What Is The Difference Between Reiki And Kundalini Reiki

The two are diametrically opposed. There aren't many healing benefits to Kundalini reiki.

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Kundalini Reiki can be used to mend chakra pathways that aren't functioning properly. It does not, however, have the same physical therapeutic properties as Usui Reiki.

Which chakra is Kundalini?

The term “kundalini” comes from the Sanskrit word “kundalini,” which means “coiled,” and it refers to a sort of meditation that is said to fully awaken your potential for awareness.

According to the theory underlying Kundalini meditation, life energy is coiled like a snake at the base of your spine (root chakra), which is where it gets its name.

You can use a variety of techniques in Kundalini meditation to activate this energy and gain enlightenment, including:

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These exercises are claimed to awaken dormant energy in your body and transport it along your chakras (energy centers) until it reaches the seventh (crown) chakra, which is located in your head, where it can be released.

What is Kundalini Healing?

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of transformation and deep awareness. Without experiencing mystical shifts, we cannot practice Kundalini Yoga. Prior to my Kundalini Yoga certification, I was qualified in Hatha yoga. I adore both of them. Kundalini Yoga, on the other hand, is my go-to practice when I need a miracle or the power to break free from limiting ideas or phobias. What's more, here's why:

Kundalini Yoga clears blocks in your energy field.

Kundalini Yoga is a mysterious science that use sound, mantra, energy healing, exercises, and meditations to help the energetic body, which surrounds the physical body, release trauma. Wounds are held in this field, which is known as the aura. Radiance can appear once those wounds have healed. The magnetic frequency that attracts beauty, love, and light is known as radiance. The subtle (energetic) body, not the head, is where you start attracting riches into your life.

Kundalini Yoga teaches us that prosperity is our inheritance, and that living from our hearts is the surest road to success. We may tap into the magnetic power of the cosmos, which is love, when we can listen to the whispering of the heart. We feel grateful when we live in that frequency of love. Because like attracts like, appreciation attracts more thankfulness.

Many people believe they have done everything imaginable to live the life they desire, but they remain stuck. Kundalini Yoga is a technological marvel that uses quantum physics and energy laws to make the unthinkable possible.

Kundalini yoga quiets your mind.

Kundalini Yoga practice quiets the ideas that leave us feeling scared, stuck, and insecure, allowing the heart and soul to thrive. The path to our maximum potential is shown by our heart, not our minds! Our hearts, on the other hand, are silent. The spinning thoughts of our ego-driven mind can easily drown it out. Everything flows when our hearts are in sync with our soul's objective. Our intuition opens, and our sensitivity awakens. Being present in the moment allows us to let go of the grief of the past and the fear of the future.

Kundalini Yoga's breathwork and sacred chants are excellent for calming the mind. Slowing down our breathing puts a stop to speeding thoughts. Try playing a sacred mantra the next time your mind is spinning out of control. The peaceful vibration will be shifted by the relaxing sound current.

Kundalini Yoga gives you confidence.

Kundalini Yoga assists you in realizing your worth. You are likely to come face to face with your self-imposed limitations–your inner walls–during a Kundalini Yoga session, but you can mysteriously remove them with the practice. “Keep up and you will be kept up,” says Yogi Bhajan in his famous Kundalini Yoga phrase. Many of life's obstacles feel less daunting after overcoming the challenge of a Kundalini Yoga session.

Kundalini Yoga instills in you a strong sense of self-assurance. It is not influenced by external factors. It's the assurance that comes from knowing you're connected to a reservoir of light and love that extends far beyond your narrow sense of self. We can create our greatest dreams when we sincerely believe we are deserving of pleasure and prosperity.

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Kundalini Yoga connects us with the divine.

Kundalini assists us in letting go and living a life free of attachment. We integrate oneness with the universe through working our body, mind, and soul in a way that integrates oneness with the cosmos. We can feel a connection to higher realms as a result of this. The higher realms encourage us to believe in ourselves and acknowledge that our pure nature is one with spirit, and that when we do, we let go of attachment. We start giving and receiving energy.

By quieting the mind's continual chatter, we learn the beauty of giving. We begin to “allow” rather than “do.” We discover that our true heart's desire originates from the Divine, and we no longer want others' approval to honor our inner truth — our Sat Nam. We begin to attract love into our life by giving love when we release ourselves from the demands of others.

