How To Pray For Spiritual Growth

Ask the Lord to fill you with the knowledge of His will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you can life in a way that is worthy of the Lord, entirely pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in all good works, and growing in God's knowledge (Colossians 1:9-10).

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Pray that you, speaking the truth in love, would mature in every manner into Christ, the Head of the Body, and that He would cause the entire Body to mature in love (Ephesians 4:16-17).

Ask God to help you stay alert so you don't be carried away by the mistakes of unprincipled men and lose your steadfastness, but instead develop in the grace and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:17-18).

Recognize that all Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, reproof, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that you may be qualified and equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Ask Him to fill you with a passion for His Word and a desire to concentrate on it throughout the day (Psalm 119:97).

Refuse to walk in the counsel of the wicked, to stand in the road of sinners, or to sit in the seat of scoffers, and claim God's promised blessing on your life. Share your joy in the Lord's law with Him, and ask Him to help you concentrate on it day and night so that you can be like a tree planted by streams of water, bearing fruit in season and withered leaves. Request that you grow and flourish in everything you do (Psalm 1:1-3).

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Praise be to our great God for His supernatural power, which has given you all things pertaining to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who has called you to His own glory and greatness. Thank Him for granting you His valuable and magnificent promises, so that you may share in the divine nature via them, having avoided the corruption that exists in the world as a result of sinful desire. Ask for His grace to strengthen your faith by combining it with virtue, virtue with knowledge, knowledge with self-control, self-control with steadfastness, steadfastness with godliness, godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. Remind the Lord of His truth that if these characteristics are present in you and are growing, they will keep you from becoming ineffective or unfruitful in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 1:3-8).

Pray that God will assist you to rejoice in the midst of adversity, knowing that putting your faith to the test promotes steadfastness. Request that the Lord use your steadfastness to its greatest potential, so you may be flawless and complete in every way (James 1:2-4).

The fact that you have been crucified with Christ is awe-inspiring. Recognize to God that it is Christ who lives in you, not you who lives. Ask Him to remind you that the life you are living now in the flesh is based on your faith in the Son of God, who loves you and offered Himself for you. Pray that He will keep His grace before you always, for if righteousness came through the law, Christ would have died in vain (Galatians 2:20-21). Invoke the Lord to keep you from striving to grow spiritually on your own, but to keep you in the grip of grace at all times.

Dear Father in Heaven, Your graciousness astounds me. I hope I never forget how amazing it is. Thank You that I will never outgrow Your grace, no matter how old I get. I pray that You continue to convert me into Your image with growing splendour until the day comes when my growth is complete and I see You face-to-face. I pray in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Are you looking for further information on how to pray when you're not sure what to say? My buddy Dawn's post will bless you.

How do you pray for your spiritual growth?

The most essential decision you will ever make is to accept Christ as your Savior, but the road does not end there. Here are 18 effective spiritual growth prayers.

Sovereign Lord, my life is a beautiful opportunity to experience Your love and delight in You for the rest of my life. Allow me to have an insatiable desire to grow in Your love and grace, rather than becoming complacent. Fill my life with the joy of Your Spirit, and through Christ, my Lord, help me to grow tall and strong in You. Amen.

Life, Lord of All, is a journey filled with stumbling blocks and difficulties. Each stumbling block leads to progress. Each setback teaches a vital lesson. Lord, I pray that You grant me the wisdom and foresight to learn from my errors and blunders. Assist me in approaching these issues with maturity so that I can grow closer to You. Amen.

Jesus, my Savior, via Your Apostle Paul, You have taught us to put childish things behind us and go on to a deeper comprehension of spiritual truths. Learning when to do this and having the motivation to do so are both important aspects of adulthood. Assist me in recognizing when it is time to mature. Allow me to take on new spiritual difficulties so that I might grow spiritually by serving You and my neighbor. In the name of the Almighty. Amen.

