Who Are My Spiritual Parents

This is on my mind since I am witnessing spiritualfather/mother abuse. Those who say, “You are my father and mother,” are being abused.

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Yes, there is abuse from the “spiritual father” and “spiritual mother.” There are those, but not all, who believe that all they want from you is your money and that you should never appear before them without it (as if they are God Himself!) Even God recognizes that you may not have a cent to your name at times, and He makes provision for you today because He loves you. Some of the latter group, on the other hand, have no idea where you placed your head on the pillow or if your house has been repossessed by the bank due to a missed mortgage payment. Please understand that these are challenges that I have dealt with in the past and will continue to deal with in the future.

Not that they need to know, but please don't mix up teachers with fathers. You may have a lot of teachers or instructors, but you don't have a lot of fathers, according to Apostle Paul. I tried my hardest to expound on this subject in my first book, FulfillingHis Dream. Many of us have turned our professors into fathers at some point in our lives and have been severely abused as a result of unmet expectations.

But the point I'm making isn't that your parent isn't excellent, but rather that you should be cautious about who you approach to be one. Remember, they aren't your real parents who, in the flesh, let you get away with just about everything; after all, you are their special one.

Because they are of a different faith, some biological parents have not surrendered their life to Jesus. They have not yet been forgiven for their misdeeds. Their names have yet to appear in the Book of Life! Please don't be sentimental about this, even if they do go to church. Just because they took you to church when you were born doesn't imply they saw the RisenSaviour! Religion is one of the deceptions that many people fall for. Please pray for your natural parent's earnest acceptance of Jesus. Many people are earnest, but they are completely incorrect! Those who were born into a denomination or who go to church because they have issues. Yes, God heals and delivers in His kindness, but it doesn't mean their hearts are completely dedicated to Jesus Christ.

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Today, my main concern is for individuals who claim to be my spiritual father or mother without knowing what that term entails.

Spiritual does not imply carnal. Your spiritual parents are those who see through the eyes of God's spirit and speak words into your life that urge you forward.

They don't have a carnal mind. Even when they are ârich,â they are not materialistic because they understand the purpose of riches.

They have so much of Christ's life to give to you, and they have the authority to not only encourage you, but also to criticize, correct, and reprimand you as needed. Yes, in the twenty-first century, that word sounds strange. They are your spiritual father and mother, respectively. They keep you accountable because they are the ones who are responsible for you.

If your motivation is self-centered, you are carnal and deceptive, and you will not be able to sustain a relationship. Don't tell me that men should save for their children as well, since it's not just about money; it's also about provisions. That provision, whatever it is! (Colossians 12:14)

Also, I've seen preachers use the phrase “my son or daughter,” and I'm curious as to what they've transmitted to this person. Is it for self-satisfaction or to demonstrate that you've arrived? Unfortunately, they continue to refer to them as spiritual daughters while sexually defiling them.

After all, it is spiritualfatherhood, therefore let God miraculously connect you. They aren't flawless individuals. When you witness their nakedness, don't walk away; instead, laugh and call others to laugh with you. It has costly ramifications, as Ham discovered. No one is perfect, despite the fact that we are told to “be perfect.”

Please be wary of unforgiving, self-centered lone walker fathers and mothers.

Examine him or her. What is his or her interpersonal interaction like? How do they interact with people? Are they kind with their punishment? Do they follow godly ideas and morals, or are they for all men and seasons?

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Do you go home thinking about how to âbetter your lifeâ when you're with them, or do you think to yourself, “Why am I in ministry, it's not worth it,” or “Why am I married to my husband/wife, it's not worth it?” Are they so divided in the Body of Christ because of their political differences? What you watch them do to toothers will undoubtedly be done to you!

Your Pastor is the first spiritual father or mother you have. The person who has been assigned to lead you. âAnd Elisha saw it and cried out, âMy father, my father, Israel's chariot and its horsemen!â As a result, he didn't see him any longer. He then grabbed his own clothing and ripped them to shreds.â (2 Chronicles 2:12)

Sorry if your pastor's wife or spouse is a spiritual mother or father, but you must research them to make sure they are spiritual. There is only ONE head, no joint heads! The other is to provide consistent support.

âTo Timothy, a faithful son in the faith,â (See 1 Timothy 1:2a) In the same way that dads and mothers must be faithful in their obligations, sons and daughters must also be real sons and daughters.

Is it possible for a teacher to become a parent? Yes, I think so. It is defined by responsibilities in transition. Parents are teachers, too, but each is defined by responsibility, power, and authority. A teacher can only teach you and then walk away, however a father or mother holds you accountable for what you've been taught and walks beside you until you've become what you've been taught.

Your spiritual parent or mother speaks with you on a one-on-one basis.

