What Is Spiritual Edification

“Edification,” the technical NT term for “building up” the Church, has its origins in the OT interplay of the concepts of building the Temple and building the people; it was used by Jesus Himself to speak of the building of the new people of God; and finally, it was emphasized by St. Paul as a theological term for the spiritual formation of the Christian community.

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In the OT, it's a good idea to use it. When employed in the literal meaning of constructing a structure, the word was given a religious connotation in the Old Testament when it was used to the construction of the Temple, which is a house for the Lord (1 Kgs 6.1). Because “house” can refer to a dynasty, “building a house” can also refer to the establishment of a long-lasting dynasty. Nathan's reaction to David's intention to build God a house is based on this play on words.

What is the difference between exhortation and edification?

The difference between edify and exhort as verbs is that edify means “to build” or “to construct,” but exhort means “to urge” or “to advise earnestly.”

How do you use edification?

Through encouragement and education, moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth can be achieved.

Shirley goes to the library at least once a week for personal enlightenment and intellectual improvement because she is a dedicated lifelong student.

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Aesop's ageless tales may have been written to educate children on some of life's most important truths.

Reverend Tom works tirelessly as a pastor to further his spiritual growth and edification so that he can share his beliefs with his parishioners.

Professor Tom loves to have his students fill out this questionnaire so that he can see whether he's ignoring anything they'd like to learn about.

In comparison to the days when we had to sift through card catalogs to obtain educational resources, today's search engines provide a quick and easy way to find information on the Internet.