What Happens When Your Chakras Are Aligned?

Our physical and emotional well-being will be solid and stable when everything is in sync. Urinary tract infections, lower back pain, and inability to ejaculate are all symptoms of a problem with this chakra.

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What happens when your chakras are balanced?

Energy may flow freely through our bodies and brains if our major seven chakras are open and balanced, as shown in this diagram. Stagnation can result from any of these energy centers being blocked, which can then lead to bodily and spiritual diseases. Please continue on if you are having any reoccurring pain or stiffness, and learn how chakra balancing could assist.

What are the benefits of aligned chakras?

You can use chakra healing to re-establish harmony in your body and mind.

  • The power to repair your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional ailments in a more rapid and comprehensive manner.
  • Positive perspective in terms of comprehension, perception of behaviors, and cognitive processes.
  • Sleeping better and longer, being more in control of your emotions, and having more patience are all benefits of exercising mindfulness.

It's evident from the aforementioned benefits that a healthy chakra system is a surefire way to get you closer to the life you want.

How does it feel when chakras open?

Engaging with your chakras doesn't necessitate a huge investment of time or money on your part. Meditation is the best way to connect with your chakra energy.

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You can meditate on your chakras every day or once a week for just 15 minutes. All you have to do is find a peaceful spot where you're comfortable.

Once you're sitting in a comfortable position, bring yourself to a happy place, set your objective for the meditation, and focus on deep, steady breathing.

Start with the first chakra from there (the root chakra). Consider the color it represents and the energy that flows through it.

During your journey through each chakra, remember that inhaling and exhaling help direct energy to the chakra.

A tingling sensation can be felt all over your body once the chakras have been opened and are functioning correctly. All of your stress will melt away once you experience this sensation. It's possible that you'd feel loose if you weren't stiff. It's possible that you'd feel peaceful if you were restless.

How do I know if my root chakra is unbalanced?

Is your life out of balance and you'd like to get it back on track? There are seven chakras, each of which serves a specific purpose in helping to restore our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The chakras, as they are known in ancient Indian philosophy, are seven major energy centers in the body. Each chakra corresponds to a distinct illness or physical dysfunction in the body.

Mental and emotional strengths are found in each energy center, as well. Weaknesses in our emotional behavior arise when we have a physical problem. Our bodies can be freed from tightness, stiffness, or dysfunction by releasing stale energy from our bodies.

Our emotional well-being can be improved by cleansing the energy. Holding on to negative thoughts and feelings affects our physical health in a negative way, as does the Chakra Mind-Body Balance. If you're experiencing aches or stiffness, or if you've been plagued by recurring feelings and anxieties, you may have a problem with one of your chakras.

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Root chakra physical abnormalities include issues with the legs, feet, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive parts, and prostate gland. Degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders, and constipation can all be symptoms of abnormalities in this area.

Money, housing, and food are only few of the essentials of existence that can be affected by emotional disorders.

It is when this chakra is in balance that you feel supported and grounded in the physical realm.

Sexual and reproductive disorders, urinary problems, kidney problems, and hip, pelvic, and low back discomfort are all examples of physical imbalances.

Commitment to relationships is an example of an emotional imbalance. Our ability to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Having fun and playing based on our desires, inventiveness and sexuality. Fears of inadequacy, betrayal, and a host of other afflictions.

It is when this chakra is in harmony that we are able to take risks, we are creative, and we are dedicated. Intense, sexual, and extroverted, we are.

How do I know if my chakra is out of balance?

The Earth element is associated with this chakra, which can be found in the bottom of your feet, legs, and “roots.” With the root chakra you feel safe, secure and comfortable in your own skin. When you think about family and tribe, this chakra comes into play.

Why is balancing your chakra important?

Several health symptoms might result from an unbalanced chakra system, which is responsible for all of our bodily functions. In most cases, bodily problems will manifest near the chakra. Chakras can potentially lead to mental and emotional abnormalities, as well. Depression, anxiety, and other chronic conditions can result from long-term chakra imbalances. The benefits of chakra balancing go far beyond a sense of well-being and increased self-esteem. They interfere with your body's overall energy and hinder you from feeling full physical wellness and the electromagnetic flow of energy within the human body.. Illness, pain, discomfort and symptoms that hold your body back are more likely to occur during an imbalance. My blog, The Importance of Chakra Alignment for Energy and Health, has further information on how chakras affect your health.

Benefits of Balanced Chakras

Balanced people do not have any chakra blocks or closed-off places in their bodies. In their view, no one chakra is more or less open, and no one chakra is spinning any faster or slower than the others. As long as all of your chakras are functioning properly, you'll be in perfect harmony. Healing from illness and injury occurs far more quickly when your chakras are in harmony. When your chakras are in harmony, deep sleep is easy to achieve. You're less likely to suffer from nightmares and other sleep disruptions, which means you're more awake and alert during the day. They have a higher ability to focus and remember things when their chakras are in harmony. Because of their agile thinking and sharp understanding, they feel innovative and resourceful. They're also more willing to try new things and have a more upbeat attitude on life as a result of this. The Power of Chakra Healing for Mind and Body has further information on this subject.

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Is it bad to open chakras?

