What Is Spiritual Darkness In The Bible

At the time of creation, God did not remove darkness. Light was added by God. However, for many people, darkness represents everything that is unpleasant, hurtful, evil, and frightening. Darkness and light were given equal weight by God, and all life, including human life, begins and develops in the dark.

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Scientists have noted the relevance of darkness in the circadian rhythm — the sleep-wake cycle — and recommend that we sleep in darkness. Our health may be harmed if this dark/sleep cycle is disturbed. Cardiovascular events, obesity, and neurological issues can all be exacerbated by a disrupted circadian rhythm.

Our immune systems require darkness to function properly. In addition, when we are in the dark, our bodies release the hormone melatonin, which aids in the prevention of diseases such as breast and prostate cancer.

We can comprehend the usefulness of darkness in the scientific realm, but what about in the spiritual world? Because God is light, darkness, the polar opposite of light, has come to signify anything that separates us from God in the experience of religion and the church. Light represents salvation, spiritual development, and discernment. However, we can only comprehend and appreciate beauty when we contrast and contrast it with the darkness.

God can't be stopped by darkness. The response of God to darkness is described in Psalm 139:12: “Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You, But the night shines as the day; The darkness and the light are both similar to You.”

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We close our eyes to focus and eliminate distractions when we enter darkness to pray. This could be one of the reasons for spiritual gloom. It's a process of turning away from the light's images and diversions and focusing the mind and heart on God. In the dark, this is where we start to grow.

We journey through the darkness of sin to discover Christ, the Light, as our Redeemer. We learn that the Holy Spirit is the wellspring of truth and faith as we go through the darkness of uncertainty. We struggle to understand that Christ is our protector and deliverer while we face the darkness of crisis and issues. We confront death and discover that God provides eternal life. Even if we cry in the dark, joy comes in the morning. We walk through the darkness of sin, temptation, and testing… yet Jesus Christ leads us to the Light of Salvation.

What is the power of darkness in the Bible?

In Acts of Apostles 26:18, the Holy Bible affirms this “To open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from Satan's power to God's, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who have been sanctified by faith in me.”

For us, the crucial phrases in this quotation are “From darkness to light, and from Satan's power to God.”

We are taught that there are two opposing forces of power: darkness and light.

A monthly session is held by the Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM) “Power must be transferred.”

A program that employs prayers to move God's people, whether they are born again or not, from the powers of darkness to the forces of light.

Darkness, my brothers and sisters, gives discomfort, aches, sadness, and tears, while the Lord's Light, Jesus, provides comfort, laughter, celebration, and joy.

Our authority is found in John 9:5-6. It reads, “I am the light of the world as long as I am alive.” If you believe in Jesus' existence, he is present with you.

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Pastor Julius Olalekan of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Region 12, Ogun State, preached a sermon that I'd like to share with you.

He stated, ” “The power of darkness is anything that goes against God's word in your life.

Your journey to victory has not begun, according to Pastor Olalekan, if you do not know how to liberate yourself from the forces of evil.

He claimed that once you are free of the darkness, your ownership changes. The force that is in charge of you shifts. After you've been born again and have forgiven your sins, Jesus takes charge of your heart, but you must stay away from anything that could lead you back to the forces of darkness.

With your soul's redemption, you're already equipped to fight back against the powers of darkness that are eager to put you to the test once more.

Do you believe the devil is unaware that Jesus is God's Son; do you believe the devil is unaware that the Father is in him and He in the Father?

He was well aware of this, yet it didn't stop the devil from tempting him.

3&4 Matthew 4:3&4 “When the tempter approached him, he said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command that these stones be transformed into bread.” But he responded, “It is written, Man shall not live by food alone, but by every word that comes from God's mouth.” You know the whole thing, brethren.

Friends who give ungodly advice, people who seek to take advantage of your situation, and others tempt us on a daily basis.

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Fear of the enemy is a problem for many of us, and it is this fear that leads some people who claim to be sincere Christians into the hands of occultists, herbalists, and witch doctors posing as prophets or prophetesses.

As reported in Luke 10:19, we frequently fail to apply God's word. “I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, as well as all the strength of the enemy, and nothing shall harm you in any way.”

To what extent are you employing the authority that the Lord has given you over the enemy's powers as a Christian?

Anything that makes you uncomfortable, such as loneliness, barrenness, miscarriages, and fruitless endeavors, is a serpent in your life.

You can either live with it or cast it out in Jesus' name, which is above all names.

Many of us have read that once the Israelites were freed from Pharaoh's enslavement, he and his soldiers pursued them, intending to re-enslave them, but God intervened and caused the Red Sea to swallow Pharaoh and his horse riders.

In the name of Jesus, the strength of the Lord of Hosts will consume every snake or scorpion creating discomfort in your life this season as you cling to the word of God.

6:11 Ephesians 6:11 “Put on the entire armor of God so that you can stand against the devil's schemes.”

Verses 13-18 provide us specific instructions on how to defeat the forces of darkness.

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Some of the verses will be highlighted.

13th verse “Take up the entire armor of God, that ye may be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand.”

