How To Use Your Third Eye Chakra?

When it comes to how long it takes to open your third eye, there is no set guideline. Depending on who you ask, it could take a few of days or a week or a month or even longer. There are others who claim that it can take years or even decades of practice.

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The practice of opening your third eye should be practiced regularly, according to Covington.

Meditation, chanting, prayer, dancing, yoga, essential oil, and flower essence use can help you activate your third eye for 10 minutes a day,” she advises.

However, it's crucial to avoid rushing or attempting to force the process. Forget about time constraints and focus on having fun and doing what feels right for yourself.

How do you activate your third eye chakra?

In some traditions, opening and harmonizing the other chakras is a prerequisite accessing the third eye.

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Grounding and the capacity to manage the revelations of higher awareness are claimed to be established by this method of practice. Destabilizing effects of opening one's third eye are another possibility.

For those who want to open their third eye chakra, Covington recommends these methods:

Activate your third eye chakra

In order to activate your third eye, Covington recommends starting with an activation practice.

Begin by saying “thank you” to yourself and the pineal gland, which governs natural circadian cycles, for your innate intuitive abilities and for your connection to nature, she says.

Supplement your diet

When it comes to accessing your third eye chakra, Covington feels that diet plays an important part. According to her, the third eye can benefit from a variety of nutrients, including:

Covington states that all of these components help clean out the pineal gland. To be clear, there is no scientific proof to back up this claim.

Apply essential oils

“Essential oils are active tools for healing and accessing the pineal gland, and they facilitate levels of spiritual consciousness,” Covington explains.

  • The oils listed above, as well as a carrier oil of your choice, can be gathered together. When utilizing essential oils in aromatherapy, always dilute them with a carrier oil to reduce their potency before applying them directly to your skin. Never ingest essential oils (and never put them on your skin!).
  • Essential oils and carrier oil should be blended together. Carrier oil should be used for every six drops of essential oil.

Photosensitivity can be caused by the usage of certain essential oils, particularly citrus oils such as lemon. After using citrus essential oils on your skin, stay out of the sun.

Try sun gazing

Meditating by staring at the sun is called sun gazing, and it is most popular during sunrise and sunset. Spiritual connection, increased clarity, and increased energy are all claimed benefits of this practice.

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“The sun is a tremendous source of energy,” she continues. “To stimulate your pineal gland, spend a few minutes gazing at the sun during the initial few minutes of sunrise and the last few minutes of sunset.

If you prefer to sun gaze, be sure to follow all safety procedures. Otherwise, you could injure your vision.

Meditate and chant

“As Covington puts it, “Meditation activates the pineal gland through vibration and purpose.” “Visualize the pineal gland being decalcified, as its divine nature is illuminated and linked to the source.

By way of example “A higher power or the fundamental nature of all things is what Covington is alluding to when he says “source.”

“Covington claims that chanting stimulates the pineal gland by causing the tetrahedron bone in the nose to resonate.

To encourage gratitude and appreciation, she suggests repeating mantras.

Use crystals

Some people believe that crystals have therapeutic properties. Covington thinks they can potentially help you open your third eye, too.

“As she explains, “Crystals are powerful companions in your quest to activate your third eye.” “Purple, indigo, and violet-colored crystals and gemstones go well with this color scheme as well. The third eye is awakened, balanced, aligned, and nurtured through the use of this color scheme.

To use a crystal or gemstone while meditating, you can position it between and slightly above your eyebrows.

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How do you know your 3rd eye is open?

When your third eye is open, you'll notice an increase in the pressure between your eyebrows. A pulse or an intense sensation of something expanding in the centre of your forehead are both possible causes of this sensation. Psychics at advise you not to worry about this, as it is absolutely harmless and will fade away in due time. In addition, they believe that it may appear out of nowhere, and that a sensation of warmth on your forehead, as if someone were caressing you, is common. As a result, when it happens, don't stress out.

What is Third Eye Chakra responsible for?

Third eye chakra represents your link to knowledge and insight, allowing you to receive the inner guidance that comes from deep inside your soul. Cutting through the nonsense allows you to get to the heart of the matter and discover deeper truths. The ability to be mindful and in the present moment is one of the many benefits of having a fully developed sixth chakra.

Activate the Root Chakra:

  • Exercise, yoga, dance, or a brisk stroll might help you reconnect with your physical body.
  • Take a barefoot stroll across the grass, a nap in the shade, or just some quiet time at the base of a tree to reconnect with nature.
  • Boost your root chakra's energy with the use of aromatherapy. When it comes to remembering, the region of our brain that processes smell is just next door. You may bring back those sensations of affection and belonging by re-creating some of your favorite childhood fragrances (chocolate chip cookies, anyone?).

What color is the third eye chakra?

Schieffelin offers a meditation in which you see your heart and imagine an emerald green light glowing around it in order to open yourself up to accepting and giving love.

