When You Need A Spiritual Recharge

Do you have a sense of exhaustion? Are you spiritually depleted and in need of recharging?

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It's easy to lose your bearings in such a linked environment. On the one hand, God has given us a lot of work to do (Genesis 1:28, Matthew 28:18-20). We should live as if we're on a mission for the rest of our lives.

How do you spiritually recharge?

It's critical to pay attention to your thinking when it comes to recharging your personal batteries. It's difficult to recharge when we're thinking about the things that stress us out. Here are some suggestions for calming and energizing your mind:

Make a list of your accomplishments

It's natural to feel as if you can't keep up or that you're not contributing enough. Sit down and make a short list of your successes if you're feeling overwhelmed. This might provide you with the motivation and energy you need to keep moving forward.

Take breaks from things and people that bring you down

Take a break from particular people or situations if they are bringing you down. This may include putting certain relationships on wait until you have the energy to address them.

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Spend time with close friends and family

Good people tend to exude positive energy. Spend more time with those who lift you up rather than those who drag you down to recharge.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is an easy way to become anxious. Instead of multitasking, which increases your risk of making mistakes, concentrate on completing one task at a time. Making a checklist might assist you in remaining focused and keeping track of your accomplishments.

Take a break from technology

On social media, other people's lives often appear “perfect,” but this is rarely the case. It can be stressful to feel as if you have to live up to a specific standard. Put your social media accounts on hold.

Do something artsy

Art is a wonderful method to relax an overworked mind. Get out your art supplies and start drawing or painting. Many retailers also provide coloring books with intricate patterns designed to help people relax.

Write in a journal

Keeping a journal might help you relieve stress by allowing you to express your emotions. At the start or conclusion of each day, try to write for at least five minutes. This can also assist you in resolving any issues you may be having.

How do you restore a spirit?

What does it mean to resurrect? Simply expressed, it means “to restore the functionality or validity of anything.” So, what about your spirit has become inactive or has lost its validity? Here's a simple test to see if you're ready: Do you find yourself ruminating on minor irritations in your daily life? Do you have a hard time recalling the last time you felt truly happy?

It's possible that your inner spirit requires a “waking,” and spring is an excellent time to assess your situation and take steps toward a more positive, anxiety-free outlook!

Here are three suggestions to help you rekindle your spirit, as well as “5 Inspiring Quotes” from our Cancer Fighters members to get you started.

1. Work on your core

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Our entire being is conditioned to perform better — emotionally, mentally, and physically – when we focus on growing our spirit, the core of who we are. Some exercises to build your spiritual core may include the following, depending on your personal interests:

Any action that brings you closer to – rather than further away from – your thoughts and feelings might help you live more cheerfully in the present moment. These activities are referred to as “mindfulness” by some specialists. Mindfulness has been shown to increase overall mood, boost emotional, physical, and social well-being, and reduce anxiety, despair, and rage, according to several studies published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Percy McCray, Jr., Director of Faith-Based Programs at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), warns what can happen if we don't take the time to build our spiritual health in his blog, Revive Yourself, Your Spirit, and Your Health.

“It's critical to take a breath and reflect. If we don't, we'll waste our time shopping, eating, drinking, and socializing in vain attempts to resurrect our spirits.” “Instead of re-energizing us, these pleasures might leave us feeling languid and aimless,” explains Rev. Percy. Every human, however, has a thirst, hunger, and yearning for true meaning, value, and purpose in life.

2. Re-establish (or re-establish) healthy relationships

Living with cancer provides many people a new perspective, one that prioritizes relationships over all else. Given the stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it's not unexpected that problems in relationships, particularly between couples, occur frequently. “Fight the cancer, not each other,” says Michael Uhl, MA, MDiv, LMFT, a Mind-Body Therapist at CTCA in Zion, Illinois. He suggests the following ideas for constructing a house:

