What You Think You Manifest

You manifest what you think about, according to this essential law of attraction concept.

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So, if you spend the most of your day pondering what you don't want, guess what? You'll be able to attract more of that.

To disrupt this cycle, all you have to do is be mindful of your thoughts at all times.

Simply be aware of every single thought you're having and, if it's not in alignment with your goals, alter it.

The truth is that you're always manifesting something. However, whether you want it or not is largely determined by your own mental process.

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I'm starting to feel like I've acquired weight as a result of my lazy lockdown lifestyle. I find myself staring at my stomach and thinking, “I'm chubby.”

As soon as I have this thinking, I recognize it's not a healthy one to have because I don't want to perpetuate my overweight and obese condition. As a result, I merely notice the situation and let the notion pass.

I repeat the process each time I have the same thinking. I see that that isn't what I want to happen in my life, and I let it go.

Manifestation is a skill that you may improve by completing certain things correctly.

To get it right, it demands a high level of awareness and practice, just like everything else.

What's fascinating about this concept is that you have the ability to manifest your desires through your thoughts. So make an informed decision.

The Universe has no way of knowing the difference between a notion you want to manifest and one you don't.

All it knows is that you're thinking something with a particular amount of energy attached to it. The law of attraction simply operates when energy transforms into physical manifestation.

You're asking the Universe to give you something you don't want in yet another method.

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Simply concentrate on yourself. Never compare yourself or your life to anyone else's. Everyone is on their own, individual path.

When you compare yourself to others, it makes you feel horrible about yourself and makes you feel like a victim.

This is the worst thing you can do on your path to manifestation. It also reduces your vibration.

You would never think a bad thought in your entire life if you only realized the power of your thoughts!

Instead, concentrate on being grateful. Concentrate on your own spiritual development and what you wish to manifest in your life.

There are so many wonderful topics on which to concentrate your mind! Be highly aware of your thoughts and choose them carefully.

I hope you found this manifestation advice useful. I'll talk about how scrolling on social media is terrible for your manifestation process in next week's Manifestation Monday piece.

What are examples of things to manifest?

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What is the 3 6 9 manifestation method?

Writing down what you want to materialize three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times in the evening is part of the 369 method.

This method gained traction on TikTok (of course), with videos using the hashtag “369method” accumulating over 165 million views. It's not difficult to discover people on the app who claim the approach has helped them manifest new relationships, significant sums of money, and other things.

Nikola Tesla, a renowned inventor, was the first to believe that the numbers three, six, and nine were potent numbers for manifesting in the twentieth century. “He believed these sacred numbers were the key to opening the universe,” spiritual adviser Diana Zalucky tells mbg.

Aside from the numbers, the 369 practice follows the law of attraction, which holds that we attract what we focus on.

Shauna Cummins, a hypnotist and author of Wishcraft, adds that focusing on what you want, especially on a regular basis, may help your brain “discover what it's looking for, and thus more likely to magnetize your desires into action.”

How do I start manifesting?

To be more precise, you receive what you think about most. Any favorable or negative thinking. My colleague used to start every prayer by asking for the “highest and best,” as if you could ask for the “lowest and worse” by accident. That used to make me laugh. It is undoubtedly a stage of the manifestation process to be able to articulate your objectives precisely—but it is also critical to recognize that things do not grow any worse than they are; you may simply not be perceiving them as they are.

Energy flow determines your ability to produce the life you desire—how readily you receive and how quickly you let go of what doesn't serve you. Allowing conscious ebb and flow of energy in relation to the things you want is a talent that takes time to develop; for example, you'd think that letting go of a job that doesn't pay well, makes you sad, and doesn't make you feel good about yourself for doing it would be simple.

There is a grieving process that must be followed. We are often attached to things because of our beliefs and philosophies, rather than the object of our attachment—for example, being a lawyer because you believe it is prestigious. Consciously embracing flow in your life also necessitates that you have all of your receivers cranked up to eleven; that you are ready, willing, and able to accept and manage the things you claim to desire.

We maintain a constant state of preparedness as human beings, which means we always work with what we have while waiting for what we want…ultimately with grace and thankfulness. Here are some pointers to get you started.

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Start where you are.

As I previously stated, things may appear to worse before improving; nevertheless, you simply did not see how awful things were. Self-honesty is the first step toward achieving your goals.

For instance, if you want money, work hard with the money you already have. Are your objectives in line with your resources? Do you stick to your budget? Do you treat your money with respect? Do you desire money because you believe you are lacking in other areas? Taking stock of your motive for the object of your inquiry can go a long way toward assisting you in obtaining it.

You can't get what you want, if you don't know what you want.

After you've investigated your motive, you may begin to comprehend why you're in this situation and devise a plan to fix it. This stage will require some creativity, as well as thinking outside the box about what you desire.

Write down your top five desires first. Then come up with five persons you know or don't know who own these items. Choose the next logical level of acquisition for yourself if you have a financial goal, and focus on persons you know or people in the public view who have the amount you want to generate for yourself. Then, do your homework—learn everything you can about these people's behaviors.

Leave it to the Universe to figure out how to acquire it. Keep in mind that in its logical evolution, anything is possible.

Manage what you have and you'll get more.

When you concentrate on how to achieve something, you become process-oriented, which is useful if you want to teach someone else or explain how you did it. If that isn't your objective, concentrate on making the best of what you have.

If you want more love in your life, concentrate on receiving it well and giving it to others. If you want to save money, pay your bills on time, put money in your savings account, and only buy goods you genuinely desire (or, better yet, need)…no frivolous spending. It's the Universe's natural alignment to amplify what you're already doing for yourself.

