How To Begin A Spiritual Fast

Don't go cold turkey and stop eating or drinking for an extended length of time. Fasting from technology or whatever you spend a lot of time doing is a good idea. Fasting on media, non-religious publications, secular movies, or a sporting event are just a few examples of what you can do.

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Instead of reading the Bible and praying, try to figure out what you enjoy doing all of the time. Furthermore, if you ask the Lord what you should fast from, He will respond.

Eat Very Little Before Your Fast

Prior to fasting, attempt to eat very little for the preceding week so that your body gets used to not eating much. You don't want to eat ceaselessly for a week and then stop eating or drinking during your fasts on the spur of the moment. If you do not adequately prepare yourself before fasting, you may experience a variety of symptoms.

Here are just a few of the many symptoms that can occur if your body is not adequately prepared before fasting:

Drink Lots of Water When Fasting

During your fast, make sure you consume plenty of water. The beautiful thing about fasting is that you can drink as much water as you want! Drinking plenty of water (or diluted juice or raw, organic apple cider vinegar if you're a beginner or want to feel more at ease) will help you feel less hungry and uncomfortable. If you get hungry during fasting, simply drink a half gallon of water and the hunger will vanish.

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Pray During Your Fast

When you're supposed to be eating, spend time in prayer and meditation. Food and drink will be tempting, but continue and divert your attention to the Holy Scriptures and your communication with the Lord. Your relationship with Christ will nourish you on a level you've never imagined. You'll become more reliant on Him and more connected to Him.

Read the Bible

There's a reason why numerous passages of Scripture connect God's word to food. It nourishes our spirits on the deepest level. The book of Matthew is one such example.

Man will not survive solely on bread, but on every word that comes from God's lips.


Laziness is a condition that the Bible condemns, but most of us today are too busy to get the rest we require. You will have more time if you withdraw from the media and other people, allowing you to obtain a full night's sleep. Because you won't be taking long food breaks during your fast, you'll be forced to slow down. A fast will disclose that your daily routine is overburdened with activities and busyness.

Disconnect from People

Fasting is not always a vacation, but taking time off and away from people while fasting can help you get the most out of this valuable time. Leave your phone and email at home. Find someone who can cover your work and ministry responsibilities if at all possible. Many people fast while continuing to go about their daily lives. However, if you are able to get away, it will allow you to spend more time in silence and calm with the Lord.

Politely Decline Dining Offers

In our culture, everything revolves around food, which makes fasting exceedingly tough. Even in the church, we are a food-worshipping, food-obsessed culture, and we're proud of it. God is not your stomach, no matter how much you love food. When you're invited to lunch or dinner with someone, or have unwelcome food placed in front of you, simply say, “No thanks, I'm not hungry,” with a courteous smile. You may both avoid the social duty to eat and keep your fast a secret by utilizing that simple word.

Avoid Television and Radio

Disconnecting from television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet can assist you in staying focused on your fasting goal. As you become physically and emotionally challenged, you will be less attracted by the relentless barrage of advertising. You will have more time to focus on the Lord and His word if you avoid media.

Find Another Activity

People are frequently astonished by how much time they spend cooking, eating, and tidying up after themselves. During a fast, all of that time is made available. Plan ahead of time how you'll fill some of that free time during your fast.

You can pray, meditate, or read spiritual material.

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Pray for the needy, for example. You can consider performing a charitable gesture, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or a local church.

Stay Physically Active

When you're fasting, make sure you're getting some exercise. Physical activity encourages not only your body but also your thoughts. Fasting, once again, necessitates reliance on God; God will provide the energy and power you require.

Record Your Fast

Keeping track of your fast's progress in a notebook or journal is a wonderful idea. You can describe the feelings you're experiencing and what you did to deal with them.

You can also write down what the Lord has been saying to you, and when your fast is through, you can bring out that notebook and see what you've learnt from God for the future.

Write to God

Writing letters to the Lord can help you express your emotions while also providing you with a sense of gratitude. It would be like writing to a buddy, just like praying. The Lord loves each and every human being on this globe, and He is delighted that you are foregoing your mealtime to spend time with Him.

Think Positive Thoughts

Consider the power your spirit is developing over your physical body. Consider the good impacts that are occurring in your body when the poisons are eliminated. Consider how God is preparing you for His purposes by purifying and sanctifying you. It will help you through the difficult times, as Paul said in Philippians.

