What Was Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret

“Believe me when I say that God's job done in God's manner will never run out of God's materials.” Hudson Taylor is a writer.

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“Hudson Taylor was…one of the greatest missionaries of all time, and…one of the four or five most important foreigners who traveled to China for whatever purpose in the nineteenth century…” Kenneth Scott Latourette (Kenneth Scott Latourette) (Kenneth Scott Latour (Author, A History of the Expansion of Christianity)

“Since the Apostle Paul, no other missionary has had a broader vision or carried out a more systematic plan of evangelizing a large geographic area than Hudson Taylor.” Ruth Tucker is a writer (author of From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions.)

Hudson Taylor's life, and the lives of hundreds of people in England and thousands of Chinese converts, were forever changed by a single sentence in 1869. “Oh, Mr Judd, God has made me a new man!” he shouted after his experience. “God has transformed me into a new man!”

Hudson Taylor's spiritual secret was realizing what it means to be in relationship with Christ: relaxing in his presence on a daily, even hourly basis brought almost endless joy, calm, and vigor. Those who witnessed him in his arduous life of tremendous missionary activity could see this. According to his colleague Charles Judd,

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“He was a happy Christian now, a bright and cheerful man.” He'd been a toiling, burdened man before, with little spiritual rest in recent years…. After that, whenever he spoke in meetings, a new force appeared to emanate from him, and a new tranquility possessed him in everyday life. He was not as concerned about his problems as he had been previously. In a new way, he threw everything on God… Rather than working late at night, he started going to bed early and waking up at 5 a.m. to devote time to Bible study and prayer.

“Here was the real deal… a man about sixty years old, carrying enormous burdens, yet completely calm and unfazed.”

The expansion of the China Inland Mission, which he started, attests to his incredible enthusiasm. It had 825 missionaries in over 300 mission stations distributed over all eighteen provinces of China at the time of his death. A quarter of all Christians in China were converted by them. Hudson Taylor never asked for money and struggled with personal and family issues, as well as frequent violence against Christians in China.

While many other Christians, famous and unknown, have discovered the secret to a transformed life, this book is possibly the best explication of a life-changing Christian epiphany and the transformation that follows. Hudson Taylor's son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, who both lived and worked with Hudson Taylor, have painstakingly pieced together the story through personal correspondence from and about Hudson Taylor. Many Christians, like Jack Miller, the founder of World Harvest Mission, continue to credit this book with improving their lives well beyond their wildest expectations. Any Christian who wants to grow in their faith should read Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret.

Author Biography: Hudson Taylor's son was Dr. Frederick Howard Taylor. He was both a medical doctor and a Chinese missionary. Geraldine Taylor (Mrs. Howard Taylor) was a missionary who also loved to write and published various biographies of missions, including one about “Borden of Yale.”

What did Hudson Taylor do?

; May 21, 1832 – June 3, 1905) was the founder of the China Inland Mission and a British Protestant Christian missionary to China (CIM, now OMF International). Taylor lived in China for 51 years. Over 800 missionaries were brought to the country by his society, who established 125 schools and directly resulted in 18,000 Christian conversions, as well as the establishment of more than 300 work stations with more than 500 local assistants in all eighteen provinces.

How did Hudson Taylor pray?

“She went to her room alone, locked the door, and prayed to God for her son's salvation, vowing not to leave that spot until her prayers were answered. She remained on her knees till her heart swelled with excitement as she realized her prayers had been heard and answered.

This is a mother's prayer for her only son's salvation on a Saturday afternoon in 1849. Her son informed her later that day that he had converted to Christianity. Hudson Taylor was one of the most famous missionary leaders of all time. He lived in China for 51 years, founding the China Inland Mission. He personally baptized countless numbers of Chinese people and educated and dispatched over a thousand gospel missionaries to China.

Taylor was noted for his sensitivity to Chinese culture and enthusiasm for evangelism, and he is regarded as one of the most influential Europeans to visit China in the nineteenth century. Hudson Taylor inspired over a thousand other missionaries to take his place when he was no longer physically able to serve the people of China. And it all began with a mother who prayed.

