How To Practice Kundalini Yoga Daily

The greater the number, the better. It is recommended that you practice Kundalini for at least a few minutes each day. For the fastest development and to maintain good shifts in your consciousness, we recommend attending sessions 3-4 times per week if at all possible. Even once a week of practice will make a difference in your life.

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Can you do too much Kundalini Yoga?

Too much Kundalini activation, too soon, might be dangerous. When Kundalini energy is diverted into the ida and pingala pathways, which border the spinal cord, problems might emerge. This is also referred to as a “spiritual emergency.” In addition to emotions of ecstasy and happiness, the yogi may suffer a variety of unpleasant indications, such as burning or even searing sensations, severe spasms, vibrating, and jerking.

Why is Kundalini 40 days?

In Kundalini yoga, it is stated that practicing a specific kriya for 40 days straight will break any negative habits that prevent you from experiencing the full benefits of the kriya. I only wanted a number, and 40 seemed like a reasonable choice.

I'd started and abandoned numerous 40-day Sadhanas (“Sadhana” implies daily spiritual practice) in the past. Because I have an obsessive mentality and believe that'more is more,' all of the prior Sadhanas I developed for myself were jam-packed with activities that would take a couple of hours to finish each day. “But I have the time!” I reminded myself whenever the thought occurred to me that I could just commit to less. Because I can, I should do more.” And every time, I didn't just do a little more or a little less; I didn't do anything at all. So it was evident that my method of finishing a 40-day Sadhana wasn't the best for me.

This time, on the other hand, I let myself to let go of my efforts and enjoy this 40-day journey of discovery. I'd want to share with you the four criteria I utilized to get it done.

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Your body as the teacher

Following the times and order of the exercises (rather than skipping or switching them up) allows your body to become your teacher, allowing you to learn by experience and study your mind and its habitual reactions. The exercises are performed in a certain order because each one has a different effect on your body and how energy flows. So, in order to receive the benefits of these activities, you must respect this and allow your body to evolve. It's helpful to remember that there's a lot going on on a subtle level that our rational minds can't fathom, but that may be felt via serious practice.


Of course, you'll face opposition along the road; that's to be expected! Rather than responding to the opposition, make a conscious decision to examine and listen to what it is telling you. Sometimes the resistance is a conditioned response, but other times it is a deeper communication telling you to halt or change. That's fine, too! It's not always easy to distinguish between what's real and what's not, but this is where a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana), a discipline, can help you with your investigation and come to know your unconscious habits. You learn that you are far more than you think or believe you are.

They aren't merely haphazard. Hopefully, this explanation has sparked your interest and motivated you to take action:

Practice Timing

3 minutes: Has an effect on your circulation, blood chemistry, and blood stability. Enhanced neuroendocrine secretions are distributed throughout the body as a result of increased blood circulation.

7 minutes: Brain patterns begin to move from beta waves, which are static, to alpha waves, which are calmer, and finally to deep calming delta waves. At the same time, the magnetic force that surrounds the body strengthens.

The pituitary gland, glandular system, and nerves begin to learn and alter after 11 minutes. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve systems adjust to the newfound vitality.

22 minutes: Anxiety-inducing subconscious thoughts begin to fade. Your mental integration evolves when your three thoughts (negative, positive, and neutral) begin to function together. The number 22 represents a limitless amount of longing and confers mental mastery.

31 minutes: Has an effect on your entire mind and aura. Endocrinological balance is achieved, as is the ethereal body's chakra balance. This equilibrium is maintained throughout the day, as evidenced by variations in mood and behavior.

Amount of Days

11 days: In the material world, 11 is the number of Infinity and the conqueror of the physical domain. As a result, it's the initial step toward breaking free from mental entanglement.

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40 days: If practiced for 40 days in a row, it can help you break negative habits that prevent you from experiencing the full potential of the Kriya or mantra.

90 days: If you practice the Kriya or mantra for 90 days in a row, your conscious and subconscious minds will form a new habit. It will profoundly alter your life.

120 days: If you commit to practicing the Kriya or mantra for 120 days without missing a day, the new habit of consciousness will be confirmed. The good effects of the Kriya become firmly ingrained in your mind.

1000 days: This will enable you to master the new habit of consciousness promised by the Kriya or mantra. Whatever the situation, you can rely on this new habit to help you.

