How To Break Down Spiritual Strongholds

The Spirit of God desires each of you to break free from any demonic strongholds that are holding you hostage.

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I believe it would be beneficial to think about the metaphor's metaphorical element a little further.

9:9 (Psalms) The LORD is a stronghold in times of adversity for the oppressed.

Because it is high and inaccessible to adversaries, a cliff might be used as a stronghold.

1 Samuel 23:14; 1 Samuel 23:15; 1 Samuel 23:16; 1 David lingered in the fortresses of the desert and the highlands of the Ziph Desert.

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and my deliverer; my shield, and the one in whom I put my trust; the one who subdues my people under me

Why would a “high thing” want to elevate itself by hanging out in a high cliff or a high tower?

It's considerably easier to drive an adversary away from a fortress on a high vantage point.

In the history of Israel's conflicts, you can learn about the strategic value of strongholds.

It's just off the main route leading up to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and the airport.

The problem with this location was that it was a stronghold located along the main roadway.

The Arab Legion held the fortress of Latrun when the War of Independence began.

They could pick off the caravans delivering supplies up to the Jews in Jerusalem from this vantage point.

This was a stronghold that needed to be conquered!

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It had a suffocating grip over Jerusalem!

The fledgling Israeli Defense Forces attempted to take it five times in five different ways.

The Arab Legion—the greatest, British-trained warriors on the Arab side—has proven itself time and time again.

As a result, the Israelis construct a “Burma Road” around the bastion, traversing tough terrain.

Until 1967, the Arabs controlled this fortification, which was located just five kilometers from Ben-Gurion Airport.

Nasser dispatched Egyptian troops to Jordanian garrisons shortly before the 1967 conflict.

includes an impressive display of Israeli army tanks that were purchased, manufactured, or captured.

For the past two decades, that location has posed a threat to our people's safety in the heart of the country.

How long has a stronghold in the center of your thinking life jeopardized your safety?

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Is it possible?

Hey, David conquered Jerusalem and established it as his capital!

Joab unlocked the citadel's gates by breaking through a tunnel that led to a spring.

“Even if Babylon climbs the sky and fortifies her lofty stronghold,' Jer 51:53 declares.

by diverting the city's river and marching into the city on the riverbank!

God is well-versed in strongholds and understands how to overthrow them — and he'll show you how.

Do you ever want to quit up when you come up against a stronghold in your life?

Individuals who are willing to battle, people with courage, capture strongholds!

God will assist you if you ask for it. The Bible and the Holy Spirit will show you how. Amen?

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One thing to remember about a stronghold: it's a location, not a person.

The mind is the castle of the soul, and Satan and his henchmen aim to capture people's minds.

“Have nothing to do with the unproductive deeds of darkness,” Ephesians 5:11 exhorts us.

If you wish to allow God's light shine on the darkness, you must have a humble attitude.

“Test me, O LORD, and try me, probe my heart and my intellect,” David begged in Ps 26:2.

After you've identified the stronghold, repentance is the next stage in bringing it down.

Honesty before God is the best policy, and humbly allowing the Spirit to reveal the stronghold in the darkness is the best policy.

It's possible that you'll have to mute the tiny lawyer who emerges from a dark corner of your mind.

A frontal assault on a stronghold doesn't always appear to work.

So, what are your options?

With a frontal attack, Jewish warriors attempted to take the Old City of Jerusalem.

From the east, I've seen a photo of Israeli generals looking down on the Old City!

They were able to cut off supplies and reinforcements after encircling the city.

After that, the Israelis were able to enter the city with little resistance.

What was the game plan? March for seven days around the city, then blow your trumpets!

How can you encircle a fortress of pessimistic thinking and old rumours?

How about some compliments?

32:7 in Psalms. “You are my safe haven; you will keep me safe from harm and surround me.”

Praise God by singing psalms and spiritual hymns around the fortress.

There's a powerful technique to surround every bad stronghold with God's contrary truth.

If you're fighting a stronghold of rejection, surround it with Abba's acceptance.

If you're having trouble dealing with unresolved anger, try surrounding it with forgiveness.

Surround yourself with the knowledge of God's love if you're battling with a stronghold of fear.

If you're fighting a failing fortress, surround it with the triumph of the resurrection!

Once you've recognized a stronghold, go to the Bible and look up the contrary truth that God has revealed.

If rejection is your stronghold, read everything the Bible says about God's acceptance.

His resistance will swiftly wane, and if he isn't already gone, he will be soon!

Please forgive me for making a compromise. Give me the guts to demolish every stronghold I own.

I bind any evil powers within me that were encouraging compromise and sin.

I submit to the light of the Spirit of Truth in order for any sin strongholds in me to be exposed.

I declare that every satanic stronghold is being demolished by the great weapons of the Spirit and the Word!

