What Is Spiritual Food And Drink

Spiritual nourishment is what we feed our thoughts and hearts. It's what our minds consider or digest during the day. Your digestive system transforms the carrots or cheese you consume into YOU, and the things you introduce into your mind offer it ideas to digest throughout the day.

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What are spiritual drinks?

Wines from Spain and France were shipped in large quantities to England and Holland as early as the 15th century. Producers eventually came up with the notion of distilling the wine, transporting it, and then diluting it with water before serving or selling it. They distilled the wine from nine barrels into one, and the Dutch began referring to the product as wijnbranders – which means ‘wine burnt' – due to the fire required for the distillation process. This led to the development of brandywijn and, eventually, brandy. Brandy is now manufactured in several other EU nations, most notably in Germany and Italy.

How do you feed spiritually?

6 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Soul Satisfied

  • It's time to talk about it. You may have been taught to say a prayer before eating, sleeping, fighting, or anything else.

What does it mean to say that one's relationship with food and eating is spiritual?

Your spiritual progress can be greatly influenced by your connection with food. When on a spiritual path, people often overlook the importance of nourishing their bodies. Eating natural whole meals soothes your body and mind, allowing you to be more conscious and present in life.

How food affect us spiritually?

The key to a healthy mind is a healthy body. We can't deny how good we feel psychologically and emotionally when our bodies are operating at optimal capability. We can think clearly, have plenty of energy, and our attitude has improved, so we're in a better position to interact positively with our surroundings and the people in them. A healthy body, on the other hand, benefits more than simply our intellect. It is the key to having a happy and healthy soul. When it comes to our health, we often consider at the surface level or just below it (think literal body and mental health). We do not give as much thought to what lurks deep beneath the depths of our beings as we should. If we did, we could realize the significance of spiritual homeostasis, or, to put it another way, balance.

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Whether we like it or not, our souls are housed in delicate vessels. Consider it a ship tasked with transporting a valuable and priceless object from one harbor to the next. The captain must ensure that his ship is seaworthy in order to transport that valuable possession securely. We've all experienced firsthand how choppy Life's sea can be. So, how does the captain ensure that his ship is ready to sail? He takes excellent care of it and keeps it in beautiful condition. This may appear to be a difficult chore to a new sailor who is just getting their sea legs, but patience, as with all things, is the key.

Simply changing your diet is one of the first steps you can take on the path to spiritual equilibrium. We live in a world of convenience, where the bulk of food arrives in a box or bag and we don't even have to heat it up before eating it. We also live in a world where fast food is inexpensive, but we pay for quantity rather than quality.

Chemicals and preservatives in our food supply have long been known to have a harmful impact on human health. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's disease have all seen dramatic increases in recent years, with a clear link between dietary habits and the chance of developing preventable diseases. A simple Google search will yield this information, but you already know it is correct. We all do it on some level. We simply get caught in difficult-to-break cycles. It's completely natural and completely reversible.

So, what exactly is a “clean diet”? That's all there is to it. Unprocessed foods such as fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts, farm fresh eggs, unprocessed meats, unrefined grains, and hormone-free dairy, to mention a few, are all part of a clean diet. The healthier your food is, the more natural and unprocessed it is. It's a simple notion that should be easy for anyone to follow, yet the idea of drastically changing your diet can be unsettling to say the least. That's fine! You don't have to do everything at once or right now. As previously stated, the key to success is patience and perhaps a little persistence. Begin with simple changes, such as selecting fruit over chips or packing a nutritious lunch rather than eating fast food. Cutting back on soda and increasing your water intake are two wonderful things you can do. Notice how I used the word ‘cutting down' rather than ‘cutting out.' We're looking for modest successes and small steps. Go greater and accomplish more once you're at ease.

