What To Do On A New Moon Spiritual

The moon gives us an extra injection of intention-setting energy every month. Why not hone it by focusing on one or two specific goals that you're extremely enthusiastic about?

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Spend some time crafting intentions that are as clear, succinct, and explicit as possible. Consider the following: “Find a new job that gives me satisfaction and pays more than the one I have now.” Alternatively: “I'm going to pass the bar test on my next attempt.” These goals are specific and well-defined. They'll not only let the rest of the world know about your goals, but they'll also keep you focused on what you actually want.

What do you manifest on a new moon?

One of my favorite techniques to manifest is to use the New Moon and Full Moon at the same time. It's all about new beginnings and asking for what you want during the New Moon. The Full Moon is all about completeness – cleansing, releasing, and letting go of what doesn't serve you anymore. These polar opposites can be used in rituals and ceremonies. Simply ask for anything to appear during a New Moon and then let go of your wishes, clearing the way for whatever you desire to manifest during the Full Moon.

What do you do spiritually during a full moon?

People are generally moody, sensitive, and tired in the days leading up to a full Moon. It's a good idea to take a moment and ask yourself how you're feeling physically and mentally. How are your personal and professional relationships? Being aware of your emotions will help you stay grounded and make beneficial adjustments more quickly. The full Moon is an excellent opportunity to reflect and re-calibrate.

How do you set intentions on a new moon?

Ah, the New Moon – that lovely time of year when the vibe is all about fresh starts and new prospects.

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It's the time of year when we reflect on our lives, consider how we feel about the present, and consider what we want to achieve in the future.

Our creativity, intention-setting abilities, and good energy are all at their peak during the New Moon, so it's the greatest time to take use of it.

How, you might wonder, dear friend? We recommend a spiritual intention-setting New Moon ceremony that anybody may participate in, whether alone or with their tribe.

It's entirely up to you where you have your particular New Moon ritual — if it's warm enough outside, your lawn or garden can suffice; if it's cold, your favorite room will suffice.

Prepare the area by cleaning it and erecting a corner (also known as an altar) that holds special value for you.

To cleanse and infuse the air, use sage, incense (e.g. Palo Santo), or essential oils, as well as shells, pebbles, crystals, flowers or branches, and candles. A scarf or any other type of material can also be used to help prepare the location and give it specific meaning. If you're doing the ceremony as a group, make sure that everyone participates.

As the place is being cleaned and prepared, prepare yourself by showering, bathing, and dressing in new, fresh, and your favorite attire.

It's just as crucial to create the right ambiance as it is to set up the altar. It might be a peaceful soundtrack, a focus on natural noises (sea, river, tree leaves, or birds chirping) if you're outside, or the sound of a singing bowl.

If you're performing a group ceremony, you can also prepare some nutritious snacks to eat before the event, such as a fruit and vegetable board.

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Before you begin your intention-setting ritual, take a deep breath and meditate for at least a few minutes. Sit motionless, gaze inward, and make an effort to quiet your mind.

Now is the time to begin setting your goals and being clear about them. You can even think about it a few days ahead of time to avoid being stuck.

The more specific you can be about your aims and desires, the better. Go over them in depth, describe them, and make sure you believe they are real and attainable. You must act as if you don't believe it; else, you won't be able to manifest it.

Now, while going into detail is crucial, don't try to micromanage Universe — instead of saying “I want to get the X job at the X firm,” try expressing “I want to get a satisfying career at a supportive company.” Alternatively, instead of saying “I want the X guy and the X man only,” say “I want a man who is loving and on the same life path as me.” Allow the Universe to decide what is best for you, rather than what you believe would.

You shouldn't be aggressive with your intentions, either – they should flow naturally rather than because you think you “should” desire it at this time.

To write them, use a quality pen and notebook, and you'll be able to follow your progress later.

After you've finished, take a few minutes to sit and absorb the pleasant energy surrounding your intentions. You can chant, utter a mantra, or express gratitude for where you are and where you are headed.

Visualize your goals becoming a reality. If you're doing this in a group, and you're comfortable doing so, you can discuss your intentions.

When you're finished, extinguish the candles and incense and relax with a nice cup of tea.

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Even if the energy of the New Moon is in your favor, if you just throw your wishes out there and do nothing to make them a reality, it will all be for naught (sorry).

If you want a new job, start sending out resumes; if you want improved health, go take that yoga class; if you want to improve your relationship, work on it.

The energies and the Universe are there to help and guide you, but they are not there to perform all of your work for you.

Make your new moon ritual special to you.

When developing a new moon ceremony for oneself, the most essential thing to remember is to make it feel special and in tune with you.

So don't let the number of suggestions below overwhelm you or make you feel obligated to act. Today, we already have far too much of this pressure on our shoulders.

When planning your new moon ritual, let your intuition lead the way. Take what you want and leave what you don't. Look at some other possibilities.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is a terrific thing to do. However, if something feels awkward or forced, it may take your attention away from your ritual, preventing it from being as forceful and potent as it could be.

