Where To Place Vision Board Feng Shui?

You may utilize feng shui to help you decide where to put your vision board once it's finished in a few different ways.

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If you have a specific board, you can put it in a part of your house that corresponds to that location in the bagua.

If your vision board is about finding a new romantic partner, for example, you should display it in your home's love room.

It doesn't have to be visible; you can hide it in a drawer, closet, or even under the furniture in the room.

Where should you place your vision board?

The key is to keep your sentences short and your visuals bright, appealing, and shiny so that your vision board catches your attention on a regular basis, explains Larry.

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Once you've finished, position your vision board somewhere in your normal line of sight, such as your nightstand, home office, or even near your television, because the objective is to look at it as often as possible, according to Larry.

If you don't want to make such a bold statement with your vision board, Larry recommends producing a smaller one. Use the largest photo frame you have on hand or cut your poster board in half.

Alternatively, you can utilize your digital vision board as the background of your laptop or the home screen of your phone.

How do you make a feng shui vision board?

Making Feng Shui a Part of Your Vision Board

  • Locate a suitable location for your vision board. You must place your vision board in the proper spot in your home to increase its potency.

What color should a vision board be?

Yes, pictures and images will be used on your vision board. This is a straightforward procedure. You simply select what you want – through pictures and graphics – and pin it on the board. Color is an important aspect of your success as well. However, this is a little more difficult.

Each hue has its own frequency or energy that it emits. Colors are also associated with several facets of human life in the universe. Before incorporating colors on your vision board through drawings, images from coloring pages, borders, and other vital aspects, you must first comprehend these frequencies and associations.

The most widely used colors in vision board productions are listed below, along with what each hue may help you attract from the universe:

  • Red is a color associated with vigor, arousal, and warmth. In terms of energy distribution, it is stated to have a very high frequency. Use red on your vision board to attract ideal health, passion, improved sexuality and/or sexual attraction, courage, strength, and power.
  • Orange is a bright, warm color that is associated with happiness. It is supposed to be capable of liberating the mind and body from various forms of repression. Orange is an important color to eat if you want to improve your health by removing problems with your lungs, muscles, and digestive system. This is the hue to use on your vision board if you want to attract good luck, riches, overall success, or several business-related chances.
  • Yellow is a color that helps to strengthen the nerves as well as the mind. It has been shown to increase mental and creative abilities. Yellow is good for people who want to develop their psychic power, happiness, confidence, memorization, persuasion skills, and communication skills.
  • Green – Green is a color that represents harmony and balance. Green is the hue to utilize on your vision board if you want to attract hormone balances, mental and physical purification, abundance, success, better health, and safety for your house and family.
  • Blue – Blue is a refreshing hue. This is an excellent hue for the Law of Attraction vision board if you want to experience less inflammation, resolve communication and speech issues, increase personal strength, attract peace, bring in knowledge, and increase patience.
  • Purple – Purple is a color that symbolizes change. It has the power to heal mental illnesses like depression, delusions, addiction, and hysteria. It enhances spiritual awareness and reduces stress. It may aid in pain desensitization, meditation improvement, negativity reduction, and compassion enhancement.
  • White – White is supposed to be the color of all colors. It is frequently referred to as the “ideal color.” White should be used on your vision board if you desire to attract physical healing, psychological healing, purification, peace, conquer curses, misfortune, or bad luck, and feel a sense of rejuvenation in your life.
  • Brown – When it comes to safety, family, pets, increasing possessions, strengthening relationships, enhancing attention levels, and overcoming financial troubles, brown is a popular color. It can also be utilized to entice others' allegiance, as well as health and mental stability.
  • Black is a hue that has a reputation for repelling negativity. Black should be utilized on your vision board if you wish to remove evil or misfortune from your life, fight addictions, open up the deep realms of unconsciousness in your mind, and desire an enormous amount of power.

Colors abound in our environment. Our world is a kaleidoscope of color. Color, according to all accounts, is not only pleasing to the eye, but also generates and absorbs energy.

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, it's very probable that you've built or are working on a vision board. This is a tangible representation of everything you want in life, whether it's better health, riches, professional success, better relationships, more material goods, better communication, spiritual renewal, spiritual insight, or peace.

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Colors that help project the energy that you want to attract out into the universe should be included in your vision board to boost the vision board's power and your power as a practitioner of the Law of Attraction.

It might be in the shape of printed images, images from coloring pages, coloring the board's background, or simply colors colored directly on the board in the form of designs (like a mandala) or as a border on the images on your vision board.

The use of color on a vision board will help to make each of the aims and dreams you've depicted on the product a reality.

What should you put on a vision board?