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The majority of the women on Skid Row lacked a praying mother. As a result, on Mother's Day, I'd like to give these mothers the gift of your prayers. Knowing that someone is concerned can make a huge impact in the lives of precious, lonely, and abused women. I'd want to write your initial name on a nice Mother's Day card and deliver it to one of the mothers here in the inner city, reassuring her that she is in my prayers. (Of course, no address)

Hudson Taylor's mother prayed fervently for her son's salvation, and God granted her request. Will you join me in praying for the mothers who have no one else to pray for them on Skid Row?

What was one of the ways Taylor won the hearts of the Chinese?

What was one of the ways Taylor managed to win the Chinese people's hearts? He began to dress in Chinese garb. What was the name of the Hudson Taylor-founded mission?

Are Hudson Taylor Irish?

Hudson Taylor is a 2011 Irish folk/American duo from the United States. Harry and Alfie Hudson-Taylor, brothers, make up the band. Rubyworks Records is their current label.

What happened to the China Inland Mission?

James Hudson Taylor created the non-sectarian China Inland Mission in 1865 on the ideas of faith and prayer. It started out by recruiting missionaries from the working class and unmarried women. The mission's original purpose of spreading the Gospel to China has expanded to include bringing the Gospel to East Asia. The China Inland Mission shifted their missionaries to other parts of East Asia after all foreign employees left in the early 1950s. In 1964, the name was changed to the Overseas Missionary Fellowship, then in the 1990s, to the current name.

What happened to Hudson Taylor's girl friend from England?

Maria and Hudson Taylor, their four children, and their new team of missionaries, the Lammermuir Party, set sail for China on the Lammermuir on May 26, 1866, after more than five years of service in England (clipper). At the time, a four-month journey was considered quick. The ship was nearly sunk when in the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, but it survived two typhoons. On September 30, 1866, they landed in Shanghai safely.

The arrival of the largest group of missionaries ever sent to China – as well as their intention to dress in native garb – sparked significant discussion among the foreign community in Shanghai, and some criticism of the young China Inland Mission began.

Despite this, the group wore Chinese dress, including the women missionaries (for the first time, Maria), which was considered semi-scandalous by some Europeans.

They traveled down the Grand Canal to establish the first settlement in Hangzhou, a war-torn city. In China, they welcomed a second daughter (Maria Hudson Taylor).

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Grace, their eldest daughter, perished in China during their first year. Maria was severely affected by the loss, and she expressed her feelings through poetry, as she had done previously following the death of her parents.

In the face of the world's harsh judgments or the more painful misconceptions of Christian brethren, I believe that the wisest course of action is to continue working and trust God to defend our cause.

Maria was able to instruct new female CIM missionary recruits in comprehending Chinese, adjusting to Chinese culture, and missionary work when they arrived in China.

Hudson and Maria took the tough decision to return their elder three surviving children (Bertie, Freddie, and Maria – Samuel died earlier that year) home to England in 1870, when another child (Charles Edward Taylor) was born into the Taylor family.

Noel was born the same year, but due to Maria's inability to milk him, he died of hunger and deprivation two weeks later. Maria died a few days later at their house in Zhenjiang from cholera, according to the official cause of death. Hudson wanted to be buried in the same tiny Protestant cemetery where she was buried in Zhenjiang. In 1905, he followed her there. The cemetery was desecrated by Red Guards in China as part of the Destruction of the Four Olds campaign during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The location is now surrounded by industrial buildings.

Hudson Taylor was severely shaken by Maria's death, and in 1871, with his own health declining, he returned to England to recover and take care of matters related to the mission work.

Three of Maria and Hudson's nine children died in infancy, while two died as children. All four of the children who grew up went on to become missionaries with the China Inland Mission. Maria Hudson Taylor, Hudson and Maria's only surviving daughter and the wife of John Joseph Coulthard, died in Wenzhou in 1897, leaving four small children and her husband bereft. During her brief life, she was crucial in the conversion of many Chinese women to Christianity.

How old was Hudson Taylor when he was saved?

TAYLOR, JAMES HUDSON WAS THE SON OF A PHARMACIST. He was born in 1832 into a strongly religious family – his father was a lay preacher – but his personal faith fluctuated until he was 17, when he professed his dedication to God and to “rescuing” the Chinese people.