How To Get Delivered From Spiritual Husband

The Psalmist called out to God in Psalm 144:7-8, pleading with Him to save him from bad children, disasters, and vast rivers. In this context, “out of enormous waters” could mean “deliverance from the water's powers and their odd children.” You must already be married to a spirit spouse if you have a child in the spirit realm. If you have a dream about a baby sucking at your breast, it means you are spiritually married to a child.

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In the dream, there is a spirit responsible for marriage and sexual intercourse, and the demon in command is named Ashmodi. There are male and female versions of the ghost. Succubus is the female version of the demon who has sexual intercourse with a sleeping man in his dream. She imitates his wife's or someone close to him's face. The second is known as incubus, and it is a male version that sleeps with a woman in a woman's dream. This occurs as a result of a bad marriage that occurred somewhere down the line. These demons have a connection to the sea. If you experience a dream in which you are married to a guy or woman whose face you cannot see, you may be confident that you are dealing with a spirit spouse. When this happens, a covenant is formed with the spirit spouse, and you cannot be set free until the demonic marriage is terminated. In the physical realm, it will be tough for you to marry, and the demon will try to prevent you from making your breakthrough. If you flee and marry, for example, you will have problems having children.

Some folks discover that they are breastfeeding babies in their dreams while sleeping. It's also a hint that they have children in the spirit realm, which could make it difficult for them to have children in the physical domain. A brother came to me for prayers a few years ago over some marital troubles in his house. After counseling him, I advised him to go pray and beg God to reveal his life's secret, which he did. He then had a dream in which he saw a woman patting and cuddling a baby; after a while, the woman began romancing him, and in an attempt to reject her, she became enraged and demanded that he take his child and leave; he then awoke. I told him that the woman he saw in his dream was his spirit wife, and that he already had a spiritual kid with her when he told me about his dream. Before the real children can appear, he must first deal with spiritual concerns. We put him through some deliverance sessions, and he now has four actual children.

The various forms of spirit spouses are listed below. The unconscious spirit spouse is the first. In this situation, the victim will wake up with no memory of what transpired in the dream after the demon has had sexual intercourse with them. There's also the semi-conscious spirit spouse to consider. The visage of the victim's wife or husband is used by this type of spirit spouse to appear to its victims. If you're not careful, you can believe that the person appearing to you is your physical spouse. If you experience such dreams and see a close relative or loved one having sexual intercourse with you, don't accuse the person you saw; instead, pray and uncover the person who is behind it; you will be startled to see the demon behind it. This is similar to the circumstance where some demons use the visage of a deceased relative or loved one to communicate with you in order to gain your trust, and you believe it is your loved one who is speaking to you. Multiple spirit spouses, also known as polygamous spirit spouses, appear in different faces or use the faces of different persons to sleep with their victims, such as your uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, wife, parents, church members, and so on. You will believe that such people are the perpetrators, and if caution is not exercised, you may begin to avoid them.

  • In the name of Jesus, I remove every spirit spouse's wedding ring from my hand and command it to catch fire!
  • In the name of Jesus, let every wedding certificate relating to a spirit husband/wife catch fire!
  • In the name of Jesus, anything planted in my body to deceive me by the spirit husband/wife, catch fire!
  • O God, arise and heal any damage done to my body by the spirit spouse's work.
  • Every evil power that uses a familiar face to sleep with me in my dreams, perish!

What does it mean to be spiritually married?

Union with God, Soul, and Spirit is what spiritual marriage entails. Marriage isn't a man-made institution. It was created by God. The high aim of marriage has been abused by man. Marriage entails physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. If you use spiritual magnetism to attract someone, you will meet your soul mate. Marriage is the union of two halves of a soul. We find the ultimate level of communion in God. Human love will be a canker in your soul unless it is spiritualized. You will never be happy until you are spiritually inclined and your partner is as well.

