What To Do When Under Spiritual Attack

I command the storm of destruction to gather upon every satanic power that is against my health IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! I decree and declare great casualty upon witches and wizards operating in my neighborhood, the judgment of God shall torment the powers of darkness working against me both at night and in the morning, the night shall carry terror and anger against all satanic powers that are standing against me, the night shall carry terror and anger against all satanic powers that

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RIGHT NOW, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, my prayers have become earthquakes and storms in the devil's camp that is against my life; the Lord shall gather his armor against powers that are against my intellectual growth; all sickness in my life, known or unknown, receives heavenly storm; all conspiracy against any part of my body receives destruction now!

I order the deep wells inside me to be freed and broken forth in the name of JESUS!

What is a good prayer for protection?

As I begin this day, I pray for Your protection. You are my safe haven, and I can always find sanctuary under Your wings. Keep me safe from harm wherever I go, and keep evil at bay. I shall look to You as my Protector, the one who battles for me every day, no matter where I am.

Your love and constancy, as well as Your goodness and mercy, surround me on a daily basis, so I will not be afraid of anything. God, I put my trust in You and thank You for Your kindness and protection.

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What is a spiritual conflict?

  • Over the last 30 years, psychological study on a number of spiritual issues has been done. Spiritual problems are one spiritual issue that has garnered a lot of attention.
  • People are affected not only psychologically, socially, and physically by major life challenges, but also spiritually.
  • Natural disasters, accidents, sicknesses, and other stressful circumstances can put people's spiritual lives in jeopardy or cause them to struggle spiritually.
  • Spiritual coping problems are attempts to protect or transform people's relationships with whatever they consider precious, such as their connection to God/Higher Power, spiritual identity, and religious community connections.
  • Terminology. Many studies on spiritual difficulty use the phrase “negative religious coping,” but we and other researchers have started to use the term “spiritual/religious problems.” Why?
  • Spiritual conflicts can be watershed moments in human development or “forks in the path.”
  • According to several research, persons who are able to resolve spiritual conflicts over time gain and grow from them.
  • Others may choose to temporarily or permanently withdraw from spiritual challenges.
  • Others who are stuck in their troubles emotionally and physically deteriorate.
  • Even atheists and non-religious people may deal with spiritual issues such as feeling distanced from, unhappy with, angry with, or abandoned by God.
  • See Constructs/Our Measures for more broad background information on spiritual problems.
  • Spiritual conflicts refer to disagreements with God/Higher Power, oneself, and others over spiritual topics. Distressing feelings and doubts about one's spiritual journey in life arise as a result of these tensions.
  • Internal/intrapsychic spiritual conflicts—inner conflict about spirituality or religion
  • Spiritual conflicts with other family members, friends, clergy, community members, or the greater culture concerning spirituality or religion are interpersonal/communal spiritual challenges.
  • The 7-item Negative Religious Coping subscale from the Brief RCOPE is most typically used to assess spiritual problems (Pargament, Feuille, & Burdzy, 2011). For the entire Brief RCOPE and lengthier scales to more fully examine spiritual problems, go to Constructs/Our Measures.
  • For additional information on how we define these two overlapping concepts, see Defining Religion & Spirituality.

What comprehensive empirical research on Spiritual Struggles in Coping with Marital Problems has been conducted?

  • Despite substantial research on spiritual issues in other areas, there has been essentially no systematic research on spiritual struggles in marriage. Nonetheless, the Relational Spirituality Framework emphasizes that serious or persistent marital issues, such as infidelity, can lead to private or communal spiritual challenges with God.
  • Prior research on spirituality and marital problems has relied on indirect indicators to determine if people feel spiritual struggles as a result of marital problems, such as frequency of religious attendance or overall value of religion in everyday life. We employ definitions and measurements of spiritual challenges established in past research on non-marital stressors to stimulate more in-depth study on spiritual struggles with marital problems (e.g., natural diasters, health problems).
  • In practice, we have concentrated our research on Divine Spiritual Struggles rather than Internal or Interpersonal Spiritual Struggles in relation to marital issues.
  • When it comes to interpreting and reacting to marital problems, we characterize Divine Spiritual Struggles with Marital Problems as having a confrontation with God. It's helpful to define conflict before delving into this definition. We define conflict as an individual's internal or external conflicts over his or her life goals and/or paths to achieving those goals. When troubles emerge, humans can be in conflict with God, just as they might have internal or interpersonal conflict. Problems in marriage can jeopardize life ambitions. An individual may have a disagreement with God about why marital difficulties have arisen and what should be done to resolve them. These conflicts with God might lead to negative feelings and thoughts regarding one's relationship with God.

