What Is A Spiritual Gateway

Revelation 3:20 I stand at the door and knock: if any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will enter him and serve him, and he will serve me.

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Gates control exit and admission into an area and serve as a source of authority and security. Your front door is a gateway, and your garden fence is a gate. You have the authority to open and close your home's doors and gates. Other terms for gates include: (borders, boundaries,portal, and door).

Gates were important in ancient times because the strength of a city's gate determined its safety. If the enemy successfully attacked the gate, war horses and chariots would enter it. As a result, the city was conquered when the gate was lowered.

Although the gates listed above are physical gates, we must remember that there are also spiritual gates. Our foes are waiting for us at the gates. The devil uses a number of demonic portals to invade and contaminate our soul. Those who controlled the gates held rule and power in ancient times.

5:8 in 1 Peter Be alert, for your opponent, the devil, like a roaring lion, stalks the earth, seeking whom he may devour:

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  • At our gates, our adversaries will scheme and wait: 16:2 in Judges And it was conveyed to the Gazites that Samson had arrived. They encircled him and waited for him all night in the city gate, remaining still throughout the night, saying, “In the morning, when it is day, we shall kill him.”
  • Sin is crouching at our door/gates, attempting to enslave us: 4:7 in Genesis Will you get rejected if you perform well? And if you don't do well, sin will come knocking at your door; it wants you, but you must master it.”
  • At the gates, there are gatekeepers: 2 Chronicles 20:4 And when he who flees to one of those cities stands at the city's entrance gate and declares his cause to the elders of that city, they will take him into the city and give him a place to live among them.
  • Our barriers/barriers can be breached in the following ways: 25:28 (Proverbs) As if it were a city that had been torn down and had no walls. Is a man who has lost control of his emotions.

Before I describe the primary entry points, it's important to understand that we're fighting an internal conflict. We offer our enemies every time we open the door to sin. Our adversary knocks on the door, and many of us have answered it (Just A Jesus stands at the door and knocks in Rev 3:20). You must patiently possess your soul when you are reborn.

  • Eye Gate: This is significant since your healthy eye provides light to your complete body. Your eyes are your body's lamp. Once contaminated, a strong spirit of lust, pornography, and other such things might enter through this portal. If our eyes induce us to sin, Jesus taught us that it is preferable to gouge out the eye than to enter Hell with two eyes. Job also made a vow to not lust after women with his sight. Our eyes work like a camera lens, taking an image and transferring it to our spirit. “I will set no vile thing before my eyes,” David declares in Psalm 101. In his warning to the Laodicean church, Jesus encouraged them to use salve to anoint their eyes so they could see. We must be cautious about what we see on TV, on our phones, and on other gadgets since the enemy might use all of these to corrupt our eye gate. 6:22 in Matthew The eye is the body's light source; therefore, if thy eye is single, thy entire body will be illuminated.
  • “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God,” the Bible says. If we listen to Satan's falsehoods, we will also experience the contrary (worldly music, his false ministers, his accusations, etc.) Our hearing gateway will be harmed if we listen to the wrong item. It will be difficult for us to hear the truth of God's word if our hearing gateway is clogged. Verbal abuse and any negative speech can obstruct this gate, allowing ghosts, rejection, and death to pass through.
  • Mouth Gate: Our words have power, thus we're told to keep our tongues tamed. Even though it is a minor member, it has the potential to wreak significant damage. The tongue has the power of death and life, and those who love it will consume its fruit. 18:21 (Proverbs) Be careful what you say to yourself and others; we shall be judged for every idle word we say. We must also remember not to alternate between speaking curses and blessings with our tongues. Is it possible for a spring to produce both fresh and salt water?
  • Sex Gate: The sex gate is Satan's most successful entrance. There is almost nothing the enemy can't do to a sexually perverted person. You've opened the door to the enemy once you participate in sex outside of marriage, or any illicit sexual vice, such as oral, anal, sodomy, masturbation, etc. “Flee fornication, for every other evil a person does is outside the body, but the one who commits fornication sins against his own body,” says GOD's word. 6:18 (1 Corinthians) Fornication is not just done by unmarried people, but also by married people. (Adultery, pornography, and uncleanliness are all examples of fornication.) We must avoid sexual sin, and we are warned not to defile our marital bed if we are married (this means our marriage bed can be defiled). If you aren't married, you must also avoid (run away from) immorality. This weird sex gate has to be shut down.

2.Begin to repent of your sins (this is key to starting your born-again process, you must repent of yoursin).