  • The body, in turn, nourishes the spirit, assisting you in finding your own personal Zen.
  • Inner tranquility is essential for dealing with external problems. You can confidently catch Life's curveballs when you have mental and spiritual clarity.
  • Caring for your soul allows you to live a more purposeful life, one that is guided by you rather than uncertainty or fear.
  • Your perception has an impact on your inner serenity. It's difficult to notice and appreciate the world's inherent beauty when we're feeling depressed and out of sorts.
  • Inner tranquility attracts you like a magnet! You will readily attract nice, tranquil people to yourself. Additionally, being so in tune with your body and soul can naturally alert you to unpleasant things and people with ease, similar to your own “negativity radar.”
  • With a happy perspective, creativity flourishes. All of your mental obstacles and concerns will be eliminated, allowing you to finally focus on what makes you happy and fulfills you.

All of these items are crucial, despite their simplicity. Whether you're traveling calm waters or turbulent seas, spiritual wellness will protect and aid you every step of the way.

What is spiritual soul food?

A nutritious diet and regular exercise are critical for excellent health, disease prevention, and living longer, but there are other aspects of life that are even more critical for health and longevity.

I learned in my training as a holistic health coach that there are two sorts of food: primary food and secondary food, and that primary food has a greater impact on your life quality than secondary food (the food you eat).

So, what do you consider to be primary food?

It's what I call it “It's soul food.” Healthy relationships, enjoyable physical exercise, a fulfilling/satisfying career, and a meaningful spiritual practice are all things that feed our heart and soul. These things have the power to satiate our deepest need for a happy and satisfying life. Your life feeds you when your primary food is balanced and satisfying, making what you eat secondary.

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We will utilize secondary food to try to satisfy our hunger if we do not have a good balance of primary food to help us feel that our lives are important and joyful “hunger” that can only be satisfied by primary food.

When we're truly hungry for primary food, we often fill ourselves with secondary foods. Weight gain, frustration, guilt, low self-esteem, depression, or more serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer can all result from this. All the food in the world will not satisfy your hunger for the essential food in your life.

1) Relationships — love feeds the body, mind, and soul.

Consider your social needs on a scale of one to ten to find the ideal balance of togetherness and solitude for you.

2) Physical Activities – Figure out which sorts of physical activity you enjoy the most and include them into your daily routine.

You'll get different types of energy from different types of exercise and activity.

Listen to your body to figure out what works best for you, then combine a variety of activities to maintain your balance.

3) Career – employment is an important aspect of our everyday lives, but how many people enjoy their jobs?

If we were performing work that we enjoyed, our lives would be much better.

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Consider what you enjoy and dislike about the work you undertake on a daily basis.

If it isn't rewarding or fun, it may be time to explore a change of career.

It's not about adding more years to your life; it's about adding more LIFE to your years, so make sure you're getting a healthy mix of both “FOR A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, AND MORE FULFILLING LIFE, EAT “FOOD FOR THE SOUL” EVERY DAY.

Susan Kimmel, H.C. is a Toxic-Free Living Specialist and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. Susan has over 25 years of HR training and development experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She taught in the accelerated degree program at Concordia University as an adjunct professor. She has considerable experience with training program development and delivery, small and large group facilitation, individual and group coaching, and public speaking. “EVERYONE BENEFITS WHEN YOU INVEST IN YOUR PEOPLE'S HEALTH!”

How do you feed your soul?

The importance of being present in the moment has been emphasized throughout this article. It's because we only have the present moment. It helps to just sit motionless, listen to our own thoughts, or even become as mindless as possible for a few moments.

A quiet settles over your body, mind, and spirit, allowing you to let go of everything. Even a brief period of meditation can be extremely beneficial. The longer and more frequently you meditate, the better, more calm, and more present you will feel.

  • Allow your thoughts to come and go as they please, then restore your attention to the breath.
  • Take a seat in a position that is comfortable for you. Make sure your back is straight if you're seated.
  • To ensure that you can focus and relax while meditating, find a safe, peaceful area. It can happen in any location, including outside.

Read Inspirational Books, Watch a Happy or Inspirational Movie

Consider what it was like to go to bed as a child. Before falling asleep, you were nestled in and told a midnight story. You probably fell asleep easily because you felt secure and relaxed. That is still a possibility.

Watching movies or reading books will help you escape your own thoughts and immerse yourself in a fantastic adventure or inspirational story starring someone else. Even if the difficulties and tribulations are fictional, reading or seeing someone else go through them might help motivate someone who is trapped or down on their luck.