Kundalini Yoga builds strength and resilience.

Not our muscles, but our inner energy provides us with actual strength. When our energy stores are depleted, we feel weak in both body and soul, and our ability to endure through life's obstacles is harmed. Kundalini Yoga helps us create a deep core of prana–or life force–and a reservoir of love within with frequent practice. We have the ability to rely on that reservoir to provide the strength required to meet life's daily challenges.

Ego Eradicator is an exercise that helps to release the flow of energy through our bodies and minds. When the energy pours, an extraordinary strength becomes tangible. We've always had access to energy, but we were cut off from our own light.

Life will always reflect the difficulties we face in our inner energy system. When we go through and relieve the inner energy blockage, we experience a similar release in our lives, thinking, and spirit. The secret power of Kundalini Yoga is the parallel of micro and macro, which allows us to create the life we want. We attract greater love when we are free of wounds and vibrate at the frequency of love. This is the scientific law of (Kundalini Yoga).

What are the dangers of Kundalini Yoga?

So, what's not to enjoy about that? B.K.S. Iyengar Swami Vivekananda, a yogi, compares the nervous system to an electrical system, including wire (nerves), circuits (chakras), and gates (locks) (bandhas). A Kundalini power surge, like any other electrical system, can disrupt the grid, causing serious mental and physical sickness. While the channels Kundalini flows through are broadly correlated with the neurological system, Kundalini is a subtle energy form that cannot be tested like normal nerve circulation.

How does Kundalini work?

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and uncover your life's purpose? Kundalini Yoga is an ancient technique that can help you alter your life by allowing you to harness strong energy. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means “life force.” “Divine energy is said to have been produced at the base of the spine, which is known as the “coiled snake.” Kundalini is a type of energy that we are born with, and it strives to balance it “uncoil the snake” and reintroduce us to our divine essence

Kundalini originated as a study of energy science and spiritual philosophy. Royalty used to sit with Kundalini Masters to learn about the ancient scientific teachings of kundalini and spiritual visions. Kundalini was brought to our western civilization by Yogi Bhajan, who transformed it into the magnificent practice it is today, with ancient knowledge and modern pragmatism, making it accessible to all.

The ultimate life-force energy is Kundalini. It's where our creative energy, spiritual gifts, and divine feminine energies come from. Kundalini Yoga is a technique for expanding awareness and achieving a state of lightness, joy, and limitless love. Kundalini awakens the energy that has been dormant at the base of our spine, bringing it to the crown of our heads and balancing our chakras and energetic bodies.

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Kundalini allows for a free flow of energy up through the chakras, resulting in a condition of expanded consciousness—but is it safe?

Where is kundalini located in body?

The Kundalini energy is said to be coiled at the base of the spine. The position can be described in a variety of ways, ranging from the rectum to the navel. Kundalini is thought to be housed in three and a half coils in the triangular sacrum bone.

What is the difference between spiritual awakening and kundalini awakening?

Spiritual awakening (also known as “spiritual ascension”) is usually an emotional and psychological experience. Kundalini awakening, on the other hand, is an energetic surge that can be mild and progressive or rapid and strong.

While kundalini awakening normally occurs after a spiritual awakening, it is not always the case. Kundalini can erupt quickly in response to psychedelic drug experiences, sexual encounters, or even tragic ones, as previously indicated.

Another difference is that kundalini energy is felt extremely physically, whereas spiritual awakening is typically more focused on the mind and emotions. While powerful vibrations and heat may be felt in the body during kundalini rising, there is a soulful element of deep questioning, understanding, and transfiguration during spiritual awakening (some refer to this as spiritual alchemy).

Is it possible to have both spiritual and kundalini awakenings at the same time? Without a doubt. And it's for this reason that both can lead to the Dark Night of the Soul (or the inevitable after-effect of feeling as if you've lost touch with the Divine). In the end, they're just two sides of the same coin.

What happens after kundalini awakening?

Kundalini awakening is the movement of powerful emotional and mental patterns in the subtle body, rather than a physical force that may be started and stopped as needed. As a result, awakening is impossible without taking the proper steps to purify the subtle body's pathways. Beware! Unpreparation could have disastrous consequences, such as a nervous breakdown during Kundalini awakening.

