How To Open My Spiritual Eyes

Prior to opening the third eye, some religions highlight the need of opening and harmonizing all of the other chakras.

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This is considered to provide the essential foundation and capacity for dealing with higher-level revelations. Opening the third eye, on the other hand, is thought to be unstable by some.

Covington recommends the following procedures if you're ready to open your third eye chakra:

Activate your third eye chakra

When it comes to opening your third eye, Covington recommends beginning with an activation exercise.

“Begin by thanking your third eye for your intrinsic intuitive abilities and your connection to nature through the pineal gland's circadian rhythms,” she advises.

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Supplement your diet

Diet, according to Covington, can help you open your third eye chakra. Several meals, according to her, can help to strengthen and detoxify the third eye, including:

“These are all substances that aid in pineal gland cleaning,” Covington claims. It's worth noting that there is no scientific proof to back this up.

Apply essential oils

“Essential oils are powerful instruments for healing and opening the pineal gland, as well as facilitating spiritual consciousness,” Covington explains.

  • Combine one or more of the oils listed above with a carrier oil of your choosing. Because essential oils come in such high concentrations for aromatherapy, you should always mix them with a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. (Also, avoid ingesting essential oils!)
  • Combine the essential oils and the carrier oil in a mixing bowl. Use 1 teaspoon of carrier oil for every 6 drops of essential oil.

Photosensitivity can be caused by several essential oils, particularly citrus oils like lemon. After applying citrus essential oils to your skin, stay out of the sun.

Try sun gazing

Sun gazing is a type of meditation in which you stare at the sun, usually during sunrise and sunset. It's supposed to stimulate vitality, strengthen spiritual connection, and increase clarity.

“The sun is a tremendous source of energy,” she claims. “To strengthen your pineal gland, gaze gently at the sun between the first few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset.”

If you decide to sun gaze, be sure you take the necessary safety precautions. Otherwise, you risk damaging your eyes.

Meditate and chant

“According to Covington, “meditation activates the pineal gland through vibration and intention.” “Consider seeing the pineal gland decalcifying since its divine nature is illuminated and directly connected to source.”

By means of “Covington is alluding to a higher force or the essential nature of all things when he says “source.”

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“Chanting “stimulates the pineal gland by causing the tetrahedron bone in the nose to vibrate,” according to Covington.

Chanting mantras, she claims, can help foster a sense of gratitude and appreciation.

Use crystals

Some people believe that crystals have therapeutic properties. They may also aid in the opening of your third eye, according to Covington.

“In the endeavor to activate the third eye, crystals are powerful allies,” she explains. “Purple, indigo, and violet color palettes are ideal for crystals and gemstones. The third eye is awakened, balanced, aligned, and nurtured with this color pallet.”

During meditation, you can place the crystal or gemstone between and slightly above your brow, or utilize a crystal grid.

What is your spiritual vision?

Exodus 33 brought the scriptures of Moses to life. Jeremiah also promises that when we seek God, we will find him (Jeremiah 29:13), and this has shown to be true. The Bible doesn't say which aspects of God we should seek in particular; it just says that if we do, we shall find spiritual wealth. He arrived in the fullness of time. As the Lord had promised, his goodness came to me as a result of his gracious compassion. God knew I needed him now more than ever. He appeared to me as a caregiver and concerned friend, clothed in 1950s white physician's scrubs with a large smile and a warm, compassionate touch. “Is it you?” I inquired through tears when he arrived that day. He didn't say anything, but he came over and sat next to me the entire night. Since that day, he has frequently returned to me when I call out, “Come, Holy Spirit.”

You must understand, too, that I spent decades honing both my spiritual eye and my faith in God. For Christians, faith is more than just a set of beliefs. It's also a decision to accept the kind of faith that God wants us to have, one that is free of religious restrictions and taboo subjects. Because God is miraculous, he will seek to manifest himself outside of our theological framework. You will limit the Holy Spirit's activity if you desire your faith to be devoid of certain Holy Spirit gifts that make you uncomfortable (such as speaking in tongues, prophesy, immediate healing, and so on), since unbelief ruins the delicate doorway into spiritual sight.

