How To Get Back Into Spiritual Alignment

In this post, I have something enjoyable for you! I'd want to build on a post I made a few weeks ago on Instagram, in which I chose a card from the Super Attractor deck and let it inspire a meditation.

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This is a lovely card. If you've read Super Attractor, you'll know that it's all about regaining spiritual alignment.

What does spiritual alignment feel like?

“How do I know what it feels like to be in spiritual alignment?” you might wonder.

To begin, when you're out of alignment, you may experience tension, sickness, anxiety, or resentment. It's possible that you're obstructing things. Happiness, connection, creativity, and abundance are all being thwarted.

When we find ourselves fighting or condemning others, we know we're out of alignment.

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When I'm out of harmony, I become focused on external goals and aspirations rather than the joy of living. When I'm out of alignment, I try to exert control over my circumstances. I'm irritable, my energy levels are poor, and I'm physically ill. It's difficult to get things done, and I've stifled the flow of creativity.

When I'm in tune with the Universe, on the other hand, I'm pleased and delighted no matter what my circumstances are. Even when confronted with difficulties, I remain hopeful and optimistic. I'm not bothered, stressed, or preoccupied with issues. Things come to me easily, and I sense like creativity is coursing through my veins. People want to help me, and solutions come readily to me.

We can always choose again

The key to regaining alignment is to desire it. We may forgive our fear and choose anew in an instant. We may write a new chapter in our lives, change our perspectives, and allow miracles to happen.

“I'm done with feeling this way,” we declare. We're sending a strong energetic message to the Universe when we say, “I'm ready to feel fantastic.” All you need to pivot toward alignment is a desire to feel better. Then use the meditation below to quickly re-establish your alignment…

How do I get my alignment back with myself?

Remember, it all begins with your AWARENESS. Your tales and beliefs will always drive you, and they have the power to keep you out of harmony if they don't line with your desires.

Here are eight things you can do:

1. Take some time to meditate. Bring your mind to a state of quiet as often as you can, even if it's only for 30 seconds! Meditation allows your mind to be free of distractions. And being still allows us to focus more on alignment.

2. Create a mental image. Practice being so specific about what you desire that you can feel it while visualizing it. Feel the warmth, thrill, calm, and freedom that comes with fulfilling your desire!

3. Get a sense of it first. Identify the emotion you're hoping to experience as a result of your Big Ask (that “thing” you truly want to happen for you), and discover alternative ways to experience it right now.

4. Raise the general vibration of your body. While you won't always be in a high vibrational state, the greater the percentage of positive in your life, the better! You will feel better overall if you concentrate on love, joy, comfort, peace, kindness, confidence, and so on. To fine-tune your alignment, do this as often as possible.

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5. Pick your words carefully. We have a tendency to focus on the negative. Complaining is the most obvious sign that you are out of balance. The enemies of alignment are gossip, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk, and indifference!

6. Relax and let go. Detach yourself from the urge for something to happen. Regardless of the outcome, when we get at a point of serenity, we will realize that everything we've done thus far has been part of the process of getting to where we want to go. Have fun on your adventure!

7. Practice pivoting. When you're having a poor day or having a bad idea, pivot to something that feels great and focus on it. Thinking about something that makes you happy will help you break free from the negative cycle and get back into harmony.

8. Look after your physical well-being. Your physical body has an impact on your vibration! Enjoy some physical activity and eat in a way that makes you feel well mentally, physically, and emotionally. Invest a lot of time in self-care. The joy you'll feel as a result will raise your vibration and push you closer to alignment.

What is spiritual alignment?

Through meditation, spiritual alignment entails acknowledging your source outside of your mind. Silent meditation, which allows the mind's activity to move beyond its bounds and experience your inner consciousness, is the most powerful technique to align with your source.

How do I realign my energy?

Here are a few easy ways to realign and restore your energy once more…

1. Pay attention to what you're putting into your body!

Do you take a high-quality daily vitamin and try to eat as healthy and organically as possible? Your pals are unprocessed, low-sugar, high-fat foods! Consider fruits and vegetables in season, whole grains, and lean proteins.

2. Go outside and enjoy the weather!

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Your body is DYING for some sunshine and fresh air! Give it exactly what it desires!! If the weather permits, walk barefoot on the grass, allowing your feet's soles to make complete touch with the ground. Very restorative and balanced!!

3. Set aside time for yourself!

Sit quietly and pay attention to what's most important to you right now. Pay attention to your heart and spirit. Be aware that you may become aware of some things that need to be altered – this is an excellent opportunity for you to empower yourself by taking charge of the situation!

4. Rather than blaming yourself (or someone else), take responsibility for the things in your life that aren't working out.

Blaming gets you caught in a never-ending cycle of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast! Taking responsibility for your actions frees you to go forward with POWER!! Taking responsibility helps your natural creativity to shine through and develop solutions that are more suited to you and your current situation.

One of the most critical aspects of effectively accepting responsibility is to pay attention to your words. HOW you say about yourself and others during this process is crucial. No shaming, putting others down (including yourself), calling others names, or making disrespectful remarks! The language you use has a great deal of power; it has the ability to heal and inspire as well as to harm. Allow yourself, as well as others, to develop and shine!

5. What are your true desires?

When was the last time you seriously considered what you REALLY want your life to be like? What would you be doing in your perfect life on a daily basis? What would your reaction be if that happened? Who would accompany you? What would your location be? What kind of work would you be doing if you were hired? How much money would you make if you were to do this? How would you go about assisting others?

