How To Know God Personally Four Spiritual Principles

Should you spend your time and energy to selfless religious acts? Make yourself a better person in order for God to accept you?

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You might be astonished to learn that none of those suggestions will work. However, God has made it abundantly clear in the Bible how we can come to know Him.

The principles that follow will explain how you can begin a personal connection with God through Jesus Christ right now…

What are the four steps to God?

To-do lists are something that some individuals do. Some people try to fix a nagging problem with a work assignment. Others make the decisions on what to eat for dinner and who to invite to dinner. Others fantasize about their future ambitions and opportunities.

Depending on the day, you could fit into all of these categories and more. The minutes we spend on the treadmill are sometimes the only ones we have to process, plan, and reflect. It may appear that your mind is wasting time, but it is not. Your brain requires space to process the events of your life. Your spirit requires space in order to communicate with God. And, on occasion, the treadmill is the ideal location.

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Try the four stages below if you want to practice structured prayer while walking or running. They follow a well-known pattern: A.C.T.S. stands for adoration, confession, gratitude, and prayer.

How to walk through A.C.T.S. on the treadmill

Concentrate on a few breaths to get yourself ready. Clear your mind by inhaling and exhaling. Then get started.

  • Adoration. Begin by thanking God for being who He is. He is gracious, just, and good in every way. Recall his all-powerful and all-loving personality. Recite Scripture about Him, such as Isaiah 40:28, which says, “The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.” He never faints or grows tired; his comprehension is limitless.” Adoring God draws our attention away from ourselves and toward the One we can trust.
  • Confession. Now is the time to own up to your mistakes. Have you been snooping around? Acting vehemently against friends or family members? Do you have pride issues? Allow God to probe your heart and reveal any dark spots so that His light might shine through. Confessing our sins releases us from their grasp on us, allowing the forgiveness of Christ to fill us.
  • Thanksgiving. Move into thankfulness for everything you can think of, large and small. Start on the treadmill, where your body is capable of walking or running. Thanking God makes us more aware of all the ways He looks after us. Anxious thoughts are calmed by it. Bringing God's faithfulness to our attention now offers us hope that it will continue tomorrow.
  • Supplication. Finally, our souls are ready to pray to God for the fulfillment of our wants and wishes. Go for it! The Bible says to bring our desires to Him, therefore do it! He is aware of our deepest desires, but we aren't always aware of them until we speak with our Creator. What would you like God to accomplish in your life? Don't be stingy with your words. Inquire of Him.

Praying through A.C.T.S. might take as little as a few minutes or as much as an hour, and it's a beautiful habit to develop. Try it and see how God can use it to bless you and others.

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How can I experience God personally?

1. BE OPEN AND WILLING. The first step is to just be WILLING and OPEN to God's presence in your life. Many individuals are simply cut off to the concept of an all-knowing, omnipresent presence lurking behind the scenes of their lives. There is, indeed! God Almighty is His name! And He sent His Son to mend the rift between the CREATOR and the CREATED, POTTER and CLAY, FATHER and CHILD. I'm sure you get my drift. Simply open your heart, letting go of any pride, resentment, and perplexity, and allowing God to work freely.

What are God's principles in the Bible?

These include: Christ's Lordship over all of our lives and ideas; the obligation to love God with all of our hearts and to love our neighbor as ourselves; the responsibility to seek righteousness and practice justice and mercy to all; and participation in the church's worship and activities.

What refers to God's personal loving communication to us?

is God's loving personal communication to us about who He is and His desires to save us all in His love. It's God's friendliness reaching out to us so that we can get to know and love him.

What is the 4 sentence prayer?

As he repeats those words and disappears into the crowd, I remember his simple prayer: Reduce me to love. I miss these moments when fear is in charge.

As I recite it more, my prayer grows and expands: Reduce me to adoration. Please assist me in seeing underneath the surface. Assist me in becoming a familiar face in a throng, a beacon of light in a dimly lit place. Transform me into love and remove all of my fears.

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The prayer does not ask that I be catapulted into something greater for the benefit of the world. “Reduce,” says the prayer. Reduce my size. Assist me in getting out of my own way.

Why must I know God?

Knowing God entails experiencing joy, peace, happiness, love, and a plethora of other emotions. It entails feeling complete and fulfilled. It implies that you will never be alone. If those reasons aren't enough to entice you to pursue a connection with God, perhaps the following five will.

You have a constant companion.

Every day, He wants you to talk to Him. He desires for you to come to Him with your ideas, troubles, concerns, and praise. “Cast your burden onto the Lord, and He will sustain you,” the Bible says. Every day, he wants to be your top priority. He's envious of you. Isn't that incredible? Our Lord and Savior, God, desires for you to spend time with Him. He's waiting to hear from you, and He wants you to contact Him. He wants to assist you in overcoming your difficulties. He despises it when you try to deal with these issues on your own, and it tears His heart when you abandon Him. He's always on the lookout for you. Isn't that incredible? “My lips will laud you because your unwavering love is better than life.” 63:6 (Psalm)

How do I get intimacy with God?

Believing that God is interested in us is the first step toward feeling connection with him. God is aware of our existence and desires to be near us. Not only that, but God understands why we're here and what we're supposed to be doing. He cares about us and is assisting us in having the effect we were supposed to have.

Lord, you know everything about me. You know all the words I'm about to say before I even start a sentence because you read my heart like an open book! Before I even start my adventure, you already know every step I'll take.

As you can see from this passage, God cares about you and who you are. He's aware of your existence. He has the ability to complete your phrases. As someone who grew up with a twin brother, I am very familiar with this concept.

I've always had someone around me since conception. When one of us is in agony, we can sense it. We have a good understanding of each other's thoughts and can complete each other's phrases. We have a strong bond and are extremely protective of one another.

While playing sports in high school, I recall this proving to be true on numerous occasions. We were both varsity basketball players. At the conclusion of one game, a bench-clearing brawl erupted in the gymnasium of the opposing team. The other team and their supporters surrounded me. I was in a lot of difficulty.

My brother was the only person who came to my aid. “That's my brother!” he screamed as he dove into the mob. That night, we partied hard, but we did it together. My brother and I have a strained connection. But it's given me a taste of what it's like to be in close proximity to God.

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The story depicts what I believe it is like to have a personal relationship with God. He is interested in us and is willing to help us regardless of the circumstances or personal cost. When everyone else is running in the opposite direction from us, he is interested and there for us.

This should make us feel important. You aren't here to fill in the blanks or to play a supporting role in someone else's film. We become conscious of our great meaning and value to God when we are close to Him.

Consider this: if you didn't exist, nothing would be the same. Without you, every place you've ever been and everyone you've ever spoken to would be different. We are all intertwined, and we are all influenced by the choices and even existence of those around us.

A connection with God provides this kind of clarity and comfort. But, once we actually see this, the question arises: are we interested in God?

Am I interested in God?

“You are my witnesses, my chosen servants,” Yahweh declares. I chose you so that you would know me intimately, always believe me, and fully comprehend the fact that I am the only God. Before me, there was no god, and there will be no god after me.

God want for us to be interested in him: to know who he is, to believe in him, and to be in his presence. And he wants it, not out of selfishness, but because he knows that being with him is the best thing we can do in our life.