  • Maintain open channels of communication and draw on previous expertise. Whenever a crisis occurs, make an effort to improve communication. Mutual understanding, not necessarily agreement, should be the goal. It may be painful to discuss feelings, yet it is unshared feelings that cause relationships to suffer.
  • Make sure you have a strong support system in place. Bringing friends and other family members on board might provide a much-needed reprieve from caregiving obligations, even if your partner is ready to do it all. Both patients and caregivers require “down time” to manage the plethora of experiences and emotions that accompany cancer treatment, recovery, and survivorship.
  • Speak with a therapist who has experience with cancer. Speaking with an unbiased therapist who has worked with other cancer patients can assist couples in expressing their emotions and confirming that the sentiments they are experiencing are normal. Discussing all of the emotions—fear, anger, and grief—either together or separately brings them to the surface and aids in the development of useful coping mechanisms.

Relationships with people you care about — a spouse, family, or close friends – and doing things you both enjoy are stimulating. They have a regenerating and restoring effect.

3. Control Your Thoughts

What do you think about when you're not working? It's only normal for people to inquire “When confronted with a catastrophic sickness, one would wonder, “Why me?” Focusing on this question, on the other hand, can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated. Focusing your thoughts on things that give you hope, on the other hand, might make you feel empowered and revitalize your spirit.

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We invited members of our Cancer Fighters group, many of whom are cancer survivors, to provide encouraging remarks “It lifts their spirits.” The following are five of them “To motivate you, here are some “Inspiring Quotes”:

“According to Ardua.”

This Latin phrase translates to “The McIntyre family motto is “despite trials.” Richard A. McIntyre, Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, shared this.

“God is in control of the cancer; the cancer is not in control of me!” Viola Jones of Olathe, Kansas, shared this.

David Brown and Kathy Mosley, a patient and caregiver from Fairbanks, Alaska, believe one of Baha'u'llah's Baha'i prayers in the Baha'i Prayer book brings them much comfort and peace:

“O my God, memory of Thee is my remedy, and Thy name is my mending.

My aim is to be near Thee, and my companion is love for Thee.

Thy mercy to me is my salvation and healing in both this world and the next.

“Truly, you are the All-Abundant, the All-Knowing, and the All-Wise.”

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Kimalea Conrad, a cancer survivor from Telluride, Colorado, says Bible verses inspire her; one of her favorites is the one below. “To me, this verse signifies that cancer has no ability to make me terrified unless I allow it,” Conrad explains.

“God did not give us a fearful spirit, but a spirit of strength, love, and self-control.” Revelation 2:7

Surviving cancer typically demands a heroic amount of physical, mental, and spiritual courage, as any survivor or caregiver knows. “Rev. Percy believes that connecting to a greater source of power can bring that balance, stability, and grounding. “Many of us overlook the most obvious sources of meaning, worth, and purpose: service, forgiveness, hope, peace, and faith. Connecting to these global forces of empowerment is, in many ways, the simplest method to rekindle our spirit.”

How do I renew my spiritual strength?

Humans have yearned to understand their actual essence for millennia. Your spirituality is your connection to your actual self and the Universal God-consciousness that binds all beings. Spirituality is a lifetime effort, and depending on where you are in life, it may be time to take a step back and rediscover how to reconnect with God and achieve a refreshed spirit. Even long-standing spiritual practices might get tiresome, since it's typical to reach a point where you're looking for something new.

It's crucial that your spiritual life feels exciting, challenging, and helpful to the person you are today, much as continuing the same workouts at the gym day after day will ultimately reach its limit of efficacy. After you've spiritually rejuvenated yourself, it can seem like you've taken a deep breath of fresh air after living in a windowless chamber.

How do I re energize my soul?

1. Go for a stroll — Locate a nearby park and explore the pathways. The more time you spend in nature, the more rejuvenating the experience will be. Start with a simple walk around your block if that's all you have time for. If you can find a route, though, you may immerse yourself in the changing seasons' magnificence.

2. Use a basic simmer pot to bring the aroma of autumn into your home. Fill a small saucepan halfway with water and gently bring to a boil. In a large mixing bowl, combine the cinnamon sticks, apple peels, orange rinds, and whole cloves. Continue to boil for a few minutes before lowering the heat to a low setting. To keep the simmer pot from drying out, add water as needed. Alternatively, light some fall-scented candles and relax.