Natural and spiritual eyes are the two types of eyes that humans have. Our spiritual eyes are commonly referred to as “my mind's eye” or “eyes of my heart.” Spiritual sight is similar to peripheral vision in that it is a form of visual twilight. It's not our imagination, wishful thinking, or psychic imagery that's causing the problem. Moses' burning bush exemplifies seeing with spiritual eyes: “The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed” (Exodus 3:2). With his normal eyes, Moses noticed a burning plant. His spiritual sight, on the other hand, peered deeper and saw that the bush was not burning at all. Spiritual sight is the ability to see but not see; or to perceive two things at once, both equally real but in distinct realms; both here and there (in a spiritual dimension.) It's as clear as mud, I know.

What is being spiritually blind?

“Being spiritually blind doesn't mean you can't see,” Sophia, ten, explains. “It denotes a lack of faith in God.” When Jesus restored sight to a man who had been blind since birth, it sparked a controversy among Jerusalem's religious leaders. On the Sabbath, Jesus purposefully and frequently healed.

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What does the Bible says about sight?

The LORD restores sight to the blind, raises those who are bent down, and loves the upright. The deaf will hear the scroll's words on that day, and the blind will see out of the murk and darkness. The blind will be able to see again, and the deaf will be able to hear again.

How do you know if a vision is from God?

You're constantly dealing with them. You dream, plan, create, and execute week after week. But, at the end of the day, when everyone has gone home and the “atta' boys” have worn off… how do you tell the difference between a vision from God and a wonderful idea you came up with? Is it possible to have wonderful thoughts that aren't connected with God, since He created and gave us our abilities?

Here are three key indicators that an idea is a God-given vision rather than merely a good idea.

A God-given vision is BIG!

A good idea frequently emerges from our own creative human thought. If this is the case, it's simple to refute our own beliefs using various risk assessments:

God gave us brains for a reason, and He wants us to make good use of them. If your plan appears to be too safe or too simple, check with God to determine if it is truly part of His plan for you.

A God-given vision points to God!

When someone has a wonderful concept, the natural result or temptation can be glory or recognition for the person who came up with it. When God offers us a vision, though, it is frequently something that would be impossible if we were left to our own devices. Good ideas will fall short on their own, which is why God encourages us to collaborate with Him by bringing our ideas to Him and allowing Him to use them according to His purpose. Take a deeper look and see if it's actually part of God's vision for you if you're tempted to take credit or revel in the acclaim of your own wonderful ideas. Remind yourself that God has asked you (and your ideas) to participate. Remember Paul's advice when you start thinking your concept is the reason something succeeds. “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him,” he says in Colossians 3:17. Remember that it is HIM who bestows our abilities, skills, and opportunities. He is entirely deserving of praise. Make certain that all of your wonderful thoughts lead back to Him.

A God-given vision lines up with truth!

God has wired us to plan, imagine, construct, create, and lead, and determining whether or not our wonderful idea came from Him might be one of the most difficult problems a leader has. Turn to truth when you don't know what to do! What does God's Word have to say about it? What kind of spiritual advice can you get? “Listen to advice and accept teaching, so that you may gain knowledge in the future,” Proverbs 19:20-21 states. Many are the plans that a man has in his mind, but only the Lord's purpose will stand.” When you're trying to figure out whether something is just a wonderful idea or if it's in line with the vision God has given you, seek insight. Seek understanding from God through prayer, reading His Word, and wise advice.

Remember, God gave us amazing ideas and abilities! It's incredible that the Creator of the Universe permits us to use that ability to further HIS tale and Kingdom. We must ensure that we are close enough to and in touch with our BIG God to understand how we may work FOR Him rather than against Him.

