Who Is Duncan Williams Spiritual Father

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the General Overseer of Action Chapel International, has said that he misses his father, Daniel Duncan-Williams.

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In a tweet, Daniel stated that Archbishop Duncan-Williams never gave up on him, even when those close to him advised him to dump his son.

“Missing you more than ever daddy…never gave up on me when everyone around you suggested you should…what a love,” he wrote in his tweet.

In early June, Dee Wills, a teenage rapper who goes by the stage name Dee, claimed that his father was not supportive of his rap career and had thus cut him off, among other claims leveled against his family.

He explained that the videos were a method for him to be true to himself while still communicating with his supporters. He also accused his father of orchestrating his detention and imprisonment.

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Daniel also posted some nude films of himself and some girls to his Twitter account.

He eventually apologized to his father, claiming that everything he said in the videos was fake.

He went on to say that Action Chapel International's General Overseer is the best father he could ever have.

Daniel tweeted at the time, “Thank you for loving me despite all the difficulties and tribulations.”

While the family agrees that “the obscenities are repugnant,” the archbishop issued a statement through Bishop Ebenezer Obodai, his spokesperson, stressing that people must “understand that he (Daniel) has a terrible condition.”

The archbishop revealed that his son had acute bipolar disorder and urged the police to keep an eye on Daniel during the “meltdown.”

While they continue to seek medical help for him, the family has asked Ghanaians and the general public to pray for them.

“This is a test of his faith,” the Archbishop remarked at the time. “I acknowledge the predicament my son is in, and I still love him…please pray for us…. 1 Peter 4:8 says, “Love covers a multitude of sins.”

How did Duncan-Williams lost his fingers?

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, a well-known Ghanaian preacher, detailed the trials and hardships that characterized his early years as a young man in August 2017.

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He revealed in an interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat that he battled various spirits as a child and came close to losing his life on several occasions. Due to his insatiable ambition for accomplishment, the renowned bishop said he used to pay frequent visits to shrines.

In one incident, he stated that in order to get what he desired, he would have to sacrifice his fingers.

“Of all the struggles in life, the spiritual battle is by far the most significant,” he explained. It is often claimed that anything worthwhile in the physical must first be settled in the spiritual realm. It happened in the spiritual realm, but I had to give up my fingers to make it happen.”

“At the age of twenty, something big occurred. At home, I suffered nightmares, hallucinations, and heard voices; spiritual voices vs. the voice of truth and grace. The spirit possessed me and told me to light a candle and immerse my hands into the scorching flame.”

“I obeyed without question but with anguish,” he continued. My lips were locked at one point till the discomfort became excruciating. In the flames, my fingertips blackened till they went to ash. My screams drew the attention of my siblings, who transported me to Korle Bu Hospital, where I stayed for months.”

Duncan-Williams has risen from low beginnings to become a wonderful man of God who represents Ghana and Africa on a global scale.

The Archbishop was designated one of “The 100 Most Influential Africans” by the New African Magazine in 2017.

He is one of Ghana's wealthiest pastors, and he is the first non-American to lead the inauguration prayer for the new President and Vice President of the United States.

All of these accomplishments, as well as others, did not happen by chance. His life is a study of fate and providence, but it is also a demonstration of perseverance and the resolve to overcome all physical and spiritual barriers.

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Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International organization, has disclosed how his fingers were burned and ‘chopped' off during his childhood.

“Of all the conflicts we face in life, the spiritual battle is without a doubt the most important.” It is often claimed that anything worthwhile in the physical must first be settled in the spiritual realm. He explained, “It happened in the spiritual realm, but I sacrificed my fingers for it.”

The 60-year-old Archbishop Duncan, who is renowned around the world as the Apostle of Strategic Prayer, added:

“At the age of twenty, something big occurred.

At home, I suffered nightmares, hallucinations, and heard voices; spiritual voices vs. the voice of truth and grace. The spirit possessed me and told me to light a candle and immerse my hands into the scorching flame.”

“I obeyed without question, but with a heaviness in my heart. My lips were locked at one point till the discomfort became excruciating. In the flames, my fingertips blackened till they went to ash. My screams drew the attention of my siblings, who transported me to Korle Bu Hospital, where I stayed for months.”

That was his turning point. On his bed at the Korle Bu teaching hospital, he had a spiritual encounter with God, and everything changed. It makes no difference who you are or where you are when grace reaches you.

Archbishop was reared by a single mother in a troubled home. His twin sibling did not survive the delivery process. At birth, he lacked many things, including a father's love and protection.

It was difficult to find anything to eat. Education was regarded as a luxury. He didn't have much, if any, money for all of it. To put food on the table, he pushed trucks and sold chewing gum on the streets.