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Spiritual marriage entails uniting your soul with God's eternal love. No marriage can be successful without God. The objective of marriage is to learn about God and to worship Him together, but this has been neglected.

Do not strive to attract the opposite sex by appealing to their bodily desires, but rather by appealing to their spiritual traits. Animal magnetism will not be able to attract a spiritual soul. When you spend too much time in the sex plane, your health and happiness suffer. You've discovered a true partner when you've created a fantastic connection with someone that nothing can break, a bond that has no compulsion and is continually growing.

How can I help my husband grow spiritually?

This one may appear to be self-evident, yet it's easy to overlook. You could go weeks or months without sitting together in an actual church service if you're volunteering in the children's ministry or another area during the normal worship service. There's nothing wrong with serving (it's why we included it on this list), but don't let it become an impediment to spiritual growth.

What is a husband in the Bible?

The modern society has generated a great deal of ambiguity about the duties of wife and husband in marriage. The majority of traditional gender roles have become obsolete, and it is no longer apparent who is responsible for what. Many Christian couples have been perplexed by this and have sought to learn what the Bible teaches about marriage and the duties of the wife and husband in a biblical marriage. Thankfully, the Bible is unambiguous on this point.

The bible makes it quite plain that the husband bears the primary responsibility for marriage leadership. “Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman, and God is the head of Christ,” says 1 Corinthians 11:3.

This verse is frequently misunderstood to imply that women are treated as second-class citizens. This, however, is not the case. The husband is the head of the wife, just as Christ is the head of the church, according to the Bible. A good husband, like Christ, loves his wife unreservedly and is a servant leader.

The bible teaches husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her in Ephesians 5:25.

” The acts of a wife should not determine a husband's love for her. At all times, he should respect, confirm, and love her.

The husband's responsibility as the head of the household includes sacrificial action. Christ, once again, is an excellent example of this. By washing his disciple's feet, he displayed servant leadership. Being a servant leader in marriage entails seeing to the wife's material, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Woman was created by God to be an aid to man. The word “helper” is only used in the Bible to refer to Eve at creation and God himself. As a result, being a helper carries a lot of weight. In the same way that God helps us become who he wants us to be, it is the wife's role to help the husband become all that God wants him to be.

The bible tells wives to honor their husbands in Ephesians 5:33. This entails treating their husbands with reverence, admiration, and respect. A good wife respects her husband's opinions, admires his beliefs and character, and is sensitive to his wants, such as self-confidence and the desire to be needed.

This is one of the most contentious and misunderstood aspects of wifehood. “Wives, be obedient to your husbands, as is proper in the Lord,” the bible says in Colossians 3:18-19. Submission, on the other hand, has nothing to do with blind obedience or women's inferiority to men. It's more about the wife putting her trust in her husband.

Submission is inextricably linked to the husband's leadership role. The wife, through submitting, allows the husband to become the leader God intends for him to be and to fulfill the tasks of a husband in a biblical marriage.

Is spiritual marriage legal?

Some couples aren't devout followers of a particular religion, or they are spiritual but not religious. If the bride and groom do not want to marry in a civil or religious ceremony, they can choose to marry in a spiritual wedding instead. Because the wedding will not follow any religious customs, the couple will be able to personalize every element. They may even incorporate elements of typical religious weddings, such as an opening prayer or the signing of a ketubah, but they retain complete creative freedom in accordance with their views. Spiritual weddings, like civil weddings, can take place anywhere, and they are frequently officiated by a government official. It is also possible for friends or family members to become ordained to marry the couple. As long as everything is done legally, the wedding will be legally binding.

What are spiritual needs in marriage?

It may seem unbelievable, but studies have shown that most people treat strangers better than their own spouse. There is a continual flow of soft kindness and real concern in a spiritual marriage. This is an active process in which you strive to understand your relationship, be aware of his or her needs, and respond to your spouse with all of your being.

Commit to something higher.

