Who Is Persephone’s Soulmate

You'll have a talk with one of the followers after poisoning each vase with wine. Your responses should be “Hermes is Persephone's soulmate,” “I believe it's merely a rumor,” and “Persephone should grow to the west” to please them all. They will not realize that you have poisoned the wine if you get at least one accurate answer, and you will be able to make a toast.

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Who is Persephone soulmate?

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You will not be caught if you give proper responses to everyone who speaks to you after spiking the wine. Someone asks if you think Persephone's palace should be expanded to the west or east. You should respond to West. Another person will inquire as to who you believe Persephone's soulmate is. Adonis or Hermes. Hermes is the correct answer. Finally, a woman will inquire about Hekate's alleged plot against Persephone. The best response is that Hekate and Persephone are buddies. Once all of the wine vats have been poisoned, you'll return to the first person you smoked with, who, if you answered correctly, will commend you on your conversation skills. After that, he'll propose a toast. He'll put down his glass and walk away if you find the double agent and warn him. After that, you have two choices: drink or don't drink the wine! If you chose Drink Up, people will begin to die right away. After that, you'll say something like Hekate informing you it was slow acting. The screaming will alert the guards, who will confront you. Fight or Run: Once all of the guards have been defeated or you have escaped, the task will be completed.

Who is right Persephone or hekate?

The Fate of Atlantis is the second DLC story arc in Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and it takes place in the magnificent fields of Elysium, an eternal paradise for glorious heroes.

The Eagle Bearer is tasked with not only learning to handle the power of the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus, but also with making it out of Elysium in one piece.

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We'll try to make tale elements as vague as possible, but there are spoilers scattered throughout this page.

If you're seeking for walkthroughs for Episode 2 – Torment of Hades, we've got you covered.

This page also implies you've completed all of the DLC's optional quests, such as “Give 'em Hades” and “Free Their Minds, the Rest Will Follow.”

Along the journey to the end, you'll be required to make a lot of decisions, just like in the main game. Here's what we came up with to come as near to a “good” finish as possible. If you've already completed the DLC and are here to see if it truly does end that way, the answer is yes, yes it does. What a suspenseful conclusion…

Dark Horse quest

“Dark Horse” is the first quest in which you must select a choice. You must decide whether the old man can retain the horse, whether you should sell it to Persephone, or whether you should give it to Adonis.

We decided to give it to Adonis, and then you can go intimidate the stable guy to keep Persephone from finding out. In any case, it doesn't appear to have much of an effect.

Good News quest

Later on, you'll be tasked with enlisting the help of the Silver Tongue recruiter for Adonis' cause. You'll be given the option of what you want her to preach after you've saved her son.

“Adonis will lead the mankind to freedom,” we decided. This will be used against you at the story's climax, but it can be overcome, and it's better to “Hekate is a human ally.”

The Keeper and Kyros quest

Say “that's brilliant” after rescuing Kyros, but make him immediately accompany you to Hermes and Persephone. Hermes will be irritated if you allow him to dally.

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The Keeper, a Killer quest

Say “You're not a murderer, Hermes” during the initial chat, but finally agree to execute the captains. When you do, make sure you're wearing an Isu helmet. When you chat to Hermes in the conclusion, say, “That did feel good.” Any attempt to persuade him otherwise will result in the termination of your friendship.

Persephone's Little Birds quest

There are spies among the rebels, and it is up to the Eagle Bearer to figure out who needs to be removed. You'll have the option of going after either the Blacksmith or the Messenger.

The Messenger is a greater threat to the resistance in the short term, and on the route to gaining the excellent ending to this chapter of the DLC. Killing the Blacksmith, on the other hand, will reveal some intriguing details about the Goddess Aphrodite.

Have another Drink quest

This quest has a significant impact on the final outcome. When you get Lethe's water and come face to face with the contact, refuse to give it to her and destroy it. Persephone will discover that her sweetheart is still alive, and she will learn of Hekate's betrayal.

Popular quest

We completed this quest totally siding with Hekate and the Rebels, but it didn't appear to have a significant impact on the ending. After you've slain the wolf, go downstairs and warm up the man about the poison, then sabotage all three wine containers. To their questions, we responded with “only a rumor,” “to the west,” and “Hermes,” followed by “Cheers!”

Life for a Life quest

This is an odd one because you may only choose between Phoibe or Brasidas, not the Natakas from the previous DLC. However, a callback to the game's introductory cutscene compensates for this. Because you can either murder Leonidas or speak to him, this doesn't appear to have a significant impact on the conclusion. He'll send you after the Kyros guy you spared earlier if you don't kill him. Bring him alive to Persephone, and the quest will end on a more neutral note.

No Good Deed quest

It's crunch time, and this is where your ending will be decided. Persephone will send you to spy on Hekate and Hermes at a complex to the north when you meet her at Hekate's residence. Select “wait,” then “wait again,” and finally “leave.” Hekate will gain the upper hand if you wait three times or interrupt her at all.