It could take a few tries to discover out what works best for you. Allow yourself that time and be patient with yourself. Experiment with one or more of the options below, and follow your gut instinct wherever it leads you.

Set aside your preconceived notions about what you should do. Do what feels right to you at the time. And keep in mind that this may change from moon to moon.

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Choose a time.

Most individuals work best in the evenings, when work is done and the kids have gone to bed.

Because the moon governs the night, this is also an excellent time for a new moon ritual. Plus, if the sky is clear on a full moon, you'll be able to view it shining above in all its glory.

But it's fine if you can't find time during the day. While the frequency is still high, try to schedule your ritual within two to three days of the new moon.

Make an effort to set aside at least 30 minutes where you can be alone and uninhibited. Turn off your phone, dim the lights, and put on some comfortable clothes.

Gather what you need for your new moon ritual.

You might make your own new moon ritual playlist on Spotify or listen to any music you're feeling at the time.

Don't be concerned about blowing your budget on all of the aforementioned. For starters, some of them are completely free. Then decide on one or two investments that you are drawn to. It's not so much about the actual items as it is about what they mean to you and how they make you feel.

Relax with a new moon bath ritual.

As previously said, the moon is the ruler of water, and water is a metaphor for washing away the old and welcoming the new.

Taking a nutritious bath is a lovely opportunity to pamper oneself while also making time for reflection.

You can use whatever you want to infuse your bath with. Bath salts, floral petals, or essential oils, such as Epsom or Himalayan salts. Salts are an excellent technique to rid your body of toxins and negative energy. There are some excellent organic, vegan, handmade bath salts available on Etsy. Always choose a natural product that has been lovingly created.

To set the mood, light some candles and play some music in the background.

Take a step back from the world around you. Allow yourself to be carried away by the moment. Sit in the new moon's peace and serenity.

Create a nourishing atmosphere.

I prefer to dim the lights, light a candle or two, and listen to music that sets the scene.

Depending on my mood, I'll sit on the sofa or on my yoga mat on the floor, with my notepad and pen nearby, as well as my favorite oracle deck.

On any given day, tune in to your own body to determine what you require to feel supported and nourished.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating your personal new moon ritual. It's supposed to be one-of-a-kind. So remember to have a good time!

You might wish to go outside when the weather is pleasant and sit on the ground beneath the sky. You will feel more connected to nature as a result of this.

Depending on whatever astrological sign the moon is in, each new moon will have its own unique energy. You might draw inspiration from this and develop a ceremony to assist you summon this energy.

Set up your new moon ritual altar.

The greatest technique to ground yourself is to create a ritual altar made up of the four elements. It will also make your new moon ritual more spiritual and powerful.

A candle is a must-have for me in any ritual I make. When it comes to crystals, don't get too hung up on their interpretations. Choose the ones that appeal to you.

You can lay these artifacts on a nice scarf or piece of fabric to make your altar in front of you. Arrange them in the following order: Fire to the south, Water to the west, Air to the east, and Earth to the north.

Use astrology to guide you.

Every year, the new moon will fall into a different astrology sign, cycling through all 12 signs. The energy of the moon will be influenced by this sign. When constructing your new moon ceremony, you can harness the energy of this sign to inspire and guide you. Different colors, crystals, and fragrances will be associated with each sign, which you might incorporate into your altar.

This is also an excellent area to concentrate your intentions. Cancer, for example, is a symbol of home, self-care, and sustenance. You could choose to center your new moon intentions around these themes when the new moon is in the sign of Cancer.

Cleanse your space.

You'll want to clear your space before beginning your new moon ceremony. This aids in the removal of any residual negative energy.

Native Americans revered sage as a sacred plant, and they burned it for energy cleaning, healing, and rituals.

Allow any unneeded energy to escape by opening your doors and windows. After around 30 seconds, light the sage and blow on it to make smoke. A feather can be used to waft smoke throughout all sections of your home, especially those that are difficult to reach.

A few drops of your favorite essential oils in a diffuser will have a similar effect if you like to keep things cleaner and less fussy.

Cacao ceremony.

Cacao could be ideal for your new moon ritual if you're seeking for a healthy plant-based drink.

Cacao is a beautiful, natural earth medicine that benefits our physical health while also having the ability to expand our hearts.

While residing in Bali in 2018, I attended my first cacao ceremony, which was breathtaking. We sung and danced while meditating, releasing, and receiving.

Cacao has the advantage of not having to be saved for a group circle. When I'm doing my own new or full moon ritual, or whenever I want to open my heart and go into a creative zone, I adore preparing myself a cup of it.


You're ready to sit now that you've set up your place, grounded yourself, and cleared any negative energy. Unless you feel compelled to move, you can stay here for the rest of the new moon ritual.

I enjoy crossing my legs and settling into a relaxing lotus pose. Your hands could be in a prayer position, cupped in your lap, or down by your side. It's entirely up to you. You may even choose to lie down—just make sure you're not too comfortable that you fall asleep!

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Observe your ideas as they come and go.

