How To Get Spiritual Eyes

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart's eyes. Take time to meditate on Scripture and rest in God's presence.

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“Having your hearts' eyes enlightened, so that you may see what is the hope to which he has called you, and what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints.” Paul's letter to the Ephesians (Ephesians 1:18)

“Then Elisha prayed, ‘O Lord, please open his eyes so that he may see,' and he said, ‘O Lord, please open his eyes so that he may see.' So the Lord opened the young man's eyes, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was surrounded by horses and chariots of fire.” 6:17 in 2 Kings

“The Lord created both the hearing ear and the seeing eye.” 20:12 (Proverbs)

2. What have you been doing with your life if you haven't been connected to the Spirit? Where have you been living for the sake of time rather than for eternity?

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“And I will pray to the Father, and he will send you another Helper, the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot welcome because it neither sees nor knows him.” You recognize him because he lives with you and will live in you.” 16-17 John 14:16-17

“Do not store riches on earth, where moth and rust destroy them and thieves break in and take them; instead, store treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys them and thieves do not break in and steal them.” Because where your treasure is, there will your heart be.” 6:19-21 Matthew

3. Request that the Holy Spirit assist you in staying connected to him today.

“For we were all baptized into one body in one Spirit–Jews and Greeks, slaves and free–and we were all made to drink of one Spirit.” 12:13 in 1 Corinthians

“Or are you unaware that your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, whom you have received from God?” “You aren't your own person.” 6:19 in 1 Corinthians

How can I see my spiritual eyes?

  • Pray with your eyes closed. You don't have to close your eyes, but there's something about tuning into God's realm and shutting out the earthly sphere that allows us to see what He sees.

What is the spirit eye?

The spiritual eye is a light that can be seen ‘beyond the darkness' of your closed eyes, rather than a real thing in the body. The deep meditator can glimpse into subtler-than-material realms through that light (the spiritual eye). The spiritual eye is a reflection of the cosmic energy that enters and sustains the body. The medulla oblongata, located near the base of the brain, is where it enters.

The five-pointed star in the spiritual eye's center is a portal through which our minds might visit the inner kingdom. The five points, interestingly, correlate to the human body's form. Stand with your arms out to the side and your legs spread wide. Do you see how that shape, with your head at the top, resembles a five-pointed star?

The star in the spiritual eye was the inspiration for the original design of our bodies. ‘In the image of God,' we were actually created. This wasn't just a poetic vision meant to suggest a higher level of possibility in ourselves. And it didn't imply that only humans have souls, as orthodox theology would have it. We are, in fact, spirits with bodies.

What are spiritual symbols?

If you're just getting started with yoga, studying eastern religion, or learning more about spirituality, you've probably come across a few symbols: the Om symbol, a chakra chart, and a lotus flower. So, what exactly do they all stand for? Here's a rundown of the meanings and histories of some of the most common spiritual symbols to help you meaningfully and respectfully incorporate them into your own practice:

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How do I know what my spiritual things are?

The first evidence of a spiritual person is their lack of fear. When you have a fear or a chronic worry, that fear takes over your life and you are unable to be in the present moment. Fear of public speaking, fear of heights, and fear of bugs are the three most common fears among Americans. Many people, however, are terrified of death, rejection, loneliness, failure, illness, or making poor judgments. Spiritual people understand how to yield to forces beyond their control. In this way, they are similar to children in that they know how to ignore their minds and live fearlessly.

What is the gift of vision?

People today are groaning for God's people to step forward, claim their rightful place in God's Kingdom, and step up to the plate. But how can someone achieve that if they don't even have a vision for their own life? Father God wants you to understand why you were born and what your true role is on this planet! For you, he has a destiny – a plan. I'm not sure how individuals exist outside of Christ's canopy when they are surrounded by hopelessness, uncertainty, moral decay, trauma, and dread. Just pay attention to the people in the post office or in the break room at work. There are a lot of people who don't have a clear vision for their lives and don't know how to get one. Others have a vision, but they are mired in a quagmire of confusion or past transgressions, unsure of what to do next. Then there are individuals who had a vision but gave up on it due to disappointment, failure, or discouragement.

So, how does a person regain their life's vision? Our life aren't some sort of divine experiment with a cruel God, but rather a Providence-directed mission to fulfill the precise reason you were born. God wants us to rediscover our passions and believe in our dreams. Your vision is waiting for you to take action! Let's take a closer look at this concept known as vision, which controls our own fate.