3. Get lost in an excellent book. Kristin Kimball's The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love is a great fall read.

4. Take care of your creative side! Whether you prefer adult coloring pages or something different, let your imagination run wild with a new project. Consider getting a little pumpkin and seeing what you can do with it.

5. Practice awareness or meditation. Take a few minutes to calm your mind and center your breathing.

6. Make a phone call to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Better yet, schedule a time to meet for a cup of coffee or tea. Reconnect and savor your friendship.

7. Drink a green smoothie first thing in the morning. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies to keep your body healthy. My green smoothie is delicious and packed with nutrients.

8. Take a bicycle ride. Get your bike out of the garage, dust it out, inflate the tires, and go for a spin before the weather truly turns bad.

9. Go for a nap. I adore and believe in the healing potential of a 20-minute snooze. But, beyond a nap, make sure you're getting enough sleep each night.

ten. write Open a journal and scribble down anything comes to mind. Make plans for the future and fantasize about new objectives. Begin a gratitude list. Make a list of everything you're grateful for.

11. Do some stretching. Every morning, take a few moments to stretch. Reach for the stars, stoop to the ground, take a few deep breaths, and stretch. Stretch when you get up from your workstation. Stretch and breathe for a few minutes each day. Participate in yoga or pilates, or simply roll out an exercise mat and stretch your entire body slowly and evenly.

12. Treat yourself to a massage. Relax and pamper yourself with a pleasant deep tissue massage. This can assist you in releasing any stress or worry that you may be experiencing as a result of life. It improves circulation and can help you feel more energized.

Take some time to re-energize your mind, body, and soul before life becomes even more stressful.

What does it mean to recharge yourself?

What happens if you forget to charge your phone? You dim the screen, try not to read your messages, and count down the seconds until your phone turns off completely. People work in a similar way to cell phones in that they require energy to function. And, just like your phone, you don't perform as well when you're not completely charged.

What we mean by “recharging” varies depending on your situation, but it generally refers to self-care and rest. It's also not something you should do only while you're on vacation; you should recharge at least once a day.

However, Americans are the worst at recharging their batteries, working longer hours, feeling overworked, taking fewer vacations, retiring later, and taking fewer vacation days than any other industrialized country.

Here's proof that you should be resting and recharging during the day:

It reduces stress

You're a great person, but don't you find that your friendliness wanes when you're stressed? This is because stress can mask favorable characteristics, which might affect your interpersonal interactions and coping processes. When you take a break from the tension by meditating, walking, or doing something else to unwind, you give your positive qualities a chance to shine.

It increases creativity

You have so many things on your thoughts on a typical day that you don't have room for your creativity to blossom. You give your imagination a chance to take up space again by resting and recharging.

You'll feel better

Cortisol, the stress hormone, makes you feel anxious and on edge, while relaxing allows your “feel-good” hormones to be produced. Your spirits will be up, and you'll be better prepared to face the day.

It might help you live longer

According to studies, stress is one of the leading causes of death, thus taking the time to recharge and lessen your stress is beneficial to your health. This could mean preventing certain potentially fatal health problems.

It can strengthen your immune system

Relaxation assists your body in self-repair, which benefits your immune system. Remember how stressful finals were in college? How did you feel at the time? It's likely that all of your buddies got colds, and you felt awful. Because stress impairs the immune system, this is the case. Recharging on a regular basis might help you stay healthy.

Ways to recharge

  • Make a request for a mental health day and then take it. Most bosses are more than willing to grant you a day off for mental health reasons.

Look for something that speaks to you. If pedicures make you nervous, go for a walk instead. Take a hot chocolate break and concentrate solely on it if you enjoy it. Take time to recharge and be good to yourself and your life; there's no glory in being a martyr for staying busy all the time.

How do I reconnect to my spirituality?

How to Reconnect with Your Spirituality and Awaken It

  • Make your passions a priority in your life. There's a reason we appreciate particular things, and there's nothing more spiritually awakening than immersing ourselves in what we enjoy.

What does it mean when God restores?