3.Defeat the giants who have encroached on your territory (by the power of the Holy Spirit)

4.Read God's word every day to renew your mind. Know and meditate on God's word (Through knowledge the righteous are delivered Prov 11:9)

6.Continue to pray and fast in order to break down the strongholds in the gateways.

Our opponents employ our five carnal senses to open the gates mentioned above (touch, taste, smell, Seeing, and Hearing). We also have access to the following gates:

  • Jesus is the Father's door/gate: Revelation 10:9 I am the door(gate): whomever enters through me will be rescued, and he will be able to go in and out and find pasture.
  • The Gates of Narrow and Wide (Decide Wisely) 7:13-14 Matthew Through the tiny gate, enter. For the gate is wide, and the route leading to ruin and eternal loss is broad and easy to traverse, and many people enter through it. 14 However, the gate is little, and the route leading to life is narrow and difficult to travel, and only a few people find it.
  • Pray and beg GOD to keep an eye on our gates so that nothing impure can get in: 2 Jehoiada stationed the gatekeepers of the Lord's house, so that no one who was in any way unclean might enter (Jehoiada means “Knowledge of the Lord”).
  • Psalm 100:4: Gates of Thanksgiving and Praise Enter with thanksgiving into his gates, and praise into his courts: be grateful to him, and laud his name.
  • Psalm 118:19: Gates of Righteousness I will enter through the gates of righteousness, and I will thank the LORD:

To sum up, we must know, focus on, and comprehend God's word. In Christ Jesus, we are more than conquerors. You can conquer sin if you are bold and eliminate the strongholds in your life with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Above all, guard your heart with all diligence, for it is from it that life's problems flow (Prov 4:23)

What is spiritual gateway?

I suggested many years ago that ancient Atlantis civilisation may have existed (and still exists) as a high-level spiritual realm accessed through the energy center over the ‘Atlas Bone' – the spiritual doorway – rather than a physical location.

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When we do daily love-based deliberate practices to open up and activate our heart chakra, we gain direct access to – soul. When our spirit is free to rise in the body, it causes our mouth to open – via the throat (the voice). This opens the back of the neck chakra, which I refer to as the “spiritual doorway chakra.” This has a ‘blue' frequency to it.

When the spiritual gateway is activated, an energetic signal is sent to our pineal gland and pituitary gland, generating a pyramid or light within the brain that connects to the back of the neck. Furthermore, between the charged up pineal and pituitary glands, the spiritual gateway, and the heart, an energetic DIAMOND LIGHT is generated.

If you're on your spiritual path and have a stiff or aching neck and/or a sore throat on a frequent basis (especially when significant cosmic alignments are taking place), it's possible that your'spiritual gateway chakra' is active, and you're interacting with other realms. This can be especially noticeable while you're asleep.

Always remember to keep healthy posture in mind. Lengthen the back of your neck by tucking your chin in slightly.

Walking with a ‘active foot,' which means pushing through the entire length of your foot and gently lowering your heel before stepping off, naturally opens up the back of your legs and spine and allows your arms to swing freely back and forth.

Every day, massage a sacred anointing oil of your choice over the atlas bone. I would also recommend massaging the heart center, throat, and third eye. View all of these energy centers as a golden pyramid of light that connects them.

If your spiritual doorway has triggered, please let me know in the comments section below. I appreciate your compassionate exchanges.

How do you help a friend spiritually?

We are dedicated to providing whole-person care to our patients and their families at AdventHealth. This entails going above and above to meet not just their physical, but also their emotional and spiritual requirements. The good news is that you don't need a theology degree or to be a chaplain to achieve this. It can be as simple as delivering a reassuring touch or uttering a quick prayer.

Keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when considering some of the spiritual care options described below. Everyone you meet is at a distinct stage of their spiritual development. Consider what it's like to be in their shoes when you interact, and pray for wisdom to help them in the ways they require.

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Take Your Cues from the Patient

Because patients are visitors at our hospitals, it's critical to let them take the lead throughout each visit. Don't bring up the subject of church or religion. Instead, begin by inquiring about their well-being and what led them to the hospital. This allows kids to express themselves and communicate what is important to them.

Pay attention to your patient's nonverbal signals as well. Patients will sometimes try to be polite by not speaking out when they require assistance. Others are in an uncomfortable circumstance that makes it difficult for them to express clearly how they want to be cared for. Before you can provide spiritual support, you must first address your patient's physical requirements, which may include changing the bed, turning off the television so they can have some quiet time, or assisting them to the bathroom.

Demonstrate a Christ-like Attitude

Treat your patients with the same love that God has for you! Don't just say you care about someone; actually care about them and recognize the good in them. That means treating them as if they were the most important person in your life, even if you don't agree with everything they say or how they treat you. Keep in mind that love isn't always a sensation. It's sometimes a decision to smile even if you don't feel like it, to establish eye contact, to listen with compassion, and to serve without expecting anything in return.

