Where Can I Buy Spiritual Crystals

Whether you're collecting crystals with specific purposes in mind or simply responding to ones that call to you individually, they can do a lot for a room. People have been drawn to crystals and stones for generations because of their potential to influence our energy, bring clarity and protection, and even cure and cleanse us. If you don't know where to start or don't have a preferred supplier yet, it might be intimidating to begin the process of collecting crystals. Since so much of our purchasing has moved online this year, why not buy crystals as well?

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You can have just as much pleasure shopping for crystals online as you do in person; you can still use your intuition to direct you to the perfect new crystal for you by skimming through the inventory of well-stocked shops and reading their meanings.

Having a few trustworthy online stores will help you learn your taste and see what crystals are available.

Here are nine stores that provide high-quality crystals and can ship them to you directly.

Is it OK to buy crystals online?

Buying crystals online is relatively safe, and you shouldn't be concerned about buying a fake. Some retailers, but not all, sell phony, man-made crystals. It's usually a good idea to know what you're searching for and to know a little bit about crystals before buying them online.

Where can I find crystals myself?

A uncommon type of stone known as the pigeon-blood ruby can be discovered here, according to the Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine. They're more valuable than your typical stone—a particularly enormous one went for $33 million at auction in 2015—but some argue that this distinction should only be reserved for special Burmese rubies.

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Many additional crystals, including sapphires, moonstone, quartz, smoky quartz, and more, can be found here, in addition to normal rubies. Buckets of soil are used for “digging” (as opposed to a search into the actual earth). Cherokee, unlike several crystal mines, does not “salt” these treasure troves, which means they do not include outside stones to sweeten the sale for customers. From November to May, the mine is closed. The cost per participant is $25.

Can you buy your own crystals?

You can begin purchasing crystals when you've had an honest dialogue with yourself. One alternative is to go to a gem mine and select your stones out by hand, but a more practical approach is to start at your local metaphysical store. There, you should inquire as to where the business owner gets her or his stones.

How can you tell if Crystal is real?

Feel the weight of the object in your hand. Due to the added elements in real crystal, it will feel more solid and hefty in your palm. Simple glass is less cumbersome. When you lift a genuine crystal piece, it will feel noticeably heavier than you might expect.

Can you find gemstones in your backyard?

While you can find some gemstone varieties in your garden or on a walk around the block, you can also find them in a variety of other places.

These are the more popular methods of locating gemstones because they are much easier than stumbling across them in the yard.

The first step in deciding on a gemstone-hunting approach is to figure out what kind of gemstone you're looking for.

You can't expect to locate a diamond in the river by walking down to it. You might be able to uncover a geode, but these types of hunts will necessitate extensive investigation before to going out.

Fee Mining

Because you can dig in the mine and retain everything you find, this is a popular option. Of course, you'd have to pay for it.

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Fee mines like this can be found in practically every state in the country, although the most popular regions for fee mining are on the West Coast, where natural gemstones abound.

Fee mining is also a terrific method to learn how to locate gemstones on your own if you're a beginner because there's usually a guide or other gemology specialist on staff to explain you the ropes and what to look for.

Opencast Mining

This is also referred to as open-pit mining. Because it is a surface mining approach that does not require you to travel underground to search, opencast mining is the most popular kind of mining.

This is frequently done in locations that are no longer in use. Abandoned rock quarries are a frequent venue for this method of gemstone extraction.

Oceanside Mining

Although this isn't a frequent place to visit, rare gemstones can be found in the ocean, just as in any other body of water. The Jade Cove Trail in Big Sur, California, is famed for its underwater gemstones.

There are rigorous rules in these places to prevent environmental damage, but if you see a diamond, you are permitted to take it with you.

Mountain Prospecting

Gemstones are known to be found in various mountains, and these gemstones can often be found in mountain creeks and streams, where they can be prospected.

This method will necessitate some research to determine the best locations for the stones or crystals you are looking for.