What Is My Spiritual Age

If you're still alive and reading this, your spirit has to be at least a few years old – and most likely more than 10 or 12. However, it's entirely feasible that it's much older than that. After all, just because your past bodies didn't last till now doesn't imply your spirit didn't have a previous corporeal home – it would be a waste of an otherwise beautiful immortal soul.

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Indeed, even if this is the first time your spirit has visited Earth and lived a human existence, it is possible that it existed before you were born, as God says in the Bible, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”

Given this, knowing how old your spirit is may be important. This could provide some insight on essential characteristics like how often you experience nostalgia or deja vu, or whether you frequently feel as if you've met someone else at a different time or place when you know it's not true.

Perhaps you're fresh and shiny yourself if you're fully gung-ho about everything and find the entire world new and shiny. So tell us a little about how you're spending your time here on earth, and we'll see if this is your first time or not!

Material possessions don't matter much to you

While you certainly have a few prized goods, you don't equate happiness with money or possessions.

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Rather of pursuing wealth, you simply aspire to have enough money to fulfill your basic necessities, plus a little extra for savings or emergencies.

Rather than upgrading technology on a regular basis or remodeling your home on the spur of the moment, you're more inclined to keep items for as long as they endure.

Keeping up with current fashion trends may not be important to you since you value intangibles such as knowledge, compassion, and peace.

You focus on meaningful connections

Small social circles are common among old souls and other sensitive folks. Your circle of friends could be made up of people of all ages, from various backgrounds and life experiences.

Old souls are known for their keen intuition, so you might have a flair for predicting who will make a good companion.

You probably found it difficult to relate to individuals your own age as a child and were more drawn to persons older than you. You may have wished for greater substance in your interactions, but your classmates may have thought you were awkward or stuck-up. Maybe you've even been teased.

You may not have had much time for play if you had a challenging home environment, especially if you had to take on a more mature position in your household.

This would have made finding common ground with peers even more challenging, so you probably learnt to value relationships with people who seemed to understand you.

You need a lot of time alone

People with older souls are more sensitive to other people's emotions and the environment. Higher sensitivity often implies you'll need more alone time to recover from the constant assault of emotions.

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Generally speaking, you like to observe rather than interact. When school or job necessitates group engagement, you might position yourself on the periphery to avoid being overwhelmed by other people's noise — both the audible and emotional “noise” you absorb.

You have lots of leisure for artistic endeavors, daydreaming, and quiet reflection.

Many elderly people are voracious readers. You might find that stories from other locations and times appeal to you the most, to the point where you can nearly see yourself as a participant in them.

Others may perceive you as aloof, distracted, or out of touch with reality.

You have high empathy

The ability to think about and feel what others are going through can give you a sense of maturity and gravity. At the same hand, being aware of other people's grief can place a burden on your shoulders that can be difficult to shift.

Increased sensitivity might make conflict more difficult to resolve, making you want to isolate yourself and spend time in nature or other serene, quiet locations.

You spend a lot of time thinking about how to make a difference

Old souls are more likely to consider in terms of the big picture than than the intricacies. You realize you won't be able to alter the world on your own, so you concentrate on making improvements where you can.

Your drive to help others can make the more transient aspects of life appear less essential.

In other words, you float along, mostly untouched by the ups and downs of daily life.

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You have a strong emotional bond with individuals you hold dear and may feel compelled to help them overcome difficulties.

So that your loved ones continue to seek your assistance, your intuition may lead you to share wisdom or beneficial problem-solving solutions.

People with aged souls are also more sensitive to the subtleties of human conduct. You may be more prone to believe in people' inherent worth and acknowledge their ability to change, regardless of their decisions.

What does soul age mean?

Each soul, as you are aware, goes through a process of evolution. The soul acquires experiences and lessons as it reincarnates in different bodies, which it carries with it throughout the reincarnation cycle. This entails increasing public knowledge. Going through many levels or phases of consciousness gradually. The soul's age refers to how far the soul has progressed.

The age of the soul refers to a person's life experiences on the planet, not how many lives they have lived.

The encounters, on the other hand, are not coincidental. Every stage after that teaches the soul something new. Starting with physical existence, survival, and then adaptation to the physical world's rules. By reclaiming its spirituality and regaining its individuality and emotionality.

Each soul travels through five stages of the soul in the physical realm during its incarnation cycle:

Do people become more spiritual as they age?

According to the Pew Research Center's Growing Old in America research, seniors are more inclined to appreciate religion. However, most of us don't need formal research to know that many elderly Americans appear to be more spiritually aware.

Where is your soul from?

