How To Know Your Spiritual Calling

A vocation, in my opinion, is where your passion, strengths, and talents collide with the world's most pressing needs. At the moment, I believe my spiritual calling is the intersection of my passion (cooking), God-given gifts and talents (mercy, compassion, good with people one-on-one, ability to provide comfort in a calm, unobtrusive manner), and one deep need in our world (highly independent people who don't like to ask for help but find themselves in situations where they could use one).

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I feel most at ease assisting folks where these three areas collide. It may not appear to be a significant calling, but I feel it is.

I feel that our calling can shift based on where we are in life or what season we are in. When my children were smaller, I think my calling was to care for, nurture, love, feed, and teach them to develop into responsible young adults. Currently, I believe my calling is to nurture and love on those who are going through a difficult time and are hesitant to ask for help. This can take the shape of cooking for cancer patients, or it can take the form of caring for an older family who is in desperate need of assistance.

Sure, following our spiritual calling can be frightening. I know I've been hesitant to commit on few occasions. I sometimes feel like I'm standing on the edge of a precipice, needing a little prodding to jump. (It was my spouse who gently pushed me to delve into a situation that had previously overwhelmed and paralyzed me, but I can honestly say it has been an incredible learning experience thus far.)

I make excuses that I'm too busy at other times. (When I informed a friend I was too busy to help someone she wanted me to contact, she told me bluntly that my time was mine to make…it was all about what I prioritized.) Those words hurt at the time, but they pushed me to help that individual in need, and it was a wonderful experience.)

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By remaining on the sidelines, we are ignoring the world's most pressing needs and failing to fulfill our calling. My confidence and trust in God has grown, and I now know that if I jump off the cliff, He will provide a parachute and catch me. And if I continue to say no when I am summoned, God will continue to knock until I say “yes.” Both of these things have happened to me in the last several months.

Are you prepared for your name to be called? What have you been called to do if you've been called?

How do I know my calling from God?

My mind was inundated with ideas like “But what would this lead to?” and “Will this be worth it?” when God continually commanded me to write. in addition “Are you sure this is what He's saying?” In the middle of my skepticism, I read Luke 1, where the angel Gabriel informs Zechariah of his son John the Baptist's impending birth. In amazement, Zechariah responds, “What evidence do I have that this is true? “I am a senior citizen, and my wife is well into her senior years.”

Because of his lack of trust, the angel takes away his voice until the day of John's birth. To put it another way, believe God the first time He tells you to do something. Don't waste time questioning God; instead, perform the last thing He commanded you to do, even if you don't understand it. He'll make certain to reveal you the following step in His own time.

Your actions match your plans

You develop large goals and then follow through with the necessary actions. The big intentions you have for yourself and the routines you follow every minute of every day are inextricably linked. You make the tiny, previous plans that you know will bring you there when you outline your major plans. You're enthralled by every step of the process because it's all leading to you realizing your vision for your life and your place in the world.

What does it mean when God is calling you?

God may be calling you to a spectacular, exciting, or “successful” role, or to a role that the world considers “ordinary.” That isn't the most essential thing. What matters is that God is calling you to be exactly who he made you to be in your mother's womb.

God knew that the world needed you today, with your unique abilities and skills, when he created you. He saw that there were things in this world that only you could accomplish.

In every setting and discussion, God is inviting you to live a life of quiet obedience and unwavering trust.

God is calling you to use the abilities and talents he has given you right now, in your current location.

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God's call on your life is wonderfully liberating, since it is for you to be yourself.

What an incredible blessing it is that your Creator, the Creator of the universe, has given you the ability to perform what he has called you to do!

There's no need to be terrified! The person who is calling you now is aware of everything that is going on in the world. God is not surprised nor concerned. The sinfulness that God sees grieves him greatly, and his heart yearns for restoration and reconciliation. God has vowed to never leave you alone or forsake you, no matter how frightening, terrible, fantastic, or joyful situations you face.

God is aware of your flaws and limits, whether they be physical, emotional, financial, or other. Yes, God has called you because he understands that your particular combination of skills and weaknesses is exactly what you need to perform what you've been called to do right now!

The person who has called you has also provided you with appropriate instructions for the following step. His word shines like a beacon for your feet. God has provided you with all of the resources you'll need to take the next faithful step. People who can assist you have been placed in your life by God. God has equipped you with the gifts, tools, and skills you'll need to take the next step in faith.

Nothing can keep you from putting your faith in God. God is on your side! God is trustworthy! God will fulfill all of his promises to you!

You can rely on God! You can be a living example of Christ's love today! You can be a model of grace today!

What is the Christian's calling?

Our fundamental calling is to have a personal relationship with God, which we can achieve through trust in Jesus Christ. God has called us into relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ, according to the Bible…. God values us for who we are, not for what we can accomplish or achieve at work, therefore our primary calling is unrelated to our career. The call of God to us is eternal, encompassing and beyond our temporary actions….