3. Inquire about the patient's spiritual needs.

Asking patients how you might help them spiritually is one of the simplest methods to provide spiritual care, and then doing your best to fulfill that request is another. For example, if your patient is a Greek Orthodox Christian who wishes to see a priest before surgery, contact the Greek Orthodox Church in your area and see whether the priest would be willing to come. Remember not to make any promises to your patient that you aren't confident you can keep. Rather than promising a Greek Orthodox priest by 3 p.m., simply say, “Let me check into it and see what I can arrange.”

Offer to contact a chaplain or pray with the patient if the priest is unavailable.

Support Patients Within Their Own Faith Tradition

The goal of spiritual care isn't to convert patients to your religion; rather, it's to help them connect with the divine if they desire it. Remember that they are a captive audience, frequently confined to a hospital bed they don't want to be in, while you connect with them. It's always right to show God's love and compassion in these situations, but it's not fair to tell them what they should believe.

I understand that caregivers who want to be loyal to their own values may have internal conflict in this area. This is my recommendation to you: Make every effort to assist patients according to their religious beliefs, but always follow your conscience. When I pray with patients who are not Christians, for example, I make sure the language I use do not contradict my own views.

Also keep in mind that, in the end, people do not convert people. Only God has the power to change people's hearts.

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5. Listen to others' fears and concerns without getting caught up in your own.

It's simple to remark, “I know how you feel,” and then launch into a tale about one of your own experiences when someone starts sharing their problems with you. But keep in mind that you are there to help the patient, not the other way around. To provide emotional and spiritual support, I've found that naming the emotions that patients or family members express and then asking a follow-up question is far more effective. “I hear a lot of fear in your comments,” you could say, for example. “Could you please explain me where that came from?” “You appear to be in a bad mood.” “Could you tell me what's going on?”

Don't be offended if they refuse to talk to you. Take that as an indication that the time isn't quite right.

6. Inquire whether you are permitted to pray with them.

Caregivers aren't always sure how or when to ask whether a patient wants prayer. My general rule of thumb is to always ask if you can pray for your patient if they are in pain. “Would you mind if I say a quick prayer for you, Mrs. Jones?” I'll generally say. The word “short” is significant because it tells the patient that even if they don't understand what you're going to say, they'll probably be able to tolerate it because it will be brief.

Share an Encouraging Thought or Word

Scripture has a wonderful ability to elevate people's spirits and encourage them. Psalm 46:10 is one of my favorite Bible scriptures that I like to share with patients. It reads, “Be quiet, and know that I am God,” declares the Lord. When I read this scripture to frightened patients, I tell them to relax, take a deep breath, and recognize that they are in God's presence, and that God will take care of them.

What parts of the Bible speak to you the most? I recommend memorizing two or three so that you can draw from a pool of spiritual concepts that have inspired you and utilize them to encourage others when the occasion arises.

8. Make Use of Your Senses of Presence and Touch

When I first started out as a chaplain, I had a hard time grasping what it meant to be a chaplain “Presence ministry.” I wanted to say a lot of things to soothe someone who had lost a loved one or who had a loved one who wasn't doing well. I've now learnt that people don't always want to hear words. They simply want to know that someone is concerned about them. A person in need can receive this care just by being in your presence. Simply by being present in that moment, you are reflecting God.

What is the chakra at the back of the head?

The Bindu chakra is located in the back of the body.

approximately five inches above the top of the skull When this chakra is activated,

It looks like a dot when not activated, but when charged, it transforms into a bindu.

The vitality and health energy of the chakras begins to flow. In Tantric Buddhism,

According to legend, the bindu chakra contains a particular nectar (amrit) that aids the yogi in attaining enlightenment. Yoga postures that open the bindu chakra include shoulder stand and headstand. Ujayii

This chakra can also be activated with pranayama and the khecari mudra.

Each chakra is a point of energy that is thought to have physical, spiritual, and emotional effects on the body. Improved eyesight, better awareness through the awakening of the pineal gland, inner harmony, and emotional equilibrium are all advantages of opening the bindu chakra. It also regulates hunger and thirst, encouraging good eating habits. It has been shown to help with anxiety and sadness, as well as increasing creativity and imagination.

What are spiritual needs of patients?

Spiritual needs are those that, when met, cause a person's spiritual growth and turn him or her into a social, hopeful person who always appreciates God. They include the need for interpersonal communication, communication with God, and optimism. The three topics that emerged from this research are spiritual requirements that can be met through the nursing system. The therapy of patients is accelerated when these spiritual aspects are included.