“Think on whatever is true, what is honorable, what is just, what is pure, what is beautiful, what is commendable, if there is any greatness, if there is anything deserving of praise.”

How do you pray before starting a fast?

It's crucial to seek God's purpose for the fast, as well as the duration and type of fast, before embarking on one. Many fasts are mentioned in the Bible, and the solutions can be discovered via meditation and prayer. The following is an example of a prayer: “Father God, you are the creator of all things, and I am fasting to worship you. Reveal to me the purpose, duration, and type of fast that will advance your Kingdom and pull me closer to you through your limitless wisdom. I pray in the name of Jesus, amen.”

How long should you fast for spiritual?

Fasting duration is also determined by personal inclination and ability. Fasting for long periods of time is not possible for certain people due to health issues. Others may fast for several days at a time. Remember, the purpose of fasting is to strengthen your relationship with God. It is not a question of how many days or how long one can fast. Fasting is a very personal experience with the Lord. As a result, there's no need to compare how long you've been fasting to how long others have been fasting.

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Before you start fasting, I urge that you pray and ask the Lord how long you should fast for. If you're new to fasting, I recommend beginning with one meal or one day. You can continue for extended lengths of time after you are more conscious of and familiar with the topic. You may decide after the first day that you want to continue for a longer period of time. Keep track of how your body feels if this is the case. You may feel lightheaded and weak if your body isn't used to fasting. Once your body has become accustomed to fasting, you will be able to fast for extended periods of time without experiencing these symptoms.

The length of your fast is also determined by what you're fasting from. You should not fast for longer than two or three days if you are fasting both food and drink. Furthermore, if you are only fasting from food, you can fast for extended periods of time. Some people will abstain from eating and drinking, but will sip juice to stay energized.

Types of Fasting

Abstaining from social media, entertainment, sex, sweet meals, or a variety of other things is another type of fasting. You can fast for substantially longer lengths of time if you choose to fast from the following items. This is due to the fact that these fasts have no negative impact on your health. In fact, they may help you live a healthier life. Fasting from these foods for prolonged lengths of time is something I suggest.

If you're married, make sure you have an agreement on sex abstinence with your partner. “Do not deprive each other except by mutual permission and for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer,” Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 7:5. Then get back together so Satan can't tempt you because of your lack of self-control.”

How do I start my fast?

A juice cleanse or a two-day restriction diet are not the same as fasting. Traditional and intermittent are the two types, each of which appeals to various people depending on their aims and lives.

While both are good for your brain, intermittent fasting is superior for weight reduction and maintenance. Choose the option that is most appropriate for your needs.

Traditional Fasting

Fasts can last anything from 24 hours to seven days or longer in the traditional sense. They place a greater emphasis on cultivating willpower and self-discipline than on weight loss, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking mental or spiritual renewal. While you will notice certain bodily changes, the consequences of a single fast will not last. That said, it's a helpful tool for figuring out what hunger is and how you react to it.

Start with a 24-hour fast if you're a beginner: eat dinner and then don't eat again until the next night. To avoid dehydration, drink plenty of water and schedule your fast on a non-training day. Going for a stroll can help you enter nutritional ketosis—a state in which your body begins to burn fat instead of glucose—but don't do anything more difficult until you've gotten used to living with less energy.

If you're going to attempt a multiday fast, schedule it to end on Sunday night. That way, you'll just be at work for the initial half of your fast, before it becomes particularly difficult.

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Traditional fasting appeals to people who, in addition to seeking a drastic system reboot, don't want to commit to the effort and preparation required to fast every day or every week because the program is transitory and short-term.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is characterized by a long-term pattern of short-duration fasts that persist for a portion of each day, and it has a stronger physical impact than typical fasting. It's particularly good at regulating blood sugar, which prevents a slew of symptoms like weariness, mood swings, and metabolic health, according to Mattson. It can also protect the brain from stroke, neurotoxins, epileptic convulsions, and oxidative stress, according to him. Depending on the fasting program you adopt, it can also be an effective approach to just lose weight.