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Oh, Jesus, my Great Healer, as any gardener knows, hedges must be chopped down in order for them to regrow and thrive. The new branches will be vibrant and abundant with fruit. It's the same way in my own life. I'd like You to prune the branches in my life. Allow me to return back to life as a result of my healing, so that I can yield much fruit in Your vineyard. Amen.

When I'm hurting, Jesus, the Great Physician, I get impatient. I want to feel well, to be able to move on from these trying times with no suffering. Nonetheless, I am aware that You are constantly present in my suffering. You're there, and grief draws me into Your embrace so that I can learn more about You and experience closeness with Your Spirit. Lord, grant me the patience I'll need to heal in the manner You've ordained. Amen.

Heavenly Father, even the most insignificant servants can do great things for You. It's not about the abilities of the individual You're working with; it's about your ability to channel Your will via them. Here I am, Lord. Please send it to me. Build me up with spiritual strength demonstrated by faith rather than physical prowess. Amen.

Lord of Might, I'm exhausted and depressed. I feel as if I'm running a race with sprained ankles. I'm not sure how I'm going to keep going like this. Make haste to strengthen my legs so that I can keep moving forward despite the pain of this existence. Give me hope and faith so that I can keep my eyes on the prize of eternal life in Your heavenly kingdom. Amen.

I would be nothing if it weren't for You, my Righteous God. Every day, I wake up with a desire to learn more about You. I want to resemble You more and more. Allow me to draw nearer to You in Your kindness and love. Allow me to cling to You in order to learn how to walk in Your footsteps. Allow me to become fused with You by being firm in Your love with unwavering trust. Amen.

I am quite aware, Father God, that I bring nothing to the table. Before You, my excellent works are nothing more than filthy rags. They are completely worthless. You, on the other hand, and your deeds have limitless worth. How could I ever hope to compete with them? As a result, don't cast me away; instead, let me cling to You so that I can develop in trust. Lord, make me grow like a branch from Your vine. Amen.

I can sense the devastation of my sin deep within my soul, Lord Jesus. Who can I turn to for comfort? Who will guard me and bring me back to life? You are, without a doubt, the Lamb of God who atones for the sins of the entire world. Please forgive me of my sins via Your blood. Wash me white as snow so that, with a clear conscience, I might approach Your throne with confidence and boldness. Amen.

Even though You have announced forgiveness of sins via Your Son Jesus, the Devil has duped me into questioning the reality of Your word. I want to believe everything You say, but the Devil has clouded my mind and made me distrustful of everything. Give me confidence that I can rely on Your word. Allow me to mature as a result of the knowledge that my sins have been forgiven and that I now have access to eternal life. Amen.

You taught us to pray constantly, loving God. Because it is Your desire that Your people be joyful. You desire that Your people joy in the morning, evening, and throughout the day. People who are the happiest are also the most grateful. As a result, please help me to develop in thanks and thankfulness so that we don't take Your salvation for granted. Amen.

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Most Merciful God, Your salvation is a mystery to us, and Your grace endures. Who can fathom the depths of Your majesty? Who has lived after seeing Your face? Please, Lord, allow me to grasp You. Assist me in comprehending the incredible depths of Your love and grace. Please help me to continue to grow into this unlimited affection so that I can please You. Amen.

The entire Christian life is to be conformed to Your image, O Jehovah, my God. Every day, I work hard to hear Your voice and obey Your orders. It is my ambition to become a physical manifestation of Your presence on this planet. Help me to grow more and more like You, Jesus. Allow me to develop my faith, hope, and love. Give me an everlasting grace so that I can be to others what You have been to me. Amen.

God the Father, You've told us many times that we should seek wisdom. You lavish praise on it, as if it were pearls or vast money. It's quite precious, and I'd like to get my hands on it. Teach me how to be as wise as Solomon. Help me to learn from him and others through Your most holy word, so that I may become a more Godly and faithful servant through patience and instruction. Amen.

