How To Be A Spiritual Leader In Marriage

Being a spiritual leader entails both protection and development. This entails respecting and loving your wife, as well as assisting her in becoming the greatest woman she can be. It entails being a good listener and not always attempting to be correct, but rather being interested in what your wife is attempting to share with you.

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How do I spiritually lead my wife?

5. Check in with her to see how her day is going. While you're at work, send her a text or give her a brief call. Make it clear to her that you care.

6. Pay attention to what she has to say. It shows you care when you listen to what she says and perhaps even inquire about it afterwards. And she's considerably more likely to take the advice of someone she cares about.

7. Pay attention to the things she doesn't say. I understand. This one is a little more difficult. But it's equally vital. Though you may believe we never hold back because we speak thousands of words each day more than you, we do. Our deepest anxieties, worries, and insecurities.

8. Recognize when she has taken on too many obligations and let her know. It can be difficult for us to say no at times. Please assist us. (Yes, this is a difficult one, and we may not listen at first, but speak out.)

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9. Recognize when she is lonely and provide her encouragement. Your wife, believe it or not, requires the company and encouragement of other women. While I'm sure she appreciates taking care of her family and you most of the time, I'm sure she will enjoy it even more when she has other women to chat to and bounce ideas off of – (or do you really want to hear about how difficult it is to get stains out of cloth diapers yet another time?) So, if your wife is avoiding events at church, after work, or with her regular group of friends because she's too busy at home, tell her that such things can wait, and urge her to come out and have some girl time. It'll most likely be therecharge that she requires.

10. Don't make her feel obligated to obey (or submit) you. Good leaders aren't required to impose their authority. And a wife's submission to her husband is a free act on her part, as is her obedience to God. So don't offer her any excuses for not doing so.

11. Pay attention to the things she does for you and your family. Tell her how much you value her efforts.

12.Start more and settle less. I believe that many times wives step into the leadership role in the home because their husbands refuse or are hesitant to do so. So, whether it's paying a bill or disciplining one of your children, don't wait for her to offer advice on how to address an issue. You take responsibility of the tasks at hand.

13. Consider your function as a husband to be a divine calling. Husbands can excel when they first understand they've been called to lead their wives and families, just as wives blossom when they see the purpose God has called them to as a wife or a mother.

14. Prioritize your personal relationship with God. It will be more difficult for you to make the proper choices and decisions for your family if God isn't foremost in your life, and it will be even more difficult for your wife to follow you.

15.Be the first to express regret. If you have a disagreement with your wife, don't wait for her to apologize first. You are the one who starts the conversation. You're taking charge of your marriage and family by doing so.

16. Take advice from other men on how to lead. Find spiritual mentors in your church that have strong marriages and strong spiritual walks. Examine how they lead their spouses and families and inquire about their methods.

17. Allow her to have some alone time. Take the kids on a Saturday morning outing, even if it's only to the grocery store, and allow her some time to do whatever she wants – with the caveat that it can't involve chores.

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18. Take care of her mental health by giving her a bubble bath every now and then. Remind her how important it is to take time off.

19. Take charge of your children's discipline. Don't rely solely on your wife to raise your children. Take an active role in your children's lives, including teaching them the difference between right and wrong.

20. Look for small methods to let her know you're thinking about her. When my spouse is at home, he makes it a point to always pack me up when I fly. It's something he excels at, and it makes me feel good to know he's keeping an eye on me.

How can I grow spiritually in my marriage?

This one may appear to be self-evident, yet it's easy to overlook. You could go weeks or months without sitting together in an actual church service if you're volunteering in the children's ministry or another area during the normal worship service. There's nothing wrong with serving (it's why we included it on this list), but don't let it become an impediment to spiritual growth.

How do you become a spiritual leader in a relationship?

Matt Ayers joins the cast of Heart of Dating! Matt is a good friend of Kait's and was instrumental in the founding of Vintage Church in Santa Monica, California. He's been married to his lovely wife Stephanie for six years.