It might be a good moment to dust off and explore those long-forgotten dreams! You CAN create this delicious existence for yourself — it's a process that begins on the inside and culminates on the outer – one positive thought, one step, and one positive action at a time! And it all starts with being crystal clear about your true desires!

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I hope you find these suggestions useful. Please print them!! They will assist you in dealing with whatever is now presenting itself to you in a forceful way!

How do you align yourself with God?

Before we can be productive anyplace or to anybody else, God says we must be aligned with Him. Our identities are not found in our families, professions, or ministries. Those things were given to us by God, but they are not who we are at our heart – God is. He isn't on our list if He isn't first.

1. Before we put our feet on the ground, we say a silent prayer.

How do you stay aligned with the universe?

Living in the present moment is the first step toward becoming in tune with the cosmos.

Too many people allow their minds to stray into the future or ruminate on the past, agonizing over each and every detail. However, because you never know what the future holds and it's impossible to undo the past, this simply causes anxiety and stress.

This is why it's critical to keep in mind that life happens now, not later! It doesn't matter if you have no idea where your life will lead you or who you'll meet in five years since you're alive right now, and everything around you is as well.

You may appreciate every aspect of your life by being in the present moment. You'll feel more connected to everyone and everything in your environment, putting you in tune with the universe.

It isn't about attempting to get enlightenment; it is just about being aware.

Take a moment to notice your surroundings right now. Look around you and try to enjoy everything for what it is. Most people struggle with this because they try to find out what everything means before they even comprehend it.

Don't overthink everything and just be in the moment. Then, once you've realized how much you appreciate being in the moment, make it your new way of life!

What is a soul alignment?

Our dissatisfaction shouts at us to change. Yet, far too frequently, we resist the difficulties that are required, instead making excuses or attempting to alter others. The separation from our inner Self is the source of our suffering. We are at ease when our spirit and real Self are aligned, and there is no need to seek approval, persuade, or influence anyone. We muster the bravery and resolve to realize our desires.

Though our latent potential is veiled and masked by external influences and our codependent relationships, the nucleus of that âIâ is present from infancy “I am a phony.” When we recognize our genuine selves, we gain freedom and strength, and our will allows us to express ourselves more freely.

This is simple, but not easy for those of us who have abandoned our Selves, as we were once abandoned, due to our past conditioning and trauma. We established a character, beliefs, and behaviors that distanced us from our genuine nature in order to survive. Our soul cries out for us to return home, which we will never find in a relationship or at work until it supports our real Self and allows our soul to express itself.

Codependency recovery is a soul-alignment process. It screams for change. How are we going to get started on this journey? We need to spend time with ourselves, not in a distracted state, but in a calm one where we can feel and listen. Our senses sharpen as our awareness and perspective increase. More time spent in meditation and contemplation infuses our body/mind with spiritual energy, allowing us to hear the whispers of knowledge from our soul.

We reclaim our lives in recovery “I've Forgotten Myself.” Instead of the harsh or skeptical voice of an inner critic, we acquire a sense of inner knowing and loving direction. We must pay attention to and respect that still, small voice that directs us. We are naturally drawn to what thrills us and avoid what causes pain as we have a better understanding and attention of our feelings, night and daydreams, and intuitions. These instincts are inherent to a baby, but most of us have lost touch with our basic selves and instincts.

To live truly, we must think with our hearts rather than our heads. âFollow your heart,â however, can be tough advise because our soul's guidance can be hidden by neediness, shame, and fear. Our hearts may want us to stay in an abusive relationship, but our souls never want us to remain weakened. By clinging to our damaged portions, we might quickly get lost. We may not be able to hear or trust our soul's guidance. Past programming, concerns about our worth, dependency, and a lack of bravery to push forward, take a stand, or fear of change may all hide them.

We must each find our own path, learning to respect, express, and cherish our true selves. Every day, we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our beliefs, feelings, needs, wants, and values. Every moment, in fact, offers opportunities to assert our true selves.

When you don't meet your needs or act in accordance with your wants and values, instead of self-judgment, welcome this awareness with inquiry. What is the root of tension between your needs and desires and your actions? Self-examination brings insight and makes it easier to make better decisions in the future.

Instead of blaming yourself when you say yes when you want to say no or eat dessert when you're trying to lose weight, develop compassion for the parts of you that still struggle and require self-love. Listen to the Self-Love Meditation and practice self-nurturing to increase your self-love and compassion.

When we don't believe in ourselves or that change is possible, working with someone who does can remove cobwebs and blinders, allowing us to see new possibilities. A therapist or coach can see into your future before you do, and can assist you in making the changes your soul desires. To begin living a soul-centered existence, mentor yourself by practicing the Soul-Alignment Meditation.

How does alignment feel?

All of the other stuff is fine, but THIS… This is the whole point of aligning yourself. The finest part is still to come. You'll feel fantastic!

You feel so clear and purposeful about your life when you're in alignment. You're content right now and looking forward to the future. You have a sense of completeness and fulfillment. You'll want to sing and dance in the car on your way to work. At restaurants, you'll feel compelled to leave large gratuities. You'll feel as if the world is your oyster (because it really is).

What happens when you have a spiritual awakening?

As Kaiser argues, this is the start of your spiritual journey, as you begin to doubt everything you previously believed. You begin to purge certain aspects of your life (habits, relationships, and outdated belief systems) in order to make room for new, more meaningful experiences. You may sense that something is lacking, but you aren't sure what it is. It's common to feel disoriented, confused, and down during this time.