What Is Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

In the Bible, “high place” or “high places” (Hebrew bamah and plural bamot or bamoth) always refers to “place(s) of worship.” This rendering has etymological justification, as evidenced by poetical uses of the plural in expressions like to ride, stalk, or stand on the “high places” of the earth, the sea, and the clouds, as well as the corresponding usage in Assyrian; however, it has been speculated that a semantic shift occurred because the places of worship were originally built on hilltops, or because the bamah was an artificial platform or mound, perhaps imitating the natural emin In ancient Israel, several towns and villages had their own sacrifice sites, known as bamot. The plural of the word has been suggested to relate to locations of holy prostitution and pagan worship.

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What did the Bible say about wickedness?

It didn't take long after the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden for evil and wickedness to spread across the globe. Humanity created ways to insult God hundreds of years before the Ten Commandments were written:

People had not only turned bad, but their nature was always evil. God was so upset by the situation that he decided to wipe out all living beings on the planet, with the exception of Noah and his family, who were the only ones left. Noah was blameless, according to the Bible, and walked with God.

Genesis' only mention of humanity's evil is that the earth was “filled with violence.” The world has devolved into a shambles. Except for Noah, his wife, their three sons, and their wives, everyone was wiped off by the Flood. They were given the task of repopulating the planet.

Hundreds of years later, sin aroused God's anger once more. Despite the fact that the city of Sodom is not described as “wicked” in Genesis, Abraham urges God not to destroy the righteous alongside the “wicked.” Because a mob sought to rape two male angels Lot was sheltering in his home, scholars have traditionally considered the city's sins encompassed sexual immorality.

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In the Old Testament, God smote various people dead, including Lot's wife, Er, Onan, Abihu, and Nadab, Uzzah, Nabal, and Jeroboam. Ananias and Sapphira, as well as Herod Agrippa, died rapidly at the hands of God in the New Testament. According to the ISBE's definition, they were all wicked.

What does the Bible say about fighting against principalities?

We are fighting principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world, as well as spiritual wickedness in high places, rather than flesh and blood.

What are the principalities and powers?

To summarize Paul's contributions to our understanding of evil's powers, we can use the phrase “principalities and powers.” They reflect the whole of evil forces that threaten men on both the celestial and earthly planes, according to him.

Did Josiah destroy the high places?

However, it should be emphasized that the tale of the Temple repairs is based on those ordered by an earlier Judean monarch, Joash (who reigned between 836 and 796 BCE) in 2 Kings 12.

This scroll was brought to Josiah's attention by Hilkiah. Josiah sought advice from the prophetess Huldah, who assured him that the disaster promised in the document for disobeying its directions would come, but not in his lifetime, “for thy heart was sensitive and thou didst humble thyself before the Lord,” she explained. Josiah convened an assembly of the elders of Judah and Jerusalem, as well as all the people, and urged Yahweh's exclusive worship, prohibiting all other forms of worship. The instruments and emblems of Baal and “the host of heaven” worship were removed from the Temple of Jerusalem. From Beer-sheba in the south to Beth-el and the cities of Samaria in the north, local sanctuaries, or High Places, were demolished. Josiah had pagan priests put to death and even had the bones of Bethel's murdered priests unearthed and burned on their altars. The Passover celebrations were also reinstated by Josiah.

What is the significance of Hinds Feet?

I've also pondered a lot about “why hinds' feet?” What is the significance of the back feet stepping directly in front of the front feet in order to climb higher, faster, and safer?

Then I heard something from Holy Spirit.

This is why the Word chose to describe what God has given us with hinds feet.

As Christians, we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, who leads us in the right direction.

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We just have two feet on our own. As believers, however, we have front feet that are the Holy Spirit leading the path for us. Our rear feet are our feet, not merely following Him, but also thinking, doing, acting, and treading precisely in Holy Spirit's footsteps.

This is where we get our agility, ability, and strength to defeat our high-altitude predators. The spiritual beauty of this passage is that it allows us to run our life trip with abandon since the One who knows everything has made our path visible to us. We may be assured that we will outrun or outperform the predators attempting to rob us of our safety, integrity, and destiny. We can live life to the fullest, just as Jesus intended. Regardless of our past, present circumstances, or unknown future, we can live a life of overflowing delight in the Lord.

We having a good time!

To make it easier to grasp and remember, Arlene, the author of our book, produced icons to symbolize essential ideas and terminology. I allegedly made an icon in last week's class that is now lodged in all of our minds. I was reading this verse aloud from the NKJV, but it sounded like this:…

How can we stop spiritual warfare?

Because we know God and that he is bigger than the devil and his schemes against us, we can come up against and battle spiritual warfare.

As previously said, the name of Jesus is extremely powerful; we witnessed devils fleeing at the sight of Jesus.

The disciples of Jesus used his name to cast out demons, and Paul did the same in the book of Acts.

“I demand you to get out of her in the name of Jesus Christ,” I turned and said to the ghost. And it was released at that exact hour.

Even today, when facing spiritual warfare, it is effective to use Jesus' name because his name has power.

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In the Bible, we see Jesus cast out a demon that his followers were unable to cast out. When the disciples questioned why not, Jesus replied,

Using Jesus as an example, we can see how scripture can be used to combat the evil one in spiritual battle.

After forty days of fasting, Jesus was tempted in the desert, and scripture was his defense against Satan.

We must know scripture in order to use it against the devil and his lies. When the devil lies to us about who we are in Christ, we must remember that we are a new creature, no longer our old selves, as 2 Corinthians 5:17 says.

When we are in the midst of spiritual conflict, worship music can be very effective. It allows us to recognize both who God is and his vast power, as well as who we are in Christ. Worship music helps us focus on God rather than the world's idols.

We are always engaged in spiritual warfare, and hopefully, we will be prepared to fight back against the devil's schemes to lead us away from God. To avoid being led astray, we must be in God's word and recall Jesus' example.

What are principalities and powers of darkness?

What are these darkness' principalities, powers, and rulers? Angelic powers, whether benign or terrible, are simply referred to as principalities and powers. However, when the rulers and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places are mentioned, the verse becomes dismal.