When Your Soulmate Is Unavailable

Many people will devote a significant amount of time to waiting for the chance to meet their soulmates. They believe that when they eventually meet their soulmates, they will finally be able to enjoy the connection that they have always desired. Even yet, when many of us meet our soulmates for the first time, there's no assurance that they'll be single and available. When you meet your soulmate just to find out that they're already in a relationship with someone else, you might think you've had the worst luck in the world. What makes fate so cruel? Why is the universe so ruthless? Why does it appear that fate isn't on your side?

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Some of us meet our soulmates after they have already been in long-term partnerships. It's possible that they're already married. Is this to say that the concept of soulmates is a fabrication? Is this to say that you're just making up the whole soulmate connection in your head? What does it imply when the cosmos brings two soulmates together only for them to be unable to communicate with one another? What's the point of having soulmates if you're not even intended to be romantically involved with them?

You shouldn't dismiss the concept of soulmates just because you have a soulmate who is taken and inaccessible. The cosmos will sometimes bring two soulmates together for a specific reason – and that reason will not always be obvious to you right away. Just because you feel like you've met your soulmate too soon doesn't imply you'll never be able to maximize the benefits of your soulmate connection. It's possible that you'll meet your soulmate when you're both unavailable to one other, and that's on purpose. The reason you may be meeting your soulmate at a specific time is so that the two of you can obtain some much-needed clarity and perspective.

Of course, because of the numerous limits, you may not be able to form a relationship with each other immediately soon. That doesn't rule out the possibility that the current circumstances you're in will serve a purpose. Perhaps there are just a few things the two of you need to work through right now so that your soulmate relationship can thrive in the future. There may be a few quirks that you need to work out for the time being. Perhaps there are a few lessons you both need to learn before you can get to know each other. Perhaps the time is off because you need to wait a little longer for your relationship to mature. Maybe you just needed to cross paths right now to get to know one other a little better, but not to get too deep too quickly.

You wouldn't want to enter into a relationship with your soulmate unless you're both ready. That would only lead to disaster for you both. If you get together with each other before it's time, your relationship will end up in shambles. You may believe that the universe is being unjust to you by forcing you to meet your soulmate only to have them become unavailable. But keep in mind that the cosmos works in mysterious ways all the time. Your plans may not always be followed by fate. Always keep in mind that the universe sees the bigger picture; the bigger picture is what the universe sees. And while you're engrossed in the minutiae, the world has the bigger picture all mapped out for you. All you need is the ability to trust in timing. All you need is the ability to believe in fate and destiny. All you have to do now is have trust.

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Don't be concerned. The cosmos is aware of your dissatisfaction. The universe understands that putting you in this situation appears to be unfair and unreasonable. But rest assured that when the right time comes, everything will fall into place. You can't make someone fall in love with you. You can't create love out of thin air. When a relationship isn't meant to be, you can't force it. Everything has to happen on its own time and in its own way. And you'll have to be ready when the chance for love comes knocking on your door. And maybe you're just not ready at the moment. Perhaps you need to mature a little. Just keep in mind what's in store for you at the end.

How do you know if your soulmate is thinking of you?

Psychological sense of touch You'll either hear their voice or feel their presence. If your soulmate is thinking of you, you will sense their presence no matter where you are or what you are doing. This may be unsettling because you may hear their voice while attending a crucial business meeting, but don't be alarmed.

Why is my soulmate not coming?

A soulmate is someone who is drawn to your actual spiritual essence or soul. On a spiritual level, soulmate connections are harmonious and spiritually nurturing. Your soulmate will be drawn to you because of your dazzling aura and passionate devotion to your soul mission. Your souls decided to work and play together in service to a higher spiritual aim before you were born.

You're not really being you.

“I want someone who loves the true me,” I often hear singles say. Have you met your genuine self yet?

Allow me to introduce you to: The actual you is a one-of-a-kind expression of boundless love in human form. You're probably not living that version of yourself right now, but it's not your fault (and we'll get to that).

You're unconsciously attracting the wrong people.

Your soulmate will be drawn to you because of your genuine soul signal (a specific vibe that originates from your heart and soul and is unique to you). The problem is that layers of “not really you” energy have obscured and perverted it.

We've all been taught to be pleasant, act happy, be quiet, and keep the peace, thus nearly everyone has suppressed feelings. Throughout your life, you have been gathering feelings that you have refused to accept, feel, or express. It's possible that you've picked up fear, guilt, or grief from others and are carrying it around with you.

This wall of suppressed emotions not only blocks your soul communication, but it also broadcasts those emotions to the rest of the world. Like energy attracts like energy, according to the Law of Attraction. This could explain why you continually running into angry, depressed, or terrified people.

The subconscious mind is distorting your true soul signal.

