How To Activate Your Spiritual Power

We all know spiritual individuals and, deep down, we all acknowledge a spiritual element in ourselves. There isn't a single person alive who hasn't prayed or questioned if everything happens for a reason at some point. However, spirituality is often perceived as unrealistic, otherworldly, and mystical. If you're like most people, God has no place in your job plans. Spirituality, on the other hand, is about consciousness in the Eastern spiritual tradition. You become closer to your spiritual center as you become more aware.

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Enforcing a division between body, mind, and soul is detrimental to life. Let's take a look at this in the most basic terms. Every experience registers activity in the brain, which is a physical organ. Aside from mental activity, which has an evident link to the brain, no spiritual experience can be recorded without brain activity as well. This single understanding, that body, mind, and spirit are in union, leads to a slew of other realizations. But, as an example of fresh possibilities, consider how spiritual ideals might be brought in from the cold to help you live your life more effectively.

One of the benefits of Eastern wisdom traditions is that you don't have to wait years for a great burst of light that transforms your inner being. Every step of the journey will assist you in your daily activities. How? For starters, there is more simplicity. Simplicity does not come to mind as a divine trait, but it is one of spirit's most potent qualities.

Looking from person to person, it's difficult to forecast which of these events will occur first and to what extent. But it's enlarged consciousness, not prayer, worship, or behaving spiritually, that's the key. What appears unattainable or mysterious in the outside world becomes manageable because your inner landscape is wide and clear, rather than limited awareness, which leads to narrow vision, confusion, and conflict. Only then will you be able to reach the solution level. Otherwise, you'll be stuck at the problem's level, which is usually beset by obstacles.

If you could be aware of the mind's source, which is pure consciousness, you'd notice that no problem develops without a solution arising as well—the two are inextricably intertwined. It's a simple design, but we complicate things by failing to recognize it. Life blindsides us, which is why the mind accumulates so much dread, insecurity, wrath, doubt, and inner conflict over time. Going beyond limited awareness requires intentional effort, but there are numerous tools available to assist you once you make this a priority.

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As you can see, a whole way of life may be built around increased awareness. What comes out relies on what goes in when you view body, mind, and spirit as a single dynamic feedback loop. Fatigue, toxins, stress, worry, life events that make you feel insecure, low self-esteem, financial issues, depression, traumas that leave lasting wounds, and old programming from the past are examples of input that promotes limited awareness. This appears to be a daunting list of items to untangle in order to simplify your life. Expanded awareness, on the other hand, can help you. Even if you don't want to believe in God, you can't grow and mature as a person without addressing these issues.

Life does not look after itself, but ironically, that is the wonder of increased awareness. It provides doors and windows to a higher reality where life is self-sustaining. If the words “spirit,” “soul,” and “God” don't appeal to you, consider this a voyage to your inner self. The idea is that knowing your true self grants you access to a level of simplicity that eliminates life's challenges. It takes time and effort, but the good news is that progress is consistent and ongoing. In essence, I've defined what is known in India as Dharma, or the path of enlightenment that your life is meant to travel, and which is also the simplest if you are completely conscious. If you're interested, I go into great length on this in my book, The Future of God, but even this little overview may be enough to change your mind about whether spirit is far more important than you think.

How do I awaken my spiritual power?

Seven Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Well-Being

  • Examine your spiritual foundation. You are merely asking yourself questions about who you are and what you mean when you explore your spiritual essence.

How can I be active spiritually?

I'm a mother and a wife. I'm a carpool driver. I cook, and there's a 50/50 chance that my family will eat what I create. I set a goal of exercising six days a week, but I've only been able to do it three times recently. I'm also starting a meditation teaching business. I enjoy socializing with my friends, but I don't get to do it as much as I used to. But, no matter what, I still manage to make time to be spiritual every day.

This isn't to suggest that I'm more spiritual or unique than you. I just incorporate my faith into everything I do, giving even the most boring chores significance and assisting me in my personal development. I'm always learning new things, working on forgiving myself and others, and trying to be more attentive.

Certain days are unquestionably better than others. Even my worst days might feel like a wonderful gift when I have a firmly entrenched spiritual perspective.

Here are six techniques that you can adopt into your daily life to help you live a more spiritual existence:

1. Mindfulness

Even if it's only for a minute, try to start each day with meditation. You'll be able to start your day feeling more centered and grounded as a result of this. Meditation has helped me feel less stressed, have more patience, get better sleep, have a stronger connection to my inner guidance system, and have improved compassion for myself and others.

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I started my practice two years ago with eight minutes per day and gradually increased it by a minute or two every few weeks. I now meditate for 20-30 minutes every morning, but consistency is more important than time. It is preferable to meditate for five minutes every day rather than twice a week for 20 minutes. However, it is preferable to meditate twice a week than not at all.

2. Spiritual Consultation

Reading spiritual books has become an important part of my daily meditation routine. Reading novels like Robert Holden's Holy Shift! and Marianne Williamson's A Year of Miracles inspires me every day. These books are constructed with the intention of allowing the reader to read one page per day in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by commitment. It's incredible how motivated you may feel after reading just one page of truly profound literature.

