What Is Spiritual Depression

Spiritual depression is characterized by a decrease in spiritual vigor and joy. In terms of Christianity, spiritual depression can include the following:

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  • concentrating on previous failures rather than potential adjustments that could help you do better in the future

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a Protestant clergyman, is thought to have coined the term “Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure,” a sermon series on the subject.

However, he points out that spiritual depression is mentioned in the Bible. For example, in Psalm 42, the unidentified poet wonders, “Why hast thou been thrown down, O my soul? And what makes you so concerned about me? “Have faith in God, for I will yet laud him for the help of his face.”

If you're suffering from spiritual depression, your religious leader might advise you to pray or seek Christ. However, many of the symptoms of spiritual depression can also be signs of a depressive condition, which may be difficult to treat without the help of a mental health professional.

Our article below delves deeper into the differences between the two, as well as advice on how to deal with symptoms that are more chronic.

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While the focus of this article is on spiritual depression in the context of Christianity, spiritual depression and depressive disorders can affect persons of any religion or spiritual practice.

What are the spiritual causes of depression?

Some individuals believe that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, which is a simple view. It's commonly attributed to a low amount of serotonin, a neurotransmitter, and depressed persons are routinely offered medicine to raise serotonin levels in their brain. However, as I already stated, viewing depression in these terms is extremely problematic.

We should consider depression in terms of environmental and existential variables rather than as a neurological disorder. It's not always easy to pinpoint what's causing a person's despair. People get depressed as a result of the breakdown of relationships, the death of loved ones, or the loss of their jobs. They get depressed as a result of being poor, living in underprivileged neighborhoods with high crime rates, or being the victim of bigotry and disdain.

However, as we all know, depression can manifest itself in a variety of ways, with roots that are difficult to trace. Depression can be caused by “hidden” psychological elements like a person's negative thinking style or suppressed childhood trauma that causes psychological conflict. It could be because to a loss of purpose and meaning, love, or even touch with nature. Antidepressants may or may not address the fundamental cause of a person's depression.

There is another source of depression that I've come across regularly in my studies but that isn't well-known. This is the kind of spiritual sadness I'm talking about.

When depression emerges as a result of a separation from our own natural spirituality, we are said to be depressed. As a transpersonal psychologist, I've encountered many people who had a profound spiritual experience as a child but suppressed it because they didn't comprehend it. In some cases, this was a near-death experience in which they were immediately out of their bodies, engulfed in light, filled with joy and liberty, as well as a consciousness of an all-pervading love. In other situations, it was a spiritual awakening during a period of high stress, while participating in sports, or while wandering in the countryside.

What does the Bible say about the spirit of depression?

“The Lord himself goes before of you and will accompany you; he will never abandon you.” Don't be scared, and don't be disheartened.” The Good News: Despite how lonely depression can make you feel, God is still with you. And he has no intention of leaving.

What causes depression in the Bible?

This is referred to in the Bible as “justification by faith.” (See Romans 5:9, for example.) One of the hidden reasons of sadness is guilt from unresolved sin if you have never accepted Christ as your Savior. The answer is to pray to God the Father and put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior.

How does spirituality affect mental health?

  • When you're sick, it can help you find inner strength and speed up your recovery.

Talking with a religious or spiritual leader might provide persons with mental illnesses a sense of hope. Some mental diseases might be viewed as moments when people doubt their own worth or purpose in a negative manner. Incorporating spirituality into the therapy of mental health issues can be incredibly beneficial.

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How can I stop being so miserable?

1. Recognize the source of your dissatisfaction.

Accepting your unpleasant feelings, contrary to popular belief, has been shown to improve your well-being. Accepting unpleasant emotions like disappointment, rage, and despair can help you relax. While it's unclear why accepting bad sensations is so effective, past research has shown that naming negative feelings—”I'm feeling resentful,” “This is grief,” and so on—shifts your feelings from the emotional to the reasoning parts of your brain. You can put your sentiments in perspective once your “thinker” (the prefrontal cortex) is on board.

2. Be compassionate to yourself.

Speaking nicely to yourself might provide a sense of relief. You may not have many individuals in your life who can provide you with the profound empathy you require right now, but you do have one—you.

3. Allow yourself to feel cheerful whenever possible.

Tell yourself that you don't have to feel bad about wanting to feel relieved, happy, and joyful in your life.

4. Engage in pleasurable and healthful diversions.

When you give yourself permission to be joyful, you may better enjoy minor pleasures like a walk, a cup of coffee, a conversation with a friend, or a trip to the park. Music, books, and movies can provide both an escape and a sense of fulfillment. Even if a section of your life is falling apart, remind yourself that it's OK to have fun.

5. Stick to your self-care schedule.

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If you don't already have one, start one. Exercise, eat well, make time for friends, and get enough of rest. Resist the “false friends” of binge drinking, overeating, and living on the sofa.

6. Look for activities that are both innovative and meaningful.

Make a pastime or a creative endeavor out of your emotions. According to studies by James Pennebaker and others, writing in your journal can help you focus and may even be therapeutic.

What is anxiety spiritually?

Anxiety is a universal characteristic of all living things, even the tiniest animals whose lives center around survival. However, these species suffer from reality anxiety, a fear of survival-related events such as dog bites or surviving a severe winter, as described by Sigmund Freud. Reality anxiety affects humans as well, but our brains have developed to allow us to reason—a capacity that causes worry on a different level, stemming from deeper existential issues about the nature of our existence.

This level of worry is referred to as sacred anxiety by Robert Gerzon, an author and holistic psychotherapist. Gerson's approach to holy anxiety reflects the concerns raised by persons going on spiritual journeys, whether religious or not. “Sacred anxiety characterizes our experience with the ultimate, the fear of death, and the wonder of existence,” he stated. “This is existential concern about our place in the universe on a cosmic scale.”