Ask yourself this question if you take a time to be quiet and take a fearless look at your life. Is your life a reflection of who you are and who you've always wanted to be? Are the folks who work next to you every day aware of the person you've always wanted to be? Maybe you feel like it takes everything you've got just to get through each day with your current responsibilities. Are you linked to the Source in such a way that you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing right now? Are there gifts and talents within you that you have yet to discover or have been dormant for a long time? What is your ambition? What is something you've always wanted to do? What do you believe God has called you to accomplish that you are currently not doing? Never give up on your ambitions! Vision is the ability to glimpse the future before it occurs.

God gave us vision so that we wouldn't have to rely solely on what we can see. Sometimes the terms vision and revelation are used interchangeably. To reveal means to reveal something that was always there but couldn't be seen from the outside.

Consider the following analogy. A spruce cone's destiny is to become a tree. You may see the tree within the seed if you have confidence. Because you recognize the seed's potential, you have a mental image of it. The same can be said of you and me. God created us for a reason, and it's already completed in God's eyes, because God sees us in the same way we see a spruce cone. He understands that He has given us the ability to see it through. Faith is the substance of what you aspire to achieve, the proof of what you can see when others can't. Your ideal is, in fact, your reality. Think about it! What do you notice about yourself?

I am convinced that if you don't have a vision, you will only rehash the past's disappointments and failures. As I counsel my clients, I occasionally see it. It's what we call “the comfortable.” Because it is all we have ever known, fear can lead us to embrace the same misery over and over again. As a result, vision is essential for breaking free from previous patterns.

Simply looking around will reveal that you are surrounded by people who are busy but not necessarily effective or satisfied. As a result, they spend their lives toiling away, following the same old patterns and never making any progress. Perhaps you have similar feelings about yourself.

Many people's dreams never come true because they can't make up their minds whether or not to pursue them. Long-term indecisiveness destroys one's vision and saps one's enthusiasm in life. People who can't make a decision are often the happiest people on the planet.

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What does the Bible says about sight?

The LORD restores sight to the blind, raises those who are bent down, and loves the upright. The deaf will hear the scroll's words on that day, and the blind will see out of the murk and darkness. The blind will be able to see again, and the deaf will be able to hear again.

Do humans have a third eye?

According to Candice Covington, author of “Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice: Working with the Chakras, Divine Archetypes, and the Five Great Elements,” this chakra is associated to the pineal gland.

“The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone found near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the vertebrate brain,” adds Covington. “It's a cherished tool of seers and mystics, and it's thought to be the supreme universal link organ.”

According to Covington, the pineal gland is important in most cultures around the world.

“The Ajna chakra, for example, represents the third eye in Ayurvedic philosophy,” she explains. “The Eye of Horus sign in Ancient Egypt reflects the position of the pineal gland in the profile of the human skull.”

The pineal gland, according to Covington, is a biological cousin of the energy third eye chakra.

Melatonin is produced by this little gland at the base of the skull, and it impacts circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones.

According to a 2019 scientific review, studies demonstrate a relationship between the pineal gland and N, N-dimethyltriptamine, also known as DMT.

Because of its alleged association to awareness, this chemical is sometimes referred to as “the spirit molecule” or “the seat of the soul.”

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The link between the pineal gland and spiritual experience has yet to be established scientifically.

What does evil eye do?

Given all of this, it's easy to dismiss the evil eye as an outmoded superstition with no relevance in today's reality. However, as folklorist Dundes put it:

It's important to remember that the evil eye isn't some archaic superstitious concept that only antiquarians are interested in. The evil eye is still a tremendous influence on the behavior of countless millions of individuals all around the world. Alan Dundes (Alan Dundes) (Alan Dundes) (Alan Dun

Prayer, yelling “ftou!” three times (yep, as seen in My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and, of course, wearing the evil eye emblem on our body are all ways to defend ourselves from the evil eye.

When a person wears or carries an evil eye, it protects them against misfortune in their lives. The evil eye provides you good luck and shields you from any ill-will that may otherwise harm your well-being or life in general.

While a sapphire or cobalt blue tint is the most typical evil eye emblem, evil eye charms in other colors have distinct meanings.