What Is A Spiritual Vibration

Spiritual vibrations are founded on the belief that all substance in the universe is made up of vibrating energy.

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Everything – you, your pets, your home, your favorite material possessions, food, beverages, and everything formed of matter – is included. We're all just vibrations of energy at a specific frequency.

In 1905, scientists realized that matter is a type of energy. We also know that when two entities with energy contact, their vibrations are in tune or out of tune (well, they interact according to wave function).

As a result, even according to scientific theory, all matter is made up of vibrating energy.

Like attracts like, according to believers, and everything is interconnected. This means that the frequency at which you vibrate has an impact on the world around you, drawing more of the same…

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How do you know your spiritual vibration?

Your energy is your vibration. If everything in life is connected, your vibration determines your ability to attract the things you desire and those that are meant for you. According to the Law of Attraction, people can attract happy or negative situations into their lives by focusing on positive or negative ideas.

What attracts things to you is your vibe. It's what makes things take notice of you and seek you out. When you have a high vibration, you are emitting a frequency that is aligned with your life goals.

When you're agitated, upset, weary, depleted, or irritated, you're probably dealing with “resistance.” The energy sludge that keeps you locked in a place you don't want to be is called resistance. It's what keeps your dreams from coming true, and everything nice from happening.

Clarity – less confusion, more decisions

You're learning more about yourself and what you came here to do; you're making decisions based on this new knowledge, and you're less confused about your life's path.

Sense of purpose – Each interaction you have feels significant

You may have questioned everything in the beginning phases of awakening, but as your vibration rises, you become more aware of the significance of each contact. You're realizing that things were supposed to happen, and you're realizing why they're important to your journey.

Perspective – You don't sweat the small stuff

Being present in the now and vibrating at a higher frequency allows you to put your difficulties into perspective. You can tell when you're reacting out of fleeting emotion and when you're reacting out of permanent consciousness.

Oneness – you feel connected to everything and everyone

You realize that everyone you meet is a reflection of yourself, and that there is only oneness. Because you aim to learn from each interaction rather than reacting to the sense of separation that generated the conflict, you lessen all problems in your life.

Love – love attracts love

By surrounding yourself with the people, places, and things you enjoy, you may fill yourself with love and invite more of it into your life. You know that, in the end, love is the remedy for whatever that appears to be keeping you from being present in the moment.

Peace – both within and without

You note that you are more at ease with yourself than you have ever been, and you want to keep this serenity by avoiding anything that resembles drama. During this time, you will begin to attract others who are looking for the same thing, and you will begin to inspire them.

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Acknowledging the ego –living from spirit rather than mind

You can tell when your desires are coming from your mind rather than your spirit — from your ego rather than your soul. You realize that earthly wants for body and possessions pale in comparison to the soul's one true yearning — love.

What is vibrational frequency spirituality?

The core idea behind vibrational frequency as a spiritual phenomena is that our bodies are made up of molecules that vibrate constantly, creating electromagnetic energy waves.

What are your vibrations?

It's past time for us to elevate our vibrational energies! Learn how to manifest your own optimism, light, and love by reading this article.

A vibration is a state of being, an atmosphere, or a person's, place's, thought's, or thing's energy character. Much of interpreting “vibes” is intuitive—for example, you can sense a person's energy when they enter a room.

Some people make you want to get closer, while others make you want to keep your distance. You get a sinking feeling in your stomach when you see a dismal and violent news item. You get a pleasant feeling inside when you see a puppy cuddling with an infant.

What do spiritual vibrations feel like?

A frequency is assigned to each vibration. When it comes to spiritual vibrations, it's believed that they range from low to high on a scale:

  • Negativity generates lower frequency vibrations. Low-frequency vibrations are produced whenever you experience worry, wrath, fear, envy, or hatred. You're being dragged down by these low, heavy vibrations.
  • Positive energy produces higher frequency vibrations. You produce high-frequency vibrations whenever you experience love, sympathy, confidence, gratitude, awe, or kinship. You will feel more energetic and cheery as a result of these lively, bouncing vibrations.

Higher frequencies are, in some ways, more potent than lower frequencies, according to spiritual vibration theory.

This means that if you increase your vibration, you can replace lower-frequency vibrations with higher-frequency vibrations. This isn't going to be simple, but it should be a little easier than you think!

Does music raise your vibration?

Music is one of the most underappreciated ways to instantly increase your frequency. Because music is essentially vibrations, sound has a significant effect on humans, and listening to certain vibrations can help you raise your vibe.

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Music has been proven to influence your mood and even work as a sort of therapy, not just to assist increase your mood but also to relieve anxiety and tension, according to studies.

The best part is that music is always available to you. So, the next time you're down, turn on your favorite playlist and enjoy the advantages of sound healing through music in a matter of seconds.


I often preach about using movement as a method to raise your vibration because I believe it is vitally necessary for releasing low vibration emotions. How do you expect higher vibes to flow in if you don't let go of the lower vibe emotions?

It's similar like purchasing a new couch: the old one must be moved to make way for the new.

You can use movement to move energy that has been stagnant or imprisoned in your body. It enables you to let go of anxieties, anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. And I'm sure I don't need to cite a study to show that exercise can improve your mood; it's just common knowledge these days.

However, a full workout isn't required to boost your vitality. While I love yoga, I also believe that ordinary activity, such as walking, is beneficial. Have a dance party if you need something even faster!

Close your eyes, switch on some music (you're now using two tools!) and simply let your body move to the music in whatever way it wants. That is true magic, and I guarantee you will feel much better in a matter of seconds.

Appreciation & gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation have the same frequency, therefore practicing one or the other can significantly improve your mood. It could be as simple as saying thank you or sending a text to a buddy to express your gratitude.

