What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is used for a variety of applications. One of these goals is to aid in the healing process.

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Tanzanite is thought to be able to stimulate three chakras: the throat, the third eye, and the crown. This means it can awaken psychic abilities and aid communication with higher spiritual planes.

What is Tanzanite known for?

Small levels of vanadium form tanzanite, a blue and violet variation of the mineral zoisite (a calcium aluminum hydroxyl sorosilicate). Tanzanite is a mineral that belongs to the epidote family. Tanzanite is only discovered in Tanzania, in a relatively tiny mining region near the Mererani Hills (about 7 km long and 2 km wide).

Tanzanite is known for its unusually intense trichroism, which can seem blue, violet, or burgundy depending on the crystal orientation. When viewed in different lighting conditions, Tanzanite can also appear differently. When viewed under fluorescent light, the blues are more visible, while when viewed in incandescent light, the violet colours are more visible. Tanzanite is colored a reddish brown to clear in its natural condition, and it requires heat treatment to remove the brownish “veil” and reveal the stone's blue violet color.

Tiffany & Co. gave the gemstone the name tanzanite after Tanzania, the nation where it was discovered. Tiffany's marketing staff did not think the scientific name of “blue-violet zoisite” was consumer friendly enough when it first released it to the market in 1968. The American Gem Trade Association chose tanzanite as the December birthstone in 2002, the first time the list had been updated since 1912.

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Does Tanzanite bring good luck?

Tanzanite is thought to bring good fortune and prosperity. The deep blue stone is said to be a transformation stone that aids in the dissolution of old negative patterns and habits, allowing the bearer to go forward in life with a fresh feeling of purpose, optimism, and confidence; all of which are essential elements for prosperity. The stone is also thought to attract good fortune, money, and success energies, propelling you into your ideal life.

Is it good to wear Tanzanite?

Pendants are significantly more protected than rings when worn, so Tanzanites are excellent to wear as a pendant every day. I would still advise removing them before participating in sports, swimming, or showering. On a personal level, I've worn Tanzanite jewelry on numerous occasions, although it's more of an event/cocktail accessory for me.

What is Tanzanite associated with?

The Tanzanite stone is a stone of mystery and majesty. This gem can transport you into a state of deep meditation and divine healing because to its high vibrations and energy. Tanzanite not only aids in the discovery of our beautiful inner quiet and the removal of old patterns, but it also prepares us to open our minds and hearts to whatever psychic skills we may possess. We may reclaim and rekindle our own power by connecting with the universe and cultivating clairvoyant and cosmic possibilities. Take a look at all the ways Tanzanite can help you find joy, balance, and a greater sense of purpose.

Physical healing

Tanzanite is a fantastic immune system enhancer. This gemstone promotes regeneration, which means that skin, hair, and cells can all regain their optimal health. If you're recovering from an illness or medical procedure, the soft indigo gem is a good stone to keep on hand. The beautiful violet light gem gives you with strength while also aiding in body detoxification. It can be worn as a talisman or amulet by individuals seeking to overcome addictions to alcohol or other substances. Finally, Tanzanite can aid with stress, nerves, migraines, and other tension-related ailments because of its mild tranquil bliss.

Emotional healing

Allow the Tanzanite stone to shower you with its affection and give your soul all the pleasure it deserves. This lovely brilliant gemstone is all about letting go of stress. It accomplishes this by reminding us that we can be the drivers of our own lives and that we are not powerless in our decisions. It instills a subtle sense of ownership and confidence – one that is true, grounded, and heart-connected rather than huge and ostentatious. With all of this, it also aids us in overcoming fear, letting go of fears we may have been grasping to our chests, and moving us smoothly through the thought of a crisis.


The Tanzanite stone glows brightest in the metaphysical realm. Tanzanite is a deep indigo and blue gem that is linked to the third eye chakra as well as the throat chakra. When a stone works closely with both of these chakras, it's always an indication of profound healing. The throat chakra is the seat of our inner truth and the conduit through which we express our true selves to the outside world. When we have a clear line of energy running from our heart to our throat and third eye, it allows us to be true to ourselves and live in the light of the self. The third eye chakra is another vital chakra that serves as a portal to our inner understanding. When we're open, we can trust that we know what we're doing and give ourselves over to any psychic powers we've suppressed in the past.

Zodiac properties

The Tanzanite gemstone is a December birthstone, whispering with the wild beauty and raw strength of winter winds and velvet clear solstice skies. Tanzanite, which is well-suited to all people born under the sign of Sagittarius, can assist centaur types in letting their abilities show and overcoming any obstacles. Sagittarians are loyal, caring, and clever beings, and Tanzanite helps to keep all of these qualities in check. This stone keeps them open-hearted, giving, considerate, and in touch with their own inner goals and dreams. Sagittarians place a high priority on living their truth, and Tanzanite ensures that they keep following the threads of their truth so that they can return to the body at any time.