After you've gone, rush to Persephone's house and lie every time by selecting the option with the scales next to it during the subsequent chat. “Hekate broke into your sanctuary, and Persephone will know she's the only one with the key,” you remark, before adding, “Hekate is the traitor, not me.” Persephone will be split between the two of you since she knows you damaged the water.

Whether you choose “Hekate wants to turn you against me” or “Hekate wants your throne,” it doesn't appear to make a difference. If everything goes according to plan, Persephone will blame Hekate for her misfortunes and be forced to disclose the truth. This prepares you for the desired conclusion.

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The Rebellion's Uprising quest

Choose “To Battle!” when you meet Adonis. You'll win the war if you kill the leaders first, then the Kolossi. With or without Leonidas, this is conceivable.

Choose “I need your help” in the next cutscene with Hermes, and if you're still friends with him, you'll avoid a boss fight with him and keep your friendship.

In any case, Persephone tosses Hermes down the Acropolis, and it doesn't appear that you'll be able to stop her.

This leads into the last cutscene, which takes place in both Elysium and the present day – there is no option to battle the beast in the cutscene; that will happen in part 2.

If you're having trouble finding all of the Keeper's Insights in Elysium, we've put up a comprehensive guide.

Should I poison the followers of Persephone?

Kassandra: So, what are your plans for Persephone's devotees? Hekate: Poison in their drink should be enough to deter them. It shouldn't be too tough to break into the symposium, but once you're there, attempt to fit in with the other Persephone-obsessed folks.

Should I help Persephone or Adonis?

You might believe that Dark Horse is an oxymoron for anything else. We're sorry to tell you this, but it's not true. Instead, you must determine what to do with your Dark Horse as the player. You have the option of giving it to the quest's elder adult, Adonis, or Persephone. We gave it to Adonis despite the fact that it doesn't make much of a difference. It shouldn't be a problem if you decide to give it to someone else.

Who is the spy in Persephone's little birds?

Kassandra looked into Kypris, a courier, and Theos, a blacksmith, in order to find the traitor among Adonis' rebels. It became out that both of them were Persephone's spies.

Who is the spy AC Odyssey?

Despite his threat, the Blacksmith does not appear to be the spy. You've been assigned to assassinate the Blacksmith. You'll discover that the Blacksmith collaborated with Aphrodite. One of Adonis' encampment gets wiped out by the Messenger in an ambush. You let Adonis know about Aphrodite's infidelity.

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The Messenger appears to be the spy based on the facts. If you opt to kill the Messenger, you will appear as he ambushes a group of friendly soldiers. After you've killed the Messenger, return to Adonis, who is worried about the blacksmith reporting back. You save the camp from the messenger's assassination.

We'll update it if this decision has any more consequences later in the story.

Should I give the girl Lethes water?

If you opt to give her the water, she will lose track of her loved one and pass out. You must then take her to the Glorious Dead Village.

There was an aim to release Theron in a prior mission. You can destroy the water and find that Theron is her loved one if you liberate Theron. If that assignment hasn't shown yet, accomplish the other mission objectives first. You will enrage Hekate, but you will gain favor with Persephone later in the story.

Does Persephone return brasidas?

Kassandra either sacrificed Kyros of Zarax to Persephone in Leonidas' place or gave him a second death. Killing him resulted in him being transported to Tartaros, with Persephone resurrecting either Myrrine, Deimos, Phoibe, or Brasidas, depending on the choice.

Who poisoned the wine AC?

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Most players believe the Vault is one of these four characters when the mission begins: Ricsige, Faravid, Audun, or Hjorr. All of Jorvik's council members who are present in the courtyard must be spoken to by the players. The major characters are Audun, Faravid, Hjorr, and Ricsige. Go back to Ljufvina, who is on Ricsige's left, and chat with her again.

Throughout the adventure, you uncovered a stash of silver beneath the settlement. You discovered a concealed message from Hjorr on a silversmith's work station later in your research. Faravid refuses to sip the poison wine when you question the suspects at the feast. Meanwhile, Audun clams up like a chowder, stating that the wine is for the people of Jorvik and that he will not drink it. When you were exploring the lost Christian writings, you first met Audun and the Abess who later became known as The Firebrand at the town archives. Audun went so far as to say that he was helping her with the “protection” of the books.

As you searched the archives, you discovered a shopping list for the feast on Audun's desk, with Eivor inquiring aloud where he got the silver to pay for the items. Audun has been linked to the stolen silver as well as being the driving force behind the poisoned feast from the start.

Whichever option you choose, it won't make a difference. Whatever you choose, good or wrong, a chain of events will unfold, culminating in a full-fledged brawl. Audun is Vault in the task Closing the Vault. He will propose a grand toast to the lords and ladies of Jorvik. After drinking the wine, Audun will poison the food, and everyone will collapse on the floor. After that, Audun will begin to reveal his true identity.

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