How To Feng Shui My Office Cube?

Feng shui concepts can be applied to even the tiniest of areas. Adding feng shui to a tiny space can be done in a number of ways, including:

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  • If the door or entry to your cubicle is directly behind you, consider installing a mirror on your desk so that you can see the door.

What direction should my desk face for feng shui?

Even if your bedroom has to double as your home office, you don't have to settle for a cramped workspace. There are many of possibilities for desk arrangement.

This is the “power position” of the room according to R.D. Chin, a feng shui master and architect, who recommends placing the desk diagonally opposite from the doorway. Your perspective on the room will be improved, and you'll have more time to contemplate.

In addition, avoid sitting in a position where your back is to the door or against a wide window (believed to drain strength).

The most common advice from feng shui gurus is to avoid a workstation facing a solid wall, even if it's a space-saving option.

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Too near for comfort? To keep prying eyes away from your bed, consider purchasing a foldable screen. While you're in bed, you won't be bombarded by reminders of what's going on in your life. Also, stay away from working in your bed at all costs!

How do I feng shui my desk at work?

Feng shui requires that your workstation be placed in a specific location. In this case, the concept of commanding position is critical. For example, the door should be visible from your desk, but you should not be directly facing the door. For the most part, it's located right next to the door.

This set-up isn't always viable to do. The commanding position can be corrected using a mirror if your desk cannot be placed in this position. You may readily see the reflection of the door in the mirror if you place a convex mirror in front of your desk.

Hang a feng shui crystal ball midway between you and the door if you're facing the door straight.

How do you feng shui your cubicle for career success?

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  • Declutter as soon as possible. Culling the clutter is a good place to start when trying to apply feng shui to your workspace.

How should a desk be placed in an office?

It's also a good idea to put your desk as close to a window as you can. If facing the window isn't an option because it's too distracting, try setting up the workstation perpendicular to the window instead. Add window curtains to reduce glare if your most productive workstation is located with a window directly behind you.

A new degree of complication has been added to desk placement due to video conferencing. You should avoid having individuals or objects in the backdrop that you don't want everyone to view, adds Hayman, if you plan to make a lot of video calls.

Which direction is good for office work at home?

When you're at work, it's a good idea to face north or east. The deity of money, kuber, can be found in the north, which is a good place to start a business dealing in commerce. As a professional or someone who provides services, east is a wonderful place to be.

How can I bring positive energy into my office?

Your view on life will improve greatly if the environment in which you spend your working hours is one that makes you feel at ease. Founder Amy Nelson of The Riveter envisioned the spaces to be distinct from the typical coworking culture while also allowing for a wide range of activities. Its most popular coworking plan is the part-time membership that offers 12 half-days or six full days each month, she said in an interview with the business magazine Quartz. Businesses that work from home but need a professional setting for meetings find it useful. The importance of a professional environment, especially for women, cannot be overstated, according to Nelson.

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How can I spice up my office?

7 Easy Ways to Add Color and Life to a Boring Office

  • Plants. Nothing is more depressing than working in an office that is littered with soiled coffee mugs and computer monitors.