When Your Soulmate Betrays You

If your spouse has betrayed you, the first thing you should do is determine whether or not they are indeed your soulmate. The truth is that soulmates have an extra special bond that makes cheating even more difficult.

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While cheating by soulmates isn't impossible, it's also not likely. The first stage is to determine whether or not this individual is truly your soulmate. This could help you see your relationship in a new light and realize that your soulmate is still out there waiting for you, and it's time to move on from this one.

You no longer have fun together

Almost everyone gets butterflies in their stomach when they start a new relationship.

This period will never end if this person is your genuine soulmate. That's how it feels to be in the company of your soulmate.

If you no longer feel this way about your spouse and that connection has faded, it's safe to assume they aren't your soulmate.

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While this may have been the case in the beginning, it is no longer the case.

There's no sexual chemistry

Let's face it, this isn't one of the major factors that contribute to cheating in the first place.

It's natural for relationships to get stuck in ruts. But, even if you weren't cheating, if your sex life is practically non-existent these days, you're probably no longer compatible.

That original sexual spark you shared has all but vanished, implying that it was never the real deal in the first place.

Your emotionally drained

While relationships – especially soulmate ones – can be challenging, it's not supposed to be if you're emotionally depleted while you're with your spouse.

If your spouse instead drains your energy, it's reasonable to conclude they're not, and never have been, your soulmate.

The communication isn't there

If your relationship appears to be hitting a snag, with your partner unable to get you half of the time, alarm bells should be sounding for you. This isn't a match made in heaven.

Your soulmate should be able to communicate with you in a variety of ways. These signals should do for everything from a glance across the room to a touch of the knee at a party.

Can a soulmate hurt you?

Many people misunderstand the term “soulmate,” thinking it simply means “the person you love” or “the person you're marrying.”

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But the truth is that finding or meeting your soulmate is a completely different emotion and experience than simply being with someone you love, as those of you who have found or met your soulmate will attest.

Not only have you gone head over heals in love with your soulmate, but you also have this connection that you sense on an intellectual, spiritual, or emotional level. Many people find it challenging to put into words how they feel. Your soulmate, on the other hand, has your full heart and the relationship is far more intense than a normal one. This person is not just your other half, but they're also the only person who truly understands you, the one person who makes you feel at ease and as if you've known them for many lifetimes (which your soul has). You can't picture life without this person, but the saddest part is when you and your soulmate are simply not meant to be together in this life. Not yet, at least. Perhaps you will be in the future life. However, you've tried everything and the relationship is now toxic.

The heartache of saying goodbye to a soulmate is almost intolerable. It's like an ordinary breakup, but a hundred times more dramatic and emotionally destructive — as if a piece of yourself dies when that person leaves your life.

After you and your soulmate discover you're not destined to be together in this incarnation, life goes on like this:

You find love again, but it'll never feel the same.

Yes, you will fall in love again, possibly marry, and go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. Even so, there will always be a sense that something is missing. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you occasionally feel a void that isn't being filled, regardless of how happy your life or new relationship is. It's a part of you that you can't get to. It's as though no matter how long it's been since you and your soulmate broke up, it never goes away. Love never feels the same the second time around. You know it deep down in your heart, whether you confess it or not.

No matter how many years go by, you still think about the memories.

It will always be tough to let go of the memories. You'll tend to replay those memories in your thoughts a lot, especially if you're going through a difficult period in your life. Your thoughts will always stray back to that spot, back to that time you were together, and back to that life you once enjoyed that no longer exists in the present, no matter how many years pass. You'll have odd flashbacks, which will sometimes appear out of nowhere. But, whether it's pleasant or horrible memories, you'll always remember them. It's the only thing you have left of them.

You become an entirely different person.

When you and your soulmate part ways, a piece of you dies. You never feel the same way twice. You change a lot about yourself, notably the way you deal with heartfelt topics like dating and love. It's as if the loss's sorrow corrupted you from the inside out, altering your life as you knew it.

“They will love the better you, but I still possess the ghost of you,” Sam Smith sings in his song “Palace.” You simply adopt a completely different persona, a mere ghost of yourself, and live a completely different life. However, most people prefer this version of you since you've learned and grown so much since then, and you can see things more clearly today. Even if you've gone through a lot of agony to get here, you might miss some aspects of your old self now and then.

You might question all the “bad” that happened.

The issue is, if you're not with your soulmate despite trying everything you can to make it work, it's probably because things have gotten poisonous or unhealthy. The intensity of being with a soulmate can frequently lead to numerous disputes and arguments, which can quickly devolve into something unpleasant and destructive. However, as time passes and you gain more distance from all of this, you begin to notice all of it “wrong” in a new light. You begin to wonder if some of that is true “if the “bad” were all your fault, or if you might have managed things differently. You could wonder how horrible things were in the first place, or if you simply overreacted at the time.

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They still appear in your dreams.

Years and years may pass, but your soulmate will continue to appear in your dreams. It's how your subconscious mind and spirit cope with the fact that your soulmate is no longer at your side in this world. You may be completely fine with this fact in regular life, yet the agony still persists unconsciously.

You will settle into your new life, but your soul will always carry this person with you.