I intend to envelop this demonic stronghold in praise and affirming truth from God's Word.

I intend to capture every negative thought pattern and bring it into submission to Messiah.

By God's grace, I intend to persevere until even the ruins of this stronghold are razed.

I intend to consider everything that is genuine, noble, right, and pure.

If there is anything charming or admirable—if there is anything worthy of praise—

By God's grace, I intend to construct one fortress within my mind and heart:

“The LORD's name is a strong fortress; the virtuous will flee to it for safety.”

What are some examples of spiritual strongholds?

Strongholds Examples

Despair, a whiny attitude, or a lack of confidence keep you from living for God.

Who is the strong man in Matthew 12 29?

This tale is included in the Beelzebul argument in the canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, in which Jesus' opponents accuse him of earning his power to banish demons by collaborating with Satan. The powerful guy is Satan, while the attacker is Jesus, according to one interpretation. However, this is the polar opposite of what Jesus meant. The demon is the one that “binds” the strongman before seizing him in Matthew 12:22-29, as they bring Jesus a man afflicted by a demon. The demon has taken the strongman's life. Because of the possession, the demon had rendered the strongman blind (to the truth) and unable to communicate. For example, if a demon “blinds” a strong man from the truth of the 7th-day Sabbath of mentally resting on Saturday, he will be unable to think properly and logically (not mentally resting at the proper time, just like not sleeping for two or three days, a person will be unable to think straight), making him easier to deceive and influence (possession). Many people misunderstand this to suggest that Jesus binds the strongman, but it is the demon who binds him before possessing him (his now-possessed illogically-thinking mind, as many people, including many Christians and theologians, have).

As a result, Jesus claims that he couldn't perform exorcisms (represented by stealing the strong man's property) unless he was opposed to Satan and had vanquished him (represented by tying up the strong man). R. T. France and others see the tale as echoing the Book of Isaiah: “No one plunders a strong man,” according to Craig S. Keener, while R. T. France and others see the parable as echoing the Book of Isaiah:

What is a mental stronghold?

Strongholds are thought patterns that have been ingrained in your mind. They're referred to as “flesh patterns” by some. Memory traces seared into our minds over time or the intensity of traumatic experiences create these strongholds. A stronghold will form if the behavior continues. An inferiority complex, for example, is a mental fortress.

How do you break strongholds in the Bible?

1. AUTHORITY – Every Christian has the power to bind and take authority over Satan's operations by using the authority of Jesus' name. “No one may steal a strong man's goods until he first bonds the strong man, after which he will raid his house” (Mark 3:27). Give the demon a verbal command that he is shackled and must leave the fortress! The Devil's influence will be cast out when authority is used in Jesus' name. “And these signs will accompany those who believe: They will drive out demons in My name, and they will speak in new languages…” (Matthew 16:17)

How do you take thoughts captive?

Every idea must be taken prisoner, according to the Bible. It's a crucial aspect of Christian living that many of us miss out on. But what does it mean to take thoughts captive, why is it important, and how do we go about doing it? Today, we'll go over each of these concerns one by one and give you advice on how to deal with worry in your thoughts based on biblical principles.

Anxiety is a major area where it pays to hold on to every thought. Many people who suffer from anxiety are unaware of how their issues begin in their minds. For instance, you might have had an apprehensive thought train like this:

What exactly is this blemish on my arm? It's the first time I've seen it there. I'm wondering whether it's cancer of the skin. That would be awful! Skin cancer is extremely dangerous. Is it possible that I caught it in time? What will become to my family if I pass away? I'm far too young to perish!

As in this scenario, we've all had thoughts that quickly slide downward. Taking control of your ideas could look like this instead:

What exactly is this blemish on my arm? I'll keep an eye on it for a few days to see if anything changes, and rest certain that God is in charge. If it doesn't get better by Friday, I'll make an appointment with the doctor. But I'm not going to let this insignificant blip on the radar take over my thoughts for the rest of the week. God is the Great Physician, and no matter what, he can heal me.

See how much of a difference it makes to take control of your thoughts? Fear and concern will inevitably run rampant in our minds. You can regain control and choose peace if you study things before they go downward.

You'll need a lot of work to be able to hold your thoughts prisoner. When anxiety is aroused, the previous example of actively choosing not to worry may need to be repeated thousands of times. If you're prone to anxiety, practice makes perfect, especially in your mental life. The less dread and fretting you experience, the more you replace your worried thoughts with what is real about God and what you can control.

How do I cast down imaginations?

You must become a person of prayer and study of God's Word in order to actively strike down the enemy's fantasies. A person who prays will be aware of spiritual matters. If you don't have God's ideas, you won't be able to cast down or fend off the enemy's imaginations (vision, and images that come through His Word for you).

Whats bound on earth is bound in heaven?

“I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth, you will bind in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth, you will loose in heaven.”