What is the energy of tanzanite?

Tanzanite opens the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, bringing the higher mind, intuition, and communication together.

The Throat Chakra, the body's voice, is stimulated by Tanzanite's prominent blue crystal energy. It functions as a pressure valve, allowing energy from the other chakras to flow freely. It can affect the health of the other chakras if it is obstructed or out of balance. When the throat chakra is balanced and open, it helps us to convey our thoughts and feelings. We have the ability to convey our thoughts, opinions, and feelings, allowing us to share our personal truth with the rest of the world. Within the body and spirit, there is a smooth flow of energy. The energy that rises from the lower chakras can continue on its path, allowing for natural expression and release.

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The Third Eye, also known as the Brow Chakra, is the core of our perception and command. It guides our vision and awareness of the world on a daily basis. This chakra houses our awareness, and it is through it that we communicate with ourselves. Our ideas and internal communications are healthy and bright when the brow chakra is in harmony. We can manage the flow of energy within all of the chakras and are receptive to new thoughts, dreams, and visions. Indigo crystals, which are dark blue/purple in color, are utilized to heal brow chakra disorders. It's a calm color, evoking mystery, knowledge, and judgment.

The Crown Chakra is our portal to the extended cosmos beyond our bodies, and it is placed at the top of the head. It has a strong influence on how we think and react to the world around us. It is the source of our spirituality and the source of our beliefs. It is the wellspring of universal energy and truth, and it connects us to higher planes of existence. We know our place in the universe and perceive things as they are when the Crown is in balance. We are unaffected by setbacks because we recognize that they are an unavoidable part of life. Light Violet crystals are used to cure Crown chakra imbalances. The global life power of magic, dreams, inspiration, and destiny is contained in their violet rays.

Tanzanite is also the best stone for connecting and aligning the Heart Chakra with the Third Eye. Bringing the heart and head together to search for wholeness broadens one's inquiry and keeps one grounded in compassionate humanity.

What is the healing power of tanzanite?

The throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra are all stimulated by Tanzanite. It raises our vibrational rate and awakens our psychic powers, allowing us to communicate with higher spiritual planes.

Tanzanite is a stone of change that can aid in the dissolving of old sickness and karma patterns.

It gives us a sense of direction and allows us to manifest our powers for the highest good, allowing us to move on with hope and inspiration.

Tanzanite promotes healing on all levels and protects people who are assisting in the healing process.

Tanzanite helps to heal skin problems, clears the throat and lungs, and can be used to cure ear and eye problems.

It strengthens the immune system, aiding recovery from disease, as well as detoxifying and regenerating cells and tissues.

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Tanzanite is also beneficial in the treatment of spinal disorders and reproductive system ailments.

What does a Tanzanite engagement ring mean?

The trichroic character of Tanzanite is well-known. This gemstone on an engagement ring is a fantastic fashion icon, with hues ranging from royal blue to gentle lavender and burgundy reds.

While the stone's hue is largely determined by its treatment and cut, lighting also has a considerable impact. Your engagement ring will take on varied hues depending on the angle and lighting.

The intensity of Tanzanite's royal blue will be enhanced by midday sunlight, while its subtle red undertones will be highlighted by incandescent light.

A Stone of New Beginnings

Precious stones have been thought to have mystical properties that can lead the bearer throughout their lives from the beginning of time. Tanzanite is a stone that symbolizes new beginnings. Tanzanites are known for their positive characteristics, and they represent prosperity, good fortune, and renewed hope for a happy future. A Tanzanite engagement ring is the ideal stone for preserving your love over time.

What crystal works well with Tanzanite?

We recommend utilizing a grounding stone when working with Tanzanite because of its high frequency energy output. Hematite is a favorite of the council because of its magnetic capacity to draw higher vibrations into our physical reality. All of the higher wisdom Tanzanite opens us up to is attracted, attuned, and translated by these vibrations. Hematite encourages us to put our energies into action. When it comes to extended, deep contemplative sessions, it's Tanzanite's best friend.

Can I wear Tanzanite everyday?

Yes, you can wear tanzanite jewelry every day (if necessary), but only with extreme caution. Remember that this gem has perfect cleavage, which suggests that it is prone to being chipped or destroyed if struck hard. Because its chemical structure is vulnerable to abrupt temperature changes, tanzanite is prone to breaking.

However, by giving greater care to the type of setting you choose, as well as a lot of TLC, you can substantially limit the likelihood of damage to this gem.