What Is Kundalini Dance

Many authors and academics believe that our hearts and physical bodies are more sophisticated than our brains. “We have neurological functioning in our heart, intestines, and brain,” according to a study we recently came upon. Electromagnetically, our heart-brain is sixty times more strong than our head-brain. The heart sends more energy to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

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We're with you if you see this as a call to live more from the heart and in the body. However, in a world awash with distractions, living in accordance with a more sensory, felt experience necessitates focus, effort, and reprogramming.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, 90% of what we think about today is the same as it was yesterday. Enjoy this Q&A with Martine Kleissen, who has been practicing and teaching Kundalini Dance for over a decade, if you want to make room for something unusual, like dancing.

Kundalini Kundalini Kundalini Kundalini Kundalini Kun Dance is a method of connecting our womb to the earth's womb, grounding ourselves in the heart of the earth's energy, and then rising that energy up through all of the chakras, one by one, to ignite the energy within ourselves. We all have a lot of trapped energy and emotion in our bodies that needs to be released. The actual group dance is a ritual, a ceremony, for releasing those trapped energies.

MK: Dance is a powerful technique to connect to our spiritual energy source on its own, but adding the desire of accessing kundalini energy from inside is much more so. We don't tell anyone in Kundalini Dance to let go of their anger, sadness, or pain. Rather, we are accepting that we are a full spectrum of humanity, including human emotions, ideas, and experiences. We hold ourselves through that spectrum of humanness in Kundalini Dance, rising up what needs to rise up, harmonizing and healing with love. When the kundalini energy rises into the heart, the healing takes place, and people experience a sense of completeness and oneness. This is also a lovely method to get out of your head and into your body and heart, bypassing the mind and allowing your body to guide you through the meditation and show you how to harmonize.

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Here's what we uncovered after researching the practice and meaning of Kundalini energy, as well as how it works:

The phrase ‘kundalini' is an ancient Hindu concept that refers to the vital force or energy that we all possess, which is said to be stored at the base of the spine in yogic traditions.

The Kundalini Dance is all about kundalini energy rising up through the spine and moving through each chakra, potentially activating or lighting up each chakra.

The term “kundalini awakening” refers to the process of discovering and “waking” inner wisdom through this energy activity. Kundalini meditation and yoga have been performed since ancient times, whereas Kundalini Dance was founded in 1989 by Leyolah Antara (24 years old) while visiting an Aboriginal sacred spot in Australia's Western outback. She had a vision from the Divine Feminine to establish a dance practice to support the collective awakening during her visit and personal ceremony.

While Kundalini Dance isn't quite mainstream yet, it's making its way to more and more locations across North America, so you'll probably be able to find it soon.

*According to Will Pye's The Gratitdue Prescription, this study was conducted by Childre and Martin in the year 2000.

What is kundalini used for?

Its goal is to awaken your Kundalini energy, also known as shakti. This is a spiritual energy supposed to reside at the base of your spine. Kundalini yoga is believed to expand your consciousness and help you transcend past your ego by awakening this energy. The practice is sometimes referred to as “yoga of awareness.”

What does kundalini feel like in the body?

Kundalini awakening is characterized by the following characteristics. Sensations of ‘energy' moving or imprisoned in specific regions of the body, most commonly the chakra points. This process may become ‘visible' to the experiencer in some way. The energy is too strong or uncomfortable to tolerate, and it is frequently accompanied by shaking, jerking, or spasms.

What happens when you awaken kundalini?

People are sometimes unprepared, or the process begins spontaneously without their knowledge. People who endure inner instability, total breakdown, or spiritual distress, resulting in a catastrophic life crisis, are examples of this. Disgraceful fitness and lifestyle behaviors, such as hard workouts, drug usage, abusive or traumatic situations, and so on, cause Kundalini energy to spontaneously emerge.

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The immense strength of Kundalini Shakti energy, once awakened, radically transforms a person's life. He or she can go through a lot of social and emotional changes. Some people may even have a terrible prior experience or have personality swings on a regular basis. They would be able to transcend this inner trauma if properly directed by certain well-experienced masters and gurus, but if not, the outcome would be beyond terrible devastation in an otherwise easy-going life.