  • Don't force yourself to finish a book or movie you don't like. Instead, look for a book or movie that speaks to you more deeply.
  • Try to stay away from films with a lot of violence. Your brain will believe it is witnessing it for real, and you will become even more agitated.

What does it mean to be spiritually fed?

The same principle applies to spiritual nourishment at church. Have we prepared ourselves to be fed before we enter into church? Have we prayed and asked God to prepare our hearts and minds to receive His Word and teachings? Have we brought the utensils (Bible) or have we left them lying on the car floor or in the closet?

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How do you feed your soul with the word of God?

“Pay attention to Me and consume what is good” (Isaiah 55:2 NKJV). It's like bringing a chair up to a banquet table when we give God our undivided attention and spend time in His Word. The food on God's “table” is ready and waiting for us since He is the Master Chef.

How do I care for my soul?

Today, I'd want to discuss how to take care of our spiritual health in a precise and comprehensive manner. Because how we treat our souls has an impact on how we treat our minds, which in turn has an impact on how we treat our bodies. It's everything intertwined.

And, while it may appear woowoo or “out there,” care for our souls is crucial. As a result, I'd like to make it as accessible and useful to every mama as possible. I'm going to discuss ten ways we may take care of our souls in a consistent, real, and life-changing way in this article.

Disclaimer: This material is written from a particular point of view. I am a born-again Christian who has accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. He and I have a personal bond. I believe He died on the cross for my sins and the sins of everyone who has ever lived or will ever live, that all we have to do to be saved is accept His free gift, that He was buried, and that He rose three days later. I believe I can communicate with Him anywhere, at any moment, without the need for anybody else to intervene. Every word of the Bible is absolute truth, in my opinion. And I think that when I die, I will be present with Jesus right away.

Immerse yourself in truth on a daily basis.

We are constantly assaulted with terrible news in our modern environment. Truly. It's almost unavoidable at times. We won't be able to control everything unless we live in a bubble, but we can control a lot of it.

In this case, we have a lot of options. In conclusion. We may not be able to control others or things outside of ourselves, but we do have power over ourselves.

So, on a daily basis, how do we immerse ourselves in truth? I do this in several ways, the most important of which is through reading the Bible every day. Before I leave my room, almost always first thing in the morning. Some days I only have a few minutes, while others I have a lot more. I read a chapter or a portion of a chapter on some days, but I nearly always attempt to read at least one verse that I can carry with me throughout the day.

I begin by allowing truth to enter, then I go about my day with the aim of keeping lies out. I don't read or watch the news. I don't follow people on social media who don't tell it like it is or who don't encourage me. If I start to have doubts or anxieties, I pray for God's protection. I'm not always as fast to notice spiritual attacks as I should be, but I've learned a lot over the years and am much better at spotting the warning signs.

Every day, I end my day by praying for physical, mental, and emotional safety for myself and my family. As we sleep, I literally pray for God to send His warrior angels to protect us.

TRY: Reading a poem or a chapter before getting out of bed is a good idea. Choose a Bible book to work through verse by verse, download the YouVersion app and read through a Bible study, or go to SheReadsTruth and use one of their studies (it's free to read online and you can even have it emailed to you every day). Pray for protection throughout the day, and be specific – pray that the Enemy's lies are silenced and that truth reigns in your heart. Turn off the news, unfollow those you need to unfollow, and be the gatekeeper of your thoughts.

Practice gratitude.

There's a lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now. Which is understandable given that we live in a fractured world and this is not our home. There is so much trouble, hardship, uncertainty, anguish, sorrow, and spiritual persecution. It's true.

So, I'm not advising you to be Pollyanna and brush everything under the rug, living in denial. I'm telling you that expressing thankfulness on a daily basis changes our outlook.

It has certainly been true in my life. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything going on around me, naming my thankfulness quickly lifts my spirits.

Before I get out of bed each day, I like to make a gratitude list of five things I'm grateful for. There are just five of them. This is something you could do immediately before bed. Or both at the same time.