Compassionate Father, You have cleansed the hearts and minds of all who believe in Your Son through the steadfast love of Your Spirit. You have enlightened the minds of billions of people. I pray that You continue to work on my thinking through the Holy Spirit so that I might come to the correct understanding. Through Christ, my redeemer, grant me contentment and tear down any barriers that stand in the way of my understanding. Amen.

God of Perpetual Faithfulness, I wish I could just sit at Your feet and learn. With childlike trust, I wish to approach You as my Father. You've shown us that true faith is like a child's faith. It is reliant, much as an infant is reliant on his or her parents. Continue to instill faith in You in my heart. Make roads for me to follow so that I can trust You even more. Amen.

If You wish it, Lord God, the entire universe could vanish. What am I in front of You that I should ever have any doubts about You? In Your presence, You are compassionate and generous, while I am selfish and insignificant. Help me to constantly walk in the light of Your will because it is wonderful. Through Christ, my Lord, assist me in continuing to grow in Your will as wheat shoots up from the soil. Amen.

What are examples of spiritual growth?

  • Read the Bible from beginning to end. Set aside a few minutes each day to read some Bible verses. Reading the Bible in its whole is probably possible with 365 days in a year.
  • Participate actively in church services. It's not enough to just show up. You must be physically, mentally, and spiritually present.
  • Make it a habit to pray every day. It's enough to say a short prayer for a few minutes each day. It's something you can do every morning when you get up or before you go to bed. It will become second nature with time.
  • Keeping a spiritual notebook is a good idea. It's a great place to write down your thoughts and everyday reflections. It's a great read for when you're feeling low.
  • Forgiveness should be practiced. Forgiving someone who has harmed you will not only help you restore your relationships, but it will also help you grow as a person. It will also provide you with peace of mind.
  • Return the favor. Donating to charity should not be limited to the Christmas and Thanksgiving seasons. Giving back should be done throughout the year. Every day, strive to be a benefit to others. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating your old clothes to the underprivileged are good places to start. (See also: 50 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Perform Today)
  • Every day, have a conversation with God. Spend a few minutes every day alone with God. Tell him about the things you're grateful for today, as well as the things that are causing you concern. Communicate with him as if he were a buddy.
  • Read books that will make you feel good. Inspirational literature, in addition to the bible, are a terrific method to find spiritual contentment.

How do I pray spiritual power?

The Holy Spirit assists us in guiding and leading us toward a more Christ-centered life. These nine petitions for the Holy Spirit's power can assist you in seeking the Lord's direction and strength.

As we stand on Your Word, Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Friend, we ask that You rain down on us. Allow Your might to fall on us and transform our hearts. Open the heavens and pour out the Holy Spirit's rain on our church and our lives. Change, re-energize, and empower us. We require Your assistance once more. Send us Your purifying rain, precious gift from heaven. Amen.

We thirst for Your glory and strength, Holy Spirit, our Living Hope. Our hearts yearn to be engulfed in Your presence. Fill this place like a powerful rushing wind. Baptize us in Your wrath. Spirit of truth, educate us all things and convey the words of Jesus to our minds. Please lead us into complete truth. Give us the strength to boldly speak God's Word in our weakness. Amen.

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Please, heavenly Father, provide us spiritual understanding and insight, as well as flood our hearts with light. Help us to comprehend the astounding magnitude of Your Holy Spirit's power – the same power that raised Jesus from the grave – for those of us who believe in You. Help us to understand that this power is alive and well inside us, and that we can use it to advance Your Kingdom. Amen.

Heavenly Father, Your Word informs us that we are in the world as You are. Your Holy Spirit is in us, and we are Your ambassadors through His power. You declared that through the power of Your Spirit, we would do the same deeds that You did, and even greater. Pour out the power of Your Holy Spirit on us as we offer ourselves as living sacrifices, and empower us to carry out Your works on earth. Amen.

We give You all the glory, Holy Spirit, for Your awesome power at work within us allows You to accomplish incomparably more than we could ever ask or imagine. Help us, dear Spirit, not to grieve You, but to surrender to You and let Your might to reign supreme in us. We are grateful for Your generous presence within us. In the Church and in Christ Jesus, all glory to You. Amen.

