How To Be Ultra Spiritual Jp Sears

JP Sears, called “The Clown Prince of Wellness” for his COVID-eliminating New Age “satire,” has recently had a child. Parenthood, unsurprisingly, has already become a product in his profitable wellness swindle.

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Yesterday, Sears shared a sweet photo of himself and his baby boy Wilder, dressed up as a mascot for his current line of merchandise: conspiracy-themed t-shirts with slogans like “I don't trust fact-checkers” and “Brave enough to obtain my viewpoint from myself.” Sears' conspiratorial claim that COVID's consensus news reporting is incorrect and manipulative is referenced in the slogans.

How much does awaken with JP make?

His Awaken with JP channel has a following of 2 million people. He also has hundreds of videos with 100,000 or more views. To put that in context, YouTube star content providers are said to earn anything from $1500 and $7000 per million views (depending on if the video was watched all the way through).

Can depression make you lose your faith?

While there is no universally accepted list of indicators of spiritual sadness, persons who are experiencing it frequently report feeling alienated or cut off from God.

You may be confused or frustrated about your religion, unable to communicate with God, or believing that God no longer hears your prayers.

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  • You've lost interest in your normal religious activities, or you're only doing them out of obligation.

Personal connections may be strained as a result of these feelings. Feeling unable to discuss your problems with your partner, or fearing that if you do, they won't understand, can add to your irritation and pain.

What about symptoms of depression?

While depression manifests itself in a variety of ways, these symptoms aren't always related to your faith or spirituality. Instead, they'll manifest themselves in almost every aspect of your existence.

When you have other things on your mind, recognizing depression signs can be difficult. However, depression is more than just feeling down on occasion.

How does spirituality affect mental health?

  • When you're sick, it can help you find inner strength and speed up your recovery.

Talking with a religious or spiritual leader might provide persons with mental illnesses a sense of hope. Some mental diseases might be viewed as moments when people doubt their own worth or purpose in a negative manner. Incorporating spirituality into the therapy of mental health issues can be incredibly beneficial.

What does Bible say about depression and anxiety?

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not alarmed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, assist you, and uphold you with my righteous right hand.” The Good News: Dealing with depression may be a frightening experience. This scripture, on the other hand, reminds you that you have nothing to fear when God is on your side.

Who is JP and Amber?

We're also fortunate enough to have Amber Sears join us. Amber is a dancer, a Pilates instructor, a nutritionist, a business and life coach, and a spiritual entrepreneur in general. I had a lovely time conversing with this spiritually motivated couple. We discussed waking, letting go of what doesn't serve you, relationships, and business. They were willing to open up about their personal experiences navigating business, talent, passions, and family as a pair. Today's audio contains a wealth of information that you may use to your own life situations. We hope you have a good time watching today's show.

JP Sears is a self-described “conscious comic,” “emotional healing counselor,” “author,” “YouTuber,” “global traveler,” and “curious life student.” His work gives people the tools they need to live more meaningful lives. He is quite active on the internet, where he promotes healing and progress through his amusing and entertainingly instructive films, which have had over 400 million views. JP is also the host of The Awaken With JP Sears Show, a podcast. Amber Sears is an international Pilates and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, former professional dancer and business coach, sun worshipping environmentalist, and planet romping entrepreneur on a BIG mission to help empower and assist you on your way to living your most epic life possible.

What is Jake Paul's net worth?

The victory not only boosted his boxing career, but it also increased his fortune's net worth. The 24-year-old has already amassed a fortune, with a net worth estimated to be between $17 million and $30 million.

How do vegans talk?

In my line of business, being a people person comes in handy. Because I'm a public speaker who's given vegan speeches in boardrooms and backyard barbecues, I've figured out a few tactics to keep my audience engaged, their interest piqued, and my talk to (hopefully) lead the veg-curious to a plant-based lifestyle. Another thing I've learned is that there is no room for error when someone is given the opportunity to speak about veganism since you never know who is listening. Here are eight things I think about before being vegan, based on my own experience.

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1. Be aware of your target audience

When preparing your speech, start from a point of confidence. These are vegans (or wannabe vegans) who are seeking advice, information, or entertainment about a plant-based diet from you. To gauge the demographic of the audience, do an informal vote with a show of hands, but don't make non-vegans feel uncomfortable. How many people here can define the term “vegan” with a show of hands?” This style of question allows you to estimate the number of vegans in your group without necessarily excluding non-vegans.

2. A 15-word synopsis

Reduce your concept to a maximum of 15 words in an elevator pitch. You can't condense it to 15 words? Then it's too difficult for your audience to understand. This one activity will improve your presentation by stressing your main point (and it also provides a blurb for the program). Keep in mind that you're promoting a diet or way of life, and keeping your lecture focused can help you communicate the idea of veganism even more effectively by avoiding tangents unrelated to your topic.

3. Begin with a witty remark.

Starting with a joke is easy for Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute (he delivers the same joke before every talk: “Did you hear Bill Gates acquired The Seattle Times this morning? He does, in fact, buy it every morning”). Try this one for those of us who crave variety: “Are you aware of why vegans avoid eating chickens? They have eggs in them.” “Well, good thing I'm here to speak about turning vegan and not to tell jokes,” you can hide a lousy joke with, “Well, good thing I'm here to talk about going vegan and not to tell jokes.” Because, unlike an email or an article, people anticipate some amount of audience engagement or participation, your lecture should be engaging and educational. Consider the best vegan memes you've seen and use them into your presentation.

4. Take it easy.

Speakers who are nervous or excited tend to speak too quickly. Slow down your voice and use pauses to emphasize points. Tap the air in front of you every time you say “vegan,” for example. This “visual punctuation” not only keeps you lively and enjoyable to see, but it also amplifies your vegan message by subtly implying vegetarianism through your physical actions. Also, are you concerned about stage fright? To prevent awkward eye contact, speak just above everyone's heads.

5. Don't use technology and don't read

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If at all possible, avoid using PowerPoint or Prezi as a presentation tool. If you're going to use slides in your presentation, keep them visually attractive and keep the copy to a minimum. Don't read your speech, either. This is the most difficult aspect of public speaking, however if you absolutely must take notes, try to condense your knowledge into bullet points/key points. Consider it as a shopping list. You're going to buy kale, quinoa, and tofu, but you don't need to write down what they're called because you already know what they're called. The one and only exception that allows you to read entire paragraphs? I'm going to read some of your book's passages (or other sources).

6. It's all about the narrative

If your presentation will be lengthy, use short stories and anecdotes to illustrate your main themes. Great speakers understand how to use a tale to elicit an emotional response from their audience. To every discussion, you may always add your own “what being vegan means to me.” Most of what you're talking about will be familiar to your audience because many of them have had similar experiences. Telling stories about the first time you pressed tofu can be both educational and interesting, and it can also serve as a transition to other topics in your presentation.

7. Make your voice heard.

Nothing is more annoying than a speaker who can't be heard. Don't holler if you don't have a microphone, and don't talk to the floor either. Because you are the voice of the voiceless, the audience must hear you.

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) Director of Marketing Eric C Lindstrom is the author of The Skeptical Vegan. On September 16, don't miss his keynote address at the NEPA VegFest.