Although it is possible to achieve enlightenment via spiritual practice, the chakras are largely inactive in everyday life, according to the yoga philosophy. Ignorance is the end effect of this, not disease. Being ignorant of one's true Self is a state of mind in which one focuses on the exterior world rather than on one's own true nature, which is thoughtless awareness. Chakras can be closed and still lead to good health, emotional balance, mental creativity, and success in a wide range of endeavors in many aspects of life. Chakra opening isn't about enhancing one's abilities in the mundane realms of human existence, rather it's about a journey to the immortal essence.

As far as traditional yoga is concerned, the chakras only play a minor role in the functioning of the body.

With the modern understanding of the chakras, the spine is now considered the central route for the sushumna nadi, or central force center, that runs through each chakra. For example, digestion, respiration, or reproduction are all controlled by chakras that are located in distinct spinal locations. Traditional yoga, on the other hand, regards the chakras as having mainly a secondary impact on physical activities.

Chakras are often confused with their physical counterparts because of a lack of awareness of the subtle body's nature and function. The subtle body, like the physical body, has a comparable shape and structure. Despite the fact that it is made up of a much finer substance than space in the physical world, it cannot be sensed by the physical senses. For the most part this is a realm that we can only access in a dream state or when we die. In order for the physical body to move, the life force must pass through the subtle body. In spite of the veil of physical conditions, the subtle body is always active within the physical body and is the source of its energy.

The subtle body does not normally function with the chakras. Awakenings and states of heightened consciousness are the only times in which they become significant. Awakening or merging with consciousness is symbolized by these symbols. As much as we may be able to link the physical and subtle bodies, it is important to remember that the spiritually expanded astral or subtle body is a very other animal altogether.


If the chakras are to be activated, they need a much higher amount of energy than the body can provide. Kundalini, or snake power, rests latent in the subtle body and serves this purpose. Not only is Kundalini not a physical force, but it is also not an energy that can be controlled by oneself. Consistent awareness or concentration is Kundalini's concentrated energy. It is not a separate energy, but rather the energy that manifests with consciousness when it is no longer thought of as separate. Kundalini can only be activated if a person has a single-mindedness of mind, because only then can one get beyond cognition.

This necessitates that life force or prana be infused into the sushumna, or core channel. When the prana is disengaged from its fixation on the external world, this results in the prana being able to flow freely. Life energy cannot be withdrawn into the central channel as long as it is associated with the physical body and its functions. As a result, samadhi is required for the kundalini to be awakened and the chakras to be opened. In the beginning, this frequently involves a trance-like state in which we lose consciousness of our actual bodies. Even in the waking state, it can be done without any physical harm, but the physical body is no longer experienced as one's actual identity at this point.

The chakras might be named after the components they govern in a more accurate and straightforward manner.

Which chakra should I open first?

This “foundational energy” is “what enables us to feel secure and grounded into our birthing experience what it is to be a human being,” she adds. After we've established a solid foundation and awakened the necessary energy inside ourselves, we're better prepared to move on to the next stage of our lives.

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Reiki expert Brian Brunius, founder of NYC Reiki Center, says the root chakra has a wide range of physical and emotional functions. –

“The energy it brings in enhances the reproductive functions, the bladder, the hips, the knees and the ankles,” he says. Having a strong sense of self-worth, a sense of safety and security in any situation, and the belief that each of us is enough are all aspects of the root chakra's emotional function.” There is no need to be unique or superior.”

How do you know if your third eye is open?

If you have an open third eye, you will most likely experience increasing pressure between your brows as a symptom. You may feel a pulsing sensation in the centre of your forehead, or you may have an overwhelming sensation of something swelling there. In the words of thirdeyeparanormalsociety.com's spiritual advisers, this is a harmless occurrence that will fade away in time. The feeling of warmth on your forehead, as if someone were touching you, is also common, according to these experts. As a result, when it happens, don't stress out.

Do chakras vibrate?

Everything vibrates at a specific frequency. An object's resonance frequency is referred to as this. Just as we have more than one chakra, certain items have several resonance frequencies.

Harmonic resonance occurs when sound or light waves, which have their own resonant frequencies, hit an item with the object's resonant frequency.

An object's amplitude of vibration may need to rise in order to achieve a harmonic resonance effect with another object.

Then they'll be in sync since they'll be tuned to the same frequency as one another.

What if the cosmos is a clock, as well as you? Harmonic resonance occurs when two people's frequencies are in sync with each other.

Each chakra is tuned to a specific vibrational frequency, sound, color, and symbol. When the chakra is in harmony and playing its most beautiful tune, it emits intrinsic vibrations that have been cleansed, balanced, and re-energized.

Chakra frequencies can be disrupted by a variety of factors, including stress, chaotic sounds, and negative thoughts and feelings.

It's possible to restore our chakra frequencies back into harmony by listening to beautiful music, chanting happy mantras, and looking at gorgeous colors and precious stones, among other things.

How do you realign your chakras?

In Malaspina's opinion, one of the best ways to bring a chakra into balance is to align your physical body.

It is possible to fine-tune the energy of each chakra through yoga practices. In order to unclog each of your seven chakras, here are some yoga poses to try.

Root chakra

The root chakra serves as a mirror of your underlying self, as it is the lowest chakra on the chakra wheel. Tree Pose and other balancing poses, such as Mountain or Warrior, can help you build a stronger connection with your body's base, according to Terrones.