Vintage Church in Los Angeles is led by Matthew Ayers, who is a founder member, treasurer, and executive board member. Outside of church, Matthew works at Alex Brown, where he handles the investments of a few very affluent families. Matt, his wife Stephanie, and their two daughters Riley and Dylan live in West Los Angeles. He is a voracious reader, golfer, and traveler.

Kait was blown away by Matt's contributions and convictions when she heard him talk on discipleship at their yearly church retreat a few years ago. Kait hunted him down shortly after at a leadership event hosted by their church and asked him follow-up questions. Since then, Kait has gotten to know him and his wife, Steph, and has grown to like and admire both of them for the way they approach marriage and mentor and disciple others.

Today, Matt and Kait discuss discipleship and spiritual leadership, with a focus on how it pertains to males in romantic relationships. It's a very interesting discussion. They also debate gender roles and leadership at the conclusion, which is fantastic, so make sure you stick around until the end to hear what they have to say!

Why is spiritual leadership important for men?

  • Being a spiritual leader is as simple as living a life that exemplifies Christ and allowing others to recognize Jesus-like attributes in your actions.
  • Spiritual leadership is a way of life, whereas discipleship is an intentional act.
  • Even if we don't realize it, we're always teaching. As a result, we must be deliberate in our instruction.

How do you practical being a spiritual leader in singleness and in dating?

  • Being a spiritual leader is about being focused on God, whether you're single or not.
  • When you're single, you have more time to devote to God than at any other point in your life.
  • If you're dating, you should assess and ensure that your distinct Christian journeys are compatible.
  • Set high criteria for yourself and don't compromise… but you must also ask yourself, “Is it possible that YOU are the person they're seeking for?
  • “A Christian boy or girl will be smitten by the Jesus they see in YOU.”
  • You can't put a relationship's want first; you have to put God first. Prepare to be unmarried and to first fall in love with God.

How do you think being a spiritual leader in a dating relationship plays out for men?

  • Keep in mind that dating and marriage are two different things. It's not your business to change or mold someone into a certain persona.
  • When you're dating, you're merely getting to know someone to determine if you want to marry them.

What are some essential steps in our life that we can take to become better spiritual leaders?

  • Know and love the Lord Jesus Christ. You'll become more like Him as you learn more about Him, and you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself.
  • Humble yourself. Despite having complete authority, Jesus came to earth as a servant. Being a leader necessitates devotion.
  • Because marriage is one of the most unselfish and sacrificial acts, we must follow Jesus' example in John 13. Serving others is how Jesus leads.

Why do you think having a “Board of Advisors” is important?

  • Possessing a “A “Board of Advisors” is just a group of people you trust and can turn to for godly advice and accountability.
  • Mentors can assist you in taking care of yourself and your family “You won't be able to offer to anyone else if you don't take care of yourself.”
  • Dating is an assessment, and you want to make an objective assessment. It helps to have a board that isn't emotionally invested.

How can women in a relationship have a voice as well?

  • It is the same instruction for both men and women. Love for Jesus, love for others, and discipleship for others are our mandates.
  • When it comes to co-leading, Scripture does specify gender roles, however these texts are sometimes taken out of context.
  • The word “submission” does not have a negative connotation. Jesus, in turn, bowed to God the Father. God has redefined what it means to be in charge.

What are spiritual needs in marriage?

It may seem unbelievable, but studies have shown that most people treat strangers better than their own spouse. There is a continual flow of soft kindness and real concern in a spiritual marriage. This is an active process in which you strive to understand your relationship, be aware of his or her needs, and respond to your spouse with all of your being.

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What does leadership look like in marriage?

Being a spiritual leader entails both protection and development. This entails respecting and loving your wife, as well as assisting her in becoming the greatest woman she can be. It entails being a good listener and not always attempting to be correct, but rather being interested in what your wife is attempting to share with you.