We thank You, Holy Trinity, for the blessings we have received as God's children. We thank You for granting us the honor of serving You and conveying the good news of the infinite riches of knowing You via Your grace and powerful might. We pray for the Holy Spirit's power to overpower us and transform us into worthy vessels for Your service. Empower us and direct our words as we share Your gospel with the world through Your might. Amen.

We pray that from Your wonderful, limitless resources, Creator of all things in heaven and on earth, You will strengthen us with inner strength through Your Spirit. May our roots grow deep into Your love, strengthening us. May we be filled with all the richness of life and strength that comes from You as we experience Christ's incomprehensible love. Amen.

Dear God, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, we are overflowing with hope. As we believe in You, fill us with joy and tranquility. Allow Your fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to grow in our lives, Holy Spirit. We can only live in holiness and victory over sin because of Your might. Convict us, fill us up, and give us power. Amen.

How do you grow through prayer?

How Can You Improve Your Prayer Life?

  • Step 1: Uncover the Prayer Secret. The author of Hebrews encourages us to make the most of our ability to pray.

What is the powerful prayer?

I pray to you, loving God, that you will comfort me in my pain, strengthen the hands of my healers, and bless the methods utilized to cure me. Give me such faith in the power of your grace that I may put my complete trust in you, even when I am terrified; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How do you grow spiritual maturity?

Wife, author, boss, friend, daughter, teacher, professional coffee drinker, and now mama are just a few of the hats I wear. For over two years, I've been giggling at this parenthood thing. I've had twenty months of the most life-altering, heart-wrenching, joy-filled, bone-weary job I've ever had… and I've loved every minute of it.

During my pregnancy, I distinctly recall being terrified of the enormous responsibility that would soon be placed in my hands. I was terrified at the prospect of raising a child without completely ruining her. “I feel more capable of being air-dropped into Afghanistan and finding my way out in the middle of a Taliban fire war than I do of parenting a child,” I told a friend.

God does not wait for us to be ready to stretch us before he stretches us. Whether I was prepared or not, my full-fledged education into the realm of parenthood began in November of 2016. I've discovered that He equips us even while we're in the thick of a mess. Now that I'm well into motherhood, I've learned that it's not something you can learn from a book; it's a hands-on, learn-as-you-go, trial-and-error process.

I'll be honest, every three months when we take Sydney to her pediatrician for her visit, I expect her to hand me a lollypop and a sticker because…

I'm joking, but it's true. For all the restless nights and countless prayers imploring Jesus to take the wheel, the infant gets shots, and we get nothing.

The best part about going to the pediatrician every three months is understanding what developmental milestones Sydney should hit at each stage. My doctor even gives me a checklist of things to look for and how to deal with different situations.

The anticipation of a youngster is that he or she will grow. Over the course of a few months, newborns grow from defenseless 8-pound infants to 28-pound toddlers intent on destroying everything in their path. I can't help but think about spiritual maturity as I've watched my little girl grow from infancy to the great adventure of toddlerhood. Our Heavenly Father rejoices as we grow and mature in our faith, just as a good parent rejoices when their kid develops new talents.

Spiritual maturity is the expected, not the exception, for all Christians, according to the Bible.

We are “born again” into God's family and then begin to mature as God's children, just as a newborn is born and then begins to grow. Despite the fact that this is the expectation, many Christians become stuck and stagnate in their faith.

The Apostle Peter describes seven “spiritual milestones” that should increase in our life if we are truly children of God in 2 Peter chapter 1. These anniversaries aren't meant to be a legalistic checklist on which we attempt to improve. These characteristics, on the other hand, show that a person is spiritually maturing.

Through our awareness of him who called us by his own glory and goodness, his divine power has given us everything we need for a holy life. He has given us his most significant and precious promises through them, so that you may share in the divine nature while avoiding the pollution in the world caused by sinful impulses.

