What Is Spiritual Breathing

In session 1 of the Zme Training, this notion is named “Spiritual Breathing is Hearing and Obeying God.” All day, every day, spiritual breathing involves hearing and following God.

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How do you spiritually breathe?

Take a big breath in and say “Om” (pronounced “aa-uu-mm”) out loud while exhaling completely. The sound travels from your pelvic floor to your crown of your head, filling your body with throbbing energy. Inhale and exhale again. Keep going for another five to ten minutes.

What does God say about breathing?

Sometimes all a Christian needs to do is take a deep breath! Unfortunately, breathing is something that some individuals struggle with! Breathing is an incredible thing. We've been breathing since we initially emerged from our mother's womb and filled our lungs to let out that first cry.

One of the most amazing things about breathing is that it is something that one does not have to think about. When was the last time you carefully considered the act of breathing? (Of course, now that the subject has been brought up, you are most likely thinking about it.) It is, nevertheless, automatic, persistent, and an inextricable aspect of life.

The biblical image of breathing is quite powerful. In Genesis, God builds humanity from of earth's clay. However, until God breathes into the human nostrils, the human being is nothing more than a dead work of clay pottery. The first breath is the one that gives us life. Aside from the actual origin of life through breath, the fact that the breath comes directly from God is even more significant. God may have used the earth's winds or another entity to fill our lungs, according to the Bible. However, the Bible is quite specific. It was done directly and personally by God.

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According to the Bible, that same breath returns to God at the moment of death. (12:7) Ecclesiastes The presence of breath is not only associated with biological life, but it is also plainly assigned to the Author of Life, our sovereign creator God, just as it is with human birth.

However, in the Bible, breath refers to much more than the physical exchange of air in and out of the lungs. It's one of the Bible's most powerful symbols. Breath is associated with God's Spirit in both the New Testament Greek and the Old Testament Hebrew. Consider that for a moment. It is not simply speaking eloquently about air when the Bible talks about filling our lungs with breath or that very breath that gives us our life departing and returning to God. The Holy Spirit is the Biblical breath.

This is reassuring. Every day of your existence, you have been breathing, and that breath is a representation of God's presence with you! Even as you read these words, your chest rises and falls, indicating that God's energy is coursing through you! Consider how many times you've taken a breath since you began reading this essay. You probably don't have a number, but you can be sure you did it without having to think about it or remember to do it. God's Spirit has been flowing in you for a long time, even if you aren't entirely aware of it.

We might look for proof of God's Spirit in a variety of ways, all of which are viable and great. However, in our eagerness to see God's Spiritual power shown in dramatic ways, we must not overlook the basic, subtle, and profound ways we can have the Spirit with us every minute¬óliterally every breath.

The best part is that that strong Spirit infuses our lives in ways we may never fully understand or appreciate, even when we aren't conscious of it. To have breath, one does not need to be a champion breather. You don't have to be a super-Christian to have God's Spirit flowing through you. Furthermore, God is still present when we are unable to think of God and God's presence, just as God is there when we are unable to think of God and God's presence when we are unable to think of God and God's presence when we are unable to think of God and God's presence when we are Imagine the power when we take the time to be intentional and really give God's Holy Spirit some serious attention if that is reality while we aren't thinking about it! Breathe. Take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with the breath of the One who created you and dubbed you “Good.” Every breath you take will be worth it!

How do you breathe while saying Jesus Prayer?

compassion, understanding that he is aware of your situation and is assisting you in your hour of need. Breathe in and out again, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,” and “have compassion on me.” Try to delve deeper and deeper into an awareness of Jesus' presence each time you recite the prayer.

What are your spiritual practices?

Spirituality can be found in all civilizations and traditions. Ordinary, everyday activities can help you put your spirituality into practice in your daily life. Discover how different spiritual disciplines nurture spirituality, as well as five techniques to advance your spiritual growth.

Learn what spirituality is

Prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises, and ceremonies or rituals are all examples of spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines. Your regular interactions with other people are also part of your spirituality and spiritual life.

What does the Bible say about breathing meditation?

The word meditate or meditation appears 23 times in the Bible, including 19 times in the Book of Psalms alone. When the Bible mentions meditation, it frequently follows with a command to obey. The Book of Joshua is a good example: “This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may accomplish everything written in it. Because then you will be successful, and you will achieve great success.”

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