The Universe responds to actions first, then thoughts.

The manifestation train comes to a halt in the physical world. It's where concepts come to life, are torn down, or are reborn. Because the physical world moves at a slower pace than the other creative levels, an idea must be in sync with other aspects of your life in order to manifest.

If all you think about is desiring love in your life, feeling lonely, and isolating yourself from others and judging them, the Universe interprets this as “I'd rather be alone, thank you.” Which, in turn, attracts selfish, judgmental, or wary people who you don't trust or want to be around in your life.

Your thoughts create your actions.

This is where your thoughts start to matter; they guide you through every move you take.

It goes like this: images and patterns in your soul lead to your mind. The more you become conscious of your ideas, the more profoundly you will be engaged in your emotional expression of your thinking patterns, which will lead to your choices, and finally manifestation.

We have the ability to nourish, change, or erase what is already there at every level in between. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we do it every minute of every day. As a result, as you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings (but not allowing them to drive your decisions), you will see clear benefits.

Having said that, when it comes to figuring out what you want, achieving it, and living with it, patience and self-acceptance are your best friends. When you embrace each level of manifestation, it becomes a lovely experience.

Develop greater awareness.

Developing increased awareness is one approach to produce a better version of yourself. Gain a better understanding of how you and people around you are experiencing. When you feel tension in your body or in a scenario, for example, it's a warning that something isn't quite right. Don't dismiss the signal; pay attention to it. The more conscious you are of your own experience as it unfolds, the easier it will be for you to detect small changes in your mental or physical state and respond properly.

Live with integrity.

Living with integrity is another approach to develop a better version of yourself. Determine whether your current manner of thinking, speaking, and doing supports what's most important to you, your purpose and values. Living in harmony is living in accordance with your principles and led by your internal moral compass. You are a person of honor.

Own your truth.

Owning your truth is the next stage in manifesting a better version of yourself. Don't run away from your past mistakes or overidentify with the person you used to be. Your past has undoubtedly shaped you, but it does not define who you are until you allow it to. What defines you is how you live today, based on what you've learned and gained from your past experiences.

Say ‘Yes' to life.

Last but not least, say “Yes” to life. Increase your opportunities by consenting to participate in more activities in life. When you say “Yes,” possibilities open up, and when you say “No,” they close. So, dare to be daring and bold. Allowing fear of rejection or the security of old routines to keep you from fully engaging in the world is a mistake. Become more open to yourself, others, and the world.

You begin to manifest a better version of yourself when you begin to acquire more awareness, live with integrity according to your principles, own your truth, and say “Yes” to life. Every day, try one of these habits and notice how your life changes.

Can you manifest a person?

Aside from a million bucks and maybe a private yacht, the number one item individuals want to manifest is no surprise: true love. However, it is debatable whether manifestation can help you attract a special someone into your life. While some may dismiss Concha's suggestion as new-age rubbish, she claims it worked for her and can work for you as well.

“You have the ability to manifest love!” “I did, and here we are, ten years later,” Concha says. “If you're in a relationship, you can also manifest to reinforce the love you already have.” The more time you devote to something or someone, the more intense it develops and the greater your desire becomes.”

You might want to reconsider casting a magical charm on your office crush or that lovely stranger on the train. While Concha claims that manifestation can help you attract a certain person into your life, she also claims that you can't make them fall sincerely, madly, profoundly in love with you.

“The law of attraction seeks for those who share your energy and invites them into your life.” You can target a specific individual and have them appear in your life in some way, but you cannot create someone who will love you back. Only you have the ability to manifest for yourself.”

You feel like you've already met them

One of the most telling signals that someone is manifesting you is that you already know who they are.

It's possible that someone is manifesting you if you've been feeling different inside and aren't sure why.

The universe is implanting its goals and energy into you, making you feel as though you've already met them. A comparable sensation will be felt by the individual who is manifesting.

It is possible to tell when someone is manifesting you, as love coach Nicole Moore reveals in this video.

“The first sign that someone is manifesting you is when you get this strong intuitive feeling that you're going to meet this person out of nowhere…

“This assurance pours over you, and your anxieties of -will I meet them- or not go completely.”

They're on your mind for no apparent reason

Sometimes a song or a casual remark can remind you of someone, and it will come into your thoughts.

However, one of the most telling symptoms that someone is manifesting you is when it occurs frequently and within a short period of time.

This is especially true if you haven't seen this individual in a long time or had any reason to contact them. Suddenly, they're constantly on your mind.

When someone you've never met manifests you, you'll usually have a hazy impression of them, their work, or their location.

For example, you may feel strongly drawn to migrate to a dry, desert-like place and live the cowboy lifestyle, only to discover later that you were manifested by a rancher in Arizona.

Alternatively, you may feel compelled to start long-distance running and then enter a race where you meet the young lady of your dreams who has been manifesting for months.

What does 1111 mean in manifestation?

11 is the number of manifestation in Angel Numbers, according to Doreen Virtue, therefore if you see 11:11, pay attention to your ideas since you're in high manifestation mode. Today is November 11, or 11/11, the Gateway period of the year, when a portal opens to the divine and our manifestation powers kick into high gear, according to certain mystics. So, on this day of all days, think solely about what you desire and stop worrying!

Is manifest a sin?

If you're trying to materialize something great, like a new home, a romance, or a new job, manifesting isn't a sin.

If you strive to generate something negative that will harm someone else, however, you are committing a sin.

Even if you aren't religious, you should never strive to generate something negative since it will “bite” you in the end.

You will always get back what you put into the world, so if you want to be a better person and have more positive things in your life, don't try to create anything negative.