TRY jotting down 5 things you're grateful for every day. You can either construct a mental list or start a thankfulness diary that you can contribute to every day. Find a blank journal and keep it next to your bed. Make it a practice to look for those five things, and I guarantee it will brighten your days and your soul.

Harness the power of truth-filled affirmations.

I was expecting my third child, my husband was in Seattle trying to sell our house that wouldn't sell, and I was living with my parents in Oklahoma with our two children while we waited. There were so many unanswered questions. Fears. I despise being apart from my husband. And, as appreciative as I was for my parents' assistance during that time, being without a house was quite difficult. In-between. In a state of limbo.

Throughout it all, I recall praying frequently, like if I hadn't prayed in a long time. I also began composing truth-filled affirmations that I said over myself and my family on a daily basis. These were similar to prayers, but they were delivered as affirmations of faith.

Do you have any questions? Every single one of the affirmations I wrote on my list came true. And many of them were enormous, making them appear unattainable. Which continues to astound me. I'm so glad I decided to use the power of uttering truth-filled affirmations during that time.

TRY: Make a list of 3-5 affirmations that are true. “We will sell our house at the appropriate time for more than we ever imagined possible,” I wrote on my list at the time. Keep the affirmations in a visible location where you will see them every day. Make time, even if it's only a minute, to read them aloud. It makes a difference to say it out loud. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the spoken word has tremendous power.

Meditate on Scripture.

I'm tying this into the first point since it's so crucial. What we feed our minds has an impact on how we feel about ourselves. We must keep the truth in the forefront of our minds.

This is why I like to start my day with reading my Bible. At least one verse, or a portion of a verse, will usually jump out at me. It's a nugget of wisdom I can carry with me throughout the day.

I'll either put it down at the top of my to-do list or remind myself of it on a regular basis. In any case, I'm bringing truth into my day and maintaining it at the forefront of my thoughts. The impact on my soul health on days when I do this is enormous.

TRY: When you're reading the Bible, ask the Holy Spirit to show you the truth. Take that reality with you throughout the day. Make a lock screen for your phone, write it down on your to-do list, scribble it on an index card, and store it somewhere you'll see it frequently.

Make time to dream without limits.

It may seem stupid at first, but recall how natural it seemed when you were a kid? It's fun to daydream. Allow your creativity to run free. To consider all of the things you wanted to accomplish but couldn't because of a variety of factors.

Do it more often. Make contact with your inner kid. Make no apologies. Don't give it too much thought. Allow yourself to daydream. This is really important for our spiritual well-being. God would not have given us the ability to dream unless He intended for us to use it throughout our lives.

TRY: Creating a space where you can sit and daydream. Take a notebook and a pen with you. Alternatively, use your laptop. Even your phone's notes application. Simply sit and daydream. What are your travel plans? What are your plans? Make a list of three activities you'd do if money and time weren't an issue. Begin there. Allow oneself to dream without any constraints.

Declutter anything that holds you down.

And by anything, I mean anything. In a particular aspect of your life. But plain, old junk that accumulates in drawers, on counters, in corners, and under beds surely weighs us down. It may not appear to have an impact on our spiritual well-being, but it very certainly does. Physical clutter leads to mental chaos, which leads to emotional chaos, which leads to soul chaos.

It's beneficial to determine which sections in your home require the greatest decluttering. What are your biggest annoyances? Begin with one of them. Declutter for 20 minutes by setting a timer. Have a trash can, a giving bin, and a selling bin (if that's your thing). You may also have a bin for storing your belongings. Take care of anything you decluttered when the timer goes off. Do what has to be done to prevent it from returning to its original location.

TRY: decluttering for 20 minutes once a day or even once a week until you've addressed all of the issues you've identified. Make sure to take care of everything you declutter right away so it doesn't end up back where it started. As you see the results of clearing the items that have been holding you back, your motivation will rise.

Make time to be alone.

This was something I used to despise. I was terrified of being alone with my thoughts. It simply felt safer to keep going, pushing, and moving forward. Then I have to come to a halt and address whatever is bothering me.