How do you know if your dream is spiritual?

Do you dismiss your recent nightmares as a result of anxiety? Or a means for your harried mind to assimilate the events of the day? While these components are likely to play a part in the development of dreams, they may not give the whole picture. We don't know what causes dreams, but I'm willing to bet that spiritual forces control a significant portion of our dream lives.

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There's no denying that we're all feeling more anxious these days, and some dreams can just be a method for our minds to unwind after a long day. But what about those other dreams that disclose hidden sentiments we're too busy to notice? Dreams that were linked to your waking life and came true? Spirit guides could be the source of these profound dreams.

How do you get a future vision?

When the end of the year approaches, I always feel compelled to reflect on what has occurred and consider what may lie ahead.

I normally begin by going over my calendar, looking at all of my lunches, meetings, projects, and appointments, as well as the places I've traveled to and people I've seen, the dates of my Whole30, the movies and concerts I've seen, and all of the yoga sessions I've taken.

When I'm going about my daily routine, I frequently feel as if I'm not doing enough. It's nearly difficult to know the total influence of our acts on any particular day. But as I look back over the course of a year, it becomes clear: the decisions I make and the priorities I set are what shape my year.

Creating a Vision for Your Future Will Change Your Life

Making a future vision helps to guide your daily decisions and ensures that your activities are in line with your priorities. We all fantasize about being the person we want to be. It's only when we examine our objectives and create a vision for the future that making decisions that match with our goals becomes simple.

“Your life's vision identifies who you want to be, what you want to be recognized for, and the experiences and accomplishments you want to achieve. Your vision aids in the definition of goals by providing a framework for evaluating them.”

What Matters in Life?

It's a large and vital concept to consider “what matters in life.” Your response is based on your core values, what matters to you, and why you believe we're here. This will change as your life progresses. It will be easier to locate your solution if you think about the question.

Of course, each of us will define what is important differently. Matt shared what important in his life in his philosophy on why we're here: using his unique abilities to offer to others and elevate them up.

Things That Matter to You

  • Exercise, nutrition, and sleep, as well as health maintenance such as doctor visits and diagnostics, are all important aspects of physical fitness.
  • Mental fitness entails taking care of one's mental health, reflecting and creating goals, lifelong learning, and the pursuit of interests.
  • Spiritual fitness is defined as “connecting with something bigger,” which can be achieved through faith, meditation, or science.
  • Living within your means and in accordance with your priorities, saving for the future, and donating what you can are all examples of financial fitness.
  • Personal relationships, self-love, and giving your all to those around you and the work you do are all examples of love.
  • Exploring possibilities, trying something new or dangerous, and venturing into uncharted terrain are all examples of adventure.

Although your categories and what you want or need from each one may differ from ours, feel free to utilize our list as a starting point. Make your list personal by including only items that are important to you. Consider how your idea of ‘what counts in life' affects the things that matter to you and the things you desire.

What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like?

Barr recommends writing a personal vision statement that includes the following elements: “consist of a broad description of your ideal life, as well as a list of the most important areas and high-level goals for each.”

Consider the sights, sounds, smells, sensations, experiences, and people you'd like to be a part of in your perfect existence. If you enjoy making vision boards, now is a great time to go through publications and clip out images that speak to you. A vision board is not a wish list or a to-do list “There is order in the universe.” It's a graphic representation of your long-term goals.

Your vision statement and vision board work together to help you achieve your goals. Both will appeal to various aspects of your head and heart. Both will motivate you to make decisions that are in line with your priorities on a daily basis.

How to Live Your Vision

Creating a vision for your future is a long-term undertaking. You and your life will change as soon as you draft your responses and establish your vision board. Revisit your vision as the seasons change, on your birthday, once a month, or on another regular basis. Edit and adjust as needed, based on your experiences and inner wisdom. Use your vision to drive your daily actions and major ones, and you'll start living the life of your dreams!