3. Develop a sense of gratitude

Increasing your thankfulness is a major changer in your life. I am convinced that the more thankfulness you express, the more things you will have to be grateful for from the Universe.

Ask and pray for a spiritual awakening

To begin your spiritual awakening, pray to God, Spirit, or your Higher Self. Simply ask for your journey to begin or deepen through meditation, prayer, or journaling, depending on where you are in life.

Make your request as specific as possible. The following are some instances of spiritual awakening requests:

  • Please, God, open my heart, mind, and soul so that I can more clearly see and feel your truths.
  • I'm ready, higher self. Please assist me on my spiritual path so that I can live my most true and greatest life.

Consent to a spiritual awakening & ask your guides for help

You must consent to a spiritual awakening in addition to asking for it. This may appear to be the same thing, but there is a subtle distinction to be made here.

What comes after spiritual awakening?

After a spiritual awakening, the good life is to remember to turn inward for answers and, more importantly, the pure substance that makes life worth living. It is not how much we do in the world after a spiritual awakening that matters, but how much love can do within us. We are called to be a loving anchor.

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What are the 3 elements of spirituality?

In their eternal wisdom, all shamans, healers, sages, and wisdom keepers of all centuries, continents, and peoples claim that human spirituality is made up of three aspects: connections, values, and life purpose. These three components are so strongly linked that it may be difficult to tell them apart. Take a minute to ponder on each facet of human spirituality to determine the state of your spiritual well-being if this is possible. This will be a three-part monthly series, starting with relationships.

Internal (your domestic policy)—how you deal with yourself, how you nurture the relationship with yourself and your higher self—and external (your foreign policy)—how you relate, support, and interact with those people (and all living entities) in your environment—are the two categories of relationships.

What criteria would you use to assess your internal relationship, and what steps could you take to improve it?

How would you assess your external relationships, shifting from the perspective of domestic policy to international policy?

How do you recognize a spiritual person?

The first evidence of a spiritual person is their lack of fear. When you have a fear or a chronic worry, that fear takes over your life and you are unable to be in the present moment. Fear of public speaking, fear of heights, and fear of bugs are the three most common fears among Americans. Many people, however, are terrified of death, rejection, loneliness, failure, illness, or making poor judgments. Spiritual people understand how to yield to forces beyond their control. In this way, they are similar to children in that they know how to ignore their minds and live fearlessly.

How do I get in touch with my soul?

There's a distinction to be made between your ego and your soul. Your ego is your social mask and picture of yourself, whereas your soul is who you truly are beneath all the labels and titles. It is eternal, heavenly, and intrinsically valuable.

Life seems to flow more effortlessly and taking action is less of a challenge when you learn to align more with your spirit each day.

You feel more liberated, joyful, satisfied, empowered, and at peace with yourself. Even when things don't go as planned, you sincerely love and accept yourself.

Unfortunately, we're not taught how to align with our soul, and it can take a little patience to find our way to this area of safety and strength within us after years of being governed by our ego's fears, worries, and incessant chatter.

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Here are ten ways to reconnect with your spirit. Making time for one or two of these once or twice a week can make a huge difference in your happiness, well-being, and life.

Spend time in nature.

Nature has a calming impact on us and encourages us to slow down, take deep breaths, and enjoy the moment. Go for a walk in the woods, a run on the beach, a picnic in the park, or some stretches by the water.

Write a soul journal.

It's similar to keeping a standard diary, however you'll delve deeper. You ask your soul questions such as: “How can I get out of this?” in addition “What's holding me back from reaching my goals?” Then, without any self-censoring, you write down your immediate thoughts and feelings to observe what inner wisdom emerges.

Schedule solo dates.

We might become so preoccupied with checking off items on our to-do lists and keeping up with others that we forget to check in with ourselves. So organize a weekly solo adventure to learn more about yourself. Take a coffee break, go to a gallery show, read a book, enroll in a creative class, or explore a new neighborhood.

Take yoga classes.

Yoga is a wonderful method to bring your mind and body together. You get an opportunity to calm your mind and build a lasting sense of inner serenity as you focus your attention on your breathing and positioning for the remainder of the day.


Your inner guide has a moment to talk to you when you tune out from the cacophony of the world and your own internal worries and circling thoughts. Try meditating for five minutes with a soul-calming mantra like “I have nowhere to go, nothing to do.” “There's nowhere to go and nothing to do.”


It could be as basic as changing your commute or as grand as planning a vacation around the world. In either case, breaking up your routine and seeing new places forces you to break out from your comfort zone and old patterns. This allows you to rely more on your instincts and inner guiding.

Offer to help others.

You temporarily forget all of your ego-based cares and troubles when you give your time, energy, and love to others, and align with your true spirit, which is kind and open-hearted.

Make time to just be.

For a few moments, just sit and do nothing. Listen to the sounds around you, scan your body for feelings, and take a few deep diaphragmatic breaths. “One conscious breath in and out is a meditation,” Eckhart Tolle says.

Lose yourself in something you love.

It might be anything from dancing to cooking to writing to running to painting. When you're immersed in something you truly enjoy, your mind quiets and your soul takes over. It's a lovely, liberating sensation that we should all try to have more often.

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