What’s My Spiritual Name

Your name possesses hidden power; it is your identity and has profound meaning and significance. Your spirit name, according to earth-based healer Denise Linn, is your unique energy vibration. Knowing your spirit name will increase your inner strength and vitality while also allowing you to tap into your hidden power.

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The way you see yourself, your thoughts, actions, abilities, attitude, career, relationships, and life are all influenced by your spirit name. According to Shaman Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, being called by your spirit name has an impact on how you live.

There are numerous cultures that place a high value on names and the naming of children. The Igbo name Achama, for example, means “to shine brightly,” while Uzomaka means “excellent path.”

When a kid's soul is welcomed into this physical world with a spirit name, some global energy ties the utterance of those sounds to a spiritual blessing, activating a personal power inside the child. So that the child grows up and continues to shine brilliantly, and that the paths he or she takes in the future are good ones. As a result, possessing a spirit name can alter your fate.

What is a spiritual name?

What is the meaning of an SPIRITUAL NAME? A spiritual name is, by definition, your fundamental essence of being; it is the supreme Self within you. The vibration of its nadh (inner sound current) and meaning when spoken is a tool that helps to enhance your energy.

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What's the most spiritual name?

Other spiritual baby names in the US Top 1000 include Bodhi, Eden, Haven, Justice, Mercy, Messiah, Miracle, and Saint, in addition to Genesis and Trinity. Galilee, Honor, Loyal, or Sunday are some less frequent but nonetheless fashionable spiritual baby names.

What name means love?

Love-themed names are very popular among parents right now, with names like Esme, Cordelia, Amias, Amara, and Lennon all having love-themed meanings.

A name with a romantic connotation ties in with Valentine's Day names or could be ideal for a baby born on a honeymoon. Of course, each child brought into the world with love might have a name with a love connotation.

There are baby names meaning love for newborn girls and boys in every language and style, including the Welsh names Rhys and Carys and the African Obi, the classic David, and the new word name, Love itself.

Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa are other popular girl names that signify love, in addition to Esme and Amara. Rhys, Philip, Lev, and Hart are some of the most popular boy names that indicate love. Carys, Querida, Rudo, and Sajan are names that signify love or beloved in languages other than English.

If you're looking for baby names that signify love, you can choose from a variety of meanings and names that connect to many types of love, such as philanthropic love, romantic love, and spiritual love. There are names that mean loving, names that mean cherished, names that signify desire, names that mean heart, and even names that mean beauty included in this collection.

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What is a spiritual name for a girl?

  • Bliss is a lovely name for a baby girl with an English origin meaning “pure bliss.”
  • Eden is a beautiful Hebrew name that means “place of pleasure, delight.”
  • Faith is a Christian virtue name that means “confidence, faith, and believe” and was popular in the 16th century.
  • Gita is a Sanskrit word that means “song” and conjures up images of the Bhagavad Gita. In Hinduism, it has a special significance.
  • It means “circular aura of light displayed above the head of the holy angel” and is derived from Greek.
  • Kezia is a biblical female whose Hebrew name means ‘cinnamon.' It has a lot of spiritual weight.

What name means pure heart?

Alana (Gaelic origin) is a name that means “purity; tranquility.”

22. Alanis (Celtic origin) is a name that means “joyous and innocent.”

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23. Amisha (of Slavic origin) is one of the names that means “pure.”

24. Astraea is a Greek word that means “star.” Astraea was a Greek goddess of purity, justice, and innocence in Greek mythology.

25. Baiza (Greek and Latin origin) is a name that means “pure person.”

Bella is a name of Greek and Latin origins that means “pure.” Bella Thorne, an American actress, is the famous bearer of this name.

27. Belle (French origin) is a name that meaning “beauty and purity of chastity.”

28. Cristal (Greek origin) is a name that means “a person of pure heart.” Cleanliness, contentment, and immaculateness are similarly related with the Greek term pure.

29. Dalaja means “pure chaste honey” in Greek.

Dionna is a Greek and Latin word that means “clean chaste water from a sacred spring.” A straightforward Greek name with a pleasant ring to it.

Ekaterine is an English word that means “pure.” Katherine's Georgian form

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Galatia (of Turkish ancestry) means “pure white as milk.”

Iffah is an Arabic word that implies “pure, chaste, and humble.”

34. Ingrid (Greek and Latin origin) is a name with the meaning “pure.” A lovely Greek name with a lot of significance.

Ines (Native American origin) is one of the names that means “gentle and pure.”

36. Jacinta means “lovely and pure” in Greek. Jacinta Stapleton, an Australian actress, is the famous bearer of this name. It's also one of the most common Greek names.

37. Keva is an Irish word that means “gentle, attractive, and valuable.”

38. Kyomi (Japanese) is a Japanese name that means “beautiful and pure.”

Liliana is a Greek and Latin name that means “pure and blameless person.”

Linda (Spanish origin) is a name that means “noble, lovely.”

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41. Lynnie (Greek origin) is one of the “pure” names.

Mabel (Greek and Latin origin) is a name that means “innocent, loving, and lovable.”

Maggie (of Hebrew origin) is one of the names that means “pure as a pearl.”

44. Mayim is a Greek and Latin word that means “pure as water.” For your daughter, this is an ideal earthy name.

45. Mei (Chinese origin) is a name that means “perfect.”

46. Merinda (Australian) is a name with the meaning “innocent.” A noble name for your little girl.

47. Mika (Japanese) is a name that means “pure scent and virtuous” in Japanese. For your tiny angel, this is a lovely virginal name.

48. Mirabella (Greek and Latin) is a name that means “lovely and pure.”

49. Miyeon (Korean origin) is a name that means “pure and kindhearted.”

50. Naqa (Biblical origin) is a feminine name that means “pure and refined.”

51. Nava is a Hebrew name that means “beautiful, innocent, and desirable.”

52. Nesita (Hebrew origin) is a name that means “pure and chaste.”

53. Nishkalanka (Hebrew origin) is a name that means “truthful and pure person.”

54. Norabel (English origin) is one of the “pure” names.

55. Pakeeza (African origin) is a name that means “pure and affectionate person.”

56. Pavi (Latin origin) is a baby name that means “pure and passionate person.”

Rachel (Biblical origin) is a baby name with the meaning “flawless.”

Shaina (Hebrew origin) is a name for girls that means “innocent.”

59. Venus is a baby name that means “pure love or desire” and is of Roman origin.

60. Zakiyyah (English) is a baby name with the meaning “pure.”

What name means magic?

Choose a name from this list for your new baby boy if you want him to grow up to be a magical and charismatic person. These mystical names will infuse the family with the charm of love and affection.

1. Alvin (Old English origin), a wonderful baby name meaning “fellow of the elves.”

2. Amatheon, which means “plowman or laborer” in Welsh.

3. Anulap (Micronesian origin), in Micronesia's mythology, is the name of the God of Magic and Knowledge.

4. Bruxo, which means “magician” in Portuguese.

5. Easton, a unisex name that means “magical” in Old English.

6. Galdur (Norse), an Icelandic name that means “magic” in Old Norse.

Gwydion (Welsh), which means “God of Magic and Enchantment.”

8. Hermes (Greek origin), a deity of sorcery and good fortune in Greek mythology.

9. Jadoo (Indian origin), a Hindi word that means “magic.”

10. Kesem, which means “magic” in Hebrew.

11. Magus (Old English) is the basis of the term “magic.” It is an Old English name meaning “sorcerer.”

12. Odin (Scandinavian origin), the God of Magic and Wisdom who ruled over Wisdom and War.

13. Woden (Norse mythology) is the name of the God of Magic and Healing.