What The First Letter Of Your Soulmate

The left thumb soulmate craze has been going on for over a year, but every now and then, someone looking for love comes across it, shares it, and other people looking for love follow suit.

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“Someone, usually your romantic or sexual partner, with whom you have a special bond, and whom you know and love very much,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

We're not sure if this TikTok trend is accurate, but does your current partner's initial match?

What is the first letter of the name of your true love?

J is the initial of your real love! Your romance may be full of jollity, jests, and juice, but it will certainly be devoid of jealousy!

Where is your soulmate in birth chart?

By looking at the North Node of your Moon sign in your natal chart, you can find out about your soulmate. The ecliptic depicts Earth's orbit in relation to the sky and the journey the sun takes as it travels past the stars in astrology.

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What are soulmate signs?

2. They're your closest companion.

Because friendship is the best basis for every relationship, why do you think so many rom coms include two BFFs who marry? It's a fantastic indicator if you and your SO have a trustworthy, happy friendship.

3. When you're among them, you feel at ease.

Because you spend so much time with your significant other, you should feel at ease and at ease when you're with them. Naturally, there will be butterflies and nerves at first, but once you've gotten to know one other, it should seem completely natural.

How can I find my soulmate by birthday?

All it appears to need is a little addition, subtraction, and knowledge of your parents' birthdays. That is, according to a new “love equation” that has been circulating on TikTok for a few months.

Some people are enthusiastic for the future because of the equation, which purports to compute the precise date you'll meet your soulmate, while others are appropriately skeptical.

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Basically, you take the month and day of your birthday (for example, 07/04) and double it by your mother's birthday. Then you deduct your father's birthdate from the total. The month and day you'll meet your partner are said to be determined by the outcome.

Do soulmates exist?

In this, the fourth and last blog in a series exposing the fallacy of the soul mate, I'd want to completely reverse my position and argue that soul mates do exist.

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I'm not going back on my word because of a wise and convincing reaction to an earlier post from one of my readers. I don't do so because I'm tired of writing pieces that cast me as a jealous jerk, but rather because I believe in soul mates… but not in the way we usually think of them.

While I don't believe in “finding your perfectly matched soul mate,” I have seen enough of evidence that we can become soul mates as a result of a strong and lasting love connection. Wouldn't it be feasible for humans to become ideally fitted and entirely irreplaceable to their spouses if they can have highly honed skills in music, athletics, and language arts?

A musical genius can develop perfect pitch and compose soul-stirring musical compositions. At the greatest levels of play, soccer becomes a game of angles, similar to billiards, with extraordinary footwork skills and a comprehensive awareness of the playing field. When a person becomes proficient in a language, he or she “thinks” in that language—there is no effort involved in retrieving the language after it has become second nature.

Effective and polite negotiation of issues has become regular for a couple in the later phases of a fulfilling marriage along these lines. Love and respect for one another have been practiced so frequently that thoughts of divorce or separation are unthinkable. One's spouse could never be replaced because the relationship has gotten so complex and the compatibilities so intimately intertwined. Soul mates are two people who have become perfect for and irreplaceable to each other.

Soul partners become each other's “one-in-a-billion ideal match” in this way. This, in my opinion, is how a soul mate appears in one's life.

I believe that all happily married couples eventually reach this final, most satisfying stage of their relationship. Each couple's transition into the stage of becoming each other's soul mate would be unique, with some couples arriving earlier than others. (Unfortunately, many couples never come close to accomplishing this.)

Perhaps this transformation is the outcome of a successful reconnection at a significant transition point, such as after the launch of adult children or the move to retirement. However, this is not a passive process—marriages do not improve as a result of time alone; rather, they improve as a result of two people continuing to treat each other with love and respect despite the hardships that life throws at them.

When two people find their soul mate, the remaining years of their marriage are filled with stability and a rare and particular kind of earned intimacy. As far as I can tell, the developmental goals throughout the soul-mate phase of a well-nurtured marriage are to celebrate and create sense of the life you have lived together, to operate as holy custodians of each other's past, and to become generative towards others.

How do you test your love?

But first and foremost, remember that relationship tests aren't mind games. For example, this isn't a test to check if your partner is bothered if someone else flirts with you. It's also not about putting your partner's love for you to the test or doing anything to see how they react. These kinds of “tests” may be deceptive, and they can wreak havoc on your relationship over time. There are other, more open ways to determine how compatible you are if you actually desire a successful relationship.

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Experts claim these are the tests your partner should be able to pass if you want to know if your relationship is intended to continue.

How I know who is my life partner?

He's the kind of person you can't wait to see when you get home from a long day. He is the highlight of your day. You know you can count on him to put a grin on your face no matter what's going on in your life. You always find a way to have fun together, whether you're going on an exciting excursion or spending a peaceful night in. You enjoy spending time with him and it comes easy to you; you can be entirely yourself around him. You've developed your own internal jokes and know how to make each other laugh out loud. He's your biggest supporter and biggest cheerleader. You're convinced that by working together, you'll be able to overcome whatever obstacles life may throw your way.