Anything that inspires you should be included on your vision board. Pictures, favorite phrases, memories/memorabilia, postcards or cards, and other items can be included. Pinterest is one of my favorite places to go for vision board ideas and examples.

Magazine Pictures

Cutouts from magazines are ideal for adding to a vision board. These can come from any magazine, including fashion, leisure, and travel publications.

Simply cut out your preferred picture(s) and stick or pushpin them to your board.

Online Images

Images from Pinterest or stock image sites can be used in this way. For high-quality stock photographs, I recommend Social Squares or Unsplash.

If you use these photographs online, make sure to give credit to the photographer(s).

Inspirational Quotes

Finding inspirational quotations to place on a vision board is one of my favorite things to do. To begin your search for inspirational vision board quotations, look through books, movies, and Pinterest.

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Use an Online Template

Canva is a great tool to use if you want to construct a digital vision board. It's the ideal tool for making a collage of photos, and it makes visioning a breeze.

Do you have to look at the vision board everyday?

As previously stated, you should review your vision board on a daily basis. Put your dream board somewhere you spend a lot of time with this in mind. The office, for example, is a great spot for a vision board. People prefer to keep it on their desk so they can look at it while working.

Another excellent alternative is to be close to the kitchen. You probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether it's making coffee, preparing food, or simply reaching for a glass from the shelf. Place your vision board on the counter where you can see it every morning as you have breakfast.

It's also a good idea to have it on your nightstand. Pull out your dream board every night before bed or first thing in the morning to get inspired. Viewing your goals will assist you in setting daily aspirations and keeping your life vision in mind.

Should you keep your vision board private?

Whether or not you share your vision board with others is entirely up to you. It's critical that you keep track of your objectives on a daily basis, but there's no reason for others to do so. People share their boards for a variety of reasons, one of which is to increase responsibility. If you're looking for motivation from others, sharing your vision board with friends or family can be just what you need.

Some people, on the other hand, choose to keep their board hidden. If you don't think your friends or family will be enthusiastic about certain of your ambitions, don't share them with them. You don't want anyone to criticize your dreams, so have some storage space ready for when visitors arrive. If your vision board is regularly displayed near your desk, close the covers and store it in a drawer or a closet until the visitors have left. Your own dreams are kept on the vision board, which can be as private or as public as you desire.

What is a feng shui vision board?

A typical vision board is a collection of everything you want to manifest in your life, but it isn't always themed.

The bagua is used in a feng shui vision board to help arrange your dreams, and it can even focus on one specific region if you like!

Before we discuss how to organize your vision board with feng shui, let's take another look at the bagua:

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What is feng shui bedroom?

A feng shui bedroom encourages a better night's sleep by creating a serene and harmonious environment. Feng shui, contrary to popular assumption, is neither a Chinese interior design idea nor a belief system. The phrase “wind water” actually mean “wind water.”

What is a feng shui compass?

A Chinese magnetic compass, often known as a Feng Shui compass, is the luopan or geomantic compass. A Feng Shui practitioner uses it to determine the exact orientation of a construction, area, or object. Luo Pan has a lot of information and formulas about how it works. The needle is pointing in the direction of the south magnetic pole. Feng shui audit has needed the use of the compass since its conception for usage in Feng Shui.

Can a vision board be in black and white?

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SUPPLIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE ULTIMATE VISION BOARD KIT: 20″x30″ acid-free circle foam board with either a black or white background

Do wish boards work?

As previously stated, vision boards function because they transform your inner thoughts and dreams into something actual and practical.

BUT, and this is a major but, they will only work for you if you are willing to cooperate.

What exactly does this imply? You must interact with your vision board and use it to direct your actions as you work toward achieving your objectives.

Making a vision board and putting it in a cupboard and just looking at it once every few weeks or months isn't going to get you anywhere.

The strength of a vision board lies in its potential to inspire you to put in the effort necessary to make the goals you've written on it a reality.

A vision board will assist you in manifesting if you believe in the law of attraction.

It will direct your mind's eye to the things you desire and assist you in visualizing your life as it corresponds to the life you've made on your board.

What is a vision board 2021?

You guessed correctly. If you don't do things correctly, it won't function. In that situation, it could really cause more harm than good.

We read an interesting case study by psychotherapist Amy Morin, who discovered that vision boards stifled her clients' growth. Clients who constructed vision boards appeared to be waiting for the universe to do all the work for them, rather than getting out there and working toward their goals.

So, despite having an expensive sports vehicle and a woman on his vision board, he hasn't changed his financial situation and hasn't been out on a date in years. He simply believed that the cosmos will mysteriously grant his requests.

Let's get back to what we were talking about previously. A vision board is a tool that helps you visualize what you want to focus your attention on, according to the law of attraction. This covers not only your ultimate objectives, but also the steps you take to get there.