Jesus restores us in the midst of our brokenness, failures, sin, mistakes, and hurts in this world. To restore literally means to bring back, return, and retrieve, as well as to reorganize and reassemble.

God's kindness and grace were the driving forces behind Jesus' decision to go to the cross, shed His blood, and rise again.

Your restoration is only possible because of the crucifixion and the resurrection.

God's provision and willingness to restore anything you need, whether it's a relationship, your finances, your body, or your communion with God, makes it possible.

When God heals you, He does not return you to the state you were in before you were shattered.

God is far better than that; God's restoration makes you a better person than you were before.

âEven today, I declare that I will restore twofold to you,â says Zechariah 9:12. God takes the grief, hurt, and brokenness that you or others may have created and puts your life back in order, corrects what is wrong, and restores you to a point of miraculous healing and wholeness.

When Jesus heals your life, you will always be better than you were before.

You may have scars from your experiences, but they are merely a testament to God's love and strength.

Jesus was crucified and buried, yet He was entirely restored when He rose again.

Jesus' scars indicated that He had been hurt and broken for the sake of the world, but His resurrection repaired His body, allowing Him to ascend to heaven.

After the resurrection, Jesus was better in human form because He now had a tale to tell about God's power and love, and He paved the way for forgiveness and restoration for those who believe in Him.

As you may recall, Peter denied Jesus three times because he kept a safe distance from him.

Peter wept terribly because he felt he lacked the courage to be courageous for Jesus, and he had betrayed His loving Savior.

In that point, he recognized he was not strong enough to live totally for God, and he lamented his failure to closely follow Jesus during the struggle.

Jesus had already risen from the grave when we read today's story, and He had come face to face with Peter.

After breakfasting with him and the disciples, Jesus returned to the source of Peter's denial.

Jesus asked Peter three questions and exhorted him three times for every time he denied Jesus.

Jesus restored Peter's faith and empowered him to be the leader that Jesus had called him to be.

Jesus did not condemn Peter, but rather restored him to his rightful station, and Peter totally recovered.

âFollow me,â Jesus said again when he restored Peter in this tremendous moment (John 21:19).

Jesus was concerned about Peter's well-being. There was nothing Peter could do to prevent Jesus from loving, forgiving, healing, and restoring him. What's the end result? Peter was in better shape than he'd ever been. He totally followed Jesus by travelling to Jerusalem and waiting for the Holy Spirit's promise. On the Day of Pentecost, he was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke his first sermon. Because of Peter's fearlessness in standing out and witnessing for Jesus, three thousand people were born again. Peter never looked back; he was an apostle who performed numerous miracles in Jesus' name for the glory of God.

How you will renew yourself?

  • Allow yourself to let go of the past in order to make place for new experiences.
  • Reframe your perspective on what occurs to you. Even if you're having a bad day, think positively. Combine a negative and a pleasant emotion.

What does spiritual strength look like?

Spirituality, like many other character characteristics in the VIA Classification, has multiple dimensions. Meaning, purpose, life calling, universe beliefs, the expression of virtue/goodness, and activities that link with the transcendence are only a few of them. Scientists have consistently defined spirituality as the search for a connection with “the divine.” The sacred can refer to everything that is blessed, holy, honored, or unique. The sacred can be found in the forgiveness offered by a child, a humble moment between a leader and a subordinate, an awe-inspiring sunset, a profound experience during meditation or a religious service, or the self-sacrificing kindness of a stranger; the sacred can be found in the forgiveness offered by a child, a humble moment between a leader and a subordinate, an awe-inspiring sunset, a profound experience during meditation or a religious service, Spirituality is a character trait that entails the conviction that there is a dimension to life that is beyond human comprehension. Some people do not associate this belief with the concept of divinity, preferring to conceive of it in terms of a sense of meaning rather than spirituality, but the two are closely related in the VIA Classification. Spirituality is thought to encompass both the private, intimate relationship that exists between humanity and the divine, as well as the resulting virtues. Spirituality is a worldwide phenomenon. Although spiritual beliefs vary in content, many societies have a sense of a supreme, transcendent, sacred power.