You may wish to invoke your guides, angels, or any other heavenly connection with whom you feel connected.

New moon rituals for letting go: Reflect & release.

This is where you use journal queries to help you better understand where you are right now in your life. What's bothering you, what's out of balance, what you're holding on to that you need to let go of, any fears or concerns.

New moon rituals are ideal for releasing everything that is weighing you down or no longer serves you.

Grab a pen and a journal, and start writing. Don't be stingy with your words. Keep writing even if you don't know what to write. Allow yourself to let everything out. After that, you can go back and make sense of it.

This will assist you in clearing your mind and emotions in preparation for the new moon this month. Journaling is also a good technique to improve your intuition and open it up.

Set new moon intentions.

A new moon ceremony is an excellent opportunity to set new moon intentions and wishes for the upcoming cycle and beyond. Because the new moon occurs every four weeks, it serves as a reset, allowing us to make new choices.

For several reasons, intentions and goals are not the same thing. Goals are more concerned with the outside world, whereas intentions are more concerned with an inward sensation.

So think about what you want to call in and take your time. Consider how you want to feel on a daily basis.

Any aspect of your life might be the subject of your intentions. Whatever you choose: spiritual work, love relationships, self-relationships, money, house, and health.

When creating new moon intentions, be sure to be specific. The more clear you are, the easier it will be for the Universe to join you in bringing your vision to life.

Take some time to write down your intentions for this moon after you've decided on them. Then read them to yourself aloud or softly.

This is an important step that you should not skip! This is what will help to bring them to life and make them feel more real.

Visualize the new.

You've let go of what doesn't serve you anymore and established new goals for what you really want. It's now time to sit quietly once more and picture your aspirations coming true.

Imagine a scenario in which everything you desire has already materialized. Take a look. Hear me out. Take a whiff. It's palpable. It has a distinct flavor.

Allow yourself to be carried away by the present moment. Consider how you'll feel if your goals become your new reality.

You might want to think to yourself at the completion of this exercise, “This or something better awaits me.”

Open & receive.

I like to select an oracle card for the next moon cycle after I've completed my new moon intentions. Nature's Whispers is my current favorite deck. The photographs are stunning. Choose a deck with visuals you enjoy and with which you feel a sense of connection.

You could start by asking yourself, “What does this moon mean to me?” When you're ready, shuffle the cards and choose one.

Instead, I'll do a three-card reading on occasion. The first card indicates your previous location. The second is your current location. And then there's the question of where you're headed.

Keep in mind that there are no bad cards. And if you don't like the card you've drawn, you always have the option to choose again – so pull another one.

Closing your new moon ritual.

I like to close my eyes again, reconnect with my breath, and absorb the fresh energy I've generated during my ritual.

If you wish to meditate for five or 10 minutes, you can do it here. Alternatively, you may do some mild stretches or light yoga postures.

Keep a safe spot for your new moon intentions. Re-visit them at least once a day; read them and imagine yourself completing them.

Is new moon Good Luck?

Is it possible to change your luck with the Moon? The full Moon is said to bring good luck in many circumstances, according to Moon lore. However, this is not always the case! Continue reading to learn more about full Moon superstitions and folklore.

When a Full Moon Means Good Luck

  • It's a good idea to expose your baby to the waxing Moon. It will provide strength to the child.
  • Moving into a new home during the new Moon is also fortunate; as the Moon waxes, prosperity will grow.
  • It's a rare treat to witness the first sliver of a new Moon “clean of the thicket,” or free of vegetation.
  • Have you ever wondered why rabbit feet are kept? It's fortunate… especially if the rabbit was slain by a cross-eyed individual in the dead of night at a graveyard.
  • Holding a moonstone in your mouth during a full Moon is auspicious; it will disclose the future.

Beware, Though. The Moon Can Bring Bad Luck, Too

  • Seeing the first sliver of a new Moon through a window is unfortunate; you'll break a plate.
  • Sleeping in the moonlight, or worse, being born in the moonlight, is unlucky!
  • If you're a sailor, it's unfortunate to view “the old Moon in the arms of the new” or the faint image of the whole disk when the new crescent Moon is shining. Storms are on the way.

What does new moon energy mean?

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings because it marks the start of a new lunar cycle. The energy of a new moon is used by people to attain their goals or begin a new project. Advertisement. They also reflect on their previous objectives and develop new ones for themselves.

Should you manifest during a full moon?

According to the twins, no matter what you're trying to materialize, the full moon might help speed things up. “A simple manifestation ceremony can help you bring things to fruition and solidify your full moon intentions,” they add. In your home, make an altar or a sacred location where you can perform this ritual.

How do you prepare for a New Moon ritual?

Beginning of the new moon ritual

  • Put your phone away. Set aside 20-30 minutes where you know you'll be able to reflect and, most importantly, not check your phone.

What should you not do on a full moon?

What to avoid doing during a full moon:

  • Overworking or overstressing is not a good thing. The full moon is supposed to be a time of celebration, but with all the energy it generates, it's easy to go overboard.