How do you pray over a dream?

I stand on Your Word, Heavenly Father, that You will pour out Your Spirit on all people in the end days. You claim that aging guys have dreams. So, Father, we're praying right now for the release of dreams and visions about Your plans for us. As we approach the end of the world, I ask that You will pour out Your Spirit so that sons and daughters will prophesy, young men will see visions, and old men will dream dreams. Amen.

Greetings, Lord! I understand that You speak with us through visions and dreams, but these dreams are frequently forgotten. Right now, I'm praying against the enemy's intentions to make me forget my dreams. I recognize that this is a spiritual attack, and I pray that, according to Daniel's Word, I will have visions of all types. I pray in Jesus' all-powerful name. Amen.

Greetings, Father! I pray that the light of my happy dreams will be activated. I pray that all of my positive dreams come true so that I can accomplish everything You have planned for me. In Jesus' name, I request that those dreams that have been withheld in the spiritual realm be released right now, so that my blessings and miracles might be received. Lord, I pray that Your Word will never be in vain. Amen.

God bless you, Father. I pray that when I go asleep, I will only have pleasant dreams. As a result, in my nightmares, I come up against the negative effects of sexual interactions. I fight the ghosts of the Incubus and Succubus who try to mess with my dreams. I fight spiritual warfare against these forces, hoping that no future relationships are harmed. In Jesus' name, I break the yoke of this spirit that is trying to keep me from reclaiming my life's courses. I pray in Jesus' almighty and eternal name. Amen.

Greetings, Lord! “For we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of this age's darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Your Word says. But, in the name of Jesus, I pray against dreams that reveal witchcraft, as well as the harmful consequences of any terrible dream. I pray to You through Your blood. Amen.

Dear Father in Heaven, I thank You for giving me a spirit of power and sound mind rather than a spirit of dread. As a result, I will not be afraid of the enemy's attempts to use my dreams against me. But, by Your holy power, I bind every force and influence that is behind every horrible dream, starting today. I announce that Jesus is Lord of my life, and that I will have only beautiful dreams. Amen.

How do you pray for spiritual blindness?

Today, you can declare self-evident truths such as “Many people will deny that “men are not women,” “killing infants for convenience is murder,” and “Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved.” They might even call you a bigot or a racist. This is what the Bible refers to it as “spiritual oblivion.” Many people have been blinded to the truth by the god of this world, Satan (2 Cor. 4:3–4). People latch on to things the devil whispers that appeal to their preconceptions and sin nature. This is a condition that affects all of us. Spiritual blindness can only be remedied by the Holy Spirit.

Pray for people who are spiritually blind to have their eyes opened by God. Pray that they recognize their need for a Savior, as well as God's love and provision in Jesus Christ. And pray that they put their confidence solely in Christ for eternal salvation. Our country's future success hinges on our spiritual vision—on Americans placing their faith in Jesus. And it will determine our eternal fate once our brief lives on this earth are done. Our wonderful country will come to an end one day. God's perfect kingdom, on the other hand, will last eternally.

A Prayer for America

Heavenly Father, You sent Jesus into the world to save the lost and to open the eyes of the blind. Lord, I understand that the physical blindness You treated on earth is a symptom of the far deeper spiritual blindness we all have. Lord Jesus, I would not have seen the beauty of God in Your loving face until You healed me. Thank You for allowing me to see the truth and be saved by opening my eyes. Lord, grant spiritual sight to the millions of Americans who are spiritually blind and are unaware of it. Lord Jesus, I pray in Your name. Amen.

What are the dangers of spiritual blindness?

Cataracts, glaucoma, and a lack of good eye glasses, according to John, are three main causes of blindness in Angola. When an Angolan loses his sight, he is unable to navigate his physical surroundings and must rely on others to guide him. When there are open flames, big pits, and holes in the ground, the dangers rise. Accidents are more likely to occur, and the person's lifespan shortens.