Throat chakra

In other words, “this chakra is all about self-expression and clear communication,” Schieffelin explains. In contrast to a healthy throat chakra, an imbalance can cause you to avoid speaking or writing about your feelings, which can lead to depression. According to Schieffelin, a blocked throat chakra can cause people to avoid telling the truth out of fear of being judged or rejected, which can lead to choking or other physical symptoms.

Place a couple throat chakra stones (such blue-lace agate or aquamarine) on your throat while you meditate if you're trying to speak effectively or need an energetic boost to take someone out on a date or email your boss about a raise. Poon recommends eating a handful of blueberries and visualizing a blue glow encircling your throat.

Third-eye chakra

Singh believes that the third eye chakra is linked to a person's ability to access their subconscious knowledge and their ability to perceive the world around them. According to Schieffelin, purple is a mysterious and fascinating color that symbolizes wisdom. “Intuition and inner vision are the focus of the third eye. It is possible to perceive the world in a new light if your third-eye chakra is in good health and open.”

The color of the chakra, Kundalini yoga, sound healing (or creating a sound bath at home), essential oil of frankincense, and other such practices can all aid in the liberation of this higher intelligence.

Crown chakra

The crown chakra, unlike the other chakras, is not located on or within the body. To connect you to yourself and the rest of the universe, Poon claims it is placed directly above your head and ‘radiates eternally upward and outward'. Even though it may be bright violet or white, Singh claims that its energy is always a reflection of spirituality and enlightenment. In your next meditation, imagine that hue permeating that place and beyond it to access its healing qualities and refresh both the mind and soul.

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How do you awaken spiritually?

Be aware of and deliberate in your beliefs. Recognize the impact you're having on not only your immediate environment, but the entire planet as a whole. Also, be sincere. How supportive are your religious convictions to your personal growth? A spiritual awakening often necessitates letting go of long-held ideas. As it turns out, the first step in reawakening is realizing that you've been dozing.

What do you experience when your third eye is open?

An implosion or an explosion is a breakdown, a breakthrough, or the realization of something previously unseen. These are some of the most common ways people describe what they felt when their third eye opened. A deeper truth will be found than previously known and lived from.

How do you know if your third eye chakra is blocked?

The Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra was the topic of discussion in our most recent Understanding Your Chakras session.

  • Intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the capacity to reason and make decisions are all used for this purpose.
  • The first cervical vertebrae in the middle of the forehead, the middle of the brow, and the middle of the forehead

Ajna chakra equilibrium, imbalance, underactivity, overactivity were all discussed during our class.

Celestial Body connects third eye chakra to aura, we also learned. Clairvoyance, intuition, and psychic powers, as well as imagination, emotional depth and commitment, are all enhanced by this layer of the auric field.

Doing yoga poses such as the supported shoulder stand and the child's pose can also help to balance the third chakra.

Notes are welcome on all that was discussed above if you were not able to make it to this class.

Keep an eye out for our next session, where we'll be focusing on the Crown chakra and its related aura!

How do you know if your chakra is blocked?

For example, constipation, arthritis, bladder or bowel problems or a feeling of insecurity about our basic needs can all be symptoms of a blocked root chakra. Our physical and emotional well-being will be solid and stable if our chakras are aligned and open to the universe.

What are the chakra symbols?

When translated to English, the word chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit. From the base of your spine to the top of your head, there are seven metaphorical energy wheels in your body. There is a direct link between the mind and the spirit.

The circle is a recurring motif in chakra symbols, so let's take a look at it first. As a universal symbol of infinity and the cyclical nature of energy, a circle is an excellent choice.

We are all connected to one other, as well as to a greater cause. The strong circle is incorporated into each chakra sign as a reminder of our spiritual connection.


Muladhara is the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine. Stability, rigidity, and underlying energy are all conveyed by the square in this symbol. It serves as a foundation for the chakra system.

It is the alchemical sign for earth, which also reminds us of Muladhara's grounded force. There are four mind-states that start in this chakra: thought, intellect, consciousness and the ego.


As the Sacral Chakra, Svadhishthana governs your ability to express yourself creatively. There is a circularity to lotus flower petals, which symbolizes the regeneration of life. The crescent moon shape formed by the tangential circles serves as a lovely visual reminder of the relationship between the phases of the moon and creative expression.

How do you meditate the third eye?

Inhale, exhale via the nose. Try to look up at the third eye, which is placed just between your eyebrows, while your eyes are still closed. To pinpoint the exact location, you can also use your fingertips. Next, take a deep breath and focus your attention on this one point.

Which chakra should I open first?

This “foundational energy” is “what enables us to feel secure and grounded into our birthing experience what it is to be a human being,” she says. After we've established a solid foundation and awakened the necessary energy inside ourselves, we're better prepared to move on to the next stage of our lives.

Reiki expert Brian Brunius, who founded NYC Reiki Center, says the root chakra has a wide range of physical and emotional functions.

Reproductive functions, bladder, hip, knee, and ankle strength are boosted by the infusion of energy, according to the doctor's testimony. Having a strong sense of self-worth, a sense of safety and security in any situation, and the belief that each of us is enough are all aspects of the root chakra's emotional function.” There is no need to be unique or superior.”