On our Free video page and Video page, you are welcome to undertake Kundalini Yoga practices. Last but not least, if you're wondering about the influence an 11-day or 40-day commitment to the practice can have on your life, visit our Sadhana page, where we provide numerous options for doing so under our direction.

Please keep in mind that with tough exercises, you may want to cut the time in half to begin with in order to acquire strength. When you reduce the time for one exercise, you should also reduce the time for the others. For example, if an exercise takes 3 minutes to complete and you practice it for 1 minute, you can cut all other exercises in half. Of course, you are free to take a break as long as you return to the task and do not give up. If you want to complete a 40, 90, or 120 day Sadhana with a Kriya or meditation, you should begin counting on the day you are able to perform all of the exercises in the time allotted.

How do I activate kundalini?

On how to activate kundalini, there are many different perspectives and suggestions. Kundalini can be awoken in a number of different ways. For some, it may take many years of serious effort, while for others, it may occur spontaneously. The process is highly personal and frequently unpredictable.

Kundalini awakening is accomplished through a variety of ancient Hindu practices. In India, yogis would traditionally cleanse and prepare for several years in order to safely experience a kundalini awakening.

Although it is stated that you have no influence over when and whether your kundalini energy wakes, there are some techniques that can aid in your awakening and support you on your path:

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Is kundalini awakening permanent?

Kundalini awakening can be long-term or short-term. Kundalini awakening is permanent if it is triggered in the right way.

It is caused by an intentional effort to lead oneself into enlightenment, which is what temporary Kundalini awakening is. It is not created by swallowing any medicines or a sudden by-product of practising yoga.

Permanent Kundalini looks to be an endless electric current, and everyone who has experienced it knows it will never stop.

These people's lives are considered to have been irreversibly altered. This is comparable to electricity flowing 24 hours a day.

The majority of people describe it as “a constant companion,” rather than a rush, a transitory mood, or a long-lasting recollection.

What are the stages of kundalini awakening?

An old style of life will no longer work during a Kundalini Awakening. Personal crises, changes of attitude, tastes, likes, and dislikes can all occur in people.

This had already happened to me in the United States. For me, the life I was living there was insufficient. My feet were itchy, and my relationship began to come apart as I yearned for a new life. It wasn't enough that I lived in a beautiful little town with foxes, chipmunks, Aspen trees, and snow-capped mountains. I flew home on my own in the end. Life as I had left it didn't fit when I returned home. Things that used to make me happy were no longer making me happy. My gaze was drawn to a new horizon.

I became really ill, waking up one night with a fever and severe chills that rendered me unable to move or walk. I was transported to the hospital because I couldn't stand up on my own. With excruciating body aches (especially in my hips), fever, and physical weakness, I stayed there for two nights. I was eventually well enough to leave the hospital without a diagnosis after IV antibiotics, X-rays, and observation. I have no idea what was wrong with me to this day, but I believe it was one of the Kundalini Awakening Stages.

Can kundalini awaken naturally?

To be honest, there isn't a single answer to this question. After years of establishing a spiritual practice, practising Kundalini yoga, meditating, and so on, some people experience a Kundalini awakening. But it can also happen on its own, without any prior training.

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“The Kundalini rising is an automatic process that happens—and it can happen under any form of spiritual discipline, any style of yoga,” says Krishna Kaur, a Kundalini yoga teacher.

You may eventually become so neutral and balanced “that you know you've reached a place of total awakened-ness” through the practice of enriching your spirituality and inner world, Kaur notes, adding that she does not teach people to raise their Kundalini energy with an awakening as the goal—and does not believe people should attempt it.

What happens if kundalini is awakened?

People are sometimes unprepared, or the process begins spontaneously without their knowledge. People who endure inner instability, total breakdown, or spiritual distress, resulting in a catastrophic life crisis, are examples of this. Disgraceful fitness and lifestyle behaviors, such as hard workouts, drug usage, abusive or traumatic situations, and so on, cause Kundalini energy to spontaneously emerge.

The immense strength of Kundalini Shakti energy, once awakened, radically transforms a person's life. He or she can go through a lot of social and emotional changes. Some people may even have a terrible prior experience or have personality swings on a regular basis. They would be able to transcend this inner trauma if properly directed by certain well-experienced masters and gurus, but if not, the outcome would be beyond terrible devastation in an otherwise easy-going life.