The understanding that, at the end of the day, each of us is alone within our head, viewing the world differently from others while simultaneously inhabiting it. The feeling of dread that comes over you when you worry what happens when you die, if you'll be able to see your loved ones again “You will either continue to exist in some manner or will fade away into another realm of existence. Sacred anxiety incorporates both of these worries, and although Gerzon compares it to a fear of the unknown, it is a fear of the unknown “Regardless of our religious views, our uniquely human ability to reason has the potential to lead us into deeper anxieties.

What is dark night of the soul spiritually?

In Roman Catholic spirituality, the term “black night (of the soul)” refers to a spiritual crisis on the path to union with God, similar to the one described by St. John of the Cross.

A 19th-century French nun and doctor of the Church, St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face, OCD, wrote about her own experience of the dark night. Her dark night stemmed from her doubts about the presence of eternity, which she overcame not via rational or volitional acquiescence, but through a strengthening of her Catholic faith. She, on the other hand, endured a long period of spiritual darkness, saying to her fellow nuns, “If you only understood the darkness I am plunged into.”

While spiritual crises are usually only transient, they can last a long time. In the 18th century, St. Paul of the Cross went through a 45-year “dark night,” from which he eventually recovered. According to her letters, the gloomy night of St. Teresa of Calcutta, whose religious name she chose in honor of St. Thérèse, “may be the most extensive such case on record,” lasting from 1948 practically until her death in 1997, with only brief interludes of relief.

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What God says about loneliness?

Deuteronomy 31:6 is a good Bible passage about loneliness. It teaches you to be brave and to know that you are never alone because the Lord God is always with you. There are also other comforting Bible verses, such as Psalms 23:4, which says “I will not be afraid even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, since thou art with me, and thy rod and thy staff comfort me.” There are verses in the Bible that can provide consolation and reassure you that God is reliable and will provide for those who need him and believe in him. He will give you rest, and he will keep an eye on the bereaved and bind their wounds. He is also with you when you are experiencing extreme events such as persecution or famine.

Yes, there is proof throughout the Bible that God is concerned about your loneliness. When it comes to loneliness, the Bible contains numerous scriptures that might provide comfort in times of need. One of these is Matthew 11: 28, where Jesus Christ says that if you are “lowly in heart,” he will “grant you rest.” You can also look at Isaiah 43:2, where it says that even if you don't know what you're doing, you're doing it “You will not be alone if you “cross through the waters.” God will not abandon you or abandon you, and he is concerned about your loneliness. Every believer should understand that God and Jesus Christ want them to realize they are not alone in the world and to take comfort in that knowledge. If you're feeling down, try looking up a verse of the day to lift your spirits. In other words, Bible verses may be able to help you feel better about your condition if you are lonely.

The basic point of Psalms 46 is that God is constantly there with you. You can rely on Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit even in difficult circumstances, such as famine or nakedness. They could be able to help you get through difficult situations. Other Bible verses, Bible texts, or whatever you choose to call them, also mention this. Another is Matthew 28:16, in which Christ Jesus explains how he is teaching people to follow regulations so that they would always be safe. This is how you will know for sure that the Lord God will not abandon you. When it states he is teaching them to obey laws or commandments, what he is essentially saying is that these are the guidelines that the Lord your God wants you to follow.

In the Bible, there are a few places where community is discussed, such as in Romans 12. You are expected to cooperate together with others and not to think of yourself as superior to others. Money is believed to be a bad desire, therefore try not to want goods in this world. It is sometimes misquoted, with many claiming that money is the source of all evil while, in fact, it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Instead, you can collaborate with others to finish tasks and when you require assistance or support. If you participate in Bible study with others, for example, you may be able to meet others who share your interests, such as a shared love of Christ, and form friendships with them. This is what it is to have a sense of belonging.

You could be lonely for a variety of reasons. One reason is because you don't have anyone to chat to or hang out with and you'd like to do so. Another reason could be that you've recently moved or made a significant life shift and are now cut off from the people you care about. Whatever the reason for your loneliness, you should make every effort to reach out to those you care about and maintain contact with them. Remember that just as he was with you in times of famine or nakedness, he will be with you in times of loneliness.

When you're feeling lonely, you might wish to phone and talk to your loved ones. You might be able to schedule a coffee date or a meet-up with folks who are important to you. If you don't have any other options, you can contact them via social media. If you want to talk about your loneliness and how to fix it, you can even seek professional help through the employment of a therapist. If you're interested in Bible verses, Bible websites, or different sorts of Bible study, you might want to look into them. Remember that the Bible says he will give you rest, heal your brokenheartedness, and bind up your wounds, so you can be healthy.

The Bible encourages you to give back to your community and assist those in need. For example, Psalms 68 says that he brings out the prisoners and those who are shackled, implying that even those who have been in bondage or jail should be looked after. When it comes to persecution or famine, he doesn't want anyone to be alone. You should realize that you are a part of something bigger when you pass through the waters and experience Christ's love. At the same time, you must continue to read Bible scriptures and lessons, as well as be a good person.

In Matthew 19, Jesus Christ explained to the rich man the commandments he must observe in order to follow Christ. The 10 commandments, which include not lying, murdering, honoring my father and mother, and having no other gods, may be familiar to you. He also advised him to sell his belongings if he wished to follow him. Because the guy refused to make these changes, Christ Jesus emphasized that it is difficult for a rich man to enter heaven. One reason for this is that money is widely seen as the source of all evil.

The Bible may be a wonderful source of consolation and instruction. Although the Bible contains many valuable messages, obtaining the assistance of someone who is familiar with specific mental difficulties and has assisted others in the past might be beneficial.