What To Eat During Spiritual Awakening

The majority of us in the Western world are surrounded by an unlimited array of meals. There are numerous methods to fuel our bodies, ranging from delectable pastries to luscious BBQ.

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Let's have a look at some of the most effective spiritual foods for staying focused on your spiritual path.

Raw Fruits & Vegetables

Everyone understands how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables for good health.

Fresh fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, pears, and peaches, as well as nearly anything you can grasp and consume, are examples of raw foods.

Fresh veggies come in all shapes and sizes, but you want ones that can be eaten both cooked and raw.

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Fresh collard greens, spinach, and romaine lettuce for salads, carrots for snacking, and superfoods like spirulina are all examples.

What are spiritual foods?

Spiritual nourishment is what we feed our thoughts and hearts. It's what our minds consider or digest during the day. Your digestive system transforms the carrots or cheese you consume into YOU, and the things you introduce into your mind offer it ideas to digest throughout the day.

What foods are good for the soul?

As a cardiologist, I am frequently asked what meals are good for the heart and which are bad. Whole foods vs. processed foods, organic vs. conventional, genetically modified foods, superfoods, important nutrients, and potent antioxidants have all been discussed extensively. The meals we eat to nourish and sustain our bodies receive a lot of attention, but the thoughts we think to nourish and invigorate our mind, spirit, and soul are just as vital. Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts are all better choices than hamburgers, fried foods, and doughnuts for the body, and there are also better choices for the soul. It makes no difference how physically fit our bodies are if our souls lack tranquillity, peace, and harmony. Let's look at some of the good and bad foods for the soul.

What are the five stages of spiritual awakening?

The hero's journey, an evolutionary process of growth and transformation woven into all great myths and stories, was outlined by renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell: “A genuinely heroic shift of awareness occurs when we stop worrying about ourselves and our own self-preservation.”

The primary pushing off point for any hero's quest is known as the call to adventure. The call to adventure is a break from regular life, a signal that comes from deep inside, grabs your attention, and drives you in a new direction. The spark that sets off a spiritual awakening is a call to adventure. Every life has a moment that, if grasped, will change it forever. The call to adventure is a reawakening experience, a shift in perspective that forces you to reconsider your perspective on life. A travel to a strange location, the loss of innocence, an illness, a challenge, the death of a close friend, a near-death experience, or the loss of a job are all examples of spiritual experiences. Regardless of the specifics, the experience alters your perspective and causes you to see the world through fresh eyes. You've been given the task of living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

At this critical juncture, Joseph Campbell advises that you must choose whether or not to accept the call to adventure. In truth, though, ignoring the call isn't an option because your soul is inviting you to change on a deeper level. If you ignore the call, the opportunity will recycle itself like a skip on a record, patiently waiting for you to embrace the call to a new existence, thanks to your unique karmic influences. Furthermore, there is no going back once a transforming and deeply waking incident has occurred. Your eyes have been opened, and no matter how much you try to reject it, you can't turn away from the image of a greater reality calling to you.

You enter a broader universe once you've answered the call to adventure. You take an active role in your spiritual development and advancement. As you begin to manage your life toward chances that enhance your knowledge, responsibility becomes the operative word. Everything feels the same and weirdly different at the same time, thanks to a tiny alteration in perspective.

How do you feed your soul spiritually?

6 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Soul Satisfied

  • It's time to talk about it. You may have been taught to say a prayer before eating, sleeping, fighting, or anything else.

How do you feed your soul with the word of God?

“Pay attention to Me and consume what is good” (Isaiah 55:2 NKJV). It's like bringing a chair up to a banquet table when we give God our undivided attention and spend time in His Word. The food on God's “table” is ready and waiting for us since He is the Master Chef.

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Which foods are sattvic?

Sattvic foods are ripe, raw, or minimally cooked foods that are freshly prepared. Sattvic foods are those that are old or improperly prepared. Sattvic diets emphasize nutrient-dense plant foods while avoiding processed and fried foods. Sattvic foods include the following:

How do I replenish my soul?

Your Soul Will Be Rejuvenated

  • Take some time out of your day, whether it's a few minutes or several hours, to locate a peaceful spot, switch off your phone, and disconnect from all forms of communication so you can focus on clearing your mind.
  • Learn the significance of breathing and make it a point to concentrate on it.

What are the highest vibrational foods?