However, if we don't set aside time to be alone on a regular basis, our spiritual health suffers. With God and with ourselves. Just there, with no intention other than to listen and share what's on our minds with Him. To take a deep breath and relax our brains amid the silence.

The pressures on our souls are enormous in this day and age. I'm not sure whether you've noticed, but I've noticed a significant increase in the spiritual realm in recent months. It's tangible, and there's a lot of it. Add to it the fact that you're a human…and then a wife and a mother. So, on top of my own soul, I'm dealing with other souls and all the spiritual “noise” that feels like it's yelling at me right now.

I require some alone time. Mama, you feel the same way. Simply being able to think, process, cry, release…whatever it is. Don't be afraid to be by yourself.

TRY: sitting with oneself for a few minutes every day. To be on my own. Bring a notebook and a pen with you. Bring nothing with you. But don't forget to bring yourself and do what you can to help. Sitting quietly and expressing any fears or concerns, as well as putting down goals, dreams, or prayers. Recite your affirmations once more. Maybe you'll require more than a few minutes? Take the automobile to a sunny location and simply enjoy the silence. It does not have to be extravagant. It's true that a little goes a long way.

Change your scenery.

Make it happen, whatever this means to you. Do you want to rearrange the furnishings in your bedroom? Is this your living room? Perhaps clear out a closet and turn it into a mini-office?

Or perhaps you simply need to get in your car and go for a drive, a day trip? Even if it's for the night. Take your friends and all of your road munchies and go somewhere you've never been before.

Change your surroundings. Serve dinner on the living room floor in a picnic-style setting. Watch a movie beneath the stars with a sheet and projector. Anything that gets you out of your rut, out of your routine, and into a new, exciting zone. It doesn't have to be expensive, yet it will undoubtedly give your spirit new life.

TRY: Any or all of the aforementioned options. Change up your room, your wall art, or even how you organize a drawer (it's also excellent for your brain to go off autopilot!). Find a body of water, take a lunch, and spend the day exploring. Allow your imagination to guide you.

Be content with what you have + where you are.

Being content isn't always a popular topic. It comes across as arrogant and goody-two-shoes. But when we choose to embrace what we have, just where we are, something remarkable happens in our souls.

It's a decision, after all. It was OUR decision. To quit being overwhelmed by want, seeking what we don't have, and fantasizing about being somewhere other than where we are right now. It's not simple to sit with unfulfilled wants, to lean into unmet needs, or to accept the pain of missing something or somewhere.

But learning to be content through difficult times, sad times, and difficult times fortifies our souls in ways that instant fulfillment never could. We were never designed to live flawless lives where all of our needs are provided exactly when we ask for them — at least not on this planet. This is not our home, as that agony tells us.

TRY: acknowledging your dissatisfaction when it emerges, writing it down in a notebook, and physically opening your hands and giving it to God. He is aware of our every need and desire. He is gracious and good, and he only gives us the finest. Refer back to #2 and make a list of everything in your life for which you are grateful right now. Discontent is snuffed out when we name our benefits.

Don't forget to breathe.

Years passed with me clutching my breath. Not always literally…but occasionally. Without realizing it, I would hold it for several seconds at a time. When I was focused, when I was stressed, when I wasn't feeling well.

It took me years to figure out how to breathe properly. I'm still figuring things out. To take a deep breath and then exhale. I'm learning to let go of things I don't have control over.

Mama, take a deep breath with me. Deeply. For a count of four, breathe in through your nose. 1-2-3-4. Hold for 3 seconds at the top. 1-2-3. For a count of six, exhale through your mouth. 1-2-3-4-5-6.

If necessary, repeat as many times as necessary. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Breathe in joy and exhale joy. Breathe in love and exhale love. Now, keep it going…

TRY: Deep breathing exercises before getting out of bed, if you're anxious or overwhelmed, in the bath or shower, and before going to bed. It has an impact on your entire being, not just your physical body. It relaxes your mind while also providing spiritual oxygen to your soul.

What spirituality means?

Spirituality is defined as the awareness of a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater total of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature. True spirituality necessitates the opening of one's heart.