How do you build your spiritual endurance?

1. Take it easy.

The fact that the wall occurs at the conclusion of the race, around mile 18-20 of 26.2, is probably the cruelest aspect of it. Coming so far just to be met with a brick wall is arguably the most disheartening experience you can have. The final few miles of the race feel like an impassable gulf.

I'll admit that I've never run a marathon, but it's on my bucket list. My wife, on the other hand, had, and when I asked about the wall, she remarked, “Apart from having children, that was the most difficult thing I've ever done.” When the wall fell, she said, “I slowed down a lot and concentrated on taking one stride at a time rather than thinking about how far I still had to go.”

When you hit a brick wall in life, you have little choice but to slow down. It can make all the difference if you approach this time with genuine intention. I was forced to slow down when I lost my work a few months ago. With a much more flexible schedule, I was able to focus on my life and what I genuinely wanted to do for work in the future. It enabled me to discover work that is both meaningful and enjoyable to me.

2. Make small, attainable goals.

Setting short, attainable objectives was another great tactic my wife utilized to help her accomplish her marathon.

She would create small objectives for herself, such as “I'll make it to the next telephone pole” or “I'll run until I reach the black car parked on the street.” A new objective is set each time the object is reached.

This approach can also be applied to your personal life. You can set objectives such as “I'll be calm for the next hour” or “I'll compose 100 words in the next 30 minutes.” Set a new goal every time you achieve one. If you don't quite make it, try making it even smaller.

3. Create a mental image

On days when I wanted to quit jogging, I imagined a cable linked to my chest and a winch on the other end, cranking me onward.

If you're putting off doing something difficult, imagine yourself accomplishing it in a state of flow. Imagine yourself focused and in the zone, with everything coming naturally to you.

4. Make sure you're telling your brain the proper stories.

Any runner will tell you that their diet has a significant impact on their success or failure. Preloading your body with high-quality carbs can help you avoid or overcome the wall, and feeding your mind with the correct tales or information can do the same “The right kind of “brain food” can make a huge difference in your endurance.

Grab a pen and paper and write down the first ideas that spring to mind to discover the default and unconscious stories you tell yourself.

You might write something like “I'm not good enough” or “I don't have what it takes” or something similar “I'm too exhausted to continue.” Find evidence that contradicts your assumptions to challenge your default thinking. What have you been able to withstand in the past? Whose standards are you failing to meet? Is it feasible to change those criteria?

Once you've challenged your thinking, even if you don't believe it, tell yourself the exact opposite of your default thinking. At every turn, think “I can” rather than “I can't.”

5. Pray or seek assistance.

Despite the fact that running might feel like a lonely sport, runners will tell you that having a running buddy helps them stay motivated. They may also pray or meditate while running to stay focused and divert their attention away from the discomfort. They may even be able to appreciate the natural beauty of their surroundings.

If you feel like giving up, you can do any of these things. Take your attention away from yourself. Take a look around you. How are things going for you? In your life, who has been a blessing? Who can you contact or invite to dinner? Have you said a silent prayer today?

How do you know if your chakras are blocked?

Headaches, impaired vision, sinus difficulties, eyestrain, seizures, hearing loss, and hormone function are all examples of physical abnormalities.

Moodiness, volatility, and self-reflection are all symptoms of emotional imbalances, as is the incapacity to look at one's own anxieties and learn from others. Daydream a lot and live in a world where your imagination runs wild.

We feel clear, concentrated, and capable of distinguishing between truth and illusion when this chakra is balanced. We are receptive to receiving knowledge and wisdom.

Depression, difficulty to learn, sensitivity to light, sound, and surroundings are all symptoms of physical imbalance.

Issues with self-awareness and increased power are examples of emotional imbalances. Imbalances are caused by strict religious and spiritual beliefs, continual perplexity, prejudices, and “analytical paralysis.” Alienation anxiety.

We dwell in the present moment when this chakra is balanced. We have complete faith in our inner counsel.

You (like me) may feel that more than one chakra is imbalanced or obstructed after reading this. This is because when one chakra is blocked, the others adjust by becoming either hyperactive or underactive.

Activate the Root Chakra:

  • Exercise, yoga, dance, or walking might help you reconnect with your physical body.
  • Take a barefoot walk on the grass, take a nap in the shade, or rest at the foot of a tree to reconnect with nature.
  • To strengthen your root chakra, use aromatherapy. The region of our brains responsible for smelling is directly near to the primary memory storage area. To activate those nice, fuzzy sentiments of love and belonging, recreate some of your favorite childhood fragrances (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?!)