He or she contacts you via phone or letter. The relationship has a personal touch to it. You are not a statistic to be used and dumped on their data.

Many of you are currently injured as a result of your exposure to parenting as an armour bearer rather as a father. They are ushers rather than fathers. They're not fathers; they're protocol cops. In the spirit, sons are not yet fathers. They lack the blessings of fatherhood and motherhood.

Deborah (Judges 5:7) received it as a gift. They never get tired of this obligation because it is spiritual. They are spiritual Duracell batteries in their relationships with their sons and daughters, and please understand that you are not parents to everyone who approaches you!

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What is the meaning of spiritual parents?

Second, a spiritual parent's purpose isn't to invent a new way to construct your own kingdom; it's to follow the biblical model of deploying and releasing individuals in God's Kingdom. In biological families, some parents find it difficult to let go of their children. They want them to be able to realize their own unmet aspirations and desires. This is never a good idea. Conversations with mature children are significantly different than guidelines for toddlers and teenagers. This type of discipleship that I'm writing about is done with adults. I have a number of spiritual fathers to whom I go for guidance, counsel, and prayer. I don't always go to ask for their permission. Each of them provides me with something unique. We can't expect our spiritual dads to be everything for us; they can only be themselves and the gifts that God has bestowed upon them. It is listening to and comprehending Jesus' followers, rather than attempting to mold them into your image. They have a divine destiny; your goal is to assist them grow into the image of Jesus, not to mold them into your image.

Finally, every child requires both a father and a mother.

When both parents are absent, a single parent's child requires aunts, uncles, grandparents, and close family friends to help fill in the gaps.

Many people might be offended by this, but I feel it is psychologically necessary to understand why the Catholic Church perceives Mary the way it does.

We all require both a father and a mother.

I believe that the father/mother traits are present in the Trinity, not just in male and female designations.

You can't help but think about the Holy Spirit, the God of all comfort, the Spirit living in us, and a slew of other analogies – as well as Jesus and how he loves.

Paul is definitely neither male nor female when he writes.

I occasionally need to hear my mother's voice.

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We shall become lop-sided if we only hear the male side of God.

Fourth, spiritual parenting entails spiritual sons and daughters accompanying you in your environment to observe you.

We all have things we do without thinking that are second nature to us, but they are not to others.

I'm a voracious reader, but I'm not an intellectual.

To understand something, I need to get my hands on it and do it.

Reverse engineering has been a big part of my education.

I'd start trying something, and it'd work well enough that I knew I'd hit on something, so I'd read nonstop.

Having your spiritual offspring present in various situations gives them a variety of lessons.

What is the meaning of spiritual mom?

A spiritual mother is a woman who listens to and obeys God, which is one of her key features. Mothers are responsible for giving birth, feeding, and clothing their children, as well as nurturing, observing, comforting, and teaching their children. They aren't perfect since no one is, but they strive to love and care for those who are less fortunate.

Who is a spiritual daughter?

Sinttal, which means “spiritual daughter,” is a phrase used to describe a female shaman who has been accepted into her spiritual mother's divine lineage.

Why teachers are called spiritual parents?

TEACHERS ARE THE TRUE HEROES who give their all to guide pupils down the correct path and wish for their success in the same way that they hope for their own children's success. Teachers are rarely treated with the respect they deserve in society. They devote their lives to ensuring the bright futures of their students without receiving much recognition. It's a shame that many children call their instructors by nicknames, bully them, and even assault them. Although our religion tells us to respect our professors, many kids do not.

Teachers must be respected by all pupils since they are not just mentors but also spiritual parents.

What is the duty of a spiritual father?

In today's fast-paced environment, we all have a tendency to lean toward opinions we acquire on a variety of topics, then accept those beliefs as reality over time. Indeed, if I base this on the studies I've done on comparable ideas and opinionated comments from many Christians at all stages of their spiritual walk over the decades. The truth is that they delve into what they build as a belief system without exposing themselves to the facts that Bible Scholars would spend time and effort researching.

This article, on the other hand, was not meant to disparage anyone or to point fingers or to claim that one person, little or large group or meeting, or even church teaching, is superior.

It's all about assisting people in growing spiritually in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and becoming more dependant on the Holy Spirit as they study the meaning of ancient scripture.

I started posting this article since I get a lot of mail on my Facebook groups, which is understandable given that I have over 140,000 members on my groups and pages. Most of the time, I manage because I pray about a lot of what I get before I give a reader an answer or a suggestion. One of the persons I've been prompted to communicate with recently was Elizabeth, a kindhearted lady with a desire for God – and that's all I'll say about her since I don't want to shame or expose her here.