17 and 18 are two of the most important verses in the Bible “And put on the helmet of salvation, as well as the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: praying always in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints;”

Let us strengthen our confidence with this testimony from Winners Chapel titled “Barrenness Has Been Destroyed.”

“In my home, I want to testify to God's goodness and faithfulness.

We were denied the fruit of the womb four years after our covenant marriage.

The devil will send people to literally inform me that we won't be able to have children.

I kept telling myself that God will make it happen.

When I first joined this Commission, the words of faith I heard cheered and strengthened me. My wife and I went to a class on how to be more productive. As God would have it, my wife took in and became pregnant right away. I told God that if He could keep the pregnancy going, I would bring the baby to the altar.” The infant was born and has been dedicated since then.

Whose voice will you listen to, brethren?

Whether it's the enemy's or God's.

Our God, who is capable of accomplishing anything.

Every force of darkness keeping us captive will give way in the name of Jesus as we devote more time to God's message and work.

What does the Bible say about things done in darkness?

I've observed a pattern emerge as I watch events unfold around us and around the world. This pattern strikes me as an undercurrent reality that is undeniably present in today's chaotic environment. But I also see it in our history, where our previous follies and errors litter the terrain.

This pattern may be found in every individual's lifestyle, as well as at the national and international levels. This trend does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, the black and the white, the Latino and the Asian. It may be found in both small and large businesses, as well as in our country's politics.

This pattern is a universal truth that works in all places and among all peoples at all times. This pattern is not only universal, but also biblical, as God has written it into the very fabric of existence. It is God who has proclaimed it to us through his holy word, the Bible, and who assures that it is carried out.

The Law of Hypocrisy Unmasked is the name of this pattern. It's a component of the process of judging. All secrets must eventually come to light, according to this reality and operational philosophy. The question is not whether things will come to light, but when they will.

As I watch events unfold in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, and now McKinney, Texas, I am confident that what is done in the dark will be exposed — even if the events are historical in nature, such as the Medgar Evers murder case and other civil rights injustices, the Armenian genocide, the Bosnian genocide, or the Nazi mass murder of 6 million Jews.

Even if it's murders or other crimes in Jackson, the truth is that anything one tries to hide and cover up will eventually come to light and become known.

“Your brother's blood screams out to me from the earth!” God exclaims to Cain in Genesis chapter 4. Even Abel's blood screams out for us to realize this lesson. Injustice cannot be concealed. It will appear sooner rather than later. What is done in the dark in the countryside or in the closet will come to light at some point. So I wasn't surprised when Bruce Jenner came out of the closet, because the pattern or principle at work here will also compel one to reveal oneself.

Finally, one may say that our technology is to blame for so much being revealed today. It is the proliferation of cameras throughout the world, as well as our space-based satellites and other surveillance systems, that allows us to see, search for, and uncover things that were formerly hidden.

However, we must remember and acknowledge that God utilizes us and our technology to carry out his ideals and will. As God stated in Luke 12:2-3, the secrets will be revealed, the truth will be revealed, and God's perspective on every behavior and deed will be justified.

What is done in the dark will be revealed, and thank God he designed it that way!

How did God separate light from darkness?

The Separation of Light and Darkness is based on verses 3–5 of the Book of Genesis' first chapter: “Let there be light,” God said, and there was light. God regarded the light as good and decided to separate it from the darkness.

What is the purpose of darkness?

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The dark is beneficial to our sleep, biology, and ecological health. It benefits our creativity and spirits, and, yes, it also benefits our safety and security. That's Paul Bogard's message, and he's written a lot about the value of darkness. “The End of Night” is the title of his book. His TEDx Talk, which you can see above, is on why we need darkness. I've given both the book and the video a lot of thought and heartily recommend both. You might enjoy thinking about it, too, in this pandemic year, when many have wondered whether lockdowns have resulted in darker sky.

Bogard studied night-shift employees, who are exposed to light during the hours when the majority of people's bodies want darkness and sleep. From from midnight to 6 a.m., humans experience a circadian trough. Night-shift employment has been deemed a possible carcinogen due to the lack of darkness and sleep during this time, with workers being more prone to suffer from obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular difficulties, depression, substance abuse, and, in particular, breast and prostate cancer. The body's generation of melatonin, which is thought to be required to keep certain malignancies at bay, is disrupted by light at night.

However, night-shift employees aren't the only ones that suffer from exposure to lights at night. A short glance at a nighttime photo of the Earth reveals the enormous glows of towns and suburbs spreading across the land and along highways into the countryside's outskirts. The light from our neighbors' homes sneaks through the cracks in our blinds and cascades across our back patio, even though we keep the lights dim outside our own home.

The light we see on nighttime maps of Earth isn't only disturbing our sleep or blinding us on a late-night dog walk. It's also a waste of cash. Every year, according to Bogard, billions of dollars are wasted around the world on light that illuminates nothing on the ground but points straight up.

He emphasizes that adequate lighting guides light toward the ground, away from the sky, and away from the eyes of those in the vicinity. According to Bogard, bright lights near someone's front entrance provide an illusion of protection, but not genuine safety. That's because the glare in our eyes makes it difficult, if not impossible, to discern what's hidden in the light's deep shadows.