Understanding the anatomy and activities of the brain is required for medication or surgical treatment of brain illnesses. When it comes to locating the abstract conceptions of mind and soul within the concrete 1300-gram organ containing 100 billion neurones, the philosophical neurosurgeon quickly runs into problems. The brain, according to Hippocrates, is the seat of the mind. Aristotle's tabula rasa cannot be pinpointed to a specific portion of the brain with the same certainty that we can pinpoint spoken word to Broca's area or limb movement to the contralateral motor cortex. Galen's theory of imagination, reasoning, judgment, and memory being located in the cerebral ventricles was disproved once it became clear that the functional units–neurones–were located in the brain's parenchyma. Accidental injuries (Phineas Gage) or temporal lobe resection (William Beecher Scoville); studies on how we see and hear; and more recent data from functional magnetic resonance studies have all made us aware of the extensive network of neurones in the cerebral hemispheres that serve the mind's functions. Ancient anatomists and philosophers thought the soul or atman, which was credited with the ability to invigorate the body, resided in the lungs or heart, the pineal gland (Descartes), and the brain in general. When neurosurgeons were able to access deeper parts of the brain, the brainstem proved to be extremely sensitive and vulnerable. The concept of brain death after irreversible damage has made us all aware of the importance of the brainstem's “mix of brain soup and spark.” If each of us has a soul, it is undoubtedly enshrined here.

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What are the levels of spirituality?

Your life is ruled by your lowest three chakras when you are born into a material world. You are born into the world with innocence, and as long as you are healthy and have a loving family, you will live in a world of love and bliss. You are still connected to the Divine and the Absolute realm, from which your consciousness has just emerged. The spiritual being hasn't fully awakened yet. However, when you are taught how to “fit in,” and you grow preoccupied by the world around you, this memory begins to disappear for most people. Only a select handful are able to keep their Divine connection and achieve spiritual glory.

What is an old soul spiritual?

The term “old soul” comes from the nursery rhyme “Ole King Cole Was a merry aulde soul,” which was written in 1708.

Of course, the term is now used to describe someone who is wise beyond their years. Others interpret it as someone who is more educated than other individuals their age.

“A spiritual being who is wise beyond their years; individuals who are emotionally stable.” Essentially, someone who is more aware of their surroundings…

What is a mature soul?

Mature Souls rarely endorse violence, warfare, or hatred of any type, whether inter-personally or inter-racially, due to their sensitive natures. As a result, they avoid careers that require them to deal with conflict (e.g. law, politics, navy, army, air force, etc.)

You are highly compassionate

Mature Souls are frequently very concerned individuals who are disturbed by others' misery and suffering. Many Mature Souls have an unconscious sensation that “your suffering is my misfortune,” which often leads to the development of Empathic talents throughout their lives. The ability to feel and experience what other living creatures do frequently contributes to internal turmoil.

You tend to be moody

Because they are unable to separate themselves from their ever-changing emotional landscapes, Mature Souls are gloomy and changeable. Mature Souls are still acquiring awareness of what is, acceptance of what has passed, and non-identification with their fleeting feelings.

You pursue knowledge for its own sake

It's rare for Mature Souls to obtain advanced degrees, diplomas, or other credentials just for monetary or social status reasons. Mature Souls, on the other hand, like educating themselves in order to better, extend, and deepen their awareness of other people, the cosmos, and, most importantly, themselves. Because the Mature Soul is continually plagued by existential turmoil and a sensation of “not being at peace,” seeking knowledge is one of the most popular ways this Soul Age heals their inner discomfort. For this reason, many Mature Souls are voracious readers or self-taught.

You always feel as though you are “searching for something”

A lot of the Mature Soul's life goals are driven by this mysterious and pervasive emotion. “Who am I really?” “How can I feel fulfilled?” “What will make me happy and whole?” In essence, the Mature Soul lives with a continual sense of dissatisfaction and restlessness. Most people are looking for something, anything, to make them happy, whole, and filled with that magical sense of inner peace that many claim to have found.

You are open-minded

Mature Souls are the world's free spirits and free thinkers who will often explore many various routes in life in an attempt to find themselves and comprehend the cosmos. They are rarely dogmatic or straight-laced. Many mature souls spend a significant portion of their lives bouncing back and forth between different lifestyles, spiritual systems, and social movements. There isn't much they can't do.

You are prone to excessive psychological stress

Mature Souls are highly complicated individuals who are still figuring out how to balance and integrate the inner and outward worlds, the commonplace and sacred, and the meaningless and meaningful. As a result of their very sensitive natures, they are vulnerable to mental, emotional, and sensory overload, which can lead to a range of psychological pressures and disorders (e.g. chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, etc.) Unfortunately, those who do not learn suitable coping skills as means to cover their unresolved sorrow may develop drug and alcohol issues. Those who have learnt to cope with psychological stress, on the other hand, are often successful in the disciplines of counseling and psychology.

You value meaningful relationships

Mature Souls value someone to genuinely connect with in life: a loving and caring family, a loyal and tender friend, an attentive and delicate partner. If the Mature Soul is unable to develop or form such harmonious ties, this tends to cause a lot of turmoil in their lives. Nonetheless, the Mature Soul is deeply concerned about others and longs for people to treat them with respect.

Which zodiac signs are old souls?

Pisces (February) is a water sign. “They are known as the zodiac's ‘ancient spirits,' because they are wise, poetic, and otherworldly.” This gives the impression that this sign was created in another period, with an interesting but slightly out-of-touch point of view.

How do I know my soul?

Introspection is one of the most effective ways to search your soul. It opens doors to your thoughts and the viewpoints from which you view life's varied facets. It's a type of self-reflection that allows you to see into your own mind. What is your outlook on life? What is your perspective on the world? Who are you? Why are you the way you are? Answering these types of questions will help you gain a better grasp of your personality and worldview.