Try either the 5:2 diet or alternate-day fasting if you want to reduce weight. You'll eat normally five days a week, then consume 600 calories per day for two days. You'll alternate between ordinary and 600-calorie days in the latter. Even if you eat normally on non-restricted days, you will consume less calories than usual. These two eating habits, while highly beneficial for people seeking to lose a few pounds, should be avoided by most athletes because you won't be eating enough calories to exercise properly.

For high performance, time-restricted eating, also known as leangains, is the superior option. Eat the same quantity of food as usual, but over a shorter period of time, ideally eight hours. You'll gain many of the benefits of fasting without limiting your calorie intake, allowing you to continue working out hard. Maintaining your weight or gaining lean mass is simple.

The goal of time-restricted eating is to fast for at least 12 hours every day, which is when the benefits of fasting begin, according to Mattson. Choose the window that is most appropriate for your lifestyle. Because it's easier to fit into a regular family and social life, most people choose to eat from midday to dinnertime. It is feasible to train during the day when you are not eating, but many individuals prefer to train after they have eaten something, which is usually after work. While 12 hours may seem like an acceptable window to avoid eating even if you aren't fasting, it means no late dinner reservations, no nibbles at the Friday night movie, and no coffee first thing in the morning when you get up for your morning workout. If eating just inside a 12-hour window feels too simple, consider increasing it to only eating for eight hours a day.

What can you drink during spiritual fasting?

You abstain from eating and other worldly pleasures during a religious fast. But, if you're fasting, what can you drink? The drinks you should drink the most are water and Amla Green Tea.

What verses to read when fasting?

Then there's Matthew 6:16-18 (NIV), which says, “When you fast, do not look solemn like the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their features to show men they are fasting.” They have received their full recompense, to tell you the truth.

What prayers to pray during fasting?

Today, as I embark on this fast, I am especially in need of self-control. I have the impression that temptation is lurking around every corner. The draw is so strong right now that it feels like the decision is made in an instant.

Please show me the way out that you promise in the Bible when I am tempted. Right now, I'm clinging to that promise (1 Corinthians 10:13).

I want to carry out my plans and, most importantly, Father, I want to bring You praise and honor. Grant me the strength to not eat or partake in the activity I am fasting from if it is Your will. I know I can accomplish anything thanks to You, You give me power (Philippians 4:13).

Prayer for Breaking a Fast (Wisdom to End a Fast)

Thank you for providing me the courage to do this task. My strength has increased, as has my relationship with You. I know I could never have accomplished this on my own.

As this period of restriction comes to an end, guide me in my next moves. Assist me in returning to a regular pattern of conduct slowly and gently. Help me not to go insane with repressed yearning, but rather to walk with elegance and purpose.

Thanksgiving Prayer After Fasting (A Prayer for When the Fast is Done)

Thank you, Lord, for the lessons you taught me during my fast. Thank you for the ways you helped me develop spiritual fruits such as patience and self-control. I know I couldn't have done it on my own; it was only possible due of Your work in me.

As I move on, please guide me. If you want me to fast again, make it obvious to me. Help me to remember this fasting period and to apply the principles learned in it to my regular life. Above everything, guide my decisions so that they honor and serve You. Lord, I adore you.

Are you fasting right now or have you ever fasted? Did you include prayer in your routine? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

How do I fast for God?

So, now that you know what fasting is and why it's important, where do you start? Twenty various recommendations are provided here to assist you get started fasting and stay motivated.

Identify The Purpose

The first step in fasting for any Christian is to figure out why you're fasting. Do you want to empty your stomach through fasting? Do you want to improve your connection with God? Are you fasting to show your support for the poor? It's crucial to understand why you're fasting. It establishes a context for your experience.

Commit to a Time Period

The second stage in fasting is deciding on a certain time period and committing to it. When you're a newbie, it's not a good idea to go for a long period of time without eating or drinking anything.

Try to work out what is realistic, and keep your commitment fresh in your mind.

Find Your Weaknesses

Try to predict your weaknesses, or the times when you will feel the worst or most tempted to eat, before the fast begins. Pray for God to provide you with the strength you require when you require it, and He will.

Tell only a Few People

According to Acts 16, when a believer in Christ fasts in secret, he or she will be blessed. You should just tell two or three people that you're fasting. It doesn't matter if it's a spouse, a sibling, or a friend. They may also serve as a partner in terms of accountability.