In our correspondence, she mentioned that her pastor had mentioned to some members of the congregation that he was willing to take on the position of Spiritual Father in order to teach and guide some of his members. That irritated Elizabeth, who responded with Matt 23:8-10, 8. “However, you are not to be addressed as ‘Rabbi,' because you have only one Teacher and are all brothers. 9 And do not address anyone on earth as “father,” since you only have one, and he is in heaven. 10 You are not to be called instructors, because you only have one, the Messiah.”

Now, before I get into the heart of this message, I'd like to give a few direct quotes from our correspondence over the next few days.

On the last point about becoming a spiritual father, I wrote: I'm not sure if that particular reference occurs in scripture, but Paul refers to Timothy as his son numerous times in books 1 and 2 of Timothy. Spiritual Fathers are people I refer to as such. Many of the people I contact with on Facebook refer to me as their Spiritual Father or Pappa.

Elizabeth, was my response at the time. I recommend that you do some research on Matt 23 and perhaps get some ideas from other Bible commentators and commentaries about how this fits in with the rest of scripture. I don't have time to complete it right now, but I will in the coming days. It's not always wise to take things at face value without first understanding the context in which they were written. I'll contact you.

The Apostle John describes three different levels of spiritual growth in 1 John 2:12-14. He refers to his readers as “dear children” throughout the message. He does, however, stray from his customary address here, adding “fathers” and “young men” to his standard “loved children.” When you take a look at the book as a whole, it appears that this passage doesn't belong where it is. Despite this, verses 12-14 contain two references to “beloved children,” “fathers,” and “young men.” Repetition was employed to convey emphasis in Hebrew culture and Greek language; the writer was emphasizing, “This is really essential, don't miss this.” As a result, we'll take a deeper look at this message to discover what John had to say to both his contemporaries and us, today's readers.

“I write to you, my children,” John begins in verse 12, “because your sins have been forgiven on account of his name.” “I write to you, fathers,” he says, “since you have known him who is from the beginning.” “I write to you, young men, since you have vanquished the evil one,” he concludes the progression. John distinguishes differences in levels of maturity among believers by using chronological age terminology. John not only revisits the categories, but he also arranges the levels in a non-chronological order. The “fathers” are once again sandwiched between the “loved children” and the “young guys.” Why would he do that? I believe that as we continue to study the passage, it will become evident that God has something special to say to us about the role of the father in particular.

“Children” have come to a saving knowledge of Christ; “young men” are strong in the Word of God and have successfully waged the spiritual fight; and “fathers” know God intimately and have had a deeper and broader relationship with the “I AM”-the God of eternity (see Exodus 3:14-15). Let's look at why I believe the Spirit of God led John to communicate the levels in a different order than they were supposed to be communicated.

God is exposing a crucial aspect of being a spiritual parent in this passage. We will miss the essential point if we do not notice it. This crucial fact is that your mature features and intimate contact with the “I AM” do not make you a spiritual parent. The child and father were brought together by John so that we might observe the importance of reproduction in reaching and expressing maturity. Because you've also been used to generate spiritual children, you're a spiritual father. A spiritually mature man has no spiritual children and cannot be regarded a spiritual father unless he reproduces and disciples Christlike maturity in others. Spiritual children having a deep and intimate relationship with God the Father are the offspring of a spiritual father. These youngsters and young men's spiritual development must continue in order for them to become spiritual dads who reproduce spiritual offspring.

We must develop children who have been saved into young men who know God's Word and can fight spiritual battles, and fathers who have walked closely with God for a long time and have been used to reproduce the next generation of spiritual fathers. If males aren't reproducing spiritually, they haven't reached complete spiritual maturity and aren't reproducing.

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What do you mean by spirituality?

Spirituality is defined as the awareness of a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater total of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature.

How do I thank my spiritual father?

Thank you for being an earthly manifestation of God's love. I can barely look after myself, but you have to look after the congregation, complete daily chores while maintaining a tight schedule, and look after your own health. I hope you know how much we appreciate everything you do for us. For those of us who do not have a good relationship with our own fathers, seeing what fatherhood should be like, whether through the Gospel, the sacraments, or just by your example, gives us hope.

Who is a spiritual mentor?

Someone who cares about you and wants the best for you is a spiritual mentor. They understand that having a personal relationship with Christ is the most essential thing in life, so they encourage you to invest in it. As a result, you will be able to progress spiritually and in your religion.

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What is a soul mother?

When I think of parenthood, the word nurture comes to mind. “To assist (something or someone) grow, develop, or succeed,” according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Mothers, I believe, are called to assist their children in growing, developing, and succeeding. Yet what about the ladies who do all of this but do not have children? I couldn't for the life of me figure out what a woman like this was called. A lady who is childless yet has the heart of a mother. A woman who, in the spirit of a mother, cares for the people in her town. I've decided to call them Soul-Moms since I'm dedicating this essay to the women in my life.