For psychological research, how do we measure Divine Struggles in Coping with Marital Problems?

  • We used the following three sub-scales (three items each) from Pargament's R-COPE to assess divine spiritual struggles with marital troubles in our transition to parenting study. These nine items were mixed in with R-COPE sub-scale items from other sub-scales. For additional information on the history and development of the R-COPE and Spiritual Struggles Sub-scales, see Constructs/Our Measures.
  • Instructions for dealing with marital troubles include the following: The sentences that follow outline particular ways that people might manage with the inevitable marital problems that arise from time to time. When you think about the challenges you've had in your marriage, how much do you use each of the following to deal with them? When I'm having marital issues, I…

How might Divine Spiritual Struggles in Coping with Marital Problems benefit or hinder a marriage or couple relationship?

  • To the best of our knowledge, our study on the transition to parenthood is the first attempt to investigate how much married couples experience spiritual struggles as a result of marital difficulties, and what impact these divine spiritual struggles have on the marriage and each spouse's psychological or spiritual well-being. We are presently doing analyses and will report back when we have more information.

Can you pray for something bad to happen to someone?

If you wish for something awful to happen to someone because they've wronged you, be aware that it could come back to haunt you in unexpected ways. When conspiring against someone, keep in mind that the Almighty is watching. Never pray for people with a bad intention or a terrible prayer!

How do you fight evil with prayer?

Evil is unavoidable in this imperfect world, but God defends us from the enemy every second of every day. Here are 25 strong prayers to keep you safe from harm.

Prayers for Evils Outside the Home or in the Workplace

Greetings, Father! I ask for Your protection against the evil one's wickedness. You are the Almighty God, and his might is nothing compared to the might You provide. I come to Your refuge with gladness because You protect me from the devil's attacks. Protect me from the enemy's cunning, and deliver me from his evil schemes, O Lord. When I am weak, cover me with Your presence so that he will run from my presence. Amen.

Father, you are a trustworthy man. There are those out there who are willing to cause bodily harm to others and have no regard for human life. You are our protector against those who would harm us. You are our defender against the wicked's vengeance. As we go about our daily activities today, keep us away from places where bad people lurk. Keep us secure from their evil intentions by cradling us in the protection of Your loving arms. Amen.

Dear Heavenly Father, May Your Spirit lead me in all of my decisions today. Allow Your wisdom to guide me and allow me to see things as they truly are so that I do not fall prey to others' lies. Keep me secure from evil persons that want to defraud me. Please protect me against con artists who are unconcerned about who they deceive or how much damage they wreak. Give me the discernment to see through their machinations and ill intents and avoid them. Amen.

Greetings, God! You consider our bodies to be Your sanctuary. You also instructed us to look after our health. Assist me in maintaining my health. Remind me that misusing or abusing my body is against Your will when I do so carelessly. Keep me protected from catching or developing diseases or ailments while I go about my day. Assist me in taking extra precautions so that I am not exposed to serious illnesses or bodily harm. Amen.

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You have looked after us as a shepherd looks after his flock, loving God. When we are in danger, You protect us, and when we are in distress, You raise us up and guide us to safety. Please protect me from accidents that could cause me great injury while I go today. Keep an eye on me. May I have the mental foresight to avoid or avert accidents. Give me God's discretion so that I might be safe at all times. Allow me to have the mental clarity to warn or assist others when the need comes. Amen.

Greetings, Lord! We turn to You, our God, for protection. Protect us from persons who, whether purposefully or accidentally, ignore the well-being of those around them. Those who ignite damaging fires, cause serious vehicular accidents, and a slew of others who act irresponsibly with little regard for the consequences of their actions. I pray that you protect us from the harm that these people create, and that you prevent them from carrying out their terrible intentions. Amen.

You, Lord of all, direct the actions of those who obey You. You provide those who follow You opportunity. Today, I'm looking for your advice. Lord, grant me mental clarity so that I can properly evaluate the opportunity that has been provided to me. Allowing the promise of money gain to distort my judgment and arouse greed in me is not a good idea. Bless me with Your knowledge, so that I can discern between what is suspect and what is trustworthy. Amen.

