What Is Spiritual Investment

“Do not store riches on earth, where moth and rust destroy them and thieves break in and take them, but store treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroy them and thieves do not break in and steal them.” 6:19-20 — Matthew 6:19-20 — Matthew 6:19-20 — Matthew

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We all speak the same language when it comes to value. We make choices depending on what we value. I realize that considering everything transactional sounds dodgy and perhaps shallow, but it's the truth. Our spiritual journey follows the same pattern.

In Matthew 6:19-20, Jesus encourages us to store up and invest in heavenly and spiritual goods, just as we are commanded to do with worldly things. Spiritual investments, in fact, are considerably more valuable than any physical or financial investment we may make. As Christians, we are obligated to invest in our spiritual growth.

Being restored and rejuvenated by God's presence is the greatest spiritual reward. In Psalm 84:10, David expresses his understanding of this “A day spent in your courts is preferable to a thousand elsewhere. I'd rather be a doorkeeper in my God's house than live in the tents of the wicked.”

We acquire spiritual and even physical prosperity when we invest in God's presence.

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God is a relational God who expects us to be the same way. Creating a relationship with God (loving God) and building a relationship with others are the two instructions Jesus gave us (love your neighbor).

When we develop godly relationships with others, we invest in our own souls as well as the spirits of others.

Every Christian should strive for a Christ-like personality. While we will never be completely like Christ, we can strive to become more like Him. God does this in a variety of ways, one of which is through allowing us to go through hardships. “Not only that, but we exult in our tribulations, knowing that suffering produces perseverance, endurance builds character, and character produces hope,” writes Paul in Romans 5:3-5.

You may have invested in a gifting or talent that has given you a high return on investment.

We also have spiritual gifts that have been given to us by God and can provide a significant spiritual return on investment. God has called us all to use our gifts to glorify Him and bless others. We make spiritual deposits as we practice these gifts, which will harvest a higher return for us in due season, whether in this age or the next.

How do I invest in my spiritual life?

Humans are spiritual beings by their fundamental essence. According to surveys, 80-90 percent of people believe in God and Heaven in some form or another.

What does it take to live a spiritual life that is meaningful? People of faith frequently use the phrase “offering” to characterize their faith:

While we recognize that our readers' religious beliefs are diverse, we believe it is beneficial for all of us to focus on the spiritual aspects of our lives. Regardless of your current views, discovering and nurturing your spirituality as a part of your life path can provide you with insight. When we're at most busiest, it's understandable that our spiritual lives take a backseat. There is frequently a “We need a “wake-up call” to get us back on track.

It is entirely up to you how you approach your spiritual life, but whatsoever you choose to handle it, it is a significant decision. People who are involved in their spiritual lives generally take a holistic approach by participating in the following areas:

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The bottom line is that if you believe in God and want a fulfilling spiritual life, you must make space for it. Otherwise, it will be pushed out in the midst of a hectic schedule.

It's a good idea to do some study into this topic and establish a list of questions, just like you would with any other route of personal growth and development. Interact with individuals of faith and inquire about their spiritual journeys. Visit a place of worship with a friend who regularly attends. Look for chances, groups, or clubs in your school that are related to these topics and use them to create relationships in the community.

Choose some reading material that will help you grow, whether it's a book of devotions, meditations, or an inspiring account of someone else's religious journey.

Place it beside your bed or somewhere else where you'll see it (and use it) on a regular basis. We must devote time to reading and expressing our thanks, needs, and confessions. Daily meditation time not only helps us grow spiritually, but it also helps us maintain balance and perspective. Don't just give it your best shot “Remainders.” Instead, think of it as a present to yourself as part of your spiritual foundation.

What does the Bible say about spiritual investment?

When it comes to business and investing, we are expected to be trustworthy and fair. Invest ethically and without causing harm to others.

12:13 Ecclesiastes Now that everyone has had their say, here is the verdict: Fear God and observe his commandments, for this is the obligation of all humans.

13:11 (Proverbs) Dishonest money vanishes, but those who save money in small increments see it grow.

28:20 (Proverbs) A faithful man will be blessed abundantly, while he who rushes to get wealthy will be punished.

Proverbs16:8 It is preferable to have a small amount of money with justice than to have a large amount of money with no justice.

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19:13 (Leviticus) You must not oppress or rob your neighbor. A hired man's salary are not supposed to stay with you all night till dawn.

112:5 Psalm It is well with the man who deals freely and lends, and who runs his business in a lawful manner.

22:16 (Proverbs) Whoever oppresses the poor in order to enrich himself, or who donates to the wealthy, will only end up in poverty.

16:10 Luke 16:10 He who is faithful in a small thing is faithful in a large one, and he who is unjust in a small thing is unrighteous in a large one.

What is biblical investing?

BRI, also known as Faith-Driven Investing, is a biblical approach to investing in which Christians link their investment decisions with their Christian principles. BRI examines the financial return to the investor while also attempting to glorify God through the investment process.

What does it mean to invest in God's kingdom?

Investing in God's kingdom is the only investment that will remain forever. Your investment in eternity will never fade, rust, or lose value because it is invested in eternity. Changed lives, healed families, and eternal souls joining the kingdom of God will be the fruits of your heavenly investment.

What did Jesus say about finances?

Our money, Jesus remarked, is a test. If you read Luke 16:11, you'll see that Christ has no reason to trust you with true riches if you can't manage worldly prosperity. You may see the Parable of the Talents in black and white if you go to the website.

What does God say about retirement?

“This pertains to the Levites: Men twenty-five years old or older shall come to labor at the tent of meeting, but they must retire from their regular employment and work no longer at the age of fifty,” the Lord told Moses.

What does the Bible say about planning ahead?

There are numerous bible scriptures that discuss the need of planning to study. The Lord's command is plain in many cases. We should develop plans, but we should do so in consultation with God. The only way to ensure that our ideas succeed is to put them to the test with God's desires.

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This verse about making plans serves as a gentle reminder that, while we may make plans, it is ultimately the Lord who determines and guides our paths. We were pushed to success by his direction and leadership.

When the Lord establishes something, he is establishing a foundation for it. This suggests he's putting his imprint on anything (whether it's a deed, a goal, or a strategy), and his establishment implies that he's putting his force and weight behind it. This should motivate us to seek God's guidance before carrying out any plans to ensure that they are God-approved.

There are numerous Proverbs in the Bible that deal with planning. One of the most well-known is Proverbs 16:3. In fact, there are seven verses in Proverbs 16 that deal with creating plans. This planning verse Reminds us that committing our plans to God is the best method to have them established or planted. This entails letting his will take precedence over your plan. Do not clutch them so firmly that He is unable to move in your circumstance.

What did Jesus say about investing?

The basic objective of biblical saving and investing is the same as the purpose given to everyone who has put their faith and trust in Jesus: to love God and to love others (Matthew 22:36-40). It is to provide for our families and those in need that we save money.