Make every effort to add goodness to your faith, and goodness to knowledge, and knowledge to self-control, and self-control to perseverance, and perseverance to godliness, and godliness to mutual affection, and mutual affection to love. Because if you increase your possession of these traits, you will be less ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Whoever does not have them, on the other hand, is nearsighted and shortsighted, forgetting that their past offenses have been forgiven.

Make every attempt, dear brothers and sisters, to affirm your calling and election. Because if you do these things, you will never fall, and you will be warmly welcomed into our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's eternal kingdom.

Born-again believers should evolve spiritually beyond their first conversion, much as my daughter Sydney no longer acts like an infant but has progressed to a healthy and busy toddler. The traits stated in 2 Peter as evidence of this progress include “faith, kindness, knowledge, self-control, holiness, and love.” Surprisingly, I've encountered teenagers who are spiritually more developed than some of the older adults I've met. Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with our age; it is entirely about our ability to grow in our relationship with God. If you've read this far, I'm guessing you're someone who wants to grow in her faith. Here are five spiritual growth keys that I'm working on in my own life:

1. The Word—In 1 Peter, we're instructed that drinking the “pure milk of God's word” helps us develop in faith. The analogy is clear, and one that I've personally observed. Milk is given to infants, and the consequence is a remarkable metamorphosis! Simply drinking milk causes those tiny fingers and toes, legs and limbs to expand, stretch, and develop! It's no accident that the Bible refers to itself as “pure milk” for spiritual development. A believer must feed herself the Word of God on a regular basis in order to progress in her faith. Going to church or Bible study once a week is insufficient. That would be the same of eating a meal on Sunday and then going hungry for the rest of the week. If we want to grow and deepen in our faith, we must feed ourselves the Word of God on a daily basis.

2. Christ-centered Community — I can attest from personal experience that nothing has helped me grow spiritually more than being around by other Christ-followers who love Jesus, fear God, and want to live for His glory. We encourage accountability, we are challenged to know God better, and we have relationships with others who will pray for us when we face hardships or temptations when we surround ourselves with a Christ-centered community. Indeed, we are stronger when we work together.

3. Walk in the Spirit – Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as our “Assistant.”

He is the one who walks alongside us and supports us when we are weak. The Holy Spirit is the one who changes us from the inside out so that we might act, think, and love as Jesus did. God's Spirit develops us and produces Christ-like attributes in us as we stay in step with Him. We must continually ask the Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and direct our steps, and to conform us to Christ's image.

4. Surrender – The only way to win in the Kingdom of God is to surrender. We can only begin to live the abundant life Jesus promised when we yield to God's will and walk in His ways. We begin to manifest the fruit of the Spirit when we surrender our will to God's will. Surrendering to God is what obedience entails. We mature and grow as a result of these surrendering moments. “Physical maturity is connected to time,” argues John Bevere. “Obedience is a prerequisite for spiritual maturation.”

5. Humility – Pride is the greatest significant impediment to spiritual progress. Pride deceives us into believing that we are doing fine. Instead of gazing at Jesus' perfection, pride compares itself to someone else. Our pride makes us blind to our flaws. Humility, on the other hand, is essential for maturity because it keeps us living in daily desperation for Jesus and clinging to Him for everything. “Apart from Jesus, I can do nothing,” the mature person knows.

As a mother, I'm inclined to clutch my child and hope she'd never grow up. Then I remember all of the amazing things Jesus has planned for her, and I realize that, as much as I enjoy the cuddles and sweetness that come with this age, I want her to blossom into a mature lady who loves Jesus and lives for His glory.

Friends, we are in the same boat. As we grow in our faith, the whole of heaven is rooting for us. As we grow from infants to great women of God capable of leading, teaching, and shepherding others, God, our Heavenly Father, watches over us and loves us.

What does the Bible say about growing in the Lord?

18 2 Peter 3:18 But, as we grow in the grace and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will become more like him. All glory and honor belongs to him now and forever.