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He attempted to travel to America via Stowaway. He traveled to Abidjan and boarded a ship bound for Marseille, France. He was apprehended and was about to be fed to sharks in the Moroccan seas, when Grace intervened.

On board, a guy with a son named Nicholas asked for his release. They concealed him in the ship's dungeons until they arrived in Marseille. He disembarked successfully and worked at the port for a while before being apprehended and deported to Ghana due to a lack of documentation.

Nicholas ran out of money after a few weeks in Ghana and had to do another stowaway, this time to Israel, the Promised Land. He traveled to Abidjan and knelt in a heartfelt prayer to God, pleading for a passage into Israel. That, too, failed, and he was deported once more.

He is wealthier today, yet poverty was once his best friend; he is a preacher today, but in the past he paid visits to shrines and saw ghosts.

How Duncan-Williams lost his fingers?

Ghana Pulse He claimed that he used to frequent shrines because of his insatiable desire for success, and that in one case, he had to sacrifice his fingers to get what he needed. Duncan-Williams revealed, “It happened in the spiritual realm, but I sacrificed my fingers for it.”

Why did Duncan-Williams divorce his wife?

Archbishop Duncan-Williams, however, opened up to the world about what led to his disastrous marriage, saying he married when he was too young. He revealed that he married his first wife when he was 24 years old because he didn't want to slip into the sin trap.

Who ordained Archbishop Duncan-Williams?

GNA, Accra, 10 November – The Presiding Bishop of Christian Action Faith Ministries International, the Reverend Dr Nicholas Duncan Williams, will be formally enthroned as an Archbishop on December 7, 2003.

On the recommendation of TAPAC's interviewing Board of Ecclesiastical Affairs, he was elevated to the high office of Archbishop by the Trans Atlantic and Pacific Alliance of Churches (TAPAC) in collaboration with the International Board of Bishops in May 2002, and his appointment was published in the London Gazette.

It was a measure of achievement in his role as a Bishop, as attested to by colleague bishops and ministers whom he leads and guides, and it came after years of dedicated devotion and fidelity in following the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rev Duncan-Williams will become the Archbishop of CAFM International and over 150 sister and affiliate churches worldwide, according to a statement signed by Rev Gracer Bondzie, Church Administrator on behalf of the Church's Management Board. He would have oversight responsibilities over TAPAC churches, particularly those in Africa, in addition to becoming an Archbishop of TAPAC.

His new responsibilities would include providing direction, guidance, and training in sound doctrines, as well as rebuking those who disagree with the correct faith, as well as nominating and ordaining other bishops and ministers. He would also seek to maintain the Church's unity and advise those in positions of authority on matters concerning the spiritual, social, and economic lives of the people.

For almost 25 years, the Archbishop-elect has served as the general overseer of Christian Action Faith Ministries International. He's written books about prayer's power and hosts the 30-minute TV show “Voice of Inspiration.”

Is Duncan-Williams remarried?

After his 26-year marriage to Francisca ended a few years ago, the pastor remarried. Archbishop Duncan-Williams married Rosa Whitaker, an international consultant living in the United States, in a private ceremony at their home in Maryland.

Did Archbishop Duncan-Williams remarry?

The honorable Archbishop offers a flimsy excuse, claiming that he was a boy, not a man, when he was 24 years old. There are boys under the age of 24 who have settled down earlier in life and do not need to create excuses for any marriage failures that did not occur, so come up with the real reasons.

After 26 years of marriage, it was time to ascend into the heavens and hire an African American lady to help him get ahead of the line. I'm struck by how the Archbishop remarried only a year after the divorce. I'm inclined to believe he met his present wife while pondering his alternatives for another woman he married, one who smacked of power. That was a calculated move.

She is a lady who studied political science, worked in Congress, and lobbied for some African investments and tariff-free concessions for Africa to get access to the American market. Because she is in a country like America and works in Congress, she is in a strategic position, but she is unable to impact issues such as police brutality against African Americans and other concerns that are greater than her and systemic.

How is it that couples with humble origins can adapt and forget their lowly roots over time? If one partner seeks for fault with the other over time, till you eventually look for issue and purposefully break up a partnership when it isn't needed? Another lady replaces her, stating that it was a God-directed marriage, full of meaning, and so on. She and the Archbishop are known as Africa's power couple, and their marriage was strategically planned for fame and advancement.

Even more concerning is how having a last-born son, Archbishop Duncan Williams' ‘Dee Wills,' who is deeply troubled by how it all began and ended, especially when he is 50 percent Archbishop's DNA and 50 percent his mother's DNA, and his father refers to his mother's DNA as'a witch,' will exacerbate any mental health condition he may have.

We know that when a guy is intoxicated, he says deep things, so it's no surprise that ‘Dee Wills' has bipolar disorder. However, some of the statements stated do not come from outer space; they represent facets of his actual experience. I'm hoping it wasn't his father's celebrity that caused all of this. The crack is beginning to show.