Gratitude and showing appreciation require very little effort, but because it is not a habit, people find it difficult to do so on a regular basis. However, if you're committed to raising your vibrational frequency, you can do so quickly and effortlessly at any time of the day to reap the benefits right away.

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I love this video that shows how sending a letter of appreciation to someone makes you happier, and then taking it a step further and phoning the person you wrote the letter to and reading it to them makes both of you happier.

Smiling and laughing

This is the simplest instrument for changing your vibration, and all it takes is for you to remember to do it, which is to grin! It doesn't matter whether you're cranky, depressed, or gloomy AF; just smiling for a second can fool your brain into thinking you're happier.

Just like frowning might make you feel sadder, scowling can make you feel more serious.

Also, when you laugh, you produce feel-good chemicals and experience an increase in happiness!

If you need a good laugh, turn on a humorous video on YouTube or go through your favorite meme account on Instagram. You'll feel better in no time!

Change your surroundings

People often make excuses for not using this tool, arguing that they can't change their environment, but I invite you to consider whether you're overcomplicating it.

You don't have to change your surroundings indefinitely; it could simply be for a few minutes to get you out of your current situation.

If you're at work, a quick walk to the bathroom or up and down the hallway a few times will help you feel better.

I work from home, and I go insane if I work from home every day or in the same room. I frequently go to a coffee shop to work in order to mix things up, be inspired by different settings, and keep my spirits up so I don't get bored working in the same area all the time.

Connecting to nature is the best approach to shift your vibration with your environment. Get outside if you can, breathe in the fresh air, hug a tree if you feel so inclined, stroke the bark with your fingertips, or take off your shoes and feel the grass blades on your skin.

Nature has also been shown to improve your mood by assisting you in becoming more nicer, happier, and creative.

The most important message from this post is that you can modify your vibration right now with simple techniques.

If you're worried you'll forget to use these strategies to raise your vibratory frequency, set reminders on your phone or computer's calendar or set alarms that simply remind you to move, smile, listen to music, get outside, or express thankfulness.

Enjoy your day, my reader, and may it be full with high-vibrational ideas, positive energy, and plenty of enjoyment!

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is, without a doubt, one of the most high-frequency feelings we may experience.

We send out the energy that we are ready to accept in more when we express thanks for what we already have.

This is the polar opposite of a sense of scarcity and desperation, which is one of the most common feelings.

What does raising your vibration do?

We all have a specific frequency that we vibrate at. The lower your frequency, the denser your energy becomes, and the more serious your problems appear to be. You may feel pain and discomfort in your physical body, as well as strong emotions and mental disorientation in this state. Your energy is darker psychically. To achieve your objectives, you must put up a significant amount of work. Your life takes on a sour tone in general.

The lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies, the higher the frequency of your energy or vibration. You feel more in control of your life, have more clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, bodily discomfort or agony, and your emotions are easily managed. Your aura is practically brimming with light! Your life is synchronized, and you effortlessly manifest your desires. Your life takes on a more upbeat tone overall.

How do you send love vibrations to someone?



What is a high vibration person?

On Pinterest and Instagram, you've probably seen it a million times. “Good Vibes Only” or “High Vibrational Living” are written on a colorful background. What exactly does that imply? What exactly is a vibe? What does it mean to have a high vibration? WHY SHOULD I BE CONCERNED?

Vibration is the abbreviated form of the word vibe, and everything created of energy vibrates. In modern times, quantum physics is demonstrating this, but you don't have to be a scientist to grasp the basics. If you recall your science lesson, you may recall the concept of atoms and molecules combining to form the matter states solids, liquids, and gases. An atom, the smallest unit, is formed of energy and vibrates ceaselessly. If everything is made up of atoms, everything is made up of energy that is continually vibrating. You can see how everything has a vibrational frequency if you use this concept as a framework.

Is it getting a little too sciencey for you? Consider it this way: you can't see wifi, but your devices can detect it. When you go into a room, you may not notice the wifi vibrations, but they are all around you, and your devices can match their vibrating frequency. We are energy surrounded by diverse vibrational frequencies in a sea of energy. These vibrations or waves are constantly being received and sent by us “vibes.”

When you come into a place and it's eerily quiet “You've picked up on its mood by saying “feels odd.” When you chat to someone and instantly click with them, you've matched their energy.

Vibration is never consistent; it changes all the time. Our vibes can change depending on our attitude, health, strength, personal choices, and the energy we are surrounded by. Gratitude, love, joy, spending time in nature, sunshine, yoga, raw nutritious foods, beautiful music, and so on are all related with higher frequencies/vibrations. Envy, jealousy, toxic people, poisonous relationships, electronics, disputes, violence, junk food, drugs and alcohol, resentment, wrath, and other negative emotions produce lower vibrations.

The concept of high vibrational living is to increase your own vibration by bringing more positive vibes into your life. You feel better, lighter, full of love, cheerful, and have a larger sense of self when you vibrate at a higher frequency, to mention a few benefits.

Being human has the advantage of allowing us to choose our vibrations. We can select whether we want to vibrate at a higher or lower frequency than we are now. Would I prefer to be in a good mood or to be irritated? Is today going to be a good day or a bad day? Simple changes in attitude can have a huge impact on our mood. A MAJOR KEY TO LIVING A HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE IS CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSING OUR VIBRATION.

Everything we eat, listen to, and drink has an impact on our mood, so pay attention to where your food comes from, what you're listening to, and how much you're drinking. Pay attention to what you're watching, who you're spending time with, and what you're consuming.

We have complete control over who enters our space and what vibes/energy they bring with them. We can choose whether to allow in the good or the negative. I'm not sure about you, but I'm going with GOOD. ONLY VIBES.