How To Choose A Spiritual Name

By way of meditation or even a dream, you can ask your spiritual guide or spiritual family to provide your name. Both work effectively and help you develop a valuable relationship with them. I recommend bringing a pen and paper with you, as well as some music, so you can easily get into the flow and hear what is being stated. Make sure you don't dismiss or doubt everything you hear. Make a list of everything you hear so you can sort it out afterwards. Also, keep in mind that it may appear that it does not fit or that it is too enormous to carry at first, but trust me when I say that you will grow into it. From my own experience, I now fully comprehend this. When you discover this new aspect of yourself, you may get ecstatic and want to share it with everyone. Instead, do some serious reflection into what it means for you and to you, how you may fit into it today, and perhaps later comprehend its roots, and then decide whether or not to share it with the world and with whom. Doing this too soon with someone who may not accept your thinking or decision to change may cast you in a poor light, allowing doubt to enter the picture and physically stop you in your tracks. Use caution with this. Keep your gift a secret because it is, and only disclose it when you are told to.

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Another frequent method is to consult a shaman, priest/priestess, oracle, or any other person who has been ordained to do so.

Always accept what is provided, and always consider whether the person with whom you are seated for this service is the correct person for you.

Once you've received your new pseudonym, follow the preceding recommendations and let it sink in for a while.

As I previously stated, controlling the name is critical because it expedites your progress and journey.

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Not doing so slows down the route and procedures that are supposed to bring you closer to your life path. The more I've accepted my name and stood in its power, the more I've come to comprehend its meaning, and when a new task within the mission I've taken on occurs, I have a better understanding of why that is. I've learnt that it connects with my fundamental self over time, even if I couldn't see how it was true at first. Allow yourself to be in the flow; you will appreciate and be gratified by the journey more if you do so.

Can you give yourself a spiritual name?

The first step is to request and get your spiritual name. The next step is to embrace it as your spiritual identity, which will assist you in realizing your destiny. Many students have found that a sacred naming ceremony with friends and community members has helped them transition to their spiritual name. A naming ceremony is often done at the end of Kundalini Yoga courses for people who have sought spiritual names. Others have had their name given to them by a yoga teacher or a significant other. People can also hold naming ceremonies for themselves to help them receive and use their new names deliberately. Sharing this transition with individuals who are important in your life, like with other life transitions, can make it more meaningful.

What is a spiritual name?

What is the meaning of an SPIRITUAL NAME? A spiritual name is, by definition, your fundamental essence of being; it is the supreme Self within you. The vibration of its nadh (inner sound current) and meaning when spoken is a tool that helps to enhance your energy.

Do people have spiritual names?

Many people have been granted spiritual names or have created their own spiritual names. Spirituality is defined as “religious or religious belief-related.” Spiritual can also refer to a state of mind “in contrast to material or physical things, referring to or affecting the human spirit or soul.” The second definition appeals to me. A name is the name by which you are recognized in the world, and it has a tremendous impact on the flow of energy in one's life. According to Kundalini Yoga, “The designated destiny that forms your identity on Earth is your spiritual name.” I'd like to thank Google for providing me with the terms I used. All of these definitions, as well as others, are included in spiritual names. I also consider a person's trail name, which is given or earned when hiking a long distance trail, to be a spiritual name. That name will always conjure up thoughts of the journey, both good and bad.

It is true that the sound of a person's name carries with it a certain amount of energy. I believe that energy is what aids in the manifestation of your predetermined destiny, which becomes your identity. As a result, the energy associated with your name is just as essential as the name itself. But how do spiritual names come to be chosen? I can't say for certain. I am aware that certain names are given in part according to numerology. Others choose their own names based on what they feel is appropriate. Some are given to initiates during meditation, healing, or crisis experiences. It could be anything that describes you to other hikers in the case of a trail name. Consider changing your name if you don't like the spirit of your current one and it's no longer in accord with your life's mission. It could be something as basic as a nickname. You are not required to update it legally unless you so desire.

For some, the legal road is the only way to satisfy a desire to give up one's current identity in exchange for a new or reclaimed one. All name changes, legal or not, are spiritual statements, even when taking on a new spouse's name. As a result, any new name becomes a spiritual journey as the new name's vibration begins to influence your existence in the world.

Say your name out loud. Is it a good fit for you? Perhaps it did in the past, but you now desire something different for yourself. I've done name deconstruction activities and found them to be really helpful in understanding how my names influenced me. As a result, I had to rebuild myself several times. You could call it an identity crisis, but that's not how I see it. I think this is a good idea “What is my lifepath?” is a question I've been pondering, as well as “Where do I want to go from here?” My life's path hasn't always been obvious. I, like many others, have been given the opportunity to choose which path to take. What new moniker should I choose? That can be difficult as well, yet it may be simple for some.

For example, despite the fact that it spoke directly to my ambitions to be a spiritual person doing good acts in the world, I was originally hesitant to take on the identity of StarLightworker. I have an affinity for the stars, and I've realized that I'm here to accomplish work of the Light. I was persuaded to utilize the drum for the first time by an indigenous elder during a drum-making ceremony. Each person was asked how they wanted the inside of the drum inscribed as we went through the process of making it. Kelly, my given name, is what I just said. Everyone else went by a given or chosen moniker. Because he was wise enough to know me better than I knew myself at the time, the elder inquired whether I was sure. He then pushed me to use the name StarLightworker, which I had only recently coined for my job but was hesitant to own. I hadn't even had the opportunity to try it on yet. That was the final nail in the coffin. It felt as if the Universe was telling me that I needed to get to work. The term has come to symbolize the therapeutic and spiritual work I conduct around the world. It's me, by the way. To allow myself to inhabit the name, I had to take the name. That was an important lesson to learn.