You'll move on, you'll have fun, you'll go on adventures, and you'll live. But, in some way, they will always be a part of you. Their presence, their memories – you'll carry them all with you in your heart and spirit. You and your soulmate will reunite in another life when everything is meant to be, and it will be magical. But in the meantime, live life to the fullest. Love with all of your heart. Take a trip around the globe. Make an effort to succeed. And strive to be the best version of yourself.

How does it feel when you lose your soulmate?

Waving goodbye to your soulmate is an excruciatingly painful experience. It feels as if all the strings inside you are breaking, as if you don't know who you are or where you're going from here. As though a piece of your soul had been taken away. ‘It's not the end of the world,' your pals will tell you.

Do soulmates make mistakes?

There is no such thing as a flawless relationship, and we all make mistakes from time to time.” Bregman claims that soulmates can admit when they're incorrect or make a mistake. “The most successful, dynamic couples have no qualms about confessing when they've made a mistake or failed to treat their partner appropriately.

What is a false soulmate?

A fake soul mate is someone you encounter along the path who appears to be “the one,” but is really merely there to help you grow spiritually. You may believe you are ready to settle down nine times out of ten, but the Universe has other ideas. This is when you're on the dating merry-go-round. These men's cycles, however exhausting they may be, are placed in your path to help you grow and teach you crucial lessons. These interactions are necessary in order to prepare you for meeting your genuine soul mate, with whom you will form a lasting commitment.

Regrettably, some people fall for the wrong ones, the ones who were supposed to be simply dating-go-round types. These are the guys with whom you are energetically compatible but who will ultimately fail to provide you with the best service possible. In other situations, these partnerships can be harmful and even cause you to fall behind in life. Meeting your false soul mate can be difficult, but there are certain telltale signals that he isn't a lifetime partner.


The fundamental nature of a soul mate relationship is spiritual rather than physical. If your sexual energy is off the charts and you're both obsessed with doing the naked dance 24 hours a day, it's most likely a false soul mate. It's just as nice to have amazing sexual chemistry as it is to have excellent soul chemistry; the only difference is that sexually based connections don't last.

Emotional Trainwreck

Your true soul partner is a valuable asset to you. You feel like two children playing and creating together, raising each other to new heights and being each other's biggest supporters.

Your deficiency is your false soul partner, and you'll feel emotionally drained, disoriented, and fatigued as a result. If you and your lover are constantly fighting, it's most likely because he's a fake soul mate.

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When you're involved with a fake soul mate, you'll feel lonely when the other isn't present. There is an unquenchable want to be with each other at all times, followed with a sense of longing, loneliness, and a lack of self-love and self-worth. Then he or she, or both of you, will develop an obsessive behavioral pattern to compensate for their low self-esteem.

Obsessing is something we all do, but there's no need to obsess when you're with your actual soul mate because the energetic exchange between the two of you is a match. Social media stalking is no longer necessary, and all outlandish behaviors like iPhone creeping will vanish.

There's Always That One Thing

A counterfeit soul mate will be emotionally impeding the relationship's progress. Sometimes it's you, and other times it's him. Always there's that one thing you can't seem to get over. You or he will subconsciously construct barriers around their inner self so that neither of you can see who you truly are. A true soul mate and lover will share everything with you.

Peace Out, It's Been Real

This should be the most obvious indication that you're dating a fake soul mate. They are no longer around after experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly. There were no texts, phone calls, or Facebook likes on the typical likable posts. The false soul mate has sucked up all of your energy and is moving on, leaving you in the dust like a sad country western song. Do not be concerned; your true love is just around the corner.


I hope you're not daydreaming about the one who got away or the one you're currently dating who might have checked all of the above boxes. These fake soul mate relationships are crucial because you will never find your genuine love until you make quantifiable spiritual development.

Regardless of whether you find a true or false soul mate, they are soul mates who are there to help you grow. However, it is up to you to detect the warning signs, open your eyes to the truth, and be grateful for how that person has helped you. A false soul mate will only be there for a cause or a season, whereas a true soul mate will be there for the rest of your life.

What are the signs of a true soulmate?

2. They're your closest companion.

Because friendship is the best basis for every relationship, why do you think so many rom coms include two BFFs who marry? It's a fantastic sign if you and your SO have a trusting, positive friendship.

3. When you're among them, you feel at ease.

Because you spend so much time with your significant other, you should feel at ease and at ease when you're with them. Naturally, there will be butterflies and nerves at first, but once you've gotten to know one other, it should seem completely natural.

What happens when soulmates break up?

It's not all horrible to break up with your soulmate. Indeed, one unexpected outcome of ending a relationship with a soulmate is that you may discover that you no longer belong together as partners, according to Rappaport. Your ex-partner could become one of your closest pals when you've both had time to recover.

How do you know if your soulmate is thinking of you?

Psychological sense of touch You'll either hear their voice or feel their presence. If your soulmate is thinking of you, you will sense their presence no matter where you are or what you are doing. This may be unsettling because you may hear their voice while attending a crucial business meeting, but don't be alarmed.

Do soulmates stay together forever?

Soulmates don't have to be together indefinitely. Soulmates can often go on once the lesson has been learned and the soul has been awakened. Even if soulmates do not remain physically together indefinitely, their love endures. Soulmates have such an indelible impact on us that we will never forget them.

How do you break a soulmate connection?

  • Tell the person's soul that you wish them well in life but that you don't want to be in a relationship with them any longer. (This release will not be heard by the person's physical ears, but it will be heard by their spirit!)