Greetings, Lord God! We understand that everything we do has an impact on You. Keep us away from argumentative persons who might provoke us to react in an ungodly manner, while we do our best to live in peace with everyone. Lead us away from angry people who might elicit a shameful response from our fleshly side. Help us to deal with inevitable events with gracious and compassionate words of comfort, so that we may honor You and provide witness to our faith. Amen.

Father Almighty, We request Your protection from crooks. Please keep us secure from those who could come after us or break into our home with the intent of stealing from us or threatening us with physical violence. Protect us from these evil people, Lord, and muck up their plans so they can't steal from or damage others. Allow Your guiding hand to comfort us, and allow us to trust in Your ever-present assistance. Amen.

Prayers for Evils Directed at You and Family Members

Merciful Lord, You are our Loving Father, who shields us and directs our actions. I've come before You to seek for your help in keeping my family secure. I pray that You would always protect our bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Allowing the enemy to take a foothold in any element of our lives is not a good idea. Help us to continue to trust You, appreciating Your victory over the devil and the power you give us to resist him. Amen.

Our Father, You have shown us what truly sacrificial love is like, and You want us to share that love with others. As we compassionately care for others, I pray that our selfless acts will not be exploited and that we will not be singled out for our generosity. Please don't let anyone take advantage of our affection and effort in an unjust way. Instead, direct us to those who are compassionate and true in their intentions and behaviors. Amen.

God the Father, Protect my children against bullying by not putting them in situations where they might be inclined to retaliate or get disheartened, unhappy, or desperate. Allow them to surround themselves with the correct support network of excellent friends at church, school, and in their community. Allow them to grow into decent influencers who will be a blessing to people around them and who will honor You with their life rather than becoming bullies themselves. Amen.

You warned us, Father, that we would suffer like You did. That we will be humiliated, persecuted, and unjustly accused of numerous vile actions because of our religion and principles. Keep us from dishonoring Your name by retaliating against such abuses, O Lord. Keep reminding us of how You were subjected to considerably more persecution than we have. Surround us with Your love and strength so that we can respond appropriately. Give us the courage to bless those who persecute us, knowing that You have already benefited us. Amen.

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Father, you are merciful. I humbly request your assistance with my children. Encourage them to be on the lookout for subtle influences that could skew their thinking, weaken their convictions, put doubt on their faith, or divert their attention away from You. Keep children away from wicked, untrustworthy friends who try to get them to do bad things. Lead them to Your Word, O Lord, so that their minds will be renewed and their hearts will be changed by a desire to please You and to live according to Your will. Amen.

Lord, you are all-powerful. The devil has been defeated by you. With Your mere word, you have put his might to shame. He can't hurt us because of You. He has no influence over us because of You. May we keep that in mind at all times. Please protect us from his tyrannical tactics that discourage or depress us. Liberate and protect us from bad thoughts that inspire and provoke us to think and act evilly. Clothe us in Your holy armor, O Lord, so that we may be able to withstand his plots and attacks. Amen.

Father, You despise those who mislead others. You despise individuals who lead others astray with false teachings – those who reject the basic realities of Your word in favor of doctrines that suit their corrupt ideologies. Their primary objective is to persuade others to believe their lies rather than the truth. Give us the wisdom to recognize false doctrines so that we can avoid them, I beg. Instill in us the knowledge that we will be able to confront them and warn others about them. Amen.

Greetings, Lord! You told us not to talk about anything unwholesome. You want us to speak in a way that lifts others up for the benefit of everyone listening. Teach us to be conscious of our words at all times and to keep a firm grip on our tongues. When people gossip about us or slander us, direct our words so that we might continue to bless others with our words. Give us the courage to respond with kindness so that our reaction will honor You. Amen.

Prayers for Evils Regarding Temptations and Personal Weaknesses

God Almighty, My heart and mind are surrendered to You for cleaning. I'm sure You want us to adore You completely and willingly. Keep nasty thoughts out of my head. Keep it away from the tyranny of evil imaginations. Help me to submit every thought I have to Your will, so that I may find joy in You. Protect my thoughts with a mental hedge. Assist me in focusing my thoughts on what is good, true, and positive. Amen.