You Can Tell Him Anything And Everything

Between the two of you, there are no secrets. You share everything with each other. He's the first person you think of when you have good or terrible news to share. You speak about how your day went or what's going on in the world when you both get home from work. You can have cerebral discussions, but you can also have chats about the most inane topics and sit comfortably in silence. There's nothing you don't want to tell him. You are free to discuss anything, even if it is unpleasant or uncomfortable for you to do so. He will, however, never pass judgment on you. Even if he doesn't fully comprehend, he will make every effort to do so.

Fights Are Healthy And Often End With A Solution

Arguments and clashes almost never turn into full-fledged brawls. They're the disagreements that either need to happen in order to bring about a positive change or for your relationship to progress. Some of these could be the result of a buildup of stress from daily life. Fights are unavoidable in any relationship. Consider this: if you spent every second of every day with a friend, sibling, or coworker, they would inevitably upset you at some point. It happens all the time. It can be intimidating to have too much of someone.

Fights with your life partner, on the other hand, are a different story. Even when you want to detest him, you love him. And even after your greatest disagreements, you still kiss and make up, confident that everything would be fine and that this was only a blip on the path. You may argue frequently and irritate each other, but you both realize that life is too short to waste time squabbling, so after a quarrel, you attempt to put it behind you and go on. Fights with your life partner nearly always conclude with both parties saying “I'm sorry” and a discussion about how this should be avoided in the future.

He Doesn't Just Tell You He Cares, He Shows You And Puts in The Effort

There are a lot of empty promises made in certain relationships, but your life partner does what he says he'll do, even if it's not immediately. In other relationships, the effort disappears over time, and all of the shocks and small gestures that demonstrated genuine effort fade away. Of course, as a relationship evolves, you can't anticipate surprises and royal treatment all of the time because it would get monotonous and no longer be exciting if it happened frequently. However, if the effort is completely stopped, the love is in risk of becoming stale or dying away.

Your life partner goes above and beyond to make birthdays, holidays, and other occasions memorable. He'll go out of his way to prepare you a pleasant meal or do anything that he knows will make you smile if you've had a bad week. And whether it's in the slightest or the most significant ways, he'll keep putting in the effort as the years pass because he wants to keep telling you how much you matter to him. There is no such thing as a flawless relationship, but that is where work comes into play. Your life partner will never stop trying to keep the love alive in your relationship. He'll do everything he can to ensure that you and your partner have a good life together, and that's as close to perfection as you'll ever get.

He's Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

He's relaxed enough around you to be completely himself, but not so relaxed that he neglects to put in the effort or take care of himself. You bring out the best in one another and keep each other motivated to be healthy and on track. You and your life partner strike a balance between being so comfortable with each other that you're practically best friends, while yet remembering to put in the effort and not lose sight of the important details.

Your Happiness Means Everything To Him

Even if he doesn't fully understand why or what you're going through, if you're upset, he's sad. But when life throws you a curve ball, he'll do everything he can to make you happy. He'll always be there for you and root for you. If you're depressed, he'll want you to do whatever it takes to reclaim your happiness – go out with the girls, buy yourself that new dress, plan an excursion together, whatever it takes. He is never envious or domineering, and he is always looking out for your best interests. He cares deeply about your happiness because he's on your side, has your back, and just wants to see you smile.

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You Know In Your Heart You Can Trust Him

Trust is a difficult concept to grasp. But you know in your heart that he would never do anything to jeopardize your relationship with him. Nothing matters that much. He will never abandon you or put your love in jeopardy for anything. You can count on him to return home to you after a night out or a weekend away. You can count on him not to let you down. But we're all human — flawed beings — and you can bet he'll find a way to make amends and set things right if he ever makes a mistake.

You Have No Eyes For Anyone Else

I've always believed that once a person's eyes start to stray or they seriously consider cheating, if the thought even occurs to them, they should leave or seriously reconsider their relationship. If they're prepared to risk losing their significant other for something useless, they should either call it quits or figure out what led them down this path and take steps to correct it.

It's uncommon to have a life companion like you. You'd never consider doing something silly that could jeopardize the situation. You're both devoted to each other because you know what you have is genuine and difficult to come by, and you don't want it to stop.

You Feel Complete, Like Nothing Is Missing

When it comes to love, you don't have any weight on your shoulders. You now have a feeling of completion, as if nothing is lacking. Even if you're having a bad day, knowing you have him by your side helps you get through it. He adds a ray of sunshine to your life. He gives you the impression that the entire world could turn its back on you and he would still be on your side. It's just you and him versus the rest of the world.

You Cannot Imagine A Life Without Him

Even the prospect of something horrible happening to him causes your heart to race and your stomach to turn. You can't image what life would be like without him. You wouldn't want it any other way because he is your entire universe.

The Love You Have is Simple But Powerful

He doesn't come with any nonsense, nonsense, or games. That's all there is to it. And what you've made together is simple because your love and care for one other is so natural that it never feels forced. It's also powerful because he's your everything – during the good times and bad. He's your best buddy, teammate, and supporter. Your love for your life partner has given you the power to conquer anything life throws at you and to go through it together. Next to each other.