I'm glad that Honorable Francisca (I would have reverted to my maiden name, bulldozing the English slave-master-sounding name for an African-sounding one) has added value to herself, has a double master's degree and a doctorate in theology, and is a force in her own right, oh, and even more beautiful. In the same 8 years that she used her time wisely to get her degrees overseas, the Archbishop married in America.

Some Ghanaians may be fascinated by a Western accent for English, however some of the world's greatest inventors, scholars, and Nobel Prize winners were not necessarily English. I encourage her to stay scholarly and create out her own niche. Charity begins at home, and I am sure she has been a good mother, but I think we should all reflect on the Archbishop's journey and experience as the head of the family before God, and learn from it.

What has been hidden can be revealed. Mama Francesca does not have to marry, but woe to anyone who is envious if a wealthy guy approaches her for marriage; it would be a bonus, but for now, she is fulfilling her purpose.

My own history is a mix of Western and Ghanaian influences. My father was a dental surgeon who educated at the prestigious St Andrews University in the mid-1950s and was born in Newcastle, UK, but he decided that he wanted me to grow up in Ghana and imbibe the culture of his motherland, so we moved to Ghana early in my infancy.

I live in the United Kingdom and plan to retire to Ghana in a few years. As a result, I feel well qualified to remark on a shift in strategic relationships spanning the West and Ghana. Before I got married at the Calvary Baptist church circle branch, I observed the beginnings of the Action Faith missions at the Airport residential area near the diplomatic shop, was familiar with the snack bar, briefly joined the choir, and was in the shadows at Action Chapel.

With all of the talk about racism, I've noticed that there is a ‘pecking order' inside the brown (black) group against the pink (white) community. It's all about diversity; no one race, whether full African, African-American, or African British, is superior to another.

We must value our beginnings because they form our end and our obligation to God, and the head of a family wears the crown with trepidation. In the long term, your family's outcomes will be judged based on your leadership.

Where did the word Archbishop come from?

A bishop of greater rank or office (referred to as a'seer') is a bishop of higher rank or office. The title is worn by the denomination's leader in some circumstances, such as the Lutheran Church of Sweden and the Church of England. In others, such as the Roman Catholic Church, many archbishops are given a titular archbishopric or have jurisdiction over an ecclesiastical province in addition to their own archdiocese (with some limitations).

Where is Bishop James Saah?

Bishop James Kwaku Saah, a renowned Bishop of the Action Chapel International Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, was honored by the management and team members of Krif Ghana Limited on his 70th birthday.

The Krif Ghana delegation was led by Reverend Kenedy Okosun, Executive Chairman; Mrs. Susan Awura Adjoa Okosun, Executive Director; and the management team to honor Bishop James Saah, who served as an example to many people around the world regardless of their religious affiliations.

Bishop James Saah celebrated his 70th birthday on September 19, 2021, with well wishes from a number of major people in churches, organizations, and other institutions around the world.

Bishop James Saah is the President of Dominion Theological Seminary and a Senior Bishop at the Action Chapel International Prayer Cathedral.

To round off Bishop James Saah's birthday celebrations, the Krif Ghana crew presented him with gifts.

Bishop James Saah congratulated the team and entrusted them to the Almighty God, advising Christians to serve in the temple of Christ, saying that service to God and mankind will lead people to destinations.

People should not be proud of their achievements in life, according to Bishop Saah, and instead learn to assist those who are ahead of them.

Rev. Okosun explained that Krif Ghana stands out as a supplier of quality and affordable stationery, office equipment, and money handling equipment at the most affordable prices for all segments of the market in Ghana and the sub-region in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Tema after the visit.

“Believing that Africa deserves the best, the mission of the Stationery Depot, Krif Ghana Limited's stationery branch, is to supply quality stationery in Ghana for all types of clients,” he stated.

According to Rev. Okosun, Krif Ghana has positioned itself as a customer-centric firm, matching its concept of “more for less” with new products and offers, as shown in the most popular platform.

He added that Krif Ghana has a strong corporate social responsibility emphasis and has provided and supported institutions such as the Ghana News Agency (GNA) by donating a reinforced office cabinet security safe to assist preserve sensitive government papers.

“Government institutions must protect official and state records that are crucial to the nation,” Rev. Okosun said. We at KRIF Ghana believe that for accelerated growth, the public and private sectors must collaborate.”

Ghana Immigration Service received a DIPLOMAT brand-safe with features such as fireproof, burglar-proof, waterproof, double-wall construction insulated with fire-resistant glass fibre, adjustable interior fittings, shelf for file hanger, pull-out shelf, pull-out drawer, and pull-out file hanger from Krif Ghana CSR.