Your energetic vibration will be severely diminished if you eat nutrient-poor, imbalanced, processed food.

You'll be exhausted, possibly unhappy, and disheartened. Even if they don't realize it, the individuals you interact with will sense your low energetic frequency. You will struggle to attract the things you want in your life, and a dense density will form around you over time.

It's like a supercharge for your energetic frequency if you chose nutrient-dense, balanced, fresh, attractive, colorful, lively foods.

People around you notice your radiance because you feel alive, aware, and in sync with the cosmos. You'll notice that you can quickly and readily attract the things you want, and the density will dissipate.

1. Leafy Green Vegetables

These guys are brimming with high frequency energy – you're actually consuming the sun's energy. Lettuces, kale, arugula, collard greens, chard, and so on. Get as much as you can, in as many different variations as possible.

2. Berries in Season

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Fresh fruits in general are wonderful and will raise your vibration, but berries are at the top of my list for several reasons. They're low in sugar, which is wonderful for folks who struggle with blood sugar imbalances, which is practically everyone. They're also abundant in antioxidants, which aid in immune system support and inflammation reduction.

3. Brussel sprouts

Almost any seed, bean, or grain can be sprouted. It's simple to accomplish and can even be done on your kitchen counter! Sprouts are abundant in protein (up to 35% of a sprout is protein) and enzymes, which assist your body in doing all of the incredible things it does.

Sprouting also improves the health of beans, seeds, and grains by neutralizing the phytic acid in these foods. Phytic acid is a substance that binds to nutrients and prevents your body from absorbing them.

4. Herbs from the garden

Fresh herbs not only enhance the flavor of our food and increase our happiness and energetic vibration while we eat, but many of them also have tremendous therapeutic capabilities. Cilantro, for example, is a powerful detoxifier, and rosemary is high in antioxidants. Experiment with different types and incorporate them into your meals whenever possible.

5. Herbs and spices

Spices have been used as a delightful way to boost the energetic vibration of food for thousands of years. Turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and cayenne pepper all have tremendous medicinal effects that aid digestion, blood sugar control, and even arthritis!

Beans and legumes are number six on the list.

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Because they're nutritious powerhouses, beans and legumes have a high vibration. They're packed with protein, carbs, and fiber, as well as B vitamins and iron.

Nuts and Seeds

Raw, unsalted nuts and seeds also enter the list of high vibration foods because they include good fats like omega 3s that your body (and especially your brain) requires to function properly. Raw nuts and seeds are a terrific, healthy mid-day snack that I frequently offer to my customers.

8. Algae (blue-green)

Yes, I'm recommending that you eat algae. Don't be scared. Spirulina and chlorella, for example, are among the most nutrient-dense foods on the world, making them exceptionally high vibration meals. You may buy them dried at your health food store and add them to smoothies, or you can buy them in tablet form and take them as instructed on the label if you can't stand the flavor.

Fermented foods (nine)

Every day, we learn more and more about how important gut health is to our overall health. Your gut (digestive system) is home to a thriving bacterial environment. Some are “good” and assist your body stay healthy, while others are “bad” and can lead to a variety of health problems, including allergies, eczema, joint pain, fibromyalgia, depression, and even cancer, if allowed to overgrow. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha are naturally fermented foods that are high in the “good” bacteria you want and can help to balance out that fragile ecosystem.

ten. teas

Tea is one of my favorite foods, and I believe it has a high vibration because of its many natural healing and health-promoting characteristics. Green and white teas are high in anti-oxidants, which can help your immune system and reduce inflammation. Herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian, and passionflower are relaxing and can aid in better sleep.

Because that's what people told me they wanted – quick meal plans and healthy recipes – I used to spend hours working on meal plans for clients and sharing recipes on my blog. But, after working with clients all over the world and seeing them struggle despite having pages of healthy meal plans and recipes, I came to a realization:

The difficult part is dealing with the emotional and mental baggage that gets in the way and establishes unhealthy eating patterns and habits.

It's when you eat because you're stressed, bored, sleepy, anxious, or just want sweets or salt.

You can't simply change your diet without also changing yourself. You must nourish both your body and your soul to be truly happy and healthy.

What comes after spiritual awakening?

After a spiritual awakening, the good life is to remember to turn inward for answers and, more importantly, the pure substance that makes life worth living. It is not how much we do in the world after a spiritual awakening that matters, but how much love can do within us. We are called to be a loving anchor.