No human being can deny the reality of the Divine Mother Kundalini. It's simply a matter of reawakening the Holy Spirit and allowing the power to spread throughout the body. As she ascends to the crown, passing through various nadis and chakras, the divine power purifies both the body and the spirit. She ascends from Muladhar chakra by spreading her rings and passing every chakra in her way to the sahasrara, or crown chakra. She will begin by regenerating the chakras and repairing any harm produced by your poor lifestyle. She will use this to awaken the deities, bringing you closer to the stage of spiritual awareness.

How do I know if my kundalini is awakened?

  • You are able to see that we consciously build our reality by transcending the dual nature of the mind.
  • You are filled with love and compassion for everything around you, and you recognize yourself as an integral part of it all.
  • Your mind is notably calmer, and you've developed a new ability to concentrate on one topic at a time.
  • Your mind has the ability to watch, discern, and witness (thanks to an open crown chakra).
  • Problems from the past, including past trauma, no longer have the same impact on you. You remember them, but they don't bother you any longer.
  • You may have wonderful physical sensations, similar to a full-body orgasm, but more sensuous than sexual.
  • You've gained new strength and clarity, and you're no longer afraid to make beneficial changes in your life.
  • It's possible that your body will quake. (This can happen if your Kundalini is rising but your chakras are blocked, preventing the energy from flowing.)
  • The back of your neck is hot. (This, too, is an example of rising Kundalini energy not flowing properly, according to Rebelle.)
  • You're having difficulty sleeping. (This is yet another example of what might occur when Kundalini rises in a body with clogged chakras.)

What is the golden chain in kundalini Yoga?

We always begin a Kundalini Yoga class or personal practice with reciting the Adi Mantra (Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo) three to five times. It is a Kundalini Yoga student's or teacher's first technology. Mantra is the creative projection of the mind through sound. Adi means first or primal.

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The first creative step is to repeat this slogan. It connects you to your Higher Self and tells your lower mind that Kundalini Yoga is neither practiced or taught by your ego.

The Adi Mantra links us to the Golden Chain, which is a chain of teachers that includes your teacher, her teacher, and so on. The Golden Chain is the conduit via which the tradition's vitality, wisdom, and protection flow to you.

The exercises and meditations you undertake will be directed by your higher consciousness and all of the instructors who have provided you this opportunity by reciting this mantra and connecting to the Golden Chain. It makes you very responsive and sensitive to your body's, mind's, and intuition's messages. It serves as a link when teaching and as a warm-up for personal practice. The Golden Chain is the inner kundalini spark that is carried from person to person, from teacher to student, from guru to guru, from cosmos to God.

It is a meditation to chant the Adi Mantra and connect to the Golden Chain. It's a state of being aware. The kundalini energy is guided by the link between you as a finite personality and you as a flow of the Infinite Consciousness.

“Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo is the link to spirituality whenever you choose to manifest it.” When you repeat this mantra, you manifest Infinity through Guru Ram Das' Grace. Guru Ram Das is the Aquarian Age's guardian. This mantra can be chanted when you are experiencing a lack of faith or something similar. With Guru Ram Das' blessing, this mantra can assist you.

Guru Ong Namo Dev Namo is a request. It's a call that can cut through maya and manifest God and Guru, the Supreme Consciousness. It is the kundalini, the Divine Shakti's token.”

“I introduced the lessons to the western hemisphere, and I am grateful to God for keeping me free of ego and allowing me to leave the teachings as they were.” I didn't add a word, eliminate a word, or interpret it in any way. The Golden Chain has been maintained pure, and it is now up to you to pick it up, exercise it, and experience it.”

“Pollution, depravity, and bigotry have no place in this system,” says the author. It's a golden line, a golden chain. It will remain unadulterated. It will purify you if you relate to its purity. You will be caught if you spill your impurities on it. All metals will burn up if you heat an alloy of metals to a high degree, save gold. That is the Sun's might. Kundalini Yoga is the pure line; we refer to it as the gold line or the gold chain. It's a gold connection. Because of that bond, we're all seated here.”

Is Shakti and kundalini the same?

Kundalini Shakti is the primal energy. Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word kundal, which means “coiled up.” Kundalini is a component of Shakti, pure female energy and Shiva's inseparable lover in Tantra Yoga.