How can I be a better leader to my husband?

This post isn't for males who already know everything. It's for husbands who are slacking in their marriage. For men who have forced their wives to stand up and lead the family as a result of their lack of awareness or inaction.

Now, when I say “take the lead,” I don't mean “take the lead away from someone else.” I'm talking about taking charge of your own life. So when I tell a male, “You are the family leader,” I'm not implying that women aren't leaders. Men are being challenged by me. If you lack initiative or discipline, don't force your wife to be the leader.

Women are more powerful than males in many ways. So, when their husbands abandon their marriages and families, she assumes the role of leadership because someone has to.

As a son of a single mother, I've witnessed firsthand the strength and love that a strong woman can bring to her family. Because women have already taken action, this essay isn't a call to action for them. The primary issue in most marriages isn't a lack of female leadership.

This isn't a popular message among men right now. In reality, I rarely hear men cite this as a reason for their spouses' abandonment. The message from the ladies who departed, on the other hand, is loud and plain. They weren't able to fix it on their own… They wished fervently that their husbands had taken charge and led them.

Now, let me clarify what I mean by that. She doesn't want to be bossed around or dominated. She isn't searching for a tough guy. She isn't searching for a boss who will micromanage her every move. She doesn't want someone who is always upset, resentful, angry, or disappointed.

She's looking for a partner who can be vulnerable and converse about the important things in life. She's looking for a man that can lead the family in the right path and keep everyone going forward. She wants a man who is courageous enough to do the right thing even when it's difficult. She wants a man with thick enough skin to not take things too seriously.

I have a lot of conversations about marriage as a leadership coach. Whether my client is a male or a woman, being a better leader in their home is a frequent topic of discussion. Because I work with both men and women, I get to hear both perspectives. I've heard enough of what she wants and what he wants to be that I have strong beliefs on what spouses should do.

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Here are three practical things you can do right now to help you step up and be a successful family leader:

1. Establish family and individual objectives. Make a list of what you want to accomplish as a family this month, quarter, or year. Some goals can be set for the entire family, such as going on weekend trips, participating in family activities, being healthier, and so on, as well as personal goals for each family member. Even young children should have objectives.

2. Have family gatherings. Once a week, get together to talk about what's working and what isn't, as well as the family calendar for the coming week and any other key recurring subjects. Make weekly commitments to your family about spending quality time together, doing chores, and so on, and ask to be held accountable. Then, once a month, go over the family goals and see how everyone is doing, what they're having trouble with, and what kind of help they need.

3. Set a good example. You are a good example for your family. They will do the same if you take care of your fitness, meet your obligations, and make time to sacrifice for your wife and children.

Everything, remember, is a leadership issue. Look in the mirror if your family has conflict, isn't healthy, and is always rushing from one thing to the next, stressed out and irritated. It's all up to you.

There is no higher honor and responsibility than being a husband and father.

Commit to something higher.

The innovative thought that your purpose is to support each other on your path to ultimate progress, to become your highest self, raises a spiritual partnership above an ordinary relationship. Make it obvious that you're striving for spiritual growth, not just physical stability or emotional support.

This means you're helping each other on your path to becoming a more “enlightened” person. Your relationship's day-to-day functioning will be determined by the goals you set for it. Expect long-term satisfaction if your objective is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit; expect fulfillment beyond your dreams if your goal is a radical evolution of your body, mind, and spirit.

What are the 4 skills to dare to lead?

However, no major achievement is achieved without a series of setbacks, disappointments, obstacles, and failures. Leadership necessitates bravery, and bravery necessitates a unique type of vulnerability.

There are four skill sets for courageous leadership, according to Dr. Brené Brown's work, as documented in her book Dare to Lead.

“You can't get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability,” Brené Brown explains. When you can't control the outcome, this means having the bravery to show up fully. Every meeting, email, phone call, and face-to-face contact inside and beyond the business is about being vulnerable in your connections with others.