You are the God of Mercy and the God of Justice. You've sworn that revenge is yours. Teach us to control our urge to retaliate, knowing that only You have the authority to exact proper retribution on our wrongdoers. Prevent us from seeking vengeance, for You have commanded us not to return evil for evil. Help us to trust You and put our trust in You. May we find the fortitude to instead demonstrate compassion, so that we might be a witness to Your goodness. Amen.

God, the Lover, You established marriage as a lifelong commitment. You established it as a friendship and camaraderie that would last a lifetime. I pray that You will assist my spouse and me in keeping the promise we made to You for the rest of our lives. Prevent us from falling prey to extramarital affairs. Assist us in keeping our lines of communication open and honest at all times. Help us both to grow our relationship into one that is kind, caring, joyous, and mutually respectful, all in the name of You. Amen.

Even though we are unfaithful, God, my healer, You stay faithful. Even when we repeatedly neglect You, You gently reach out to us. Your unwavering love has inspired me to seek treatment for my addiction, and Your loving presence has given me the confidence to break free from this shackle. I pray that you will strengthen me so that I can continue to reject my bad urges. Fill me with Your Spirit, O Lord, and heal me entirely from the clutches of these bad cravings, so that I may find peace within that will guard my heart. Amen.

You, Lord of my life, want us to be humble. That is why you consistently choose the humble while opposing the proud. Teach us, I hope, to always be rational in our self-evaluation and not to think of ourselves as greater or more important than others. Protect our hearts from pride, because such evil only brings shame and ruin. O Lord, may Your Spirit instill in us a modest spirit that treats people with respect at all times and in all circumstances. Amen.

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Father, you are a generous man. You have told us not to place our hope in wealth, because greed is the foundation of all evil. You give us every opportunity to be satisfied in You since You promise to meet our needs. Teach us, I beg, to curb our materialistic appetites. Give us the courage to let go of all greed and covetousness in our hearts. Bless us with the patience and contentment to trust Your promises and rejoice in Your provisions, O Lord. Amen.

Lord, You have warned us that self-centeredness is the source of much confusion and all evil, and that many people will embrace self-love. Make us completely aware of the dangers of self-centeredness and lead us in the direction of avoiding this nasty attitude. Allow us to learn from Your wonderful sacrifice on the cross by teaching us true selflessness. Allow us to recognize the importance of others and how we should protect their interests as well. Assist us in putting the needs of others ahead of our own. Amen.

What is Psalm 109 used for?

This psalm is one of the Imprecatory Psalms against deceitful enemy, according to the New Oxford Annotated Bible, and is titled “Prayer for rescue from enemies.” It begins with the psalmist's plea in verses 1–5, then moves on to a lengthy imprecation (verses 6–19, concluding or summarizing in verse 20). The resumed pleading in verse 21 includes appeals to Yahweh's steadfast love, specifics of the psalmist's own misery, and a prayer for revenge against the adversaries, but the lament concludes with the promise to praise (verses 30–31), which is so typical in this style of psalm. The psalmist's curse ‘extends through three generations' in verses 8–14: on the person (verse 8), the person's children (verses 9–13), and the person's parents (verse 14). Psalm 55 reflects the shift from many foes (verses 2–5) to a single individual (verses 6–19).

In verse 4, evil is provided ‘in exchange for my affection.' The curses in this chapter are in line with Proverbs 17.13, which states that “if evil is given for good, evil will not depart from their house.” Returning evil for good is also found in other Psalms, such as 41, 69, and here in 109, as portending Judas as a ‘anti-friend' character who returns evil for good or even friendship.

In contrast to the introduction of Psalm 110, when God calls a man to sit at his right hand, made eternally like the priest king Melchizedek, the end of Psalm 109 shows God at the right hand of the impoverished man.

How can I overcome spiritual struggles?

It may seem self-evident, but the solution to any situation is to seek God's help. God already knows what we're going through, and he wants us to come to him with all of our concerns. If there is apparent sin in my life, I must first seek forgiveness from God. However, even when I am not conscious of evident transgressions, God might appear distant. I can still pray to God for assistance. “You make known to me the way of life,” says Psalm 16:11, “and you will fill me with delight in your presence, with endless pleasures at your right side.” I can pray that God will reveal his ways to me and fill me with delight when I am in his presence.