In the first seven years of your life, your subconscious mind was formed. Our brains are in a hypnotic condition during this time, according to experts in early childhood development. Everything in our environment is downloaded without filters, including our family's ideas, attitudes, routines, and behaviors. In your subconscious, the genuine self is nowhere to be found. It's not you, and it's not there.

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Your relationship program is stuck on repeat.

Your relationship program is a set of subconscious beliefs about men, women, love, power, honesty, and who you can trust that you picked up as a child. It contains your automatic defense techniques to keep you safe. It just continues repeating because it's a program. It attracts the same childhood relationship troubles, camouflaged by other faces, over and over again. It doesn't reflect the one-of-a-kind manifestation of boundless love that you are at your core.

You're not in your right mind 90 percent of the time.

According to neuroscientists, most people only use their conscious minds for 5-10% of their waking hours. This is when you are completely present in the moment and making healthy decisions. The problem is that for the other 90% of the time, your body is on autopilot while your mind is stuck in the past or future, reliving thought patterns incessantly. When the subconscious takes control, you become subject to automatic responses when your emotional buttons are pressed.

You're not in the right place.

Unless you have a penchant for drinking or your soul mission involves coffee and pastries, your partner isn't hunting for you in pubs and coffee shops. Your soulmate is whole and complete, and is making a difference in the world. What are your interests and passions? What kind of impact did you have on the world? Rather than waiting, get out there and do what makes you happy, since your soulmate shares your passion and purpose.

Your ego prefers familiarity to harmony.

Your ego prefers what is known, even if your conscious mind wants a soul-nourishing companion. Your ego is an old, obsolete software in your subconscious mind at this time in your life. It's a database of pre-programmed responses and beliefs. This isn't the real you. The job of your ego is to safeguard and retain that early identity, and it will go to great lengths to do so. Because the mind can't sense emotions, the ego in the subconscious mind doesn't care how much suffering you've had in your relationships. And pain is an unavoidable part of the routine.

Unfortunately, your lovely soul signal has been filtered and twisted. As a result, you attract ego mates who have the same subconscious concerns as you. The Soul-ution is to destroy those false layers with the force of limitless love, which is who you are at your heart. Your soulmate will find you if you let your soul shine like a beacon.

Can soulmates not be together?

Even if soulmates do not remain physically together indefinitely, their love endures. Soulmates have such an indelible impact on us that we will never forget them. If you're wondering if you've met your soulmate, here are ten indications to look for: 1.)

What does a soul connection feel like?

When two people feel they are connected on a soul level in a substantial or unusual way, they are said to have made a soul connection. It's the feeling that your connection is bigger than the earth plane, that something bigger brought you together or is at work than the practical specifics of your relationship, such being coworkers or lovers. You might have a sense that you've known each other in a previous life or that your souls decided to meet now before this one.

Tess Whitehurst, spiritual teacher and bestselling author, tells mbg, “When I hear the word'soul mate,' it often appears to connote exclusivity.” Whitehurst, who has been in a love relationship for 20 years with the same spouse, believes the contrary is true: “We have multiple soul mates.” We're all connected on a soul level since we're all part of a common humanity or spiritual consciousness.

How do you know whether you've found your soul mate? Let's take a look at different forms of soul connections, keeping in mind that there may be some overlap. In a variety of ways, someone could be your soul mate.

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How do you know if the universe wants you to be with someone?

There will be synchronicity and energetic flow when the universe wants you to be with someone. You'll meet someone who has all of the qualities you're looking for in a companion. Your ideals will be in alignment, your energies will be balanced, and there will be plenty of room for expansion.

Where is my soulmate astrology?

By looking at the North Node of your Moon sign in your natal chart, you can find out about your soulmate. The ecliptic depicts Earth's orbit in relation to the sky and the journey the sun takes as it travels past the stars in astrology.

What is a karmic soulmate?

A karmic connection is one that is designed to help us learn the things we need to learn about love and cooperation throughout this lifetime. Because it is a link of two souls, a karmic relationship might be considered a form of soulmate relationship, albeit it differs from twin flames or soulmates who are healing in nature. We'll all have one of these karmic relationships at some point in our lives. It's love that gets under your skin—and forces you to evolve. However, these friendships aren't always easy to maintain.

From a spiritual standpoint, the premise underlying karmic partnerships is that the two of you agreed to aid each other on your separate paths before your souls entered this incarnation. “There are frequently unsolved difficulties from previous incarnations,” says relationship counselor Margaret Paul, Ph.D. When people are willing to learn instead of trying to dominate each other, a lot of healing can happen.”

Karmic interactions act as guides or teachers in this way. And they're usually just there for a short time. Shannon Kaiser, author of The Self-Love Experiment, explains, “They're supposed to help you grow at a soul level in often painful push-pull ways.” “However, they are usually not designed to survive a long time. This is because you've all come together in this life to clear your karma. It's frequently a rebalancing of a negative experience from a previous life.”