What Is Silver Cord Spiritual

The silver cord, also known as the sutratma or life thread of the antahkarana in metaphysical studies and literature, is a life-giving relationship from the higher self (atma) to the physical body. It also refers to a longer synthesis of this thread and a second (the consciousness thread, which runs from the soul to the physical body) that connects the physical body to the etheric body, astral body, and mental body.

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How do you get a silver cord?

The Valley High School Silver Cord Program began in the fall of 2001 as a graduation honor that encourages students to volunteer and participate in community service. Seniors in West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) who volunteer each year of high school beginning in ninth grade are eligible for the Silver Cord Award. During all four years of high school, students must volunteer a minimum of 50 hours per year at three or more non-profit organizations, activities, or programs to receive a Silver Cord.

Each year, nearly 1,000 students from Valley, Valley Southwoods, and Walnut Creek Campus participate in the Silver Cord program, which is coordinated by WDMCS Community Education. Participation is open to all WDMCS high school students!

What does the Bible say about a silver cord?

The term comes from the Jewish Bible's or Christian Old Testament's Ecclesiastes 12:6-7. “Before the silver cord snaps, and the golden fountain is shattered, and the pitcher breaks at the fountain, and the wheel falls shattered into the pit,” says The Complete Tanakh, “before the silver cord snaps, and the golden fountain is shattered, and the pitcher breaks at the fountain, and the wheel falls shattered into the pit.”

How many hours are needed for Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord Honor is a prestigious volunteer service award given to Union High School seniors who complete at least 50 hours of community service or volunteer work during their senior year, for a total of at least 200 hours.

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Who wrote Ecclesiastes?

Although the book's authorship is uncertain, the superscription (1:1) credits it to qohelet (usually rendered “preacher,” Greek ekklsiasts), who is described as “the son of David, ruler in Jerusalem.” These words can only be applied to Solomon (fl.

What is the meaning of The Golden Bowl?

Henry James' novel The Golden Bowl was published in 1904. This complicated, dramatic exploration of marriage and adultery, set in England, concludes what some critics have dubbed James's “major phase.” The labyrinth of interrelationships between a father and daughter, as well as their respective spouses, is explored in The Golden Bowl. With often obsessive detail but sometimes tremendous insight, the novel concentrates deeply and almost solely on the mind of the primary characters.

Where in the Bible does it say a cord of three strands?

“Though one may be overcome, two can protect themselves,” the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 4:12. Three-stranded cords take a long time to break.” God, the groom, and the bride are all represented by the Cord of Three Strands, and braiding these three strands symbolizes the union of one man, one woman, and God in marriage.

How many service hours do you need for a gold cord?

Gold Cord: A minimum of 200 hours must be completed by the student. Students must complete a minimum of 150 hours to receive the Silver Cord. Students must complete a minimum of 100 hours to get the Bronze Cord.