

Regardless, Kundalini Waking is the awakening of Kundalini energy, which lies at the base of the spine, whether it is a full experience or the beginnings of movement. In some manner, shape, or form, the energy begins to flow up the spine.

This burst of energy is unrelated to a person's culture, religion, or country of origin. While yogic scriptures often describe the experience, it is also known and referenced in other spiritual traditions. It is the human being's natural growth to come to consciousness as the truth of who they are.

What causes a Kundalini Awakening?

Kundalini was traditionally awakened through rigorous yoga practice. However, it's becoming increasingly frequent for people to have awakenings without any prior yoga experience or knowledge.

Intense energy work, drug usage, sexual experiences, abuse or trauma, yoga practice, or life events can all cause an awakening.

It's the first of many stages of awakening, not the final one! The true task of awakening and liberation begins now.

What are the symptoms of a Kundalini Awakening?

The indications and symptoms of Kundalini Awakening vary from person to person, and they are mostly determined by the energy blocks in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The signs and symptoms are usually related to the blocks, and the symptoms fade as the blocks are worked through and released.

Signs & Symptoms can include:

  • Electricity in the body or internal lightening bolts are examples of energetic feelings.
  • Shaking and jerking of the body, frequently completely out of the person's control
  • Cold sensations in the body, as well as extreme heat sensations in the spine or certain chakras
  • Kriyas (yoga practices), mudras (hand gestures), Bandas (body locks), asana, or pranayama that appear out of nowhere. Typically, the individual has never studied or learned any of these emergent habits.
  • Buzzing, musical instruments, or thunder are examples of strange internal sounds that no one else can hear.

What is the process of a Kundalini Awakening?

While an awakening may appear to be a bizarre and out-of-control event, Kundalini is an intelligent and organic process with a purpose and a method for achieving that purpose.

The goal is to go through all of the psyche's illusions and tangles in order to re-orient the awakened person's life toward truth. This can be a difficult process because it implies the termination of relationships, work conditions, and previous ways of life. People who are unable to let go of the known and familiar sometimes try to hold on to people and situations. Suffering is caused by clinging to the past.

The smoother the process is, the more hard work a person has done before Kundalini Awakens. If the person has experienced a spontaneous awakening with minimal effort on their part, they are in for a difficult journey. Kundalini changes people on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level over time.

The most crucial part of effectively working with a Kundalini Awakening is a person's perspective on Reality. This is why having a good teacher who can impart the tradition's viewpoint is so important. The majority of people's problems with Kundalini arise from maintaining incorrect viewpoints, and the awakening can be skillfully integrated with a shift in viewpoint and the right practice. Integrate Your Kundalin Awakening, a four-week online course, covers all of this and more.

What are the benefits of a Kundalini Awakening?

When Kundalini emerges, a person may have a greater sense of empathy for others, almost telepathic empathy. Greater sensitivity, higher energy levels, sometimes psychic skills or deep understanding, aging can appear to slow down, creativity and charisma can rise, as can interior calm and wisdom, and aging can appear to slow down. It's as though you're a part of All That Is. Life's deeper secrets are no longer a mystery.

Where can I find help or support for my Kundalini Awakening?

There are several support groups on the internet, as well as literature about Kundalini Awakening. The finest type of assistance you can get is from an educated, skilled, and experienced yoga instructor who has gone through some form of awakening. They're uncommon, although not as uncommon as you may imagine. See who you can locate by asking around, using Google, and using your imagination. However, exercise caution and confidence in your own feelings and intuition.

And, yes, I do work one-on-one with clients who have had Kundalini Awakenings and want to integrate them. If this describes you, you can schedule a session with me by clicking here. Alternatively, you can enroll in the four-week course below for only $37US.