The innovative thought that your purpose is to support each other on your path to ultimate progress, to become your highest self, raises a spiritual partnership above an ordinary relationship. Make it obvious that you're striving for spiritual growth, not just physical stability or emotional support.

This means you're helping each other on your path to becoming a more “enlightened” person. Your relationship's day-to-day functioning will be determined by the goals you set for it. Expect long-term satisfaction if your objective is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit; expect fulfillment beyond your dreams if your goal is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit.

How do you connect with someone spiritually?

It's not about indoctrinating your partner to believe what you believe or enjoy what you like when it comes to spirituality. It's also not about making the other person more “spiritual” to form a spiritual relationship. Both of these methods are immature and detrimental to your relationship.

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Rather, expanding the Soul contact between the two of you is the goal of developing a spiritual connection. Vulnerability, engagement, attentiveness, openness, and receptivity to the other person are all aspects of spiritual connection.

Give more eye contact

Couples who no longer make eye contact with each other are one of the saddest things I observe. These couples communicate with each other by having long discussions without even looking at each other.

Eye contact is a very personal experience. When you make eye contact with your partner, you're basically expressing your interest in and commitment to what they're saying. Eye contact is not only a sign of respect, but it is also the most effective approach to connect with the Soul of another person. Have you heard of the term “soul gazing”? Soul gazing is based on the idea that gazing into another person's eyes allows you to bathe in the waters of their Soul.

Set aside “us time” each day

Sometimes life is simply too hectic to devote the time and effort necessary to maintain a relationship. Setting out time each day from your busy schedule to sit with your partner solely is one of the simplest things you can do. Even watching a movie on the couch in each other's arms is a terrific approach to start building your spiritual connection.

Explore what spiritual lessons your partner is teaching you

Your partner's actions, words, and ideas can teach you a lot, even if it isn't done knowingly. Learning how to spiritually grow spiritually in your relationship is the key to having a spiritual connection. What are you learning from your partner? Remember that our partners are often aware of our “blind spots” and can thus disclose a lot about us, even if unintentionally.

Touch more

The importance of physical touch in establishing a spiritual connection cannot be overstated. The delicate energy communicated through touch is extremely binding, since it aids in the development of a stronger bond with your partner. Physical touch is relaxing and comforting, and it may often say more than words can.

Have meaningful conversations

What's on your mind? What is something that means a lot to you and that you'd like to share with someone? What kind of revelations have you had? Begin a conversation with your partner. During our morning walks, I prefer to have meaningful chats with Luna. Share whatever is on your mind and make it a habit to do so at a regular time and place.

Find ways to laugh together

Laughter instantly expands the heart and strengthens your spiritual connection. Learn to laugh lightheartedly at yourself, your partner, and together with each other. Even just watching humorous movies together can strengthen your relationship.

Openly communicate your feelings

The majority of estranged relationships are characterised by a lack of open communication. The capacity to share your opinions and feelings honestly while respecting the other person is known as open communication. Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist, refers to this as “nonviolent communication” (I recommend that you read his book for more guidance). Express your feelings to them when you are wounded, angry, lonely, or any other emotion. Make no assumptions about your partner's ability to read your thinking. An honest relationship built on mutual caring, respect, and love requires open communication about how you feel.

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What is a husband's duty to his wife?

Have you ever heard your wife say how safe she feels in your arms? That is precisely how a husband should make his wife feel – secure! A husband's primary obligation is to protect his wife from all types of risks in life. A husband must defend his wife from everything that can damage her, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or psychological. In your company, your wife must feel protected and comfortable.

What should a wife do for her husband?

2. Create a comfortable environment in which open and emotionally honest communication can take place. If a woman can chance appreciating her guy despite his Neanderthal tendencies, he will finally show with his heart that he can and will change. Respect is the key to having these kinds of chats, and a good wife would provide it to her husband on a regular basis to help him grow and create the atmosphere for such personal encounters.