At the same time, I understood that my previous married name was no longer appropriate for me. When I preserved pride by refusing to return it to my previous marriage, I clung to it. He told me I had to return it. That was the name of one of my children, and I insisted on keeping it. I eventually regretted my decision and had to live with it until I either remarried or summoned the fortitude to officially change it. Even though StarLightworker had become a part of me, it was not a legal name I wanted. After dealing with this issue for several years, I decided on a new last name and began using it anonymously to test it out. Meanwhile, I was dating a man I thought I could spend the rest of my life with. As a result, I sat and waited. And then there were three more years of waiting. I'm happy to report that my present husband proposed marriage just a few months after I decided to file the formal paperwork, and I readily took his last name, Stewart, to replace mine. The new moniker felt natural. So, my name is Kelly Stewart on a personal and legal level. For the time being, the vibe suits me. I consider myself a caretaker of the land I manage. Professionally, I go by the moniker StarLightworker. However, there is another part of me that feels compelled to complete its goal.

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When people are given a name, regardless of how it is given, some will run with it and utilize it in every part of their lives. Kundalini Yoga has given several names to its practitioners and encourages them to use them professionally and individually. To match, many people have changed their legal names. I was given a Kundalini Yoga name several years ago and have only recently started using it in some of my spiritual practices. The process of acquiring the name Jiwan Saraswati has been enjoyable for me. I didn't think I would, but as I work with it, I can sense the positive affects it is having on my life. Maybe one day I'll tell you more about how I came up with this name.

In the meantime, if your own identity's feel doesn't fit you, I invite you to try something new. Take a chance! It's not always necessary to put it on to begin embracing it. It can sometimes be more accurate in describing who you've already become. Make every effort to be at ease in your own skin. Don't be concerned about offending others, as this can happen. It's not a personal assault on them; it's simply you using your willpower to grow into a bigger and better version of yourself! Spirit will back you up if it's in line with your objective. That is something I can assure you of.

Who wants to join me on a long-distance trail trip with me someday so we can get a new name? If you dare, send me an email.

Why are spiritual names important?

When you say your name, it announces you and identifies the energy of your soul. A name with a strong connotation will leave a lasting energy imprint on everybody who comes into contact with it, and can even change the course of the soul who bears the name. This is why you should think about a spiritual name.

Because we are living forces of nature, we go through sprouts of development, vibrational adjustments, and changes throughout our lives. We are multifaceted beings. We get up. We raise the bar. We have a higher vibration. Spiritual names are vibrational blessings, and it is our name's frequency that makes the journey easier.

Names are spiritually significant to an individual's destiny and well-being, in addition to having specific meanings. We've compiled a list of 75 spiritual baby names that will bless your child and prepare the path for their future endeavors.

What is my dharma name?

A dharma name is a sacred name given to a religious or spiritual tradition's pupil or follower to commemorate their initiation or other auspicious occasions. A dharma name is given to someone who is ordained as a monk or nun.

The dharma name is also known as a precept name, refuge name, dhamma name, or sangha name in Buddhist traditions. Dharma is a Sanskrit term that means “obligation,” “virtue,” and “righteousness,” among other things. It also alludes to Buddhism's ethical teachings.

What name means love?

Love-themed names are very popular among parents right now, with names like Esme, Cordelia, Amias, Amara, and Lennon all having love-themed meanings.

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A name with a romantic connotation ties in with Valentine's Day names or could be ideal for a baby born on a honeymoon. Of course, each child brought into the world with love might have a name with a love connotation.

There are baby names meaning love for newborn girls and boys in every language and style, including the Welsh names Rhys and Carys and the African Obi, the classic David, and the new word name, Love itself.

Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa are other popular girl names that signify love, in addition to Esme and Amara. Rhys, Philip, Lev, and Hart are some of the most popular boy names that indicate love. Carys, Querida, Rudo, and Sajan are names that signify love or beloved in languages other than English.

If you're looking for baby names that signify love, you can choose from a variety of meanings and names that connect to many types of love, such as philanthropic love, romantic love, and spiritual love. There are names that mean loving, names that mean cherished, names that signify desire, names that mean heart, and even names that mean beauty included in this collection.

Go to our central website for Name Meanings to look up more baby names by meaning.

What is a good name for an angel?

Angel is a Spanish name that is often thought to be a boy's name, but we think it may be equally lovely for a baby girl. You might also pick one of these eight Angel-inspired baby names.

The names of prominent angels from the Christian faith

These angel names are powerful and ethereal if you're seeking for a distinctive and lovely name. Why not pair the angel name with a quality you want your child to possess?

How do you pick a guru name?

The Guru's divine instruction is to choose a Hukam, or Vak, which is a random passage read from the Guru Granth. The first letter of the name chosen is determined by the first Gurmukhi letter of the stanza. By adding a suffix, you can give yourself or your baby a distinctive name with a special spiritual meaning. Words taken directly from the hukam may be used in name combinations.