The replacement of constant lighting with motion lights has made policing much easier in some localities. For example, Bogard describes how Loveland, Colorado, switched to motion detector lighting in their schoolyards, making it easier for patrols to discern whether someone was present or not based on whether the area was dark or light at the time.

It's not a question of black or white, darkness or light, when it comes to safety and lighting. It's selecting the appropriate lighting for each occasion, which helps to make a space safer, save money, safeguard sleep, and preserve the black night sky.

When we safeguard the night sky, we're also protecting not only ourselves and our biology, but also the ecology surrounding us, according to Bogard. Bogard states in his book “The End of Night”:

In Paris, I recall Pierre Brunet arguing that the presence of an astronomer was a sign of a healthy ecosystem; that when the sky becomes too bright for astronomy and the astronomers leave, you know you have a light-polluted sky, and whatever has polluted that sky will eventually pollute other resources.

Countless species, according to Bogard, are depending on darkness. More than 60% of invertebrates and 30% of vertebrates are nocturnal, having evolved to find food and mates in the absence of light.

Sea turtles are a well-known example of animal life that thrives in the dark. Anyone who has visited the beach has seen the illumination modified to aid sea turtles in their return to the sea. The ocean-facing side of lamps at my parents' condo in Florida have been blacked out so that freshly hatched sea turtles are not drawn onshore by misleading light when they leave their nests, but instead make their way into the water.

When you look at the night sky map of the United States and consider where the majority of the population lives, it's easy to believe that more than 80% of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way from their home, as Bogard claims. For example, I reside in the suburbs of a huge city, and my position on a light pollution chart is practically white.

I recently spent some time approximately three hours west of Chicago in a peaceful piece of farmland that appears on light pollution maps as an unique blue hue of darkness. I was immediately lost as I stepped out onto the deck on a crystal-clear evening and stared up at the sky.

For the past two decades, I've been studying and writing about the night sky, but my knowledge with it is limited to recognizing what I see above me at night, which is usually a pale imitation of the depth and beauty of a truly dark sky. None of the usual patterns popped out at me like they usually did: the Big Dipper, the Summer Triangle, and Taurus's head's V-shape. Instead, a blazing orange Mars was bright enough to obscure the stars surrounding it, yet the Milky Way held its own, and a thousand hitherto invisible stars twinkled in a chorus.

With nothing more than my eyes, I saw the fuzzy oval glimmer of the Andromeda Galaxy for the first time. Instead than having to seek them down using binoculars, I witnessed star clusters dig out portions of sky and anchor their surrounds. The sea of stars flowing from the Milky Way behind Cassiopeia and Perseus nearly swallowed them completely.

For such occasions, we require darkness. To nourish our spirits, safeguard our health, and defend the health of our planet, we need darkness. Although nighttime light is an evidence of life on Earth, darkness will reveal our actual wisdom.

Bottom line: A film from Paul Bogard, author of “The End of Night,” explaining why we need darkness. The movie illustrates why light pollution is harmful to our bodies, our environment, and our spirits, as well as why darkness is beneficial to our bodies, our world, and our souls.

What are the activities of darkness?

2. During the hour, record your own lights-off moment and share it with us using #EarthHourUK – it might appear in our switch-off film at the end of the hour!

3. Build a bonfire under the sky with friends and family, or duplicate the experience indoors by toasting marshmallows by candlelight.

5. Host a wine tasting night or make your favorite cocktails.

6. Why not organize a book club to discuss your most recent favorite novel?

7. Make a phone call or pay a visit to someone you've been meaning to meet up with and spend an hour with them.

8. Go to the pub and take over the weekly pub quiz – why not put your knowledge of animals and wildlife to the test?

9. Invite your pals to a onesie party!

10. Confessions by candlelight! If you've always wanted to tell everyone, now's your opportunity — turn out the lights and reveal your darkest secrets.

How do you beat the power of darkness?

Evil spirits want to take over some aspects of your existence. They can use their powers of agony, terror, and despair from these strategic locations.

However, by the power of the Holy Spirit, these strongholds can be demolished in the name of Jesus. It's time to stand up and fight back against the enemy!

Angela Greenig, a prophet, seer, and brave leader, has firsthand experience in destroying the forces of darkness, thanks to her own radical testimony of personal deliverance and 25 years of deliverance ministry.

It's time to defeat the forces of darkness and overthrow the forces of evil. Take control of your life right now.

What is the power of darkness called?

Darkness Manipulation, also known as “Umbrakinesis” or “Shadow Manipulation,” is the capacity to produce and manipulate darkness or shadows that are impenetrable to light and sometimes other forces. Certain individuals with this ability can bring their own shades and gloom to life, while others can draw their darkness from the “Shadowlands” or “Dark Zone.”

Are you a threat to the kingdom of darkness?

It's Time To Dig Deeper – Are You a Threat To The Kingdom Of Darkness: Christian Inspired Poetry It would be irresponsible to